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Super Tutorial 5000 - How To Play Magic: The Gathering

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Want to get into Magic: The Gathering or need a recap of the rules? "Grand Master" Lewis and "Magic Champion" Tom are here to give you the basics so you can become a Magic: The Gathering pro in no time! This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering. ♥ And you can watch us live on Twitch.tv every night! http://www.twitch.tv/yogscast/ ♥ Can’t wait to play Magic: The Gathering? Why not pick up a Deck Builder's Tool Kit on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2uQqeu4 Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE trial of Amazon Prime for free shipping on eligible products and access to Twitch Prime! Check out our more Games Night videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsaJRK56Yo8FcUqvrMvM7l6a674ki1tYx The Yogscast: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlueXephos Like the table we use? Get your own from https://www.geeknson.com and use 'yogs-01' at the checkout and you'll get exclusive Yogscast inlay and accessories for free. Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Powered by Doghouse Systems in the US: http://www.doghousesystems.com/v/yogscast.asp Use the code YOGSCAST to get a free 240GB SSD and a groovy Honeydew graphic applied to any case! Powered by Chillblast in the UK: http://www.chillblast.com/yogscast.html Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG Business enquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (216)
Coby Grant (20 days ago)
Please, I need the deck shuffle video can someone send me the link for there deck shuffle video?
Hannah Joy (28 days ago)
watching this in late 2018 just to appreciate Big Beard Tom, in all his glory
The Ghast (1 month ago)
This helps
Cappan S (1 month ago)
So can I have more than 4 of the same land card?
Mohammed Noor Uddin (1 month ago)
I have a few questions What is the maximum number of cards i can have in a hand at any on time ? How many land can i have on the field ? How many creatures can i have on the field?
1. The maximum of cards is 7 2. As much land as you can pay (unless a creature, sorcery, or an instant destroys it) 3. As many creatures you can pay for with your mana
He's use Linux, right?
ElectroKokomo Studios (1 month ago)
I’m a just starting and this is the best tutorial I’ve seen, thank you very much
Vinnie J (1 month ago)
Man that mug is making me nervous. It feels like he put a drink on a pool table.
Mike R (2 months ago)
Too long too much ready seems so complicated.
MojaMarowakŠolja (2 months ago)
why do u create Tutorial in 2017? stupid people...
Skyler Patefield (3 months ago)
Very informative video. As a total beginner at this game, I found this videos explanation of the game o be very easy to follow and understand.
cloudsRniceC0M3 (3 months ago)
So its like pokemon
Nikunj Majithia (3 months ago)
so we have to play lands untill enough mana to cast a creature spell or artifact
Nikunj Majithia (3 months ago)
you guys are awesome but sorry confused on the first bit only 😂 man im bad at understanding technical stuff Ok so Toms turn was first and i know everything you guys did was on point but why did he draw a mana card if he wasent allowed to on his first turn he drew ok got it you can play cards but cant draw them part 2 Ok so by summoning sickness it indicates that lands cant be used u ntill the next turn in itself as in the creature cant get the mana untill the next turn
Joshua N/A (3 months ago)
What happened to the recent battle videos that were uploaded on here? They just vanished.:\
Gustav Sejler (3 months ago)
i still dont get how planeswalker work?
Adamantium9001 (4 months ago)
Nowhere near as good as Explanation Point's tutorial which came out 3 days after this.
Jose Alfonso Taboada (4 months ago)
So I'm just about to get into this game since tons of friends who shut up about it but this actually was a fantastic tutorial to learn! Thanks a ton!
ItsChibi B (4 months ago)
So you can only play one land per turn?
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
ItsChibi B yes
Eren Bombastic (5 months ago)
First great tutorial
Supreme Cancer Caster (5 months ago)
i didint understand any other tutorial. nice
MCFinalNinja FTW (5 months ago)
Man...if only this was useful 5 years ago.
Olivier Milders (5 months ago)
Here is a great event for all, http://bit.ly/Magictgevent
Tyson Shepherd (5 months ago)
The guy on the left is hot
sKtoriel (6 months ago)
Can't you choose to play or draw on first turn?
Infamous TNT (6 months ago)
So,when the round is finished all the cards which gives mana should remain on the table until the game is done?
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
Infamous TNT yes they are permanent
Kacper Lewis (6 months ago)
Wait if the dune beatle has 4 defence. Can two creatures with 2 attack. Attack that creature to destroy it??
Ven Gray (5 months ago)
You don't attack creatures in magic, you attack the opposing player. The player being attacked chooses wether to block or let the damage go through and take his life total down.
