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Dad acquitted in drunk drivers death

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A jury in Texas found a man not guilty in the murder of a drunk driver who killed his sons. CNN's legal analysts discuss.
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Leonard Pattison (9 days ago)
Seems to me Justice was done.
Gloria TX (1 month ago)
Good for him!
10redcorn (2 months ago)
👁 for an 👁
iceman11849 (2 months ago)
꧁Cat G꧂ (3 months ago)
I know this is old, But im so happy to hear the father got off.
bhunep neppoho (3 months ago)
Real hero father
XIV Words (3 months ago)
Like movie sleepers
Ms. Ender Mage (4 months ago)
Those poor boys , the poor family so so sad 🤧😭 really breaks my heart
Pumpkin the Wonder Pug (4 months ago)
TEEEEEXXXXXAAAASSSS JUSTICE !!!!!!! Ron White for president !!!!
Dan Bertucci (4 months ago)
My heart is broken for this family! What a tragic story! But frankly, dad killed that guy. If not dad then someone like a relation that may have been at the house that night, ran out saw the scene, killed the drunk driver then left with the gun, the gun residue and all proof. Don't get me wrong, I'd be in prison for killing the drunk driver and would not have found him guilty if I had to sit on that trial, but I really have no penchant for semantics or factual obfuscation. Its clear what happened here. All that said, I'm glad he's free. The Barajas family has enough heartache and grief to punish any 10 humans for a lifetime. I say that as a father, a veteran and a caring American. IM GLAD HE'S FREE!
Smurves (5 months ago)
I don't agree with this outcome. This man put his own children in danger by having them push a vehicle in the middle of the road at night. Yes that boy was drunk driving, but in the same situation with a sober person it's most likely would have had the same results. Many of you who claim a higher morality have driven impaired as well. I understand your kids were killed but that gives you no right to enter your home retrieve a gun and then execute someone over a accident that could have been avoided on both ends. The father is just as guilty for his children's deaths as the drunk driver. He put his sons in that situation, put them behind a vehicle completely exposed to traffic. That doesn't give you the right to execute a person. You all have painted this kid as a villain, he was a 20 year old kid that did what so many others his age have done. And that didn't make him a bad person in any way. He was a father himself, and now not only has the father lost his kids but took away that girls fathers as well. I think this guy deserved jail time.
Pauline Brown (7 months ago)
Thank God. How much more did this man have to endure. Mr. Barajas, I hope you and your family are doing ok.
Joe Hojas (7 months ago)
He used a pen gun..
Kyle Smith (8 months ago)
I would have just beaten him to death......
Troy Goldberg (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 good
darcylkc (9 months ago)
There was no damn conspiracy-a dumb drunk hit and killed his two sons in front of his eyes. I have kids, I wouldn't have convicted this father either. Taxpayer waste trying to convict him of murder.
JoAnn Martinez (9 months ago)
Justice was truly served 🙌 he lost his children so it was only right to avenge justice for his children and take matters into his own hands. As a parent you protect your family at all cost. Good ol' Texas justice.
darcylkc (9 months ago)
I agree with you absolutely. You protect your family at all costs. I would not have convicted this father either.
Redneck Rampage (9 months ago)
How were there no witnesses and how could they not find the murder weapon? Sure the guy killed two young boys, but where is the justice for the family members who's son and brother was executed on sight.
Frankie Lindley (5 months ago)
Redneck Rampage it was a dark rural road. There actually were witnesses when the cops got there, but they refused to come forward for the trial because they were neighbors of the father. As for the gun, he could have tossed it into the woods or into a storm drain
Varheim (9 months ago)
Wow, some things are better in America. Positively surprised with the results.
LooneyPlootzy (9 months ago)
Let's just say this a news report said one or possibly both children were cut in half from the impact... If this is true let's just say this, you not only see your 2 children dieing in front of you, but also split in half, while there is a guy behind the wheel of a vehicle DRUNK which is the reason the father has to see his own sons die, when people drink then drive they have chosen to be a disgusting human being even if they are so called "hammered" and wasn't aware of the consequences of doing so, it honestly sounds more horrible when you think about not being aware of said consequences if the guy possibly never intended it to happen, I don't doubt the father if he actually killed the guy. It's in general heart breaking especially if the kids actually suffered and died in the father's aid of trying to save them in the condition they were in.
