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Sarah Schauer Most Watched Vines October/2017 Updated

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I hate waitressing part 4 I hate waitressing part 7 I hated waitressing part 2 (Matthew DeHoff ) I hate stupid questions in general (sorry I slipped into my Paulette from Legally Blonde impression) Getting the most bang for your buck while you're an emotional wreck I hate waitressing part 2 Guys on the Internet #weirdpunishments Talking to anyone from California How I imagine side-chicks mornings go When you misspeak and start a new religion mielmonster May or may not be a conversation I've had True When it's not sunscreen with your stepson mason chill out! American solutions My impression of a tour guide in New Zealand dealing with Americans An alcoholics 6th sense I'm the hype man for pettiness Die-hard makeup enthusiast talks to a douche News anchor who lacks tact #draft I am in college. I am not good. My cousin saw a troubling article online Poop is funny This happened yesterday. I'm awkward Comforting the step-kid Putting TP tubes on my cat 🙃 I hate waitressing already knowing they're not going to tip What the heart wants Messing with people and their fakes I can't stop laughing at this hateful comment How I imagine side-chicks afternoons go I'll be put on a list and disappoint all of them Me as a stepmom part 2 Mom isn't amused When someone brags about their kids Everyday she breaks into a marketing firm to pitch ideas Discussing milestones with fuckboys Instigating a stupid conversation because you're bored pt. 3 A tumblr warrior stumbles into a commercial Post-grad life When the hostess doesn't show and you have to deal with these people Crafting isn't a joke! Fun holiday wisdom from my grandmother Server getting caught up on stupid children's names An upgraded metaphor Pun therapy backtracks when parents visit Playing it smooth Being honest because they won't believe you Service industry stalling How the saying should go Un-Defending myself Freshman in college vs Senior in college There were no better alternatives The classic anti-bullying PSA that you know would actually end in an ass kicking #comingoutNotHipster Fast food haiku My spirit animal is a snake Real World: Wisconsinite Farm Grandma Stumbling off balconies and plummeting into a hobby I love when the logic clicks Courtroom humor goes unappreciated Boys are idiots Creepy leap day joke Those people who keep chiming in and saying unrelated shit to what you were saying These people When you're so tired parts of your body give in at different times Your fake is showing Convincing an idiot the war in the Middle East is happening in our middle east The real takeaway from this The first smile after school crippled your soul I wear 80% of the makeup out of everyone on my college campus Recreation of showing my friend my new apartment and decorations Only 90's Kids understand and are fluent Everytime. When there isn't a designated addiction for the rehab session Competent college classmates The type of guys who hit on me I hate waitressing part 9 #stupidrumors Let's not go above and beyond When someone wears the same thing at a party pastatute *more thoughts from a douche* American tourist in Canada Fight me - Yours truly, the service industry American Solutions part 3 I hate waitressing part 8 How I imagine the conversation goes between extremely conservative dumbasses When it's July 4th but you have a test tomorrow Available on iTunes Terminally baby faced Trying to bond with a weird roommate Recreation of my first waitressing job, trying to comfort a man who's wife had passed The 2016 Election In college and broke Dare to half-ass things I hated waitressing part 1 When you're bored in class and overhear a conversation with potential Instigating another stupid conversation because you're bored Another question from my creepy cousin Damn Daniel, on a budget I hate waitressing part 5 (this one was personal) #creepycomparison First week with step kids, they don't seem to have any training I fucked up Listening to drunk motivational voicemails from myself When all the men in your family don't realize where their clothes came from Vehicular Douchebaggery When you realize your excuse was worse *thinking about college like* zoom If Weight Watchers cost 40k The struggle When you're desperate af I need a job When you genuinely can't follow someone's logic The issues raging in my head I hate waitressing part 6 College loans Dating advice from grammar Nazis Timehop reminded me of this conversation A scenario I've been in Breaking barriers Watching the Emperors New Groove like.. That would actually make America Great Again If you're going to say it, say it right Done with that Velcro shit
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Text Comments (617)
Mathew Dean (21 hours ago)
Bolt cutters and a new lock ha I love it
Austin Cole (1 day ago)
I don't know her but i'm in love with this woman and her sarcasm
BTS_stan ARMY (1 day ago)
I love her close ups
Abrahim Javed (1 day ago)
3:38 Idk why, but suddenly I want to join the Secret Service.
