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Did Parents Disapprove? - International Couples

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If you get married to someone different culture or nationality, it's more likely parents are not happy and even disapprove. The relationship you have with your parents can be severely damaged. But, does it actually happen? Let's ask international couples how their parents reacted actually. =============================== ■Subscribe this channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcIsxujzLRO5qY5f9buahCQ?sub_confirmation=1 =============================== ■LILY PETALS WORLD https://www.youtube.com/user/lilylee55 ■Decchan's blog http://kazzyanddecchan.blogspot.jp/ ■Maki's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE1CTVfdf1iw9TCbuj1hspQ =============================== ■Help My Channel Grow! (My Patreon Page) http://patreon.com/Find_Your_Love_in_Japan =============================== Related Videos ■White Woman Introduces Asian Fiance To Disapproving Parents | What Would You Do? | WWYD https://youtu.be/Kom9wMpLIzE ■Relationship Talk: Disapproving Parents https://youtu.be/wdDdZkBuXy0 ■Interacial Couple Face Discrimination when they Meet the Parents | What Would You Do? | WWYD https://youtu.be/1BoTLn-Eiro ■Our Family Story 우리 가족 이야기(FULL STORY) Parents Disapproval, Biracial Children 국제결혼, 부모님 반대 https://youtu.be/A_-nqf4v_1g ■Parents Disapprove of Marriage https://youtu.be/KnIUeB4RgII ■Why Your In Laws Hate You https://youtu.be/2c2LQgSOv0U ■Vijay Parents disapproval of Amala Paul continuing career reason for split https://youtu.be/yu-gS9KdnJA ■You And Your Boyfriend Are Of Different Religions And His Parents Disapprove https://youtu.be/p9fDwf_g2T0 ■Disapproval From Her Parents Caused Her To Breakup With You https://youtu.be/WmHzbxCeL4Q ■Child Disapproves Of Interracial Couple | What Would You Do? | WWYD https://youtu.be/jJ5YB-ohXtY ■My Parents Disapprove Of My Mate https://youtu.be/0f28xe08HJE =============================== Official Website (written in English); http://find-your-love.tsubasakaiser.com/ Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/findyourloveinlove/
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hachidori 106 (13 hours ago)
I was lucky,... married now to Japanese national and all my in-laws are so kind,... but still, somehow I fully understand people will not like my marriage,... this is an old saying I know, but,... ' You hate me, but I fully appreciate your sincerity ' ,... I wish that I could be that honest with my feelings.
Saint (4 days ago)
You never tell about any dating website that I can meet an Christian Japanese girl
Uli Peterson (5 days ago)
Iam open about interracional relationships. And thankfully my parents as well. ;)
Michael (5 days ago)
That nigga handsome the Korean woman is punching
matzru93 (28 days ago)
i thanks all day to have been born from a pure mainland Venetian couple..... my parents even if leftist....(or should i say old age socialist) and whit a lot of international friends have decided to raise a full venetian child and teach me to drive venetian boat like our ancestor.....the so called "culture" of mix ethic relationship was and still is in my land not common despite foreing (mostly anglosaxon) propaganda: ppl do here what they want, there is no push either for purity or diversity
patrick spencer (1 month ago)
Only thing to know about Asia and Asian culture when dating. White is very good. Brown and Black is very bad. Asian women are mainly attracted and made for White men and it has nothing to do with money. Many poor, old European on retirement move to Asia because they can get very attractive Asian women easily. My attractive, very well off Black friends encountered Asian women that run from them and are very scared on a frequent basis.
RGuy (1 month ago)
lol I never saw black koreans... It's cool tho
ツAllanzo (1 month ago)
When I was at a wedding mom was like . I like that girl over there I wouldn't mind her to be my daughter in law and my mom was like go talk to her xD
yaping wu (1 month ago)
My boyfriend is a Japanese,at first my parents said no . But since me and my boyfriend living in Cambodia and my family r living in China ! Besides I don’t care about my family’s opinion that much . So for now we r ok Until now my mom found out she can’t do anything to change the reality, so she changed to pushing us to marry . But my dad still says he won’t approve. And he refuses to talk with my boyfriend on line . Btw I haven’t taken him to see my family yet!
Anne Wagner (1 month ago)
I 100% agree with the American girl with the black glasses. Japanese people love it when foreigners make the effort to learn the language and the culture and will always appreciate it, but if you go to Japan and date and don't learn some basic stuff people will not take you serious, especially for dating.