Tom Prosser (9 months ago)
Robbie Murderingminion (9 months ago)
Justice served
Gmork13 (9 months ago)
Justice was served and rightfully so.
Bob Martin (9 months ago)
The prosecution team were seeking the death penalty if convicted!
darcylkc (9 months ago)
Really? You have to be kidding!?! I never knew that and I followed this story-that is just absolutely the dumbest thing the prosecution could have done!!! I am beyond words. Thank God he was acquitted!
Kea Mowana (9 months ago)
I wonder if he was sober, I wonder what led to the shooting, the drunk driving, shock at the loss of kids, what went thru his mind, and where's the gun
Gilbert Ortiz (9 months ago)
Good for him !god watch's over us ,r.i.p. to your sons
Pat Stokes (9 months ago)
Now that is justice.
jakespeed23 (9 months ago)
cnn sucks
Luis Perez (9 months ago)
Texas Justice 💪
hateUmankind (9 months ago)
he got nothing to lose after losing his children what he was living for all taken away from a drunk bastard driver this why I Love Texas Justice
michel joannette (9 months ago)
yea he got rid of a asshole
Folkskjöldr (10 months ago)
The look in his eyes, in the thumbnail. A blank distant stare. Considering what happened to his kids, I don't blame him one bit. No man should have to bury his child or children.
christansdad (10 months ago)
The comments here are full of misguided Texas fools. Clearly the father should have been buried under the jail. Vigilante justice is for gang members and dictatorships. Only myopic fools applaud this verdict.
Tony A (10 months ago)
I agree with the thought that the procesucters being in for the acquittal and doing a half ass job to see it through. Even if they wanted to take him down they would of been between a rock and a hard place.
patricia S (10 months ago)
Jeffrey Toobin and Mark O'Meara right in this; you can't just take justice into your own hands .... all you haters, calm down and think for a minute. Actually think. What if everyone behaved this way? Of course it's tragic that the young sons were killed. Don't bother spewing bile at me, I wont be back to read it.
Jason Brooks (10 months ago)
Lol.. good for that jury. The witnesses decided to let it go. Good for them too.
TRXSH GXNGXBOI (10 months ago)
The driver who hit an killed my best friend is still somewhere out they're in the world ! It hurts my soul to know my friend Tyler had that happen to him! I think about you daily tyler I really do !! ❤ r.i.p
Laura Barnes (10 months ago)
What a happy ending! Fuck that illegall drunk driving g piece of shit! He got what he deserved !
osvaldo franco (10 months ago)
THANK GOD!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 . you should be allowed to kill someone who murdered your family...it the least we can do!!!
Siddharth Tomar (10 months ago)
Ideal situation : Verdict : guilty Sentence : life imprisonment- Suspended.. weekly attendence at local police station. He is guilty of murder but keeping in mind the gravity of the situation sentence should be suspended. But he should report to the local police station on weekly basis so that he and everyone get a message that what he did was wrong and his freedom is limited because he did an offence.
Irish62 Sullivan (10 months ago)
Hell yea. The jury got it right in this case. He saved more lives that this fool would have certainly caused when he was released.
tate tate (10 months ago)
This man saved other lives of being lost because of this idiot drunk driver.
awd protege (10 months ago)
Maybe the gas gauge was broken.. who knows .. ..but it doesn't matter.
Smokeless1167 (10 months ago)
Auto Innovations (10 months ago)
Don''t drink and drive, You might get shot!
chi life (10 months ago)
Barajas is a peice of shit. Didnt even say sorry to victims family. He couldve did it without incriminating himself
Mande Peer (11 months ago)
YES that’s awesome
Ungha Bungha (11 months ago)
Jury nullification. It had nothing to do with the reasonable doubt. There was no reasonable doubt. The witnesses who "didn't see anything", are the same types of people who sat on the Jury and made the choice to acquit. Parents have been let off for executing people who have done far less to their children. Gary Plauche shot his son's molester in the head, from ambush, live on camera and surrendered with the gun in his hand. Jury let him go. A Texas jury would not give a damn that the CNN weasel doesn't approve.
