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7 Sexy Things Guys Wear That Girls Love (Subconsciously Attract 99.9% of Women)

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Check out Vincero's AWESOME watches: https://vincerowatches.com/manfeb19 (Use code 'MAN' + hurry before they sell out (they normally do)). Do you know how to tempt girls? Do you know how to be THE attractive man? How to attract women without talking (just by looking at them)? In today's animated video, we show you 7 sexy things guys wear that girls love. Why do they matter? These hand-picked things men wear that women love basically act a shortcut to attractiveness and to getting girls. How? Because not only is wearing the RIGHT clothes one of the MAIN things girls like, but it does two huge things: 1. Subconsciously influences a girl's body language attraction 2. It's one of the easiest things guys can do to look better
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Text Comments (112)
claude reyes (3 days ago)
1. Money 2. Wallet 3. Atm card 4. Mansion 5. Porsche 6. Gold watch 7. Dollar, pesos, yen, euro etc.... Thank me later
Victor Crowley (1 month ago)
seven sexy things girls love Aston Martin Bentley rolls Royce porsche lamborghini Ferrari bugatti. these will definitely get u any girl u want
Katrin Tips (1 month ago)
This is really useful information!
MantelligenceDating (1 month ago)
Yoo my dude! Thank you! Stoked that you liked this! Glad to have you on the channel + community!
Dean O'Connor (1 month ago)
Anyone know what make the red shirt is at 2:49?
CyanaideJuiceBox ! (1 month ago)
That vincero ad...NO.
Take Off Lab (1 month ago)
tenchu006 (2 months ago)
Miix _ (2 months ago)
I know why i'm still a 56yo virgin now. That's because I never smiled once in my life.
David Bolha (2 months ago)
A thick wallet. 😅😎
Adithyan Sachu (2 months ago)
What a waste of time.
BrysonxAaliyah (2 months ago)
hoodie and jeans <3
Alpha ramu (2 months ago)
Gabrielle Gurtz (2 months ago)
1:24 AKA you must not look like a flag
Pinoy keyboard warrior (2 months ago)
Another thing that men wears that makes women turned on is red briefs worn outside a blue skinny tight letards. Damn sexy
Pinoy keyboard warrior (2 months ago)
If you look like quasimodo or beast in the beauty and the beast, don't ever bother.
Westus (2 months ago)
I dont go to gym at all, I do Martial arts and thats good enough
Miguel Narvaez (2 months ago)
Funny, all pictures are from skinny fit men... 😂
Lee Priest (2 months ago)
There is this girl that works in the gym that I go to she’s hot as hell and I think she fancies me aswell I always catch her looking at me but lately it’s like she dosent care anymore I never catch her looking does this mean I missed the boat😔
TJ_ the_Insane (22 days ago)
Possibly bro, you could still try though!
ChainsawRomeo (2 months ago)
Nice video. Liked! About those vincero watches, I've seen so many channels sponsor them and I'm Not going to buy it cuz I don't have so much money.
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Thanks, dude! We're glad you liked the vid. Vincero does make some pretty cool watches... but honestly the brand doesn't matter as much as having a watch that you like
Clinton Simmonds (2 months ago)
Crocks n sox
noobTV (2 months ago)
Gucci flip flops and iced out versace sunglasses is my favorite Outfit
Ollie Crouch (2 months ago)
I love how there's the nerdiest t shirt ads ever below the video
Naroya (2 months ago)
My Adidas tracksuit always works 👌
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
When it works it works!
Neeraj Gupta (2 months ago)
Hope that I don't meet any 0.01% women😉😅
Dharmendra singh (2 months ago)
Christmas Is Awesome (2 months ago)
Only works if she finds you attractive
Ashok Bc (2 months ago)
Rafito Guerrero (2 months ago)
In my place you should Wear *THICCC wallet* to look sexy...
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Ooooh she thicc
Funkyd Palomares (2 months ago)
So, the conclusion would be to have a girlfriend who cares for all these stupid things, tell her to dress you and then go for girls... I can´t believe women really cares for such stupid things.
Funkyd Palomares (2 months ago)
Ok I hadn`t reached number two and one but... Sincerely I don´t know why yt showed me this video.
anonymous255 (2 months ago)
1. Banana Hammocks 2. Fedora 3. Skinny jeans 4. Kilts 5. Overalls 6. Flip flops 7. Ski mask
T Wang (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Classic wardrobe
Mr FART Hi (2 months ago)
Girl siting at a park you walking past her Girl: dam you thick Man: huh?
Guillermo Rodríguez (2 months ago)
I've heard that girls like serious guys more than guys who are smiling all the time, so...
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
I think girls want a guy who knows when to be serious and when to be easygoing. Life is about balance, my friend!
