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How to Play Magic: The Gathering | Deck Construction: The Quest for 60 Cards

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Former “Mulligan” hosts Erika Ishii and Ify Nwadiwe reunite to chat and play with Becca. Want to try out Magic: The Gathering’s new set? Head over to your local game stores to check out the new 2019 Core Set! Take a look here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/core-2019 Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (184)
Kai Gurr (27 days ago)
If I have cards and then a new set comes out, do my cards become obsolete
ElSchneids (1 month ago)
Ify's tight.
TheBlackdragon936 (1 month ago)
22:09 that’s what she said lol. She is not helping the dragon lady at all telling her opponent that she has shocks and all. I would have said attack and if he blocks it’s ok if your creature dies as long as you do damage now before he stabilizes but in response to damage on the stack, shock his flyer. That’s how you teach.
Okage Kyle (1 month ago)
Using 'dope' to mean 'cool' is a sad habit to witness.
Eric Cijevschi (1 month ago)
Becca stole my heart <3 <3 <3
Hannibal (2 months ago)
That chick looks like a dude
metalsabatico (2 months ago)
Becca Scott 2W Creature - Host Cutie You may play this creature as an interrupt.
GalacticBlader (2 months ago)
you know i actually liked this video its refreshing seeing normal non pedophile looking people teaching magic the gathering
Don Mangrubang (2 months ago)
Thank you for teaching how to play with magic the gathering core set 2019 and I am New player. Me and my sister are going to play on Christmas time.any tip for me too playing with cards.
Ryan Williams (2 months ago)
Probably a silly question but; If building a deck, do all your cards have to be from the same set, ie m19? Also are all the cards in each set different to another set or are they repeated?
Live Phive (2 months ago)
A black guy playing MTG, I feel so good to stay tuned.
ShadowRadiance (2 months ago)
This is not a deckbuilding guide. Ify is awesome though and so. very. patient.
Tong wu (2 months ago)
she could of won with demanding dragon and lighting strike XD oh well at least she got to play a nice foil planeswalker
Shahnawaaz Khan (2 months ago)
The thirst is real [Becca] @ 6:28 and so is the jealousy [Erika] lmao
Bucknutty (2 months ago)
Ay Becca, instead of talking about that deck you could about this DICK
M Balazs (3 months ago)
Was a fun to watch, this guy feels old for that indestructible knight thing, that is still new card for me :D , I feel like an old Lich watching this :D I started back in the days with avatar of woe and Charging troll :D. At least I'm not ancient enough to consider Black knight my first card :D do I love it.
lightning123456 (3 months ago)
How the hell did this Erika chick get to be a host of a magic the gathering show in the past? She looks like a uber noobie. This show badly explains the rules and stupid mistakes are made all over. If you make a video about explaining something maybe get somebody who is competent to host it? This trend continues even today with that Becca chick. She seems clueless as that Erika chick. Its almost like they take unqualified people on purpose.
Jim Pollock (3 months ago)
i would smoke these turds in MtG
Nicholas Thegeek (2 months ago)
Jim Pollock yeah because I see you winning pro tours XD
Carey Hunt (3 months ago)
Erica also works in a wind tunnel.
Chad Small (3 months ago)
Lands aren't colored cards. You cannot choose to grab a land when playing Sarkhan's Dragonfire.
elnubnub (3 months ago)
They look nothing like the people I see in my local TCG/comic/boardgame store, huhu, let's be honest, I fell like I'm taken for an idiot here... so obviously corporately sponsored
david marino (1 month ago)
Its so fucking fake that its funny .The host is annoying .
IAmebAdger (3 months ago)
Maybe not at your local store, but there's always a local store somewhere where there could be one or two diverse people. Also, they fully disclosed that they are corporately sponsored from the start of the first episode, so there's no need to deduct that or feel taken for an idiot.
Sideshow OnAcid (3 months ago)
I'm confused on what that Asian creature actually is
Thomas Simons (3 months ago)
Deck building? Not really. I feel like an in-depth deck building strategy show with Ify Nwadiwe would have taught people better. Him and a “new” player break open a couple deck builders kits and then build decks together while he explained the steps of building a deck. Then they play a match.
