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Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS, You Will Be Shocked!

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Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS, You Will Be Shocked! ------------------------------------------------ THANK FOR WATCHING ►SUBSCRIBE My Channel to update more hot Kbiz News: https://goo.gl/rprW6o Source: Koreaboo
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Text Comments (1180)
Botyred (4 hours ago)
Plot twist: BTS is dating each other. I love bts, so odviously mr worldwide handsome would be dating tae
3:45 LGBT rights,oh yes.
Homeboy jk has high fkn standards tksktmks
Ok but v didnt have to attacc me this hard- I didnt ask
Tae Taes Tea (1 day ago)
XxGacha KyokoxX (1 day ago)
Not needed: love the GOGO intro
Melanie McClain (1 day ago)
I hope you guys will stay true and pure and take care of yourselves and one another. Don't let any anonymous internet haters make you doubt yourself or each other. You are family and it is endearing to watch the affection between you guys so stay focused and love one another. Your group charisma is rare and phenomenal.
AlishaBombshell (1 day ago)
rana rajput (2 days ago)
That girl never picked v’s phone might be regretting it all
Their ex mind rn: "I regret my life"
MittenLoveable (2 days ago)
Let just say... That this is all fake?
lil' Quakie (2 days ago)
Ouch Ouch *Ouch* Like *WHY* Why would they do such a thing... Everytime the caption tells about the heart breaking part I feel like I'm stabbed by 1M knifes in my heart It hurts so much to hear their heartbreaking moments 😞😔 *BTS always remember, Armys will alway purple you* 💜💜💜
Trinh Nguyen (3 days ago)
It is up to fate but I hope that anyone who marries them in the future will love and cherish them for who they are and not what they have. Wish them all the very best!
Ritu Singh Sajwan (3 days ago)
I really feel sad for j hope but v is a play boy
CrystalQis (3 days ago)
THE EVIL (3 days ago)
Jimin's ideal type is definitely Nayeon
Mia Jackson (3 days ago)
Bitch. Suga bi
Vickeh Oh (3 days ago)
Sooo suga is bi?? Or did i understand wrong
Lex P (3 days ago)
If I were IU I would have already confessed
Love Yourself Bangtan (3 days ago)
Is that mean jungkook first kiss is already taken?
Arianna Mortarino (3 days ago)
*Jungkook* : I want to have a girlfriend who can sing *Me* : F*CK
Fa_ Mums (3 days ago)
Setiap mengidolakan seseorang itu ada masanya...aku rasa aku terlalu tua untuk mengidolakan mereka hahaha...I just wanna enjoy their song
cana kana (3 days ago)
BTS is incredible kpop group! All perfect.
hi, it's joyce (4 days ago)
I think the one that i have their ideal type was cooking and taking care of others but i'm not saying that i'm the right girl or something cause i'm still a underage girl from phillipines so......sorry if i had offended all of you....i'm sorry
VMINKOOK 9597 (4 days ago)
Ill tell my opinion: For me its kinda unreal if jungkook dated a girl before. Cause when he audition i think he was 20 years old. And he was too young to date i think. Sorry for my bad english.
Just Kc (4 days ago)
V and I have similar ideal type
Jessica Alecu (4 days ago)
yooooo , how did you find out V's the ideal type . send me a link on the interview or something , PLEASE
Andra Krūmiņa (4 days ago)
jin admitted to have a crush on anne hathaway, I mean who doesnt .
Deepak Anand (4 days ago)
The people who put a thumbs down are rude
Andy Lee (4 days ago)
I don't know why I'm here Part of me want to know it Part of me just want to skip this recommend video I guess I'm watching this 😂
Yoon Seok (4 days ago)
Jimin like's someone who is cute and has odd charms(like a little bit silly) *jungkook?* 😏😂
Hanisha Krishna Gopal (4 days ago)
date me jin im chubby too 😭
jiminchi (5 days ago)
hyung line gives me that mature relationship vibe & I loved it.💜
Ticklefeather ! (5 days ago)
HOLY SHOOOTT I meet all of Jimin and JK’s standards😱😄😄
Moonlight_ Wolfs101 (5 days ago)
Billie Jean Stone (5 days ago)
Sin no more
Billie Jean Stone (5 days ago)
Gay ????
