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Planeswalker Decks! Getting Started with Magic the Gathering

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You guys ask me all the time what product to get started with magic. 1) download the game "Magic duels" on ipad, steam, or elsewhere to learn the rules 2) get either a deckbuilders toolkit and/or some 'planeswalker' intro decks for kaladesh and start from there. 3) find a friend and play that's the best way to get started!
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Mark Fernandez (14 days ago)
You are really getting started for magic the gathering
redsunset1978 (23 days ago)
Thank you for the video.i am a newbie and these packs have been recommended to me.thanks for opening them and giving me a preview.
BatmanVsSombies (28 days ago)
Couch potato
michael clark (1 month ago)
Wotc recently killed buying packs on duels of the planeswalkers apps
terminator 115 (1 month ago)
How do we buy those cards? Online or at a store??
Boogit (1 month ago)
People be like: Ur fat He's married and you're jealous
otapanthora jr (2 months ago)
i can not understand what " -4" , " -12" or "+3" mean , i mean -12 what ?can someone help me ? i really want to play this game
billy DeVoe (2 months ago)
Just go to your game store and just ask for a starter deck they are free.
Flying Sausage (3 months ago)
I know it's a year old but I've only just started playing MTG so good video
joel gonzalez (4 months ago)
Thank you
The gamer And friends (4 months ago)
In the Chandra pack I got a legendary Chandra
YourAverageBriton (5 months ago)
Me and my friend have just gotten into the game- we each got given a free deck of 60 cards at Comic Con Leicester and some even taught us how to play the game.
DanTheMan0903 (5 months ago)
This seems similar the hearthstone to me
Lucas Deantonio (5 months ago)
I watched a video this sounds a lot like yugioh
Roseirful (5 months ago)
Actually there is a better option to Magic Duels : DOTP games. You pay for it but you get almost ten decent to good preconstucted decks with selected cards to enhance it. And these decks are far better than PW decks. As for PW decks, they actually are good beginner value. I bought Dominaria ones and enjoyed improving it by sticking to the general strategy while removing terrible cards. PW were not THAT bad, casual do not give a fuck about it.
рувен улан (5 months ago)
Chandra planeswalker deck from Dominaria is better
XbioVa (6 months ago)
How many cards come in the set?
Joni pitkänen (6 months ago)
I started magic a week ago.. best started deck is to buy is duel deck 20usd or a challeger deck 30usd
Gu5A (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for introducing me to magic duels! I always wanted to get into magic and this was the perfect way to make me understand magic
Philosopher (7 months ago)
I’m just getting into magic and I’m only 14 I’m just wondering if my age could cause some awkward moments or some problems if I go to a fnm because that’s the only thing deterring me from being able to play Cause non of my friends play. PLS HELPPPP!
soulassassin0g (7 months ago)
Those pulls would really spice up that Chandra deck.
soulassassin0g (7 months ago)
I never bought a deck, I simply build my own deck by buying singles even when I was new to the game.
Soundwave _ (7 months ago)
imo deckbuilder's toolkits are far better for starting players than planeswalker decks. i used my own deck in a game against my friend who used the jace planeswalker deck and they got completely stomped. deckbuilder's toolkits are only a little bit more expensive, but you get far, FAR more in those.
Dave Smith (7 months ago)
Hey dude. Complete noob on the subject here! I've still got cards from nearly 20 years ago and considering to finally start learning the basics, so forgive my ignorant questions; but what do you look for on a card that determines its rarity, or value? Not necessarily from a financial perspective, but more from a deck/power value when used in game??
Dragoncorn (7 months ago)
One of my friend's first ever magic decks was the Ixalan Jace deck, he pulled a non holo Huatli, Warrior Poet from one of the boosters......
Sejez (7 months ago)
Chinese fakes are better quality tbh.