Leodous Kyron (3 months ago)
Thomas Simons I agree but the problem is that at the same time they are trying to do this topic, they were trying to a reunion show (of a kind) at the saw time. Given this show’s given premise the deck should have been in front of the black guy as he seemed to know why was going on. Or even better, given them both the cards there were going to give them and show how to build a deck from that. They way they did it failed the premise of the show and ran too long (Beca seemed to want her Girl friend to win or have a better game). The result was (while fun to watch for me) not really what they should have done.
DriveByLover47 (3 months ago)
I'm waiting to see if Magic the gathering Arena is gonna be a strong alternative to Hearthstone bcs theres no other card game popular other than hearthstone. We will see
Robert McClory (3 months ago)
Note to starting players: Construction kit components are not accurate archetype representations of competitive gameplay. Just something to note for those who would consider joining outside playgroups!
Feyamius (3 months ago)
best way to improve the Sarkhan Planeswalker Deck? throw a Vivien Planeswalker Deck in! https://deckstats.net/decks/69375/1031726-sarkhan-vivien-planeswalker-de
hyundaiq (3 months ago)
After the Sarkhan's Dragonfire where she pulled the Fiery Finish, how come she didn't show it to the opponent? It says "...reveal a red card...". I am new to MTG, just started playing with the Core 2019 set so I'm still learning all the rules, but it seems that they missed a basic mechanic. Or am I reading it wrong?
Jay Wright (3 months ago)
Ify with the "nice" comment at 6-9 life totals...legend
Daniel Bemis (3 months ago)
M16 or 17 what the hell is he talking about? Origins was the last core set even I know that and I am just a casual that started with M14. Also, you have no limit to what you can post on youtube how can you run out of time for opening a few packs it takes 5 minutes or less if done quickly.
Leodous Kyron (3 months ago)
Daniel Bemis Only will address the second part. I think they recorded this on the home Chanel alpha which is on twitch. I think on that channel they have to run the Chanel like a network with time slots to be successful. That seemed to be the case with a couple of the onesI saw over there. So you are right but I think they are not making it clear that they have these production limits from the other channels’ schedule
Pale Pants (3 months ago)
I like the idea behind the game. Customization to taste is always good. My only problem with Magic occurs in competitions. Virtually EVERY card has a special rule on it so when your opponent has a bunch of cards on his side you have to remember what all his cards do to make sure he's not cheating. The bottom line is you have to learn a whole new set of rules EVERY game to be on it....
蘇晟瑋 (3 months ago)
Good game
Steven Mermelstein (3 months ago)
Let me add to the sub theme of the decks already mentioned Control- tempo (making your opponent replay cards or set them back a turn Aggro- tribal/ synergy ( cards that have the same type or cards that work well together) Midrange-(the mana curve) playing cards in succession of raising mana cost one above the previous turn. If these decks get these sub ideas correct they have a good winning chance
Kirby Lee Gulley (3 months ago)
I recommend a green-white & black deck for starters......just nearly double your mana needs per move...
Kirby Lee Gulley (3 months ago)
Double mana via universal mana cards............always have snares & such......BLURRRB.
Young Corpse TV (3 months ago)
Awesome video. Love that you guys are creating Magic content and getting new players into the game. Keep it up!
MsNosis (3 months ago)
This video could have been great. but why is it so dumbed down?? why are the persons so flimsy and floppy in presentation and gameplay? if the people in this video seriously talked about how to actually play this game, do a serious deck build and discuss some basic strategies etc, this video would have been brilliant. This game can be so much fun, so casual, so friendly, it is great watching three people laughing and having fun playing. But I do think you do yourself a disfavour when not presenting the players or the game as skilled and as sharp as they clearly are, but rather show them as shallow, dumbed down characters. for example, Ivys comment about when to play instants "you should always check if your opponent have their lands tapped". that is BRILLIANT advice for new players. things like that should be in this video so much more.
st ast (3 months ago)
Get rid of becka scott replace with Will wheaton as host
D W (3 months ago)
Starfeather (3 months ago)
the harry potter glasses 😍
Heiko Fricke (3 months ago)
Sooo I really like these people and LOVE magic. From the title of this video and the thumbnail I expected a guide to build a deck from scratch (with a deckbuilders toolkit). This felt more like a small and undetailed guide to sideboarding instead and then a game of magic. It was just an explanation of the dragon deck? And some changes to it and then playtesting it. Playtesting it IS a big portion of (advanced) deckbuilding, which was mentioned (very good) but I felt that that was not the intended point of the video. Also I thinkt that newer players to the game might find it difficult to follow this game because they migh not know many of the cards and only a few were shown so we could read them.