Wida Alomar (5 days ago)
I really want them to date I wanna see them with gfs before i die 😩
North Yippie (5 days ago)
It is very sad that these guys are not allowed to date because fans might get jealous. This makes for a lonely life if this was true. They are at an age when falling in love happens and having relationships, however difficult, is part of "growing up". I hope they are given opportunities to experience romantic relationships. I hope fans give them a break.
Monalisa HTG (5 days ago)
JK's idol type is 😅😅😅
StarWhalexx (6 days ago)
The REGRET of their exes
Jimin we are the same . I all ways blush and my Hart goes cray cray whenever I see my crush. I'm like jiminnnnnnnnnnnn isssss my crusshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
peachy sofie (6 days ago)
Mckale Diaz (6 days ago)
Not limited to girls? So that means Suga--
Sabrina Stufano (6 days ago)
ok i can be the new one for jin’s rumor and, for V, i’m perfect
Naomi Skies (6 days ago)
I refuse to watch this😭
Jenn: a Whitecloud (6 days ago)
So sad that these boys won’t be able to have any kind of normal life. I hope they can make it through all this crazy fame. It’s so toxic
Allen 831 (6 days ago)
Yay Suga. *Being open to LGBT rights* EDIT: 4:02. Is that a Gay confession??!! 5:32. Like Yoongi. It’s all tying together
Kim M (6 days ago)
WHO WOULD U MARRY OUT OF ALL 7 OF THEM 1. Namjoon 2.jin 3.suga 4. Tae 5.chimchim 6. Jungkook 7. j hope 💕💕💕
amxu _ (6 days ago)
Imagine if their EXs come to their fan meeting *oh shit here we go again*
sameeha sheik (6 days ago)
Looks like jungkooks ideal type is lisaaaaa Any lizkook shippers here
dayang khadizah (6 days ago)
I know Jungkook had crush on IU. But I prefer him to be with rosè 🌹 #rosekook #pastakookie 😍
Priya Trivedi (6 days ago)
bts said they do not like to be shipped with other girls
mikaela sarmiento (7 days ago)
I'm in hurt right now but I would tell I saw videos that they don't have a GF but they dated someone but now they are single cause bighit was not allowing bts to go into a relationship so you lyin
Sophie Cayabyab (7 days ago)
That can't be real BTS will never kiss a girl or All the Armys all over the worlds will be angry at them
Jeon Sophia ARMY (7 days ago)
Omo the ideal type of taehyung is meh😂😅 but.. im tooooo young im 21😭 huhu
Yashti Yadav (8 days ago)
When V says.. : Kaya scodelario is near to my ideal type.. Army be googling about Kaya . *Google* *crashes*
Makasoul48 (9 days ago)
Ugh I love Hobi so much. I just want to be able to meet him one time
taejin (9 days ago)
*y/n has entered the chatroom*
BTS Loyaltyhub (9 days ago)
V’s money management because he be buying all that Gucci
WarriorJason27 (9 days ago)
V x Suga
adelfa Tan (10 days ago)
Yan mag in joy ka da gus mo congrat bts
Dats not kookie theres a japanese group name ivvy nd a member name hiroto looks like jungkook nd maybe its him
Devi Khatri (10 days ago)
Is This fake?
O!RUL8,2? (11 days ago)
History? Try rumors. JK is known to be fake. This crap isn't worth watching. It's impossible to live like an idol does - and then fans try and dictate your life??? If ARMY is going after NBC and The Voice because they promised a BTS announcement and then didn't give one - now issuing threats - what are the guys' hopes for ever having a normal life someday. Grow up everybody!!!! OK - most everybody. Some of y'all are respectful and realistic and I appreciate that and know that BTS does too. Stop making the ARMY look like a crazy psycho fandom OK??