Abrahim Javed (1 day ago)
I would totally do the “Taking sister to prom” vine. Except it would be “put bleach in gas tank”. Go big or go home.
Becca Cline (2 days ago)
This freaking girl needs to be my bestie. She’s amazingly hilarious.
Lucy Link (2 days ago)
If Hillary becomes president she’ll be... The first female president President to *fUHck* another president..eh
PurpleZombie (2 days ago)
Drink everytime Trump says "Wrong" I'M GANNA DIE!!!
Seafood 06 (3 days ago)
Omg the holes reference we did that play and I love it
Catcha Salinas (3 days ago)
mY nAmEs SaMaNtHa ok Susan Lmaoooo
molly cavanagh (4 days ago)
Momma needs a drink
Pixel _Studios (4 days ago)
mY nAmEs SaMaNtHa
Chacha TheGreat (5 days ago)
17:17 Just my FAVE word and pronunciation on the whole fricken planet. Just putting that out there
Haley Doyle (5 days ago)
Haley Doyle (5 days ago)
5:33 I will quote this till I die, of a crowbar
• Violaboy • (5 days ago)
Every kiss begins with *Kay* 😀 actually every kiss begins with, **Consent** Go back to Tumblr 🤦‍♂️
Kylie Damato (6 days ago)
Are you a model?
Kylie Damato (6 days ago)
Go straight for the textbooks. No-one will look for those
9:51 really reminds me of Samantha Puckett idk why
Plushy Puppy (6 days ago)
If mental hospitals had a walk-in it would be a *PSYCHO PATH* *Me at 1am trying not to laugh*
Anita Plays MSP (6 days ago)
Sydney Geisen (7 days ago)
omg the kitchen of someone mid 20s relaaaatable… I literally have oatmeal veggies,, yogurt, candy, annndd...trail mix?
M Mac (7 days ago)
Want a job other than waitressing? Lose the ridiculous eyelashes.
Jessica K (7 days ago)
Her vines are sooooooo Funny
Saltshaker 527 (7 days ago)
6:17 My favourite one
Demyx Eleazar (8 days ago)
StormCloak Drifter (9 days ago)
this is everything <3
Harley Quinn (9 days ago)
I'm dying lol
Sleeping Artz (9 days ago)
This person is so calmly relatable.
sofia hernandez (9 days ago)
melodramatic dragon (9 days ago)
I can't believe that I've seen so many of these in comps and never realized it was the same person
Irelyne Noelle (10 days ago)
she’s my dream girl
Tanklin52 (11 days ago)
Dmv is state not federal
Jon Doe (12 days ago)
“Thome how that wath still cweepy.”
A Stafford (12 days ago)
Her Jennifer Coolidge impression is SO spot-on!!
Team360SwagNuts LOGAN (13 days ago)
19:22 my favorite
Sam Harville (13 days ago)
"Sarah, we had to scrape the cat off a cow because the cow laid down and crushed it, ya know." "nO I dON't fUckInG KNow!" Gets me every time, life's rough in the dairylands. Milk or be milked XD
MiSFiT (14 days ago)
1:45 I was laughing too hard from the previous vine and thought she said “like a dog senses a Sony”
Tony Decker (14 days ago)
dry sarcasm love it!