Heiko Fricke (1 month ago)
+david marino true :)
david marino (1 month ago)
Best way to learn how to play magic buy a bunch of bulk brew some bad decks with a friend or friends. Google the proper rules and try to follow them as best as possible and have fun in some wet noodle games .
MrDevil313 (3 months ago)
Where can you get the mats where you have the cards placed? I want to buy one myself to use I'm a new magic player.
LilOddBro (3 months ago)
For real this Becca chick is annoying af
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
22:00 You caged a nobody?
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
Doesn't knights often have protection any more? I seem to recall lots of protection from red knight back in the day. Not as often as black but still mono colour against knight could be a terrible mistake.
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
6:15 Your first ever deck was after planeswalkers were added to the game? Damn you people are new to this.
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
jshowa o except these people had their own shown on mtg.
bbboro5 (3 months ago)
Wasn't Becca the "Hey Hey Show" host for "Good Mythical Morning"?
Andre Innis (3 months ago)
Tap up keep draw
squattingheads (3 months ago)
Wait...THATS IFY?!?!?
wilgarcia1 (3 months ago)
I LOVE that she wore her color matching dress. not to mention looks amazing in it =P
bdrakePBDA (3 months ago)
I have been playing for a few years now, and this was a ton of fun to watch. You demonstrated both the stress of being a newish player as well as the gracious nature of more experienced ones. We are all on the same journey, just at different waypoints. Great job, everyone!
Josh Bostick (3 months ago)
80budokai (3 months ago)
Awesome video! Keep up the good work.
Leuthaneous (3 months ago)
This level of play is Magic at its best. There is still plenty for experienced players but I don't think it ever gets better than this. I remember getting exited for a "Wall of Frost." Very different from trying to save up for some "Noble Hierarch."
Leuthaneous (2 months ago)
Nicholas Thegeek haha I wasn't to build that deck now! Borderland Ranger, I had no clue how good that was at the time. Thanks for sharing that!
Nicholas Thegeek (2 months ago)
Leuthaneous With this? 1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope 4 Serra angel 2 Seraph of dawn 4 Kruin striker 3 Borderland ranger 2 Timberland guide 1 Voice of the provinces 2 Attended knight 1 Zealous conscripts 4 Pacifism 4 Rampant Growth 4 Pillar of flame 2 Oblivion ring 1 Worldfire 1 Ajani (the m13 version) 4 Evolving Wilds 8 Plains 8 Forest 4 Mountain
Leuthaneous (2 months ago)
Nicholas Thegeek haha I wasn't anywhere near that level of play. You would have had fun beating the crap out of me lol.
Nicholas Thegeek (2 months ago)
Leuthaneous Agreed. I also thought that way about traft. I made a fun shenanigans deck using populate to copy the angel at instant speed before it exiles
Leuthaneous (2 months ago)
Nicholas Thegeek man that deck sounds like fun. Also it sounds way better than anything I made early on. I landed two Geist of Saint Trafts and thought it was weak because I didn't get to keep the angel! Haha wow. Good times though.
Aacharya999 (3 months ago)
Novice Knight can not attack with Might Leap !!!
Chad Carteret (3 months ago)
It didn't. It blocked.
knivesthec10wn (3 months ago)
God a HATE Becca SO MUCH!
Kyle Maxwell (3 months ago)
Then don't watch.
HighLanderPony (3 months ago)
Thx for your input... I guess.
jert opp (3 months ago)
knivesthec10wn Why?
HighLanderPony (3 months ago)
Step one, grab your wallet... and others', too.
Christopher Lane (3 months ago)
Also Ify is awesome. I would love to play him. It’s nice to see more experienced players in the show as it progresses. Maybe we can see The Professor, DJ, Day9, or Josh in future episodes?
Christopher Lane (3 months ago)
I like how the White player is wearing white and the red player is wearing red. Lol it’s like Power Rangers. Only with Magic.
Joel Wallenius (3 months ago)
Cocktail dress and rad haircut vs grey & white t-shirt and sweat pants. Hmmmmm.
