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Text Comments (3029)
Brian Atlas (1 year ago)
THANKS FOR WATCHING! Please consider checking out / subscribing to my second channel youtube.com/nevermind. Nudes at 1,000,000 subscribers. I post behind the scenes footage, extras, vlogs, and gaming videos. I am also going to be doing a giveaway for an aircraft carrier soon. You do not want to miss that, so go to youtube.com/nevermind and subscribe!
Robin Lee (8 months ago)
Brian Atlas you really deserve all girls to be your girlfriend but i am also like you till now do not have a girlfriend . I really feel very alone . Can you please tell me which city in the United States is perfect for making girlfriends .
willie peppers (1 year ago)
Brian Atlas do u ever bang them ladies
silly_goose 777 (1 year ago)
whatever (1 year ago)
NUDES AT 1,000,000?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
All in one (4 days ago)
3:18 so satisfying
Balamurali Bodanapu (8 days ago)
Try this prank with Indian girls
Dhaval Desai (12 days ago)
Does anybody wanna be my girlfriend indian here
no ko (13 days ago)
2:55 ERROR
Dylan Tippett (14 days ago)
my favorite part is 2:52 lmaooooooo she choked
sachin sachu (14 days ago)
I could be your grand mother 😂😂😂
Peter A (15 days ago)
Have they done a vid where they use an ugly guy and he just gets tazed 20 times?
Rusça Öğreniyorum (15 days ago)
nick rossi (16 days ago)
2:56 is this girl high as fuck? I mean if a woman asked me the reverse I would be stunned but she's like in a different realm when he asks.
Tia girl unicorn girl (18 days ago)
Do you wanna be my my girlfriend Random girl :no but I could be your grandmother
Dan Blue (20 days ago)
Yum such tasty young teen bodies...
Ali Mkarem (1 month ago)
The last girl is feminist as hell
Sick Sad World (1 month ago)
2:54 Error 404 Response not found
Abdul Ch (1 month ago)
I Could Be Your Grand Mother 😂😂😂😂
c t (1 month ago)
What's you're name? Cat.... grrr
Ali Juscha Tekneci (1 month ago)
I’d be his girlfriend 😂
Luke Pape (1 month ago)
2:25 with that phat ass!
Fatima Bahida (1 month ago)
Tfkihfez Vcfcv. Hhhhhh. Tfbhtb. Bvhjkjnnnnnvbnnnbb mhnxxnnupu5(&&&&£6)
invader2175 vader (1 month ago)
The girl he took the chicken finger from lol
Jaylene Mcfarlane (2 months ago)
cause im gay
Kenny (2 months ago)
Aman Mitharwal (2 months ago)
3:18 that girl ......is the best lol
Aman Mitharwal (2 months ago)
2:33 .....hahaahaha lol
Prince Babu (2 months ago)
3:19 lol
Lutfi Malik (2 months ago)
the last one😂😂😂
Sehandu Gamage (2 months ago)
3.20 wow! lol
Awez Farhad (2 months ago)
2:33 i could be your grandmother😂😂😂😂
Nicholas Mancuso (2 months ago)
3:27 she sounds like Mickey Mouse 😂
Rahmad Sapei (3 months ago)
The last one is the shortest relationship ever. 😂
Loyduy 68 (3 months ago)
i could be your grandmother
Shadow Fear 537 (3 months ago)
He tried a old lay lol.
Iana Marinho (3 months ago)
- do you wanna be my girlfriend? - yeah WTF FKFKFNDGSIJSHSJSJSJL LOL
George Smith (3 months ago)
1:56 He's slick
uday mahulkar (3 months ago)
lake of love in this world will kill every thing
MaroonStorm (3 months ago)
i'd fuck him
Tengo Jincharadze (3 months ago)
2:54 so cute ,I would hug her damn it <3
GamerGirlKaylee 2626 (3 months ago)
Zo’s Photography (3 months ago)
Dome Chan (3 months ago)
When i ask this Shit at First, The Girls Kick my Ass 😅
I AM GOD (3 months ago)
Why were the Asian ones so awkward lmao
1:55 I think I just fell in love
김병석 (3 months ago)
1:03 bros b4 girls
김병석 (3 months ago)
Oh youre actually working at irvine good choice
saurabh ** (4 months ago)
Best response... 2:33 😂😁😀
RoyalDoesEverything (4 months ago)
Just cause youre good looking. #Feelsbadman
Srjxk (4 months ago)
2:53 wtf
Once a gamer (4 months ago)
I can be your grandmother. (:
Creative Crews (4 months ago)
That last girl was the absolutely best one you should've really got her number and been friends with her
i SkyWalKing (4 months ago)
Where gay people are overtly nice and polite, lesbians on the other hand are primarily fucking CUNTS. Drop the fucking attitude you stupid dyke, nobody gives a shit that you're gay. He's kindly speaking with you, show some respect on a fucking basic human level for fucks sake. What is wrong with you?