TwoKanMan (7 months ago)
Make a new vid about this pls
Xavier Cortez (7 months ago)
What's up with the mimikyu
Ryan Andress (8 months ago)
The deadlock card the person that was at are school Made the design
Taco Flavored Burrito (9 months ago)
My deck is an eldrazi one. I made it small, so I can scions our, then get deceived of form to make them all stronger.
零友 (9 months ago)
MTG is too expensive for me......but I want to play
Thirteen XIII (9 months ago)
nice keyboard :) i like it.
Weeb Gregz (9 months ago)
it is called magic 2015 now
Alan Jobson (9 months ago)
Having trouble with step 3...
Havilah Danielson (9 months ago)
I'm super new to mtg i bought the dueling decks nissa. My boyfriend plays with me he doesn't go easy on me lol so i keep dying.
Sam Gourhan (9 months ago)
Hey boogie or any MTG fan. What is good way to know the basic story of magic the gathering without reading a 400 page novel that I need context for anyway? Thanks may the force be with you. Great video boogie
Antman121506 YT (10 months ago)
My uncle taught me how to play and I am 11 and I can build a deck in a easy 3 to 5 days and destroy all my friends and uncles and I have only bought 1 starter deck in my life to start to learn the game and the game of magic the gathering if you were to make a deck to start with was a fire that is direct damage to player and creature I started with a green but the red decks I played with were really to win and play with so I made a red deck and fixed a lot but I got it perfect and then I built a rainbow slither deck and I got second in a tournament but I got beat when he had 6 life left but the gave me a free booster box and I made a polymorph deck I added 4 jace the mindsculpters and a emrakule and my I gave it to my uncle for his 35th birthday and he kicked the crap out of me but he liked it and won a very lot.
KillsMacho 05 (2 months ago)
Antman121506 YT Good to hear man! Lucky, getting booster boxes, I never get lucky in packs and I never win my matches. I’ve been to Friday night magic about 40 times, 3/4’s of it draft. Pulling nothing. I sometimes get one match on them but I always lose in the end. What’s the point in spending 5-15 dollars for standard or draft when you don’t gain anything?
coolkidezramunches (10 months ago)
the only one of those decks ive ever opened was from khans and got a fetch land in each pack
William neville-jones (10 months ago)
I opened one pack got 2 mythics worth £50 in total
John Zhirzhan (10 months ago)
He should cut of some sugar
The Deadly Cable (11 months ago)
Download it on iPad and android ok cause that makes sense...words from this video
sebastian langley (11 months ago)
i dont like the theme of kaladesh, Playing innistrad on duel planewalker through steam, It seems to expensive to get into games at my local,
felix macfie (11 months ago)
thanks a lot, this really helped a lot
Destroy Target Artifact (11 months ago)
Hey bud. We're giving out Magic The Gathering boosters and even a Bundle Box on day 1. Hope you don't mind me dropping this here https://youtu.be/3eKXGDnX8DM
R In the house (11 months ago)
I’m just starting on Magic and I wanted to know what to buy to increase the cards on my deck and to start making cuts, I heard that just like the Pokémon tcg the booster packs can be weigh, while the planes walkers are mostly not useful because of its week cards and the toolkit it’s mostly dirt or doesn’t offers much of what you need ;-; any opinions or offers on what should I buy?
ilovefunnyamv2nd (11 months ago)
Hey ive seen your some of your videos before, just random searches like today, haha
zachary polnick (11 months ago)
My very first pact I opened I hit a plains walker
zachary polnick (11 months ago)
I’m pretty sure that the planes walker are illegal in standard play not 100% on that though
Nathan Solomon (1 year ago)
As a Magic the Gathering player I have to say do not buy the Planeswalker decks they are not worth your money. If you want to get into the game I'd recommend going into your local game store or comic book store and ask if they have any intro decks they are usually free and are 40 card decks and a great way to play your first game of Magic but the decks do not contain any cards of significant value. (almost all commons and a few uncommons) once you've done this and want to dig a little deeper I'd suggest buying a Duel Deck, these contain two ready to go 60 card decks for you and a friend and contain cards with more complex mechanics and strategies but are still great for beginners and will cost you around $20.
