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HOW TO BE POPULAR | Back to School (ft Adelaine Morin, Jeanine Amapola, & Tiffany Ma)

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NEW VIDEO TOMORROW TOO! (COLLAB) This back to school features my friends Tiffany Ma, Jeanine Amapola and Adelaine Morin (C0OK1EMONSTER)! We created the back to school declassified survival guide and each of us will be creating a video in the series. Mine is 'How to be Popular,' but you'll also see 'How to Deal with Mean Girls,' 'How not to Hate School,' and 'How to Make Real Friends.' Check out their videos below! Adelaine's video: http://youtu.be/JSfGpaa4K0U twitter: @AdelaineMorin instagram: @AdelaineMorin Jeanine's video: https://youtu.be/wF7VPndeASI twitter: @JeanineAmapola instagram: @jeanineamapola Tiffany's video: https://youtu.be/AFhA1oVHA-A twitter: @MISStiffanyMA instagram: @MISStiffanyMA Whether you're going into high school or mean school, I hope these videos are helpful to make your back to school season more fun and not something that you dread! Subscribe! http://bit.ly/lexsub New videos every TUESDAY! FOLLOW ME Twitter @alexalosey Tumblr /alexalosey Instagram @alexalosey http://alexalosey.com/ Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/alexalosey Business inquiries: [email protected] lol like I'm one to tell you how to be popular
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Novamouse (10 hours ago)
How to be popular in school: -Your personality matters ( for example, smart, sassy, nice, that's all in my school) -Dress stylish and fashionable ( clothes from Ardennes, Justice) -Hang out with the popular squad EVERYDAY -Have sleepovers at least one time a week -Act cool (roast people) -Hang out with the "Cute" boys -Know ALMOST everybody in the school -PARTY!!!! -When you speak, say something cool -Be talented Thats all!:)
Lovely Princess 123 (2 days ago)
People with glasses are hot IF your glasses look right on you
cnco owner Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Caitlin Lamug (2 days ago)
This video was a joke...
Somebody XD (5 days ago)
How to be popular in my school Wear leggings Be sporty Play sports Be skinny Dont TRY to be preety
Jemima Kingwell (8 days ago)
Was this meant to be a joke
Sonu Chopra (10 days ago)
okay this looks like how to be a bitch
Nicoleee Sanjuan (16 days ago)
Im popular too
Joey Pierce (17 days ago)
I'm a girl...and there is literally like not finna be mean but there are fat girls who are popular that me AND IM POPULAR MATERIAL WTF SKSKSK
Denis Daily (18 days ago)
How to be ACTUALLY popular: 1- play as many sports as possible 2- follow as many people as possible on social media 3- have a lot of 80’s stickers on your backpack 4-never tie your shoes 5- play solo concerts for instruments in school 6- make as many friends as possible 7- be extremely nice 8- get really good grades 9- NEVER get in trouble 10- join student council, student body, at most, become president of student council
Ava Fraser (21 days ago)
1:41 but I’m gay
CJ Hunter (22 days ago)
Be shallow AF!
Made plays GD (22 days ago)
If some one mean just walk away that’s what makes you 😎 cool
Tessy Kasoma (23 days ago)
That's so rude
hibara the ghoul (23 days ago)
mean girls
Solena Molina (23 days ago)
Plus in high school you need to fouse on grades for college so it won't be as expensive thats what my teacher told us im in 5th grade and we are learing about college's
Fardowsa Barud (22 days ago)
Wow u r smart and right
I thought this was “How to be Popular” not “How to be Lame” 🤣
Jayantika Joga (26 days ago)
In full video u r just telling us to be one of those really mean mean but popular girls😾😾
Ariel fangirl Mendez (27 days ago)
I want to be popular then I realized nobody cares about me because I'm autistic but when I learned from the princess diaries like a makeover scene and looking cool like the roxbury dudes from SNL that's why I want to be popular
Kim Visser (27 days ago)
I am Sooo Watching your Video Girl's and I love it so much more than anything is from Me Kimberly Roses Visser
Kate Hall (30 days ago)
Is this real like wtf
Dina Moeman (1 month ago)
uzma aziz (1 month ago)
This video is important because your vid is good
Rafael Hernandez (1 month ago)
Just because there HOT you don't need to be friends with them
Felicity J (1 month ago)
It makes u look better
Øp Pa (1 month ago)
You Just have to care about yourself and image, dont be dummy talk to others and dont focus on Homework tooo much THATS ALL
Allison Fuentes (1 month ago)
Nice for you to be popular but I'm freaking out right now when I was at school popular girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to hangout out with them I said yes and tomorrow at school I'm gonna be seeing them idk what to do!! Someone please help meee I should have said no but that would have been mean just help give me some tips please!!