enigma mist (4 months ago)
It be funny if the overly attached girlfriend showed up
PopularMMOS 1 (4 months ago)
I laughed so hard when she said im gay thats why
moh zaabta (4 months ago)
would u be my girlfriend ........................no i could be your grandmother she killed him..well nice gob grandma
Annika ohne Nachname (5 months ago)
2:52 I felt soooo bad
Ridho Febriansa (5 months ago)
3:26 looollll but I can't hear what did she said
Thomas McLeod (5 months ago)
"I have to tell you something tho.. I'm a snorer" 😴
David Horn (5 months ago)
He probably kept there numbers😂
ΔDΛΨ (5 months ago)
2:35 lol
Roman__STL (5 months ago)
That was hilarious! That was funnier than the "will you have sex with me" ones.
Prime No. 6 (5 months ago)
bruh even good looking white dudes out here getting shutdown
Yuki Nakamura (5 months ago)
Do you wanna be my boyfriend? xD
Nikhil Kulkarni (5 months ago)
2:53 wtf is this ?
Conviction454 YT (5 months ago)
The fact that this actually worked for 3 girls lol
Stock Holm (6 months ago)
2:41 we want Tori! we want Tori! (we want Tori!)
Stock Holm (6 months ago)
0:58 how gay was she?
SHAURYA181 (6 months ago)
Too much hot girls in 4 minutes videos.My brain is gonna explode..
Alfie Austwicke (6 months ago)
What happened to that girl thAt said yes
#7 WALKER (6 months ago)
Imagine this with your ugly face....lol
Voornaam Achternaam (6 months ago)
1:02 lmao
ScopeDog (7 months ago)
"I could be your granddaughter" hahahaha that shit is lit 😎👌🔥🐻
Inci Demirci (7 months ago)
2:17 Cardi b
teknn0 (7 months ago)
1:50 Now that's impressive
S gray (7 months ago)
He’s hot tho
S gray (7 months ago)
“ cat ? nice to meet you, grrr meow “
Katt Schmidt (7 months ago)
Ok ok... but can the gay girl be MY girlfriend please?
BC (7 months ago)
Thug life girl at the end
Romeo Gallimore (7 months ago)
Do u wanna be my girlfriend, I could be ur grandmother. Lol
Aztec Polyglot (7 months ago)
Girl on 0:24, so fucking hot legs! And she said “yes”. Hopefully girls like that to my life. OMG, lucky this man! Lovely legs! :D
The Dahaka (7 months ago)
*bEcAuSe I'm GaY tHaT's WhY?*
Sumukh (7 months ago)
Would kill it to get a girl like the last one.
Richard Dawkins (7 months ago)
Next time try an ugly short guy....
V K (7 months ago)
3:23 my type of girl.
Asking guys to be your girlfriend would be funny
SaMyVI (7 months ago)
If he was ugly maybe he will take like 10 years to get only one person to say yes , those girls are hungry , they wanna eat him
MyMiataAdventures (8 months ago)
O:56 thank me later
eljakil (8 months ago)
Left that girl speechless poor girl 😅😅
eljakil (8 months ago)
He hawt doe prolly get tons of ass
Oggy (8 months ago)
The last one was really cool! She made my day :-)
Sam SW (8 months ago)
Him: "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Her: "No." Him: "Why not?" Her: "Because I don't know you" Me: Seems like it's a good reason .. :')
anonymous me (8 months ago)
"i could be your grandmother", 😂😂😂
EvXiTZzViper 408 (8 months ago)
That dude was the real one lmao
Cristian isdead (8 months ago)
Would any girl wanna be my girlfriend
Terrance Link (8 months ago)
At 2:22 he should of said well I have a particular set of skills. For those who've seen taken, take it in.
Harsh # SEWANI (8 months ago)
Girl at 2:53 taken 13sec and still confused 😕
Aluminum Wire Flowers (8 months ago)
Bitch if you are gay then where a I'm gay shirt. Heterosexuals can't scan other people's sexual life
CamPlaysPC (8 months ago)
"I could be ur grandmother" 😂😂😂
Slavic Pride (8 months ago)
Gay girl walk 😂😂😂 classic leftist retard 😂😂😂
Joel (8 months ago)
You caught everyone offguard
Russell Jimmies (8 months ago)
Lmao what the fuck happened at 2:56 ?
ÇhåD Grímës (9 months ago)
if I'm as good looking like this guy, I won't have any problem asking girls but damn I'm not that handsome so I'm gonna have to spent sometime finding a woman with a low standard lol.
Alexiz001 (9 months ago)
The lesbian girl at 0:54 gave off such a shitty attitude. Most gay people in these videos just say "No, I'm gay" and walk way. But she took offense like he just attacked her sexuality or something. Like, how was he supposed to know? Have a chip on your shoulder do you?

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