Alphonso Manaois (2 months ago)
I'm from the Philippines. And i know there's lot of filipinos there. Have u ever interact with any of them? I wany to know what and how they go through living there.
Princess Syifa (2 months ago)
my boyfriend is japanese. i think he don't say anything to his family about my existence and so do i 😅. there was a time when he came to my country and asked me if i told my parents about him which i told him that i did not. so i asked him if he wanted me to tell my parents about him. he panicked and said that i don't need to tell them. i wonder why. lol.
Uchu Bot (2 months ago)
Nobita we dont have that problem
AMIR MAMDOUH (3 months ago)
I'm an Egyptian and my wife is a Malaysian, my dad was okay but my mom quite disapprove at first because it is different culture and language, everything were totally different. But after few years, she starts to love her. :D
Kaleem Ashraf (3 months ago)
Now we live in a global village so no need of disapproval. I am also looking a life partner from Japan cos they well mannered people. My what's app number is 00923364611729
I have a Korean boyfriend and his family is fantastic with me😍
Angel truth (3 months ago)
where is my latinos at
pbwbh 0010100101 (4 months ago)
My wife is Japanese, and her parents are fine with me (white man). Actually, one of her brothers is married to a white woman and her parents are fine with it.
Thomas Morris (4 months ago)
My wife's parents and my parents accepted our relationship from the start
Achilles (4 months ago)
after feeding you..caring for you with laughter.. tears..right from a small foetus to a full grown human being.. you are comparing that kind of love with someone you just met..I mean you parents know much more about love than your boy or your girl...I think it is wise to include our parents opinion
shuichiboy (5 months ago)
How about an international, interracial gay marriage with a Japanese. That's what I'm living right now. :)
P C (5 months ago)
I think that 2nd couple should goto Germany and disappear. The 3rd couple too. I don't approve and I don't care what you folk think. Germany is falling into an abyss so I think its a great place for a few of these repulsive couples.
nehagatari (4 months ago)
wow just wow. you don't need to approve you don't pay their bills.
James J LaRue (5 months ago)
Black people/white people doesn't matter, but I'm surprised to see Nobita using black headphones, usually they're white. I'm glad he's not racist toward headphones.
Trung Do (5 months ago)
The first couple is cute and good looking .
xTriney (5 months ago)
This was a very interesting video! Liked the various points of view and stories. And all the people you interview are so cute! Especially liked what the guy at 7:17 said. It's so true, and something people should really think about. Not only with racism, but other stereotypes as well, like gender norms and such.
Margo A. C. MAC (5 months ago)
Falcom Scott (5 months ago)
At least in Japan people there don't care about the interracial stuff but in America still immature about it.
Mike Miller (7 months ago)
My wife's parents are lao. I was told later they did not like me because I was white and non college education. But after we had kids and did well with our careers etc. They accepted me and treat me like family.
Scott Tillman (7 months ago)
The girl towards the end is wrong about needing to learn the language in order to communicate with your in laws. That's the perfect reason for not learning the language. Never having to talk to or listen to your wife's parents, is one of the keys to a successful marriage.
RantsandRambles (8 months ago)
In my husband's family, his younger brother seems to have no interest in marriage, and his sister is divorced, so once he hit 32 and was visiting America (a few years before we met), his dad already told him it was OK if he married a non-Japanese. The fact that I can speak Japanese is a plus I think. I really like spending time with the in-laws.
safoofa (8 months ago)
Im asian and I think the reason why people with light skin is viewed as "prettier" than darker skin people in my country is because my country was colonised by the British and I guess the beauty standards are still the same. Its pretty sad though because theres a lot of people in my country with tanned skin but most of the celebrities you see are super whitewashed. People like to complain that the west is racist but they should go to asian countries, they'll be surprised how racist we are. The only difference is that we're less vocal about our racism, we talk about it to our friends but are nice to your face. In asian stores (in my country at least) theres a whole section in the supermarkets where they sell skin whitening products. I even recall going to a fish market with my family and my brother getting approached by a woman selling a whitening cream. In a fish market for fucks sake. For me, I think judging someone just by their skin colour or nationality is retarded. I believe that everyone is beautiful, regardless of skin colour and that people should stop being so judgemental if we want to have any progress in humanity.
Richo-senpai (8 months ago)
i'm a guy, and i'm an Indonesian. It's hard for me to marrying another girls out of my country. International public in many countries has bad vision to Indonesian people because of terrorism and life quality issues among Indonesian people. Even other countries called us "poor country". Tbh i really like Japanese girls and i even want to get married with one of them someday but i still doubt about their image after knowing that i'm Indonesian.
puru (8 months ago)
How do you find all these people! I'm honestly amazed at your 'people' abilities.