1337 B066L3 (7 months ago)
I use 🔥and 🌲
ranjit (5 months ago)
Lucas’ Stuff 💀 and ☀️
Jean Marais (7 months ago)
I find this all to fast. You can dumb this down even more.
Oscar Andino (7 months ago)
Does magic have a online version like Pokemon
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
Oscar Andino there is magic duels app
Josh Reeder (8 months ago)
I'm so interested in the game and come from a small town where no one like trading card games ..so I feel like I'm wasting time lol
Aliff Shamsul (9 months ago)
awesome tutorial.
MrTamendez (9 months ago)
New player here. Thanks.
Kriztian Bgood (9 months ago)
So when you hit a card that is blocking another do you also take damage from the card you are hitting?
Splash Attack TCG (1 year ago)
Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate this video! I started Magic a few weeks ago and I was completely clueless. I opened 4 bundle boxes x2 Ixalan, x1 Amonkhet and x1 Hour of Devastation and didn't know what I pulled. Now I have a much better idea! Since I have Vraska planes walker and vraska's contempt and deadeye trackers, I will make a green black pirate deck! I also got Carnage Tyrant, Ripjaw Raptors and Fericodon so I will make a green red deck. :)
Bladewarboss (1 year ago)
so its little pit like yu gi oh
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
Bladewarboss yeah but more original
Phil (1 year ago)
30 seconds...lost me
SomePoorSap (1 year ago)
Curvy is better.
Jacob Scott (1 year ago)
Go yogcast
CoreSanity101 (1 year ago)
Still waiting for a sixteen part "How to Shuffle a Deck" tutorial...
ReadWriteScribble (1 year ago)
Thanks guys :) seriously the best Magic introductory video on the web (better than the one on there own site) thank you for taking it slowly and explaining every aspect! You guys rock! x
breonix23 (1 year ago)
As someone who has never played Magic and has played a couple of hours on Hearthstone, I am compelled to say that Hearthstone ripped off Magic after watching this simple but quite informative video.
Super usfull
future nomad (1 year ago)
Love it i just suscribed
Mr Splash (1 year ago)
When i was a kid, it was right when you guys did that really old minecraft letsplay. Its awesome to see that you guys are still making videos.
ladilia * (1 year ago)
Someone just called me "lame" so I played the game in front of them and the next day they wanted me to teach them 🙂
bob bob (1 year ago)
Ok do i have to use real mtg cards or can i use fakes. Any rules ? Can i just buy all of the best decks on the cheap.( No reason for people too make $$$$ on a game ) Fun game for the family.
exect chaosx (1 year ago)
yu gi ho is better
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
exect chaosx magic the gathering is original
Communist Puppy (1 year ago)
You said you return helth at the end of a turn so why is there healing cards
oliver forgeron (3 months ago)
Communist Puppy to heal you
Wolver Exd (1 year ago)
this is like duelmasters XD
Nicholas Staal (1 year ago)
Very helpful. Thank you!
M3 Shadow (1 year ago)
PlatinumGamer (1 year ago)
This is pretty similar to Duel Masters, which I played many years ago (or like Americans would say: many foot-ounces of moon cycles ago)
David Alvarado (7 months ago)
You do know that the correct way to say it is that duel masters is similar to magic because magic came out way before sual masters.
Kevin Waldron (11 months ago)
I'm American and we say this a lot.
Blaze Flarer Eclipse (1 year ago)
PlatinumGamer Except Duel Masters doesn't overload new information to newbies unlike MtG. Who needs to learn enchantments, planewalker, artifacts and all those new stuff in an intro video. Keep it simple. Creatures, spells, and instants is more than enough for an intro. Just like Duel Masters in its prime.
PvtRyan (1 year ago)
does the 5000 in super tutorial represent the number of takes it took to make this video?
CactusCubing (1 year ago)
PvtRyan it's the ammount of parts the shuffling tutorial will have.
SLOKU BALL Z 1225 (1 year ago)
thank you thank you very much
Baily Smith (1 year ago)
can you guys do pack opening like hat films
Hus Edud (1 year ago)
im actually glad they made a video on how to play
Thomas (1 year ago)
You should have started with Tom yelling "WHAT ARE THE RULES"
Dank Vaper (1 year ago)
God I want to see a 16-part series in which Ben explains how to shuffle a deck. It'd be so fcking hilarious
MillerIndustriesInc (1 year ago)
yaay tom
Michael Pace (1 year ago)
I knew the rules, but I wanted to watch! The final intro was perfect lol
Traight (1 year ago)
Hearthstone with different names
Heal Please Heal (1 year ago)
This gets me in the mood to play magic again. haven't played in a long while
cak01vej (1 year ago)
I'm really looking forward to the vid about shuffling! There are 60!=8.3*10^81 different ways to shuffle a standard 60 card deck.