THE TRACKCAR (11 months ago)
Eye for an eye.
Fernando Oliveira (11 months ago)
Bring back prohibition!
Lman Rman (11 months ago)
You will always struggle to get a guilty verdict from a jury in a case like this - because the problem is everybody thinks the drunk driver killer got what he deserved - & they’re RIGHT.
douglas787 (11 months ago)
That he killed that drunk driver and got away with it makes me so happy I don't have the words for it.
playwithme30 (11 months ago)
The right choice is always the more difficult one to make. Unfortunately he should be in prison. Everyone makes mistakes and I’m sure quite a few people in the comment section has drove drunk. There are always two sides too a story. What if he got a text from a family member that said his mom was dying and he had to get home too see her one last time before she passed away(granted it’s not an excuse but for a 20 year old with an undeveloped mind almost anyone would make the bad decision to drunk drive). There are just so many reasons why you shouldn’t respond like this. I can tell everyone in the comments has lost their battle to the dark side. While your mind is underdeveloped like anakins my mind is developed like a calm and collective obi wan. Due to needing to repeat myself and reading the same thing over and over again I won’t be replying to anyone’s responses. Just want to let you know so you can make an educated decision if you want to waste your time in responding or not.
dazed genius (11 months ago)
Thank God!
BlessedByHim (11 months ago)
You play you pay 💔🙏🏾
krazivaya (11 months ago)
Andrew John (11 months ago)
The fact that the one interviewee was George Zimmerman’s attorney sort of nullified his opinion IMO.
Scorpio Justice (11 months ago)
*Look at Zimmerman's lawyer. He's gotta be in his 60's, yet he doesn't have a single gray hair! HE LOOKS RIDICULOUS!!! I simply cannot take anything he says seriously!!! He looks totally absurd!!!* Get over yourself dude! It's time to grow up, and quit trying to pretend like you're in your 20's!! BE A MAN!!! I mean, the very fact that having perfect hair color is what you spend your time worrying about, says it all!!!
Scorpio Justice (11 months ago)
Hey! Talking heads! Just be honest and real for a minute. *The jury knew he killed this drunk, and, frankly, they DID NOT CARE! Like any thinking person, they recognize that he got what he deserved!*
Scorpio Justice (11 months ago)
*Stooges of the state and federal justice system say, well, yes, it's not perfect; but, it gets it right 'most of the time'. BULL SH!T!!! If that's true, then explain this to me. If someone I loved were murdered, why is it I would pray they get only a SHORT SENTENCE??? The answer is simple. Because, even if they were given the death penalty, it wouldn't be carried out for what is nearly a FULL LIFETIME!!! That's suppose to be justice?? I'd want them to get a short sentence, so they could get OUT OF PRISON, so I could properly punish them!!!! You think I'm the only one that feels that way??? If so, you're blind!!!* Of course, if this hypothetical scenario happened, you can bet your ass our "justice system" would prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. DOES THAT NOT STRIKE YOU AS RIDICULOUS!?!?!? Thank God this jury knew the difference between REAL JUSTICE, and the FAKE JUSTICE THE COURT PRETENDS TO BE ENGAGED IN!!!!