IAMTHEFUSS (1 month ago)
Recently just purchased planeswalker decks for me my lady n stepson. For the most part according to my cuzzin who plays we r doing alright and he also cleared some things we did wrong. Its very confusing for me. Especially now we no longer have our shop that had the big magic fan go to . it shut down.
Bear Gang (1 year ago)
I have bad luck I always get commons and uncommons
Eric Thatcher (1 year ago)
I play the app boogie
Holiday Hooks (1 year ago)
This video may be a year old but it inspired me to get into magic, thanks boogie!
Daniel Romero (1 year ago)
I’m planning on getting into magic. Some of my freinds play and invited me and I instantly fell in love with the game
ButtonMash0847 (1 year ago)
I loved this vid! I just got back into MTGO and the standard had changed, so my deck wasn't good anymore, so I bought a planeswalker deck! DINOS FOR THE WIN, however I actually bought the deck so that I have something to build off of since my deck making skills were rusty, either way highly reccomend grabbing a planeswalker deck, that way if you want to play with a newb friend you can take out a balanced deck :P
Nicholas Gallo (1 year ago)
Great vid just got into the game, what is the new box I should get now in 2017
Vynetic (1 year ago)
"I suck at basic math, which is why i suck at the game" -Boogie
William Brannock (1 year ago)
Fatty no body likes you
heavymetal otaku (9 months ago)
William Brannock kill yourself you edgy 3 year old. He has a wife you little shit.
Wacked Wacko (1 year ago)
aaron selby (1 year ago)
Smugglers copter is only 2.65 brand new on ebay
Queued! The Podcast (1 year ago)
It's been banned since the posting of this video.
Bryan LaBrecque (1 year ago)
longtusk cub isnt bad i play that in my energy cats.
CastelDawn (1 year ago)
intro packs....you fool
ninjastealth101 (1 year ago)
My little cousin pulled a 25 dollar card in the packs in his deck
Brian Trammell (1 year ago)
I wish you guys would stop making fun of him because he is fat. He has reasons why he is. He struggled. Before you judge him, watch his "Draw my life" video. It explains a lot. Cyber bullying is a terrible thing to do especially to boogie because of his past. If you don't like him, don't criticize, just watch someone else. Damn..
Caskas (1 year ago)
My teenage boys just got me into mtg. I appreciate your advice for new players.
bob bob (1 year ago)
Ok do i have to use real mtg cards or can i use fakes. Any rules ? Can i just buy all of the best decks on the cheap.( No reason for people too make $$$$ on a game ) Fun game for the family.
Andrew Turner (1 year ago)
Including planeswalkers was important, to introduce to new players to the most complicated and splashy card type. And the unique cards were also designed to be uninteresting to enfranchised players. (One is usually high mana cost card that does something mediocre and also tutors for the weak planeswalker card.)
Garrett Pettit (1 year ago)
What if i told magic is gay? Cause it is.
heavymetal otaku (9 months ago)
Garrett Pettit what if i told you your english is terrible BECAUSE IT IS
mr peep 123 (1 year ago)
Jun Liang (1 year ago)
Thank you boogie you helped
Jun Liang (1 year ago)
Thank you boogie you helped
RaSXGaming (1 year ago)
Just started playing Magic the Gathering some weeks ago and i have played 8 games in total. I got some random Magic cards from a friend 7 years ago and maybe even more (I didn't know the game back then since in denmark you mostly play Yugioh or Pokemon TCG as kids). These cards gave me and my brother to play 2 games against each other but we didn't play with a lot of mana (14 in total) so these games where far from normal games but i won both of these. Then we bought a set of 2 decks with 2 dices, some tokens and just a bunch of getting started guides. We have played 6 games against each other. I have won 2 of these while my brother have won 4 games. You are the one who showed us this game boogie and i can say as a 19 y/o man from denmark... I love this game it is so fun :)
Drew Garrett (1 year ago)
Why does every video I watch by him make him my favorite youtuber over and over again
Noam Emerson-Fleming (1 year ago)
Its not Neesa its Nissa
Kick Keizer (1 year ago)
I bought one from hour of devastation and I Pulled a scarab and a scorpion god
Katy Leep (1 year ago)
I downloaded duels 2015 version on android. It's really helpful thanks!