William Hingston (1 year ago)
I had to rewatch the South Park cock magic after this (watch?v=EGzlOFx7K8g)
grocal (1 year ago)
Just to be precise. "max of four of each card"... except basic lands.
ThePizzaNova (1 year ago)
Okay but this is actually really well done. Great job you guys! I was worried the yogscast would make this really confusing but you explained it well!
ThePizzaNova (1 year ago)
I've been playing magic for 4 years now but still laughed my ass off at this
lemonlizardgaming (1 year ago)
if only all tutorials were this good
opqwertypie (1 year ago)
"There's lots of cards in magic the gathering, lots of them have words on them..." -Lewis, 2017
Brendan Hulse (1 year ago)
still waiting for this shuffling series
I_THE_ME (1 year ago)
Ceighk (1 year ago)
don't think enchanting your creature with compulsory rest is going to be much help, lewis!
DoubleHelixGamer (1 year ago)
How to play Magic the Gathering Turn 1: Play an island. Turn 2: Play a second island Tap both islands Cast Storm Crow Win the game (If you get into magic get used to hearing that joke)
White Razor (1 year ago)
Physical cards? How do balance patches work?
Mostly Harmless (1 year ago)
Does Tom own an iron?
JakesUnreal (1 year ago)
I've been playing magic for about 7 years now, but i couldn't resist watching this for the amazing Tom and Lewis Banter <3
Commandos12 (1 year ago)
so hang, are land and mana the same thing?
Ven Gray (5 months ago)
No. Land taps to create mana. The mana is stored in what is called a pool until the end of each phase. When the phase is ends any mana you have still left in your pool is gone.
commanderOfAll511 (1 year ago)
Kris Valle (1 year ago)
Instructions not clear, got sent to the shadow realm
Rick Y (3 months ago)
Kris Valle this is the simplest tutorial ive ever seen... if your new to tabletop/card games you're in for a shock this isnt a quater as difficult to learn as others
Supreme Cancer Caster (5 months ago)
wrong game my guy
Smoking Millz (6 months ago)
Kris Valle 😂😂😂😂
phooogle (1 year ago)
What decks do you get as a noob?
An Account (1 year ago)
Watching the video even though I've been playing for years. Can't miss quality tips from OG Lewis.
Drivensociopath (1 year ago)
You Guys going to play Commander at any point?
DrewStone83 (1 year ago)
I really liked the Games Night Magic Tournament. I hope the continue to make some TCG videos
We need more of these! It's actually helped me quite a bit!
James O'Meara (1 year ago)
This would have been useful if I hadn't learnt how to play 3 days ago
KingBigNose (1 year ago)
not a bad tutorial except when you were talking about instants and sorcery's you called them spells which isnt quite correct as all non land cards are considered spells including creatures and enchantments etc.
Cody Garbrandt (1 year ago)
Do yu gi oh I beg
TheChocolateEagle (1 year ago)
that... that was beautifully explained
phooogle (1 year ago)
Some special effects and some good sounds this series would be fucking awesome.
taylorfisdboss5200 (1 year ago)
can i just say that, tom, i love you deeply <3 your beard and smile and voice bring me great joy in life - ty for existing
Sayantan Chaudhuri (1 year ago)
It's happening!
Jordan Smith (1 year ago)
The Dice Boyz are back! 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲
Steampunk Smilodon (1 year ago)
A tutorial from the yogscast?! last time i saw one of those was back in '09
Richie Roo (1 year ago)
Lewis and tom are the new dream team
DMystic101 (1 year ago)
Very nice tutorial. while I've been playing for years I think I'll be showing this tutorial to friends that might be interested.
Lliam Davis (1 year ago)
Wow, you guys go weeks without anything on games night, and leave me alone and on the dark, and then just pop out like 1852 videos! Grrrrr!I am so angry... and yet... mildly aroused... dang it Tom...
Elite Snow (1 year ago)
Ben should watch this, so he learns to stop tapping his creatures when he blocks. #Triggered
I3oxman (1 year ago)
nah, my five colour nicol bolas deck is way more fun than two colours
Proxeidon (1 year ago)
no deathtouch effect? XD
VeggeMight (1 year ago)
2min in i'm trying to workout if this video is going to be awful.
VeggeMight (1 year ago)
Yes it was shit.

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