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MTG Arena | Breaking the Game

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Text Comments (380)
pokeworks (25 days ago)
Wait how do you have Angrath as your portrait, he's so cool !
Cavemantero (30 days ago)
so faggy
gamers legend (1 month ago)
Hiw does this happen?
thebeat467 (2 months ago)
Did they just remove champion of wits from the game?
Scottish Scapers (2 months ago)
this is nothing. ive cast 80+ creatures from one card and I had 4 Ajani's welcomes out.
Owen Greengo (2 months ago)
What am I fucking watching
Deckinickinic (3 months ago)
That’s freakin hilarious
The alertArchitect (3 months ago)
You are, somehow, simultaneously both the worst kind of person and the best kind of person. Kudos.
Lucas Freitas (3 months ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the deck? is it approach? where can i find his decklist, cause i really wanna play this deck!!!!
Westley C (4 months ago)
Why would you not concede such a waste of time
Just Passing Through (4 months ago)
What a horrible interface. Just plain lazy.
Xara (4 months ago)
Add helm of the host to this deck on a regal caracal with a few anointed processions, guaranteed game crash
DimSpirit (5 months ago)
Deck list?
ben slatter (5 months ago)
rockardist (5 months ago)
Does anyone have the decklist for this?
ANT_THA _KID (5 months ago)
Plz tell me this combo
Alpha Croval (5 months ago)
What is that deck?! Eighty life in one turn by tokens! I've never seen that.
Christian Anderson (5 months ago)
You have to double click when you are highlighted.
Sir Megallot (5 months ago)
Half the time the opponent is praying you'll glitch or time of and they'll get a draw.. only reason he hung in there so long
Juicylemons1212 (5 months ago)
Am I the only one that wanted him to keep going? Lol
Shanon Kallhoff (5 months ago)
The cards need to pop up above the rest when the cursor is hovering near them so that people can drag the mouse across the top of the cards slowly to choose the popped out one they want.
Rob Harris (5 months ago)
Hahaha, I was waiting for you to drop that crested sunmare, I usually get people to scoop once those hit the battlefield. Nice one!
Deranged MTG (5 months ago)
i feel so bad for ur opponent hilarious game
Gabi Koonings (5 months ago)
I LOL'd so hard.
christian bernardino (5 months ago)
Where can I download this and if it is still available in Playstore
DragonHuman00 (5 months ago)
Never played this game but this was awesome.
Joel Tyson (5 months ago)
Is there a decklist somewhere for this deck?
Aka Panda (5 months ago)
How did he end turn with 9 cards????
jfredett (5 months ago)
Helm of the Host. I have a Blue/White deck that has got me up to ~1000 life.
Edward Mayne (5 months ago)
You have earned my like
ShadowKiri (6 months ago)
prop to this good sport. most people would have quit after the first stack.
Lars Claassen (6 months ago)
I got up to 750 before my opponent conceded
C4742 (6 months ago)
arena is so annoying
tjops (6 months ago)
Not impressed, this is nothing compared to what you can do on MTGO or IRL, Arena is youst a milk program to earn alot of money. Also looks like shit :)
Harry Allred (6 months ago)
Anyone have a decklist?
The Aristocat (6 months ago)
why don't the cards have a flavor text? that sucks
google sucks (6 months ago)
hey look it's hearthstones retarded younger cousin
Joshua Cervantes (6 months ago)
For those that might still be looking for the exact decklist he used, I forgot I downloaded it before the link stopped working, soooo yeah I'll just leave it here. 1 Angel of Sanctions 2 Anointed Procession 4 Anointer Priest 2 Arch of Orazca 2 Cast Out 4 Champion of Wits 2 Chart a Course 1 Crested Sunmare 1 Desert of the Mindful 1 Desert of the True 1 Field of Ruin 1 Gideon of the Trials 1 Ipnu Rivulet 2 Irrigated Farmland 4 Island 2 Ixalan's Binding 4 Meandering River 8 Plains 2 Regal Caracal 4 Sacred Cat 1 Settle the Wreckage 1 Shefet Dunes 4 Strategic Planning 3 Sunscourge Champion 1 Treasure Map 1 Vizier of Many Faces Have a great day! :^D
randomaccount (6 months ago)
Ummm... What card makes you summon such amounts of tokens when you embalm?
Harley Knoll (6 months ago)
deck list ?
Thiago Drummond (6 months ago)
Unity Chilken (6 months ago)
The beat down at the end
Stryder (6 months ago)
asian martin shkreli
xSPYDRx (6 months ago)
they really need a confirmation button so you don't accidentally do stuff. it's SUPER frustrating.
My Teacher The Geek MTG (6 months ago)
HA! That was truly a treat to behold! Great stuff, dude! Subbed!
DialatedPupils (6 months ago)
That attacking animation is terrible. Like that "other" game that has it.
Celtic Akuma (6 months ago)
Dude. I need that deck list for trolling a friend who puts zombie tokens like a beast
Cptn Zolof (6 months ago)
Turn off auto mana tap and you won't mess up playing the wrong card
zaqxdr zones (6 months ago)
can u post the deck list
May Keable (6 months ago)
Does anybody have the Decklist Kenji used for this?
Kro (7 months ago)
Paul Zellerhoff (7 months ago)
Somewhat disappointed that the game didn't actually break
Ocios (7 months ago)
Can I get a uuuuhhh, decklist?
Blue Topaz (7 months ago)
Do you have a Decklist for this deck?
