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10 Flight Attendant Secrets You Don’t Know About

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A plane in the eyes of flight attendants and a plane in the eyes of passengers are two completely different worlds. We often have no idea about some secrets that the crew is hiding. Here are ten tips from flight attendants on how to get the maximum comfort in a plane. Pay attention to fact number 10: doing this, you actually insult air hostesses! TIMESTAMPS You’re allowed to ask for more food 0:33 Check the presence of a life vest before taking off 1:00 If you accidentally smoked, use the ashtrays 1:37 Don’t be squeamish during the flight 2:04 The lavatory door can be opened from the outside 2:38 Be the last person to board 3:02 Avoid too much alcohol 3:29 Avoid the bulkhead seats 3:51 Drink only bottled water 4:13 Don’t applaud at the end of flight 4:48 SUMMARY - All excess containers with food are immediately discarded after the flight. Therefore, if your stomach demands more, don’t be ashamed to ask a flight attendant for another serving. - For safety reasons, always check your seat before the flight to make sure the life vest is there and not stolen by some sentimental kleptomaniac. - If you suddenly find yourself in the lavatory with a cigarette in your hand, at least use the ashtray. And then pay the fine. - Blankets and pillows aren’t washed, just refolded. Food trays aren’t washed. The seat trays are wiped, the carpets are cleaned, but you cannot be sure there wasn’t a passenger in your seat who suddenly felt sick. - Many aircraft have the door lock mechanism itself installed under the "No Smoking" sign on the toilet door. If you raise the flap with the cigarette image and turn the bolt, the door will open. - If you and your fellow traveler checked in at a different time, there’s a solution: just board last. When all the passengers take their seats, you can immediately see which seats are free.  - Flight attendants warn that one glass in the sky is equal to two on the ground. And it's true since altitude affects blood in such a way that alcohol during a flight affects you much more than on the ground. - If there are passengers with babies onboard, they’ll most likely take the bulkhead seats. This happens because it’s easier and safer to place a baby carrier there.  - It’s better to drink only bottled liquid onboard. You should avoid tea, coffee, and water from the sink. - The flight is not a roulette game; this is their job. People who travel a lot know this and don't clap as much. Do you know other tips for the best flight? Share them in the comments below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
Do you applaud at the end of a flight? Here're some tips about things not to wear on a plane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSFkyRafQ38&
Geeng Jieh Chwang (7 hours ago)
ErAmGr 62 (6 days ago)
Why is it better to board last? There are more seats at the front and people behind you won’t take the seat your eyeing if it’s in front of you
ErAmGr 62 (6 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE - no, why would I clap?
Fabahab (11 days ago)
nigel crow (22 days ago)
🔹️XD Tube🔹️ (7 hours ago)
But what is there's no seats left
Sophie Gallagher (23 hours ago)
No likes wow what a loner I am 😭✔
SummerBaby (2 days ago)
There wasn’t one useful tip here except for maybe #8
Jessica Masters (2 days ago)
Sit at the back of the plane because if the plane crashed u are more safe
NBA live Mobile (2 days ago)
Dude in the Bahamas we have to applause
Lunar Skye YT (2 days ago)
Not all of this is true my mom is a flight attendant
Andrew Banham (4 days ago)
"We have tea, coffee, water and juice" they have cans of lager but dont mention it. 2 cans of lager please on easyjet today
Anime Kitten (5 days ago)
First class is not worth it
harry gill (5 days ago)
I found the 3 lightbulbs 1:38 , 1:57 and 6:09
Synnerit (6 days ago)
u sick bro
joel lopez (6 days ago)
I’m a crew and love when our PAX clap, for me it’s a way of them saying thank you for getting us safely to our destination.
trise4 (7 days ago)
This is useless.
Xavia Sealey (8 days ago)
savage gaming (8 days ago)
Thanks for making this video ,I'm going on a flight tomorrow
Samuel Ogunyebi (9 days ago)
I asked for more food all the time
C Tang (9 days ago)
Yes. These are flight attendant secrets. Don’t smoke is a flight attendant secret!!
Divine Angelic (9 days ago)
It's outrageous that any alcohol is served at all ! Seriously totally unnecessary. Infuriating
i think you got a mouth ach documentry or narrating is very
[INSI] Tigriss (10 days ago)
*FBI OPEN UP!!!! *
Gerald D'Artisan (10 days ago)
To those who are complaining just take the ones that are or maybe useful to you no need for harsh comments. God bless
Fred blah blah. (11 days ago)
Number 10 is utterly absurd & to be disregarded. For starters, most passengers applaud at touchdown out of sheer relief of having their feet back on terra firma again. That's the primary reason; your surmises are pretty off. Second, pilots, far from feeling insulted, feel themselves complimented and glad: the passengers are happy, and it was the pilots who brought them safely to their destination. I too would be flattered if i were the pilot. If some nutter stewardess happens to take offence, it's because she's a yank. Most yanks are twisted in the head. She's the problem, not the passengers. Passengers can clap away to their hearts' content!