Allison Fuentes, be nice and give compliments and if there not nice back then there not worth you (:
Puff Ball Samiy (1 month ago)
Everyone that clicked on this video is lonely ☹️ 😂
sᴀᴅ ᴀᴜsᴛɪɴ (1 month ago)
*For the people who wanna be popular, it sucks. TRUST ME, IT SUCKS.*
Mommy Eden Cooks (1 month ago)
These are my friends now,we all like burger
Mommy Eden Cooks (1 month ago)
0:41 wow she talks so fast😂
G A C H A M E O W (1 month ago)
Im popular in school and I dont have any of these. I just act quirky
Pat mcnamee Patmo (1 month ago)
Your basically telling us how to be a bully
Its yo girl Alexa (1 month ago)
OMG!!! My name is Alexa tooo
Alexis cute (1 month ago)
My teacher says its not cute
lolo j (1 month ago)
Hi norrris nuts I love your Chanel catch nukl for the legends
Matthew Cowles (1 month ago)
Thsi is rude cuz being popular is like just be yourself
Gacha Sugar (1 month ago)
Is it weird that I’m friends with all the popular girls but I’m not really popular lol
L O (1 month ago)
This is telling kids to be the mean girls
Jalisaaa1 (1 month ago)
Alexa play Despacito
Matte Matte (1 month ago)
Alexa YOUr realt ugly
Omg Tiffany is so short 😌
cute koala learners (1 month ago)
How are you so pretty and so precious?
Heather Rose (1 month ago)
*can’t ya’ll take a joke?!*
zeina sleiman (1 month ago)
This was do mean
Princess Anderson (1 month ago)
I'm q girl my tips are to be gangster talk about for nite and memes and were red always hat backward sit legs apart neeling hands crossed in between and never go all out on makeup btw yes that's how I got popular
Zohar Gazit (1 month ago)
But seriously I’m so mad at you for making video 😡
Zohar Gazit (1 month ago)
Never mind I just saw the end of the video😳
Zohar Gazit (1 month ago)
Oh my God I can’t even believe it this is just like so not OK this is so not true this is so wrong you should be spreading the message that you don’t need to be popular just be yourself and find friends 😁
Zohar Gazit (1 month ago)
Never mind I just saw the end of the video😳
Leah Acevedo (1 month ago)
role play master (1 month ago)
i am popular thanks to this
bikash chakma (1 month ago)
I lop u bb🤣😂
Mina Driskell (2 months ago)
UM hello? don't listen to them... all of that isn't true the best way to become popular is to be yourself! I should know because I'm about 81% popular.
Mira B (2 months ago)
This is so real lol 😂
Kaylin Wood (2 months ago)
They all so gorgeous like some of them have that perfect tan
Sue Le Blanc Meredith (2 months ago)
I can bearly do any of that stuff cause we hav a uniform and we can't were makeup😭😭😠😠😡😡
Hanna Ali (2 months ago)
Who else at first was like. Wow I did not know she was mean. At the end: that makes more sense
YoZeyQueen IsBack (2 months ago)
I don't care what anybody will think! I'm hungry!
omobolaji adeoye (2 months ago)
I am popular and so good
Lemon Claws (2 months ago)
This was so rude! Some people don’t have the money. You are so antisocial popular which means that YOU’RE A STUCK UP BITCH
LKP KoroOcto (2 months ago)
Really? Do you not realize this is a joke?