yuh (1 year ago)
Personally choose a colony want to play with an pick a planeswalker deck. If will start u off very well an it provides u with some decently good cards to start. BUY SLEEVES TO!!
Dank Memer (1 year ago)
I got magic duels on my Xbox I'll get to learning the game
Chris Carnage (1 year ago)
Wife and I picked up 2 starter planeswalker decks today. Looking forward to learning the game. I played yugioh a lot in my younger years, talking 10+ years ago. Got fairly back into it and found out most card shops don't carry singles (or any older cards, for that matter) but magic is absolutely everywhere front and center.
Meatball (1 year ago)
lol attune with Aether not good... almost a year later in 70% of decks in gp Andre pro tour
Zachary Samspon (1 year ago)
I have trouble building decks I always thing I do good then I can't win it's super disheartening
Örlogskapten (1 year ago)
I've got a foil Hungry Flames and a foil Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations Entomb, are they nice?
Prola75 (1 year ago)
I'm getting into it now. i saw you talk about it for years but it went over my head. those free sample packs infected me. played 6 hrs straight first day.
joe lastname (1 year ago)
this was awesome. i hate when people tell new players to get into standard or draft. always best to start simple. there are also free super basic decks lgs stores give out. also the planes walkers are good in the right context. if you are just playing with these decks they end up being pretty strong cards.
gabriel Hankinson (1 year ago)
I'm very interested in playing but on the bridge to get it or not I'm going to try to play it on my laptop though thank for the tutorial
Daksh Chander (1 year ago)
what is better planeswalker deck or event deck
LuckyGamer MMO (1 year ago)
thank u boogie u beast
MegaGengarKid (1 year ago)
Are magic the gathering satanic please answer i need to know this
F ormula (3 months ago)
Yeah, i bought a Welcome pack the other day for 666$ and the voice of Baphomet greeted me, asking if i want to live deliciously. At least it's not as satanic as having a Gengar profile picture, though.
LS (11 months ago)
The guys who said no are lying. We summon demons to attack each other while playing, that's why they're called planewalkers. Dont summon evil from another plane plz
Brian Huynh (1 year ago)
pepsicola (1 year ago)
MegaGengarKid yes.
Glenda Cunningham (1 year ago)
what is a Liliana card is worth?
Warhammer 666 (1 year ago)
i got 1000 cards for 13$ on Amazon
Ac3 Axion (1 year ago)
I was on vaca and bought 2 packs and got a planeswalker and a $315 card behind it
darcy grimm (1 year ago)
Now a days seems like magic is full of drama and cancer. Starting to get a bad reputation for itself.
chortlesinthecorner (1 year ago)
At the time of you making this video that was nearly $40 in the boosters! The decks were a bonus haha
Kenny Tran (1 year ago)
I'd rather play yugioh
Dustin 044 (1 year ago)
He said the fillers where rares 😆
Toad (1 year ago)
What keyboard do you use?
Samsam Isse (1 year ago)
can I have cards slevs
Hardcore Gamer (1 year ago)
Ultra pro is good
Thomas Gorissen (1 year ago)
Samsam Isse they aren't expensive at all, you can get like 80 basic ones for no more then 60 cents, but I do recommend that you buy some that are specially made for magic. Sleeves for yu gi jo wont fit magic cards for instance
Haos Picke Ludilo (1 year ago)
I have recently bought the Kaladesh deckbuilders toolkit... and got Chandra, Torch of Defience and Jace unraveler of secrets in boosters.... Should I consider myself lucky???
