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Drunk College Party Fight

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The guy in purple was fucked up on something and decided to fight his friend. Then the dude in front of me called him fat and he punches him in the face. This guy was the DJ of the party and was hired by the people having the party.This happened on flemming
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Rcae (7 months ago)
Racial comments??? Drum rolllll....
The Chosen One (4 years ago)
I guess he got all pissed off because nobody would get him a Big Mac.
Zane Thompson (4 years ago)
The guy who got punched looked like he was gonna pull something out of his pocket.........yikes
that might have been the shittiest cameraman in the history of recorded fights. jesus why even upload this 
Scott Tindol (5 years ago)
where's the fight?! that's 1:48 of my life i can never get back!!!
amir ebrahimi (5 years ago)
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John Miller (5 years ago)
this has gotta be freshman
Cody reach (5 years ago)
The camera man had downs
tkmusic717 (5 years ago)
learn how to record bro
Ryan Brown (5 years ago)
Ryan Brown (5 years ago)
for being in colledge yall liok dumb
AFarm (5 years ago)
Incompetent filmer.
xLucidGamingx (5 years ago)
got the fire for the first time.
Mr. Scan (5 years ago)
he's drunk not high...
Five high (5 years ago)
cocaine is hell of a drug
Joe Zee (5 years ago)
camera guy did a shit job
timecrusade (6 years ago)
TheDumbuser (6 years ago)
gay wrestling
Nunya Beazwax (6 years ago)
never new a fatty can bounce around like that!
Dustin D (6 years ago)
Camera man sucks!
awhite286 (7 years ago)
brandon james (7 years ago)
learn to record
SHAUN SISSON (7 years ago)
Chris Farley Lives!
Garner Brett (7 years ago)

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