Fanne Aeris (2 months ago)
awesome content! keep it up. u had me smiling when the number 1 spot was revealed :)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Thanks so much, dude! We work hard to come up with good content for our guys, and we promise to keep the good stuff coming!
Emanuela9 (2 months ago)
Speedos. Women love Speedos. So sexy! Especially if you have a beer belly.
David Bolha (2 months ago)
+Curlheinz Barbellós😅
Curlheinz Barbellós (2 months ago)
pedos in speedos.
Thiago Marques (2 months ago)
I´m wearing gold and dollars... ez gardening skilz
Anglerr.E.D (2 months ago)
Great video
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Anglerr.E.D! So glad that you liked it brother! Welcome to the channel + community!
AKSHAT SINHA (2 months ago)
I better get laid on valentiens after this
AKSHAT SINHA (2 months ago)
+Infernal Lucifer ya the joke was on her when she found out..
Infernal Lucifer (2 months ago)
AKSHAT SINHA lmfao😂 yo this a joke?
AKSHAT SINHA (2 months ago)
Found out she was cheating on me ..........So I smashed her sister
BadBoy 6991 (2 months ago)
Updates !?
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Fingers crossed, man.
anonamous365 (2 months ago)
Vencero.... f offf
Bloody Mary (20 days ago)
anonamous365 vincero can suck my
BeymaX Blade (2 months ago)
Thankyou very much this help me
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
So glad that you liked it my brotha!!
Suraj Mulik (2 months ago)
I love this female voice😄👌❤
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
:) we do too!!!
Chris Purdon (2 months ago)
No man cares...this video definitely appeals to boys and complete idiot...they are just clothes...I’m sorry that women are so primitive they think it matters and are so primitive they actually need form fitting clothes on men to find them attractive...ain’t nobody have time to appeal to sub 130 iqs
Chris Purdon (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating it’s also human nature to rape women...just destroyed your classic sub 120 iq argument..it’s also human nature to be racist...it’s a known fact and human nature that you want to live around those that are similar to you in both looks and views...thanks for proving your low iq 😂
Chris Purdon (2 months ago)
Jacob Carter (2 months ago)
Chris Purdon bottom barrel? What kind of things attract high-class women in your opinion?
Chris Purdon (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating also I don’t care how I appear and neither does any intelligent women...only bottom Barrel women care about this crap
romeohhh (2 months ago)
Resistance is futile! There's no point in trying to argue with them. The younger men have become just like women, they spend sooo much time trimming their beards & sculpting the hair... Only shallow materialistic girls go for the clothes-conscious guys & it's fine with me, I prefer smart funny women who are cute without makeup. Plus the new stylish clothes are so impractical, because they are so tight... Men should be elegant but with too much bells & whistles, elegance becomes bad taste and attracts gold-diggers & such.
Dominik K. (2 months ago)
Useless. Video its like they are saying the same. Thing in. Every video
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
This is about clothing. The last video was on morning routines. The one before that was on mindsets. How are those the same?
Coach Glen Byrne (2 months ago)
Thank you for putting out dope content!It has helped me grow and many others I’m sure!!
Coach Glen Byrne (2 months ago)
Joseph Grande welcome guys!
Joseph Grande (2 months ago)
JAMMY DODGER I’m interested in joining Glen!count me in!
JAMMY DODGER (2 months ago)
Coach Glen Byrne yeah man for sure!Your NOFAP challenge is interesting!
Investing Hustler (2 months ago)
Girls love a men in a suit 👌
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
yes, yes they do
My adidas does the job 😜
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Hahah I mean... are they clean at least??
musicislife92 (2 months ago)
the last
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
the last one?
Not Sure (2 months ago)
Collared shirts seems to b a turn on
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Definitely. Great addition. They're easy, too!
Rdx gaming Hindi (2 months ago)
0:20 is this rahul Gandhi😂😂😂😂😂
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
I mean... we didn't do it on purpose, but it definitely does look lik ehim!
Rdx gaming Hindi (2 months ago)
+MantelligenceDating so i was right this is rahul gandhi na 😂😂😂😂
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
hahahah that's funny especially given it's a video about clothing women love!!
VinBro Is Back (2 months ago)
Partha Pratim (2 months ago)
23rd like
Partha Pratim (2 months ago)
+MantelligenceDating your work is just simply awsome👌
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
:) you made my day brotha!! Thank you
Partha Pratim (2 months ago)
+MantelligenceDating absolutely not...you guys deserve millions of likes in every video...i have learnt so much from your videos😄❤️
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
better than 24th??
M F (2 months ago)
This is my fav narrator voice in ur vids!
Jagadeesh Jagaeesh (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
yeah she is great! hope you liked the vid MF!
EvanOShorty FN (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Thata boy!
samuel aremu (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
Ahmad Abubakar (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
thata boy
Hindolo Halloway (2 months ago)
MantelligenceDating (2 months ago)
nailed it!

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