Corey Sandretsky (1 year ago)
I pulled a fucking jace the unraveled of secrets today
Potapes (1 year ago)
I went to a store and asked seller that what should I buy if I would start with Magic. After more words changed and more than 15 minutes passed, seller told me that he will give me a deck for free. He than gave me something I found on internet as Welcome deck (or sample deck). It included two half-decks with red and black colours. Than I was sent to tables in another room next to shop. There was a friend of the owner, who ran a league that day. He asked me many questions like Why I want to learn Magic, why Magic, what I do, etc. Than he learned me the basics of the game and we played with those half decks one game. I was told to Not buy Planeswalker decks, since those at Aether Revolt are not good for me, and other things which I should not buy. Also, they said to me, do not play that VideoGame! :-D Quite opposite what you are saying about Magic Duels. For them Duels is not good for begining with. And than he sent me to his friend to play with him. And when I was playing my second half-deck game, League runner came with three guys and I got five really old foil cards and more than 500 commons and uncommons from older set Kaladesh. (In that time Aether Revolt was already released.) With words - you have one week (or till next time?) to build a deck from those cards, come next week and we will evaluate your deck and you can join our begineers league, just do not try to copy decks from internet, those are usually really awfull and you will not know how to play it.
Potapes (1 year ago)
Threw Easter many things changed in my mind. And I think that at this moment, you surpass me. V That story above happened at the end of February. Threw March I was attending begineers league. My first deck was scrapped all out as a complete nonsense, because I went only what I liked, same like you. And I did not understant fully what does keywords mean and did not want any vehicles. For next week I tried to look on internet for budget decks. And bought few special lands for it and few cheap rares for making combo. And with that deck I attended league whole rest of March. Even I won something, mostly against black decks. Threw April I made a rest from Magic, I was helping crippled people and shooting videos with Pokemon stuff for my new youtube channel. After Easter I downloaded first Magic Duels. It is harder to wait for all passes, than in real play. Yesterday I downloaded Magic Online to just recognize that for free I can play only Planeswalker decks from Amonkhet... and it has pretty bad interfrace and controls, which forces you to use keyboard and mouse together to be faster. (Yes, I found out that there are two separate online games) Few minutes ago I just finished Magic Duels tutorial (finally) with all Gideon missions + one normal game to gain access in that game. And now I am thinking, that in friday I will go to shop to buy my first Planeswalker deck from new Amonkhet expansion. So I think that you are better in deckbuilding since I was out of this for one whole month. I could give you only advises now in 2 a.m. which I or you can/could find on youtube at this moment like using more than one-two from each card or that you are playing in fact with 20 cards, because you mostly do not take all cards (opposite Pokémon trainer cards which helps you flow threw your deck). I am really sorry that I am not helping. I will try to get back to game and deckbuilding. I have also my cards more than 300 Km away from me for one month. Now I think too that Planeswalker decks are good for begineers. But they are good against somebody with Planeswalker deck (from same edition?), because they should be equal. If you want, we can oneday play together threw some network platform like Cockatrice and discuss future of our decks.
Thomas Gorissen (1 year ago)
Potapes I feel pretty foolish, I learned magic from an older friend and he told me that the deck I build wasn't bad but it was just scraped together with whatever I thought was pretty cool. And so I orderd myself an aether revolts planeswalker deck so that I could improve it while I go, Im not saying that Im a bad player. I also don't mean to boost when I say I consider myself quite good for someone who hasn't really got into it because the deck I orderd is still yet to come. But in my country we don't have things like beginners leagues, just friday night magic and pre releases. But what I wanted to ask you is if you have any tips for me when Im going to approve my deck? From one beginner to another one might say?
Stalkin Jaguar (1 year ago)
i am trying to get in to magic

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