AdstarAPAD (9 months ago)
People are born with racist tendencies.. The belief that racism is always taught is not correct.. I have seen racist kids who had parents who where not racist and the opposite also.. Often racism can be overcome when the racist starts to interact with people from the other race and the experience is positive.. Many people who have racist tenancies can be won over by a person of another race if that person is patient and persistent with their efforts to win over the racist person.. Yes it is often very hard for a person who is suffering from the negativity of the racist to work to help the racist overcome the fault within the personality of the racist person.. But often the racist can be won over to a better mindset..
Joel Carrasco (9 months ago)
I love the first couple in the video 😍
JRNexGen (9 months ago)
So let me get this right. White girls hate East Asian men in their own country but then goes to Japan and dates a fob. What comes around goes around and let's hope their kids suffer a fate worse then the men they hated.
matthew mann (9 months ago)
How do East Asian Parents view dating Middle Easterners usually?
Yuhuda Deutsch (9 months ago)
i disprove of Japanese marriage of other race if they don't converted to Judaism then other nation should not marry Japanese if they do marry not listen to their parent's then their child not Japanese but foreign no such thing as half Japanese either you are Japanese or not Japanese no such thing as half just like you are Jewish or not Jewish their not such thing as half. my opinion Japanese should marry only Japanese or their cousin tribe Israeli or Jewish people. Nobody should marry a Japanese unless they converted to Judaism and Shinto only good for Japanese people for wedding foreigner need to convert to Judaism in order to marry a Japanese other wise their child not Japanese i say this is because i care about my people the Japanese yamato people and i care about them any body is half Japanese are not related to me only pure Japanese is related to me that not intermarriage. to be continued. Japanese marry their people
Adelaide Grimaldo (9 months ago)
Aww~ the babies are so cute!
David Copperfield (10 months ago)
the second girl probably started to chatter to her parents like she did here, they listened for two hours and then before they got a headache they just said "its ok"
Dudley GT (10 months ago)
The Asian girl played with her hair like the black girls with weave lol
Tomorrow’s Mars (10 months ago)
I love how the dad was being attacked by his twins, show him no mercy!
Lestari N.S (10 months ago)
I have a bf from germany. His parents are so happy with our relationship but my parents disapprove. My parents are close minded hard headed person. They want me to marry someone who has the same race, same religion, same hometown, bla bla bla.
Gabriel Rodriguez (10 months ago)
My entire family is super encouraging of me marrying an Asian. My grandfather would be super thrilled 😁 unfortunately he died in 2014 but I would not let him down.
1:26 OML
Odoacer (11 months ago)
For Jewish people it would be even harder to except if a girl tries to date outside the Jewish religion it's frowned upon since the lineage for some jews is maternal. But jews are becoming more progressive.
Christin Gr. (11 months ago)
I'm German and my boyfriend is from Korea. My parents fucking hate him -.- it's so difficult
PrisonCipher (11 months ago)
Shes white.....Asians bow down to any cac, treat them like gods. Now if she was black, it would've been over.
Chloe Miranda (11 months ago)
My boyfriend parents have made him leave me and say he would ruin the family pride. We still love each other very much but till they accept it we can’t be together
Meow Smith (11 months ago)
I love couples who fight for their relationship despite their parents thoughts. It may seem rude to the parents, but love is love. Beautiful.
TaiWillSuccSeed (11 months ago)
At the end of the day it doesn't matter whether people approve of your relationship or not what's most important is that you love each other.
Geo Geo (11 months ago)
tbh i would be dissapointed if my kids had an interracial relationship especially if the partner is black, imo race mixing is betraying your culture and blood. I want my kids and grand kids to look like me not black (asian as well but i could learn to tolerate it since asians are much closer to us than whites)
The Flaneur (10 months ago)
It's nothing short of child abuse, to have a child live out their selfish parents traditions, superstitions, religions, and continue out their fears and anxieties. Always knew that kids were just a vanity project for "parents". Nothing short of a pet. Don't worry, the kids WILL get their revenge. They will leave you out to rot, bored and alone, when they wheel you out in that retirement home, for holding them back from their OWN dreams and aspirations. Oh, and wait til you find out they weren't even your kids to begin with. Your wife was likely banging your best friend, or brother.
roci roci (1 year ago)
Live Mixed couples👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, live Love,♥️
Swankdor (1 year ago)
man the first japanese guy is so fucking hot
Chris Circelli (1 year ago)
My wife is from Vietnam and I am from the US. We met in Vietnam and lived there for 4 years together. I think my parents love her more than me now LMAO
White dicklesss (1 year ago)
LOL white loser w/ yellow fever LOL nobody cares what's your story your a typical white boy w/ yellow fever nobody likes.