Kate Rose (14 days ago)
My ss teacher asked this question "how did the immigrants arrive to the US? "Everyone was quite. I knew the answer but wanted to give someone else a chance. We there for 5 minutes without saying anything then she said "they all swam" everyone was like "really?" Then I started laughing 😂 my teacher was like "I failed as a teacher " my class was their confused they didn't understand the joke
Daniel Kohut (14 days ago)
Now that I think about it, they have never released a movie about aliens invading a cold part of the world. 😂😂😂
Tim Baaij (14 days ago)
Uh oh spaghetti o
Pardon (15 days ago)
The sarcasm is strong with this one
Crispy (15 days ago)
I'm a Californian and I an assure you hat is 100% real every time we want burgers we go to in n out
Depresso Expresso (15 days ago)
*want some sprite cranberry?*
Oof Boi (15 days ago)
8:33 METALLICA \m/
Z. O. (15 days ago)
Ciera Romero (15 days ago)
I used to be a waitress at a casino i feel your pain on another level. You are my spirt animal
Breezyandthebeast 453 (16 days ago)
Done and done let me pull the table out of my a$$
cmolodiets (16 days ago)
why was that in my recommendations
Ella Martin (16 days ago)
19:42 - 19:48 💀
Cody Mitchell (16 days ago)
3:47 favorite part
Noel Migliaccio (17 days ago)
sarah is like my spirit animal I love it
Noel Migliaccio (17 days ago)
i can't even with sarah
gacekky1 (17 days ago)
You're an extra medium lol
Bear-ly Andrej (17 days ago)
I like to watch (17 days ago)
0:31 is my favorite
Sarah Garang (18 days ago)
why dont these girls exist in real life
jelaninoel (18 days ago)
I remember how she didnt even look like human without the her makeup 😆
dark lavender (15 days ago)
12:21 is my favorite and 13:06
Akio Kuro (18 days ago)
2:08 4:20 4:59 my forever favorites
Lola Lemon (18 days ago)
lili smithhh (18 days ago)
she’s so cute she looks like tomi lahren
Im the lazy one (18 days ago)
*We worship fish*
Ryan Reaper (19 days ago)
Layered cake...
Patton Sanders (19 days ago)
2:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣 O H T O H S P A G A T I I O
writing venus (19 days ago)
She reminds me of a constantly pissed off Christina Applegate.
PsychoDragon Jeffries (19 days ago)
4:19Every kiss begins with Kay. Actually every kiss begins with... Consent...Go back to Tumblr.......*sprays with water* Oh God Stop
*3:33* Secret service is gonna watch you now. They're gonna watch me binge eat in my underwear 😂😂😂😂
Sarah Ellis Barnhart (20 days ago)
2:02 is my life at school
Joe Arguin (20 days ago)
21:26 love the join or die poster in the back
Joe Arguin (20 days ago)
16:00 thats so fucking accurate
MrTweetyhack (20 days ago)
She should be sucking dick
Cr33pyp4st4 Pr0xi3 (21 days ago)
My favorite is 12:01
IcedCoffeeKindaGuy (21 days ago)
Am I the only one who gets reminded of Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place when watching this!?
KitKat Animations (21 days ago)
ok can I say this when I hered 'You know your was born in the 90's if you watch Rugrats' I was born in 2006 and I watched Rugrats so h-how old am I? 0-0
TrophRBLX (21 days ago)
Alex Beardsley (21 days ago)
If you hurt her I will staple dead birds to your car
sara sara (21 days ago)
my name is summer schauer and my moms name is sara...
dree webster (21 days ago)
wait dont you need water to make lemonade that should tell him they have water tf
Isabella Rualea (22 days ago)
Fuck....I gotta street race
Maddie Sovey (22 days ago)
*gEt iN thE mInivAn*
Tennis Cat (22 days ago)
The “I will staple dead birds to your car” is my favorite on I had to replay it about 10 times before I got most of my giggles for it out!!
Jayd Lor (22 days ago)
She's the only viner I know who can do a Paulette impression
Stellar Skies (22 days ago)
21:05 kills me every time
Tiggerlive (23 days ago)
22:12 can some one explain?
Tiggerlive (23 days ago)
Why is her mouth always open or her top teeth showing? Is that skill? Does she try to do that? Is it genetic? Wtf?
Little Dystopia (23 days ago)
Yu-Ogre-Tuh! 😂
Angelmations (23 days ago)
1:40 sooo true
err (23 days ago)
So people watch this? and like it?
Gigi Freeman (23 days ago)
...I love her and all but SPERM EYEBROWS
Jungkook's Kookie (23 days ago)
I grew up watching Rugrats...bORN IN 2000 BITCH WJJSJWS-
Rebecca Moriarty (23 days ago)
The way she says „No sir, we wash our hands and dishes with lemonade“ stuck with me for some reason and now I cannot stop talking like that
What kind of car does an egg drive? a yolkswagen!
macy lawler (23 days ago)
suck my ass (24 days ago)
Cesare Nicometi (24 days ago)
a girl on earth (24 days ago)
1:01 Someone explain why she looks like JoJo Siwa?
Madysen Stewart (24 days ago)
11:30 My favourite vine from her 12:02 Second Favourite

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