Thefab Girl (2 months ago)
wow.... this is not the alexa I know .. :(
LKP KoroOcto (2 months ago)
Obviously - it's a joke. :)
Emily Ixchel (2 months ago)
Y’all cool so I have a follow
Emily Ixchel (2 months ago)
At first I thought y’all war selfish people but then I’m like oh it’s a joke
emman arsalan (2 months ago)
Why does Alexa resemble Anne Marie so much 😂
cheerio ok (2 months ago)
I'm not spoiled
Galactia TV (2 months ago)
.... iM FaTT.. :((
Astrid Teakle-Townsend (2 months ago)
Im cute
Rose Menange (2 months ago)
I am going do that in school
Sabrina covers Official (2 months ago)
Well... I live in Egypt Iam from cairo Egypt Actually and in my school we have to go with uniforms so.... I can't go with cool cloth
Army and Blink Love (2 months ago)
2:08 Horse 🐎 😂😂
kiki khouloud (2 months ago)
You have to be confident if you want be popular
Liana Gentile (2 months ago)
“Yeah your hot! I’ll take you! These are my friends.....we’re all hot...” 🤣🤣🤣
TreVor NeVer (2 months ago)
*Chew gum at all times
Are u guys serious orrr?????? Just stupid. Ohhhhhh at the end u are serious
Nia Cheishvili (2 months ago)
You are like mean girls and l mean it with their rudeness
Crystal Shipton (2 months ago)
I now have a boyfriend thanks for helping me
IVANOPKiNZ (2 months ago)
Wait...what if you go to a private school like me!
IVANOPKiNZ (2 months ago)
Finally a how to look cool for girls! Everyone thinks that only boys are cool! Thank you sooooooo much!
Terrance Washington (2 months ago)
how to derss cool
Tracey Peacock (2 months ago)
I’m so glad she was joking at first I thought she was serious and I was like are you kidding just be yourself but she seems really pretty and nice
Sara Kacimi (2 months ago)
Can u be popular if you are smart!
Hannah Sapp (2 months ago)
I liked subscribed and turned on the notification bell
Unicorn TV (2 months ago)
Her: we're all hot Me: your not hot really in 2nd grade for me I'm like this DJ: can I sharpen my pencil? My head: I'm not helping🙆
TheAGTubeStop (2 months ago)
And are you serious why say most importantly be your self at the very end seriously.
TheAGTubeStop (2 months ago)
Why do yah want to go hungry?
Spy (2 months ago)
4 girls=mass cringe
Nancy Singh (2 months ago)
Hello I am from India sister The girl in Orange top is so beautiful
Aitana Guillen Muñoz (2 months ago)
This is so wrong please don't do this I'm sure if you would you wouldn't be yourself. Being popular is all about being yourself.
Jacqueline Brady (2 months ago)
I don’t have enough money for a new outfit everyday 😂😂
Khim Yeona (2 months ago)
More like how to be Regina George
atmm games (2 months ago)
I have a boy friend millions of Moby jars Lamborghini a rabbit I play fortnite plus I have a mansion so I'm more popular than you bro
atmm games (2 months ago)
Who wants to be my friend
Pankop ! (2 months ago)
Ur gay
Tricia Q (2 months ago)
Dancing Unicorn (2 months ago)
Why is this like a guide on how to be a mean girl? Last time I checked you don’t have to be mean to be popular!
Payton Brooke (2 months ago)
I have no friends I’m just a nub at school 1 like= one friend
Coca short Films (2 months ago)
Ok I guess I’m not popular
Gatcha_Cookie Ok (3 months ago)
In only in grade 3 wow live ya vids
Zo Jo (3 months ago)
But i dont want to be mean i wanto look cool
Amber Blue (3 months ago)
Hey Alexa,how to become popular? Alexa:watch this (lol)
ASRAFUL AMBIA (3 months ago)
Ok but... Our school has its own costume...
its chau tran (3 months ago)
OK that was more Like trying to be a mean girl
Karys Flohr (3 months ago)
Adeline looks uncomfortable

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