M.A. Rigas Costa (1 year ago)
Too late...anyway, good job Nobita. My wife is Japanese, I had met most of her family members, from the beginning they have been giving us all the support and kindness. Long short history, we met in Melbourne, got married in Japan, I went back to Brazil, from May 05 th 2016 I got my first Zairyu Card. How can I contact you? I 'd like to help! Have a nice day.
kimkawaii Roach (1 year ago)
1:13 they are adorable babys 😍❤
Dax Xad (1 year ago)
3:09 sounds like a gay and a fucking retard. Retarded gay. . I mean really literally gay and literally a retard.
Jonathan Poh (1 year ago)
I don't why I just love to see Japanese people with black people, it's so sweet! 😜
Stormy (1 year ago)
If you want to date internationally First rule is learn the language , no exceptions
Moaz Defasi (28 days ago)
English is international
Loriiiz (1 month ago)
they can speak english anyways
Winters (4 months ago)
The effort should be made- but falling for someone foreign isn't always planned lol
cniknik98 (1 year ago)
Lily petals World!!! I love them
Miss Eclipse (1 year ago)
This was a really great video. Thank you for this perspective and all the other videos you share.
joey olivencia (1 year ago)
You are doing a great job. Helping people to understand Japanese culture
Austin Squires (1 year ago)
6:13 homie nose 👃 got me wildin I'm sorry I just can't 😂
Austin Squires (1 year ago)
The first guy look rich chigga
Jim Ellison (1 year ago)
LOVED IT.......
Mike2014 76 (1 year ago)
Love conquers all!!! It all between two lovers not the parents.
Mickel Smith (1 year ago)
oh wow Lilly! keep making vids brother
hinata konan (1 year ago)
My brother has a Japanese girlfriend and even though her parents liked him when she introduced him, they dont wanna he get marry to her because he is a little fat, Mexican and can't speak japanese :/
TheSimoneDiaries (1 year ago)
awwwwww sooo cutee
Nastia (1 year ago)
Whats this about black people? as far as i have communicated with black people they're super nice and warm and social they're like sun ... for me they're very unusual too radint since o grew up in country where there were no racial diversity so i have to put conscious effort into not staring at them. But they're super cool =D
mango tango (1 year ago)
because he's brack
MintyMiku (1 year ago)
my mom want me to get an international boyfriend. I think I like this one Denmark guy but he's not religious meanwhile I live with a religious family :I my mom doesn't mind, but my father would whoop my ass lol
thunder wolf (1 year ago)
its cause im black....... XD XD i started laughing my ass off XD XD im sorry but its a joke i hear a lot XD XD XD.
SimonGrowl (1 year ago)
It is fucking hilarious seeing all these third world and second tier 'cultures' making noise about their daughters marrying into the West. They should be fucking diving at the chance for their kids to do this. The White, Western domination is there for a reason; it is simply superior in every way. Assimilate, or die out, like the Japanese are now finding out. We fucking told them for decades and they didn't listen, and now look at them; fucked. Haha. It is beautiful to watch.
kimkim02091987 (1 year ago)
u mean how america debt with china over trillion dollar? or how dollar cant live up without petrol support from saudi? or how america become israel puppet? lmao. western domination bullshit.
Naruhoe (1 year ago)
SimonGrowl racist ass
Again Maybe (1 year ago)
Maël Dove (1 year ago)
Don't talk about "absolute undeniable fact" when you didn't advance a single argument supporting your point of view.
SimonGrowl (1 year ago)
Maël Dove nice platitude. Not a white supremacist; I am merely stating absolute undeniable fact. Deny all you want and try to obscure the point with accusations and finger pointing but your words will change nothing.
Veronica Vinegar (1 year ago)
Eye opening vdo thank you !
VY (1 year ago)
My mom is Vietnamese, and she actually encourages her children to date foreigners! She finds them beautiful. Lol.
hmong QUEEN (1 year ago)
Im Hmong. I have African-American, Hispanic, Laotian, Caucasion & Hmong in-laws. My mom & dad loves showing off their grand babies, & everyone adores them.