Stelios Bogris (11 days ago)
From which country are you?
JJ Dreamers (11 days ago)
Wow.I just realized something the no smoking sign had an Arabic version!that is good for me.cause I am an a Egyptian
David Faith (12 days ago)
I usually clap when someone leaves the bathroom
Mon Pang (12 days ago)
no pillow Fort
Alkrapp Land (13 days ago)
http://youtu.be/-VSdIA_dFdo This is in my recommend. Like if it is in yours too.
TamWam (13 days ago)
3:25 aren’t there numbers you book on a plane?
Martha Sibley (13 days ago)
No it's because they made it home safely
DANIEL ANYA (13 days ago)
No board first so you can choose your best seat before someone takes it
Vijji Kadambari (13 days ago)
I am watching this in a plane while an airhostess is staring at me 😶 whoops
Tanu’s Land (14 days ago)
Wait what ..... How can someone “ACCIDENTALLY” smoke ???? Wherever you see there are signs saying no smoking 🚭 in the aircraft . Are you kidding me ???
Lily Huynh (14 days ago)
Okay, accidentally smoke? How do you smoke accidentally? Here's a list of why smoking "accidentally" sounds ridiculous. 1. It's either you want to do it or you don't. 2. It also sounds like an excuse that people use when they're caught smoking. 3. Common sense also tells me that you don' t randomly take out a cigarette. 4. I don't think they even allow it on planes.
Pedro Gaming (14 days ago)
How about turkish airlines?
Anju Abdulla (14 days ago)
You wrote Emember this rule on number 8
Aasim Thenge (15 days ago)
Useless video
Scott McHenry (15 days ago)
How do you accidentally smoke
cassidy Thompson 2018 (15 days ago)
If u have a child on board put them in a car seat
Or just dont smoke at all then you can have a life
Gaming Mania (16 days ago)
Cares Almonte (16 days ago)
I always clap 👏🏻
Rhiannon Duncanson (16 days ago)
I clap to let the captain and crew know that they did a good job on the flight and that we landed safely
swiftie directioner (16 days ago)
2:45 it's Arabic!! Who's Arab here??
Alfred von Hofsten (16 days ago)
How are these flight attendant secrets?
- Alexmegamind - (17 days ago)
kai (17 days ago)
Now i just wanna go on a flight and do these rules
Cam The man (18 days ago)
Some bathrooms do not even lock
What I like in this channel is the way things are being explained in a interesting way. Nice tips Thank you.
So Helpful! (20 days ago)
1:37 That makes no sense at all. How do you *accidentally* smoke on an airplane? That’s like me accidentally blowing my nose
Blue Diamond (21 days ago)
3:55 *emember*
Henry Stokeld (21 days ago)
Not true my mum use to work for emirates
Cheeky Monkeys (22 days ago)
In the other flight vid by the same channel it said that tea is the best choice but in this one it said no tea or coffee sooooooooooooooo
cute baby boy (23 days ago)
I line last when Im ready to check my notebook and book
Mari Diaz (23 days ago)
When you get to your destination take off the clothes immediately and shower
Hello Kitty (23 days ago)
Checking life jackets under seats is a part of pre-flight checks!
Joal Homes (24 days ago)
“If you accidentally smoke” 😂
Amy Young (24 days ago)
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Keith Ramos (24 days ago)
In a flight to Philippines everyone always claps cause it to thank that they had a safe trip
PROJECT ZORGO (24 days ago)
Last one don’t say hi to anyone named jack why I’ll show you Me:hi jack All:(running in panic)
PROJECT ZORGO (24 days ago)
I just like pz so ya know
PROJECT ZORGO (24 days ago)
I’m not
PROJECT ZORGO (24 days ago)
Yunus Moatar (24 days ago)
So you are the one who said would shut down YouTube.
dark pumkin gaming (24 days ago)
Adults listen in number 7 never drink cuz its bad for you body and water will help with jet lag
Aman Toor (25 days ago)
🛑⛔️📛🚫❌⭕️🆎🈵💮🉐🆑🈹🅾️㊙️🈲🆘㊗️🅰️🈴🅱️💯💢♨️🚷🚯‼️🚭📵🔞🚱🚳❗️❓⁉️❤️💔📌📕📍🖍📮🎈🌡🧨🧲🧰🧯⏰☎️🕹⛩🗼⛽️🚨🚘🏎🚗🚒🎸🚣🏿‍♂️ Don’t Worry 😉 im Trying to find red emojis
Sofia Alice 28 (26 days ago)
My mum is an air hostess and said you can't smoke with the ash tray.
OMR ali (26 days ago)
You can order extra drinks for free on Kenya airways
About tip no.1 I heard you can ask more but I am shy. 😅
Wasagamer 301 (27 days ago)
Ages ago we got to sit at the front of a plane and the captain let us see the bit where they fly. It was awesome.
Mark Longley (28 days ago)
Buy some snacks for the flight attendents and give to the attendent as you present your boarding pass. Candy or cokkies are the best. The crew will come up to you and personally introduce themselves to you and offer more better service during your flight.