Scorpio Justice (11 months ago)
*However these lawyers wish to spin this situation, it's totally irrelevant. The fact is this man NEVER should have been prosecuted to begin with!!! WE ALL KNOW IT!!! WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS BASTARD DESERVED TO DIE, AFTER KILLING 2 BOYS!!! What is truly concerning is that, according to our so-called justice system, a man like this should be prosecuted AT ALL!!! THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!! THAT IS THE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE!!!* Pawns of our totally corrupt, so-called "justice" system (which is FAR from just at all) just love to toss around the word "vigilante", as if that is somehow a bad thing. As if, only the state has the right to seek any justice. As if everything they do is "just". WHAT A PATHETIC JOKE THAT IS!!! The fact is, what could possibly be MORE JUST, than for the father of the two murdered boys to execute their murderer??? The only way that could have been more just, is if God himself handed out justice to him. Short of that, what occurred WAS TRUE JUSTICE!!! EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!! AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS WHAT UPSETS THESE STOOGES OF THE STATE AND THEIR COURT!!! Explain to me how putting a serial killer in a cage for life, but executing a young man that murdered one cop is 'justice'?? So, a cops life is worth more than the life of a citizen they are suppose to protect?? How is it that the pederast pedophile only gets 7 to 9 years in prison; but, when one of the victims grows up and kills him for ruining his their life, he gets sent to prison for life??? THAT IS JUSTICE??? How is it that one person that murders someone in cold blood only gets 20 years; but, another person that kills in cold-blood gets life in prison?? *OUR SO-CALLED JUSTICE SYSTEM JUMPED THE TRACKS A LONG TIME AGO!!!!* Riddle me this, friends; How is it that a rapist murderer that CONFESSES to murdering multiple people; and in which the detectives have totally conclusive DNA evidence, yet this evil monster (despite being convicted to die) will actually outliving many of his victim's families on "death row"??? DEATH ROW??? What a joke that is. We, thanks to the PRISON INDUSTRY (and do not make any mistakes about it. The PRISON INDUSTRY IS HUGE BUSINESS!!!!), refuse to put even the most evil amongst us to death. *IF SATAN HIMSELF CAME TO EARTH, MURDERED PEOPLE, AND WAS ARRESTED AND CONVICTED, HE'D PROBABLY ONLY GET 30 YEARS IN PRISON!!! HELL, WE PROBABLY WOULD NOT EVEN PUT HIM TO DEATH!!!!!* Our "Justice System" is a total joke.
Benji le (11 months ago)
Still not justice because at least that fucken drunk driver got to make it to his 20s and 2 young boys didn't even make it to their teens. Penalties for drink driving should be harsher.
Thomas Lalor (11 months ago)
Eat SH!T, Cooper.! Father was justified, angered beyond grief. I'd have found him INNOCENT of murder, NOT responsible or competent to understand under these circumstances. And you are a piece of trash on a sh!t network.
Bob Barker (11 months ago)
Anderson Cooper takes it up the pooper.
joe anady (11 months ago)
Finally the justice system worked. I'm saddened for the family who lost their sons, and the family of the driver. That being said way to go Dad! As a father I would have ripped him apart with my bare hands. His death would not have been fast, he was lucky that father did him in fast.
Phill Davis (11 months ago)
Two wrongs dont make a right unless youre in texas
Trinexx007 (11 months ago)
At least he got away with his vengeance. Now create new kids, and move on....
Miguel Martinez (11 months ago)
This was real justice. If you think killers of any type. Needs to go to jail for life is stupid this is real justice you kill you die period. Trust me put this law in are justice system and you reduce crime by 90%
Dont drive k and drive. Raise your kids to respect that.
# Einstein MMA Tony E. (11 months ago)
I'm moving to Texas .
Cat and Six Gaming! (11 months ago)
Im glad he got off.
chris cilley (11 months ago)
I for one am glad he was acquitted! But regardless, This entire situation is extremely sad. :(
Your Fabulous Happy Mann (11 months ago)
Hurrah! Justifiable homicide...
Gucci2Tone (11 months ago)
Justice served! Fuck drunk drivers pieces of shit
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG (11 months ago)
TRANSLATION: The 'prosecution' deliberately soft-pedalled.
shinobi1kenobi75 (11 months ago)
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : In this case, that doesn't bother me. I think the law often works harder on the side of criminals than victims. I can't tell by your comment what side you come down on. Do you think they did right?
Sun Lite (11 months ago)
Minimum sentence for drunk driving $10,000 or 1/2 assets which ever is greater.
Stephanie Holey (1 year ago)
ThreeBears Sandoval (1 year ago)
I'm so glad this man was aquitted...the pain he must be going through..one less drunk asswipe endangering innocent lives..
InSomnia DrEvil (1 year ago)
Dad did what he thought he had to do, im not judging him, im happy he didnt get sentenced for serving a punishment he believed to be right.