Neo Yang (11 days ago)
they are at the right age to date girls, just do it!!!
Achelois Peitho (12 days ago)
They’re probably dating within their entourage. They have an enormous team surrounding them. It’s natural. I hope so!
Maria Rheizi (12 days ago)
What ever rumors or true...all need to be loves. BTS forever
BTS LOVER (12 days ago)
JUNKOOK is single now gosh he’s my boyfriend now
Paula Toquero (12 days ago)
My heart Namjoon....
aesteral (12 days ago)
Suga melted my heart
anandita tiwari (12 days ago)
*"never serious in a relationship"* sounds like me. :)
Andreea (12 days ago)
Cutie Five (13 days ago)
Mostestest fakestestestest video I've ever seen on YouTube! I'm calling the cops
Kendra Ten (13 days ago)
Real tea is vkook, yoonmin ,Namjin and jhope is dating Armys thats it.
charlene li (13 days ago)
5:57 like when you're with Jungkook??
charlene li (13 days ago)
y/n is quaking
Maja Albertsson (14 days ago)
J-Hope I'm your girl!!! Come to Sweden and we'll meet up 😂🙏
HaniDoes Stuff (14 days ago)
If I could marry one off them I would marry j-hope I love him
Ishal Faisal Blackpink (15 days ago)
There old girl friends are proberly reagreting breakingup
Those exes must be regretting their life decisions rn.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Kimberly (16 days ago)
Well v. Here I am. I’m ready whenever you are baby ❤️
Aryagandhi Jennifer (16 days ago)
So SUGA is bisexual?
Ebony Phillips (16 days ago)
All these boys must be starving because most of them have say they want someone feminine who can cook 🤣. It's tough living with guys who are all so busy that no one has time to cook all the time 🤣. Poor Jhope , but I think he got the last laugh.
Ven Cruz (16 days ago)
did anyone get a BTS ad before watching this?
EricaRosemary (17 days ago)
so... Jin like the curvy ladies?!?! That is soo SEXYYYYY!
Venus Corny (17 days ago)
Tae: i want a girlfriend that can help me manage my money Me: spends all my money in one day 😕
Das Financial Service (18 days ago)
Wtf Jungkook has a crush!!!! Ooolala
Honey mae Pogoy (18 days ago)
Uhhhh come on move on girls dont be heart broken..............
Arica Ben Hossen (19 days ago)
Breaking News! Demand for Korean cooking classes skyrocket!!
peethambara N hegde (20 days ago)
Hello don't say those things Why because they are not like that but they maybe Her refer to ARMY
adelfa Tan (20 days ago)
Yan gus mo sodra kiss jung god luck in joy
Loreen Egbers (20 days ago)
Yoo I fit in all of their ideal types but I’m not extremely pretty which makes it really hard to find a girl-/boyfriend.
BTSARMY JIMIN (20 days ago)
"who is a little bit silly " Just like him:)
The Fam Team (20 days ago)
Its rlly nice how each of them has a girl ideal tyoe i hope one day they will find someone that is their ideal type and the right one :)❤
win for winwin (21 days ago)
The dislikes are from their exes from different accounts 😂😂
Serin Oh (21 days ago)
If V can't turn down someone I'm going to confess to him right now. Kidding. But if Jimin still wants someone shorter than him, i'll pursue him for as long as he one day accepts me. As for JK, all I can say is that he's a wall. He's basically asking for a perfect girl haha. But anyway, the title is prettt much clickbait heh
Afroza Begum (21 days ago)
I will support them no matter whoever they date.It's upto them what makes them happy.True army will support them no matter what.Fake army hurted their feelings.That's why they should keep it secret for some pathetic fans.
Roselyn Toma (21 days ago)
The pic of junkook is fake .
Sabrina Carvalho (22 days ago)
BTS TWICE (22 days ago)
Lol I search every girls name that was said in the video😂 Idk why..😂😂 Raise ya'll hands if you've searched them too.. (BTW sorry for my english)😄😆

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