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Broken by Norwood (Lost-n-Found Youth ATL)

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LOST-N-FOUND YOUTH is featured in September's issue of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE - check it out: http://thegavoice.com/lgbt-homeless-youth-group-lost-n-found-featured-rolling-stone-magazine! The house mentioned in the article is featured in this video :) PLEASE join Norwood in the fight to get 750+ homeless youth off the streets of Atlanta! Visit http://www.lost-n-found.org NOW to see how YOU can help! DOWNLOAD "Broken" on iTunes for ONLY 99 cents - all proceeds benefit Lost-n-Found Youth: http://bit.ly/1wI16TT THANKS FOR WATCHING - PLEASE COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, AND SHARE :D Join the OFFICIAL Norwoolves Fan Club for FREE: http://www.Norwood-Music.com/Norwoolves http://www.Norwood-Music.com http://www.Twitter.com/NorwoodMusic http://www.Instagram.com/NorwoodMusic http://www.Facebook.com/NorwoodMusic
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Text Comments (6)
MnNcovers (4 years ago)
Really enjoyed it ! :)
Mike McCall (4 years ago)
Thank You,,,,,,, 
The Cousin Collision (4 years ago)
Omg, the feels. I am buying your song and gonna see if there's a way I can support! :3
Greta Di Benedetto (4 years ago)
Beautiful <3
HowlingHeartsong (4 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful job Nor :) such a wonderful cause to fight for <3 definitely a new favorite^^
Sophie Ireland (4 years ago)
This is my favourite song o urs I love it!!! So inspiring ❤️

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