Day Trader (1 year ago)
dianne Ruslan (1 year ago)
same like my,,i'am from indonesia and my ex'boyfriend from aus,,my mom Disagree and it makes me decide my relationship with him ..
Fayre Maiden (1 year ago)
I'm African.. .My family would outright disinherit and disown me. So, we are just friends. Their world is orderly, anything that could potentially upset that is quickly set aside. A dual heritage child in their eyes is hard to place into any clan. And i couldn't give the child any of my ancestors name. Aaaarrrggghhhh.. .Not worth the drama.
HEROjetsblacks 25 (1 year ago)
I'm Mexican and my GF is Vietnamese her parents will kill me if they ever knew we where dating well at least that's what she said. Also my parents do accept it but make fun of it. What should i do?
I black and haven't had a boyfriend but if i did my parents wouldn't care cuz my nephews are mixed and mom doesnt care so yeee
tyrone johnson (1 year ago)
only disapprove if the bitch is ugly. trust me white bitches will leave their cuck white boy pencil noodle dick for any other dude anyday.anyone. esp.for BBC😋
squiggly mustache (1 year ago)
the first girl looked a little concerned and lost.
キズキアズ (1 year ago)
I'm Japanese and my bf is Russian. We're planning to meet my parents for the first time soon! Hope it would be going alright🙏💦
yaping wu (1 month ago)
How did it go ? Did ur parents say anything?
Μαρία Φ. (3 months ago)
Soooo,how did it go??? (I'm just curious,I hope they accepted him ^-^)
Again Maybe (1 year ago)
good lucky
Kéifus Mathews (1 year ago)
Great conversation, I'm single ladies
callumintokyo (1 year ago)
love this video, but count the amount of times that woman said australia lol.
S Yeast (1 year ago)
My bf is from Middle East and my parents can't accept it because of religion :( but for me I don't care because he doesn't force me to become a Muslim and respects my culture as well
Mauro Aguilar (1 year ago)
Ok, my parents approve international marriage. Now.. wait, I just remembered I'm alone. F**k.
Again Maybe (1 year ago)
也许We should be alone
182,747,282 Views (1 year ago)
Mauro Aguilar go get yourself a Japanese women bro, they like Mexican , I'm Hawaiian half Japanese btw and my gf is Mexican
Tenshi Akuma (1 year ago)
Okay so, I have a best friend who has a mom I consider as my second mom. She says no boyfriends unless they're Indian(hopefully she's joking) but my family already accepted the fact that I will marry either a white or Asian. (They started saying that when I was in 3rd grade)
Tenshi Akuma (1 year ago)
That guy nodding during the video chat makes me laugh
allsports100 (1 year ago)
Wow I didn't know you know Lilly this is dope
Lucy (1 year ago)
It's my life..not my parents.
Gula Gulali (1 year ago)
first man that you interviewed, he is cute. hahaha lol.
及川侍四 (1 year ago)
Im an African-American who lives in Japan with a Japanese girlfriend for 6 months, yet her grandma is angry at her mom for letting her date a black guy. to this day, we dont care, but I would like your advice I LOVE THIS CHANNEL
Rosa Beltran (1 year ago)
no importa la raza o el color si se entienden y quieren los padres tienen que apollarte saludes de california:)
Allie C (1 year ago)
Lily! from LilyPetalsWorld! :)
Emikochou (1 year ago)
Sorry for bad English. I'm French, husband Japanese, and husband parents accept me because speak Japanese. They say "if not speak japanese can't speak with children, this is problem" . Husband father has company, go to work in America or Thailand a lot, so know foreigners. Also live in Aichi prefecture, many brazil people so not worried foreigners. 英語がへたくそですみません。自分がフランス人で旦那は日本人です。義母父の悩みは日本語だけでした。「日本語が話せないと嫁と孫とコミュニケーションとれないから寂しい。けどちゃんと話せれば、何人でもいいよ」と言ってくれました。義父は小さい会社の社長だから出張でよくアメリカやタイに行ったりするので、外国人と関わるのに慣れていて、ブラジル人は結構多い愛知県に住んでいるので、全然外国人のこと嫌じゃないと言っています。
Emily Morales (1 year ago)
i'm half mexican, half white and in a relationship with a japanese person, as of now our parents don't disagree, but because it's long distance currently, they don't believe it will work out. I see him as often as possible, but it's sad to hear people think our relationship can be destroyed by distance.

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