Vicki Liu (26 days ago)
Really?! Is this true? Did you try it? How nice 👍
Jeje Wa (28 days ago)
Few years ago I wrote to Garuda airline to tell them that instead of calling from front to back, it would be better to board from back to front to avoid crowding and people not being able to past people still in the alley. It took few more years before this system was used. Also why can't the life vest not be used as a cushion if there is a crash?
MARSA109 (28 days ago)
No try and board 1st because you will have room to put all of your stuff in the thingy then sit down in your seat easy but if you board last there’s no space to put your luggage
Linen Gray (28 days ago)
The bulkhead seats are the best. Also airline food taste bland because the lack of humidity in the cabin kills your taste buds. I was on a plane, landing in Portugal, during a thunderstorm, where everyone applauded after landing because no one thought we would make it. Coming down sideways and making it to the runway will make you want to thank your pilots.
Amelia Atkinson (29 days ago)
Then how do you know them then If they don't tell you
Ace of Darkness Dark (29 days ago)
Can we spit saliva instead of clapping
FinardoLittle 123 (29 days ago)
Ryanair have a no go around policy and they have a rule: you MUST clap
Tanusree Debnath (29 days ago)
Accidentally smoke 🙄....what r you saying man ....I am a flight attendant and I know smoking is strictly prohibited in the aircraft ...
Why does this person sound like a *70* year old man
TheButtMan ASD (29 days ago)
Cuz he is a 70 year old man..
Hpro vibes (29 days ago)
4:00 emember
😱😱😱😱 i m knowing it first time
Camton Speedy (1 month ago)
2:43 to 2:59 That's an Arabic writing and I'm an Arabic OMG
Mr Pateto (23 days ago)
It's just Arabic, what are you crazy about?
lele gang (1 month ago)
Here's a tip dont use the bathroom cuz u might get locked in or use the bathroom with the door open
Ross Galan (1 month ago)
NO. 6 tip is NOT true. If you board the last, it is most likely there will be no luggage compartment left for you. As to choosing the seat is NOT likely possible either as the plane usually booked before flying and they don't usually fly with many empty seats.
Tanya Locke (1 month ago)
I'm flying to Florida today
Vasundara Rai (1 month ago)
Indian airlines boil the water
Mr Epic (1 month ago)
Mayanah Rawchaa (1 month ago)
What if you don’t have you life vest? Number 2
Baby Alive (1 month ago)
I went on a flight yesterday. Today's date is March 16, 2019.
Kevin Lin (1 month ago)
I saw the flight attendant lock the door from outside
Martin Anastacio (1 month ago)
"accidental" smoking.... hmmm... spontaneous combustion??? LOL
kalpana bhindia (1 month ago)
Angeline Tansiyi (1 month ago)
Daniel 12p (1 month ago)
totally not !!!!!!!! , just flew back in business and i had a hard time to find place for my carry on
Amber Rose Murdock (1 month ago)
I honestly expected better tips... And I avoid going to the toilet at all costs unless absolutely necessary. The one tip about "accidently" smoking is ludicrous.
Rebecca Mercado (1 month ago)
I was liking the video up to #10, I don't like it @×$¤!&
Nathan HUYNH (1 month ago)
They gave me oreos
Louis Wong (1 month ago)
Also one important tip is to never kick off your shoes until the plane is well into the air, because passenger planes are more likely to have problems while taking off! If problems do arise then with shoes on you are better for making a fast getaway. And on the other end, put your shoes one half hour before landing.
Pig Playz (1 month ago)
Omg its yuo
Jo Gili (1 month ago)
travelling 12 to 14 times a year on long haul flights for more than 2 decades...just saying that I have met different kind of persons with different attitudes and habits...some do clap upon landing...thats understandable if a person did 2 years of work abroad and at that time the means of communication was just through letters... some did ask for an extra food...that was given to them when everyone was served...this video might b3 helpful indeed...a little credit to you...
Rohan D'Costa (1 month ago)
Saying “air hostesses” you are insulting the whole position of a “flight attendant/ cabin crew”
Chicken Nugget (1 month ago)
Um.... fact 4? They don’t provide blankets or pillows. Only blankets in first class
Bahar Din (1 month ago)
tip no 11.. if you met an old friend on the plane, if his name is Jack.. you can call out Hello Jack, but never, never ever call out loud... HI Jack...!!
Palitha Hettigoda (4 days ago)
I have a friend called jack thanks for the warning🤣🤣
Micaya Cannon (6 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 86. I was the 86th like.
DANIEL ANYA (9 days ago)
Hi-jack I get it now
My brother's name is Jack 😅😮😲😱😵
Olivia de short one (1 month ago)
Ohhhh I get itt......HIjack xD
sweetheart cool (1 month ago)
i think your not allowed to bring any cigarettes in airport..then how did they bring cigarettes into the plane..
Analia Hedley (1 month ago)
I haven't seen a plane bathroom with an ashtray in years.

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