Good there is still some justice in this world 🌎 no thanks to liberals
Virolet Adams (1 year ago)
I appauld the father and glad he got off... I live in Texas and Texas law don't play... Don't drive and Drink u bring these things on yourself by driving drunk... I was hit 24 yrs ago by a Drunk driver and my neck was fractured in 2 places and had to wear a halo for 4 months... I was lucky... Can't say that for this mans family😞😠
carolina panthers (1 year ago)
dale (1 year ago)
amen! justice has been served! GOD bless you, sir, took a criminal off our roads!
Herando Sanqui (1 year ago)
My final statement to the cameras would be saying fuck the dui drivers family
Ray Shell (1 year ago)
Here in texas we ask....does he deserve it? Resonable doubt has nothing to do with it.
Veronica Mendoza (1 year ago)
i would have done the same thing if that happened 2 my kids.. it all could have been avoided if that piece of shit didnt drive drunk.. he got what he deserved..!!
I now painfully know first hand if a drunk driver slaughters your child- you'll be "lucky" if you even get a day in court and even IF the state does file charges- the killer will walk. If they happen to get time- it's months, not years they serve. Four people should have been charged for my daughters DUI homicide: The underage drunk driver the the 3 adults who hosted regular alcohol parties for teens (some as young as 14!!) for profit. There was another underage drunk driver involved- but he died. My daughter knew none of these people. The HP let the driver "call a friend" b/c he had been drinking and they hoped THAT made me feel better. umm, no. it did not. HP let him leave & never charged him. The adults were not charged (even though they had another teen alcohol "party" the week of the the 3 teens funerals- & the state knew about it & did nothing. This is the same state who was hell bent on finding out where Michael Phelps got that small amount of weed- and no one died during that event! The state of South Carolina claimed they could not charge them because they refused to answer the door. Barney Fife would have done a better job. I found the state witnesses & photos from that night- inside the adults home with teens drinking alcohol- but still they did NOTHING. I've learned how to make my own justice online because my state has taught me... sometimes there is just-us. ~Pam, mother of a dead child named Kelli
Dan (1 year ago)
Facts: "Citizens and law enforcement knuw he did it* And help.
charles severn (1 year ago)
Drunk drivers should be executed..
charles severn (1 year ago)
Haha..anti flat earth graphics on news background..haha..there is no curve
loveforthegame3 (1 year ago)
Father is still a murderer. Killed a 20 year old kid who made a terrible mistake. For all you saying you deserve it if you drink and drive, Id be willing to bet you all use your phone or your parents or grandparents have Driven a little tipsy. Lets not try to justify murder. the legal limit is .08 thats like 3 beers max. Idk about you but after 3 beers im fully functional
A P (1 year ago)
you're a weak-minded alcoholic scumbag
Ghosty (1 year ago)
Look at those two little happy boys by the ocean side. Then, look at what that drunk driver caused. What is the point of this video? I don't understand? Do these three clowns actually believe any reasonable person under these circumstances would convict the father?
Annie O (1 year ago)
Human emotions triumphed the law... thank goodness for texas
Gab Bras (1 year ago)
👏 to the jury. I wonder whos hands they really tested for gun powder and where the cops hid the weapon 😂 Bravo to everyone involved with helping.
Daniel Rohde (1 year ago)
No half measures.
Armon Lexmark (1 year ago)
it's messed up that he even had to go to court for allegedly killing a drunk driver that killed both his sons right in Front of him. It's a shame. Only in America
K Dub (1 year ago)
If you're drunk and you kill some kids...you might die. No one got away with anything.
Eugene Mitchell (1 year ago)
Very old post , however I noticed most people feel he did the shooting but was justified? First off it's CNN reporting, no witnesses of the shooting, no GSR on his hands or clothing? Evidence against him, an empty pistol holster but no gun, I've got two holsters and no guns for them. Ammo of the same type and caliber. I've got an assortment of ammo on hand, many different manufactures. Just the lack of the GSR speaks volumes. I'm going with he wasn't the trigger man. I can see several different ways the shooting could be accomplished but he didn't do the deed!
Jimmy Hunt (1 year ago)
If we had a Society where we can speed up the justic as in this case, we'd be golden

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