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I See Stars - New Demons - Live 10-27-13 Lonestar Metalfest

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I See Stars Live in San Antonio, Texas on October 27, 2013 at Backstage Live. Lonestar Metalfest 2013
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bobwinslow (1 year ago)
Would have been great to see this before they kicked Zach and became a pop band. This will always be my favorite album/one of my favorite albums.
Izick Ratcliff (1 year ago)
"to all of you guys out there let's fucking dance"
Tempered Urchin (2 years ago)
I miss zach
Adam Worsnop (2 years ago)
all you guys out there lets fucking dance😂
Glaive Gaming (2 years ago)
is Zach high? XD
Shadowfire23 (4 years ago)
Zach is the definition of a demon when he screams!
BerriBare (4 years ago)
Tallon Roberts (4 years ago)
ha i was there
XSmilesX (2 years ago)
Skykiddd (5 years ago)
Zach wth man? D:
Travis Dudley (5 years ago)
Who the singer or screamer?
BPDrums (5 years ago)
he was so bad and drunk

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