Adam 86 (7 months ago)
way to stress the client Nummy!
Zakading (7 months ago)
There's an infinite combo able to create an infinite number of treasures using 4x Pitiless Plunderer, Ruthless Knave, Jungle Creeper, Anointed Procession and 3 mana available. I'd love to see you give that one a show and REALLY see if the game crashes when A LOT of shit is on board.
ronaone (7 months ago)
LornMalvo (7 months ago)
Why this card not banned?
Oneofdazzz (7 months ago)
You owe me 17 minutes of my life back for false advertising … no game broken.
DARKOAMBER (7 months ago)
i said it before but i say it again ... the tokens are broken
Myr Cream (7 months ago)
my laptop actually bluescreen while watching this.
Kevin Castner (7 months ago)
😂😂😂 that's just cruel
UnreliableJester (7 months ago)
river rebuke is the the enemy here with this deck
Lyca (7 months ago)
The opponent was playing a song with the life gain triggers lol
herbert164 (7 months ago)
Even though this is a stress test deck, isn't it actually pretty good?
Braken Park (7 months ago)
Man if MTGO had this interface it would be the number 1 digital card game
Trips Ahoy (7 months ago)
315 life lololol.
Peter Swaters (7 months ago)
could you please post the decklist? i wanna play this deck so bad!
Anthony St.Francis (7 months ago)
That....was..... beautiful.....XD
Bernergy Bloodmoon (7 months ago)
Seeing the enemys cards facing my way makes me feel uncomfortable
Fritz Dunkelgrat (7 months ago)
Now play 4 processions
Syed Rhode (7 months ago)
What app is this? Magic 2015?
Cohlt .45 (7 months ago)
Benji Cuyugan (7 months ago)
wait. there are only two processions on the field. why are there soo many.
Joshua Williams (7 months ago)
It's a nice looking game, but they need to work on the hand/graveyard structure. Too easy to misclick on another card.
rvnender (7 months ago)
WTF did I just watch... lol
Emmett McMullan (7 months ago)
Hey Kenji, I played a build of this deck and crashed the client. Three anointed processions on the battlefield, sixteen anointer priest tokens on the battlefield, then I cast a crested sunmare and embalmed a Vizier of Many Faces to copy the sunmare. The Client did not like that. The anointer priests didn't heal me off those tokens, and at the end of the turn the nine sunmares still tried to make eight horses each, and before the anointer priests could gain a sum of 1,152 life, the client completely crashed. This is a great stress tester for the client, I think.
krusnic69 (7 months ago)
ill be getting a key for this on the 6th hopefully if not then the 9th. cant wait!!
KarmaBlood Gamer (7 months ago)
me to! i hope eather it not the 9th!! :D
TheSmokeinya (7 months ago)
So can someone explain to me how he's getting so many triggers off. I feel like I missed something in the video. I understand it for the most part, but I'm confused as to how he's getting so many triggers per turn.
Ethan Anderson (7 months ago)
TheSmokeinya Alright, so he has two anointed processions on the field, so each time he embalmed an anointed priets, he got 4 tokens. He had 12 tokens total, plus 1 non token priest, for a total of thirteen. Now, whenever he embalms or eternalizes, thats four tokens, each of which triggers each anointed priest, meaning 13 life per token, or 52 life per embalm or eternalize. Each of which is a seperate trigger on the stack.
Luka Chuchvara (7 months ago)
I am lmao
tom connolley (7 months ago)
Consecutive normal punches!
Cory R (7 months ago)
Bleh why does magic online still look so shitty? why cant we get better gfx AND ALL THE CARDS/DEck building. I dont understand games like this where you cant even build your own decks? whats the point?
Joe McIntosh (7 months ago)
Jeez, @8:30 look at that grip!
Jens Punga (7 months ago)
merw mewrrr that cat sound effect sounds so sad
Dank Boi (7 months ago)
Opponent: I will win this game... **Pass turn** *Next turn* Opponent: fuck
russell anderson (7 months ago)
Deck tech pls I gotta see if there's another win condition also I gotta play this deck
whats the decklist?
theo Last (7 months ago)
The tapping graphic is horrendous. Thats not even sideways
John Graham Doe (3 months ago)
its a problem when you have played magic for years and you are used to seeing tapped represented as sideways
Sandwich Boy (7 months ago)
theo Last it's good for Arena. In real life, you tilt the cards a full 90° because your cards normally aren't perfectly straight. In arena, especially with the overlay, it's not a problem at all.
Brax_Star (7 months ago)
This hearthstone gameplay looks... off.
where can i find this decklist?))
Neil (7 months ago)
Turn on manual land tapping homie
skiie (7 months ago)
This is the first video I've seen regarding this new platform. It looks like cancer and AIDS had sex
John Mauney (7 months ago)
Makes me wonder if there are any triggers in Standard that could go into the 1000s or more...
CommanderCorner (7 months ago)
Does it only pause on casting if the opponent has instants? Because that’s kind of annoying if so. Gives away crucial information.
Matthew Wilson (7 months ago)
If it weren't for kenji we'd be done
Darks290 (7 months ago)
Anyone got the decklist for this? XD
PalPlays (7 months ago)
Misleading title. The game didn't break.
StudioUAC (7 months ago)
I might be missing something. how are you able to have more than 7 cards in your hand?
CHAOSBLACKDOOM (7 months ago)
Should be renamed to Attempting to Break the Game.

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