Agent Coriolis (3 months ago)
That’s how I imagine my shuffle looks as well 😂
bardunshield (3 months ago)
Just have to put this out there...during the explanation video, a Plummet is put into the deck. Nobody main decks Plummet. Nobody ever.
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
Daniel Bemis while yes they would most dragons aren't two drops. That said they should have taken out some of the more expensive red dmg spells instead. Plummet is removal too and cheaper. Meanwhile things that dont have flying and are to big to shock their green critters should be able to deal with.
Daniel Bemis (3 months ago)
I know and they took a dragon out for it? A dragon would stop fliers and beatdown.
fieldy409 (3 months ago)
They arent bad in limited, especially if you dont have a lot of removal. In limited you can get murdered by a flyer simply because you cant block it. Creatures are usually more dangerous in limited because you have less removal and creatures that can get past yours like a flyer are deadly. Definitely one of the first things you think about cutting though.
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
Sure they do spiders aren't really cutting it as reach blockers in this set so for green to get rid of fliers plummet is actually very valuable. Taking out the heavy hitters is a more controversial move.
C Moore (3 months ago)
bardunshield they so if it's a casual game or one they aren't expecting to play more than one match
ThisNameIsBanned (3 months ago)
BTW you dont use +1/+1 counters for the static +1/+1 effects of auras. Shouldnt do it to teach as its just wrong.
ThisNameIsBanned (3 months ago)
This show tries so badly to be "woke" and inclusive its downright brutal ...
lightning123456 (3 months ago)
Don't say "white supremacist" it makes you sound retarded. Its also an insult to all these murdered Jews that had to face real oppression and got thrown into ovens. I swear you new age liberals are the worse drama queens ever.
Justin H (3 months ago)
Found the white supremacist
Leodous Kyron (3 months ago)
This is not the first MtG video they did..I think it is the third and they had a show about MtG years back. He is still playing and she stopped years ago...you see I listened to the show. (Hands a clue)
Kenma Kouzume (3 months ago)
Alfgart and? I don't see why any of this makes any difference in the video, just 2 people playing magic. If for some reason you don't like G&S because of it's 'liberalism' then wouldn't the proper step be not watching it rather than complain about it in the comments? What do you want them to do about it? Fire everyone and make the channel 'to your suiting'?
james stabile (3 months ago)
im a 20 mana guy myself
Shanzul Whiteglintt (3 months ago)
My nephews really got into Magic after starting to watch this show following spellslingers every once a week I take them out to get packs. Pretty exciting feeling seeing them play the game and plan around cards
Biankah (3 months ago)
That's really awesome, I'm glad you're able to share the hobby with your family!
D Rizzo (3 months ago)
Good lord! A red head and a red dress in the same video? How can I get a seat at that table?
Antenox (3 months ago)
And a red deck! On a red table!
Derek Gooding (3 months ago)
Becca doesn't help her when she entirely misses her T3 land drop? Should have definitely had more lands and been able to play her stuff sooner. Would have definitely been able to sarkan's fire + shock.
C Moore (3 months ago)
You have to reveal the card you choose if it has any limits on the type of card. I thought lands didn't have a color.
MrRWWorthington (3 months ago)
C Moore you are correct on both subjects
firsttpt (3 months ago)
This video was a very nice combination of noob mistakes, experienced strategy and subtleties of play. Thanks!
Steven M. (3 months ago)
Loot boxes for days.
Ry (3 months ago)
I like Ify's charisma and disposition toward the game. I hope to see him on the show in the future.
Sek Etogaur (3 months ago)
Lol no, no I don't.
Justin H (3 months ago)
And you don't play MTG high af? What happened to all the fun in the world.
Sek Etogaur (3 months ago)
Ry Charisma? He looks and sounds high af. Lol
emo_pizzas #1 (3 months ago)
My God, you could've turned it into a drinking game, "drink every time Becca interrupts someone".
emo_pizzas #1 (3 months ago)
Maybe they should have a magic card named Becca, The Interrupter. It'll be an instant spell that costs half your life basically. " All phases get prevented this turn, permanents a player tapped remain tapped."
It'sYaBoiBaylor (3 months ago)
emo_pizzas #1 ha I don’t feel like killing my self.
emo_pizzas #1 (3 months ago)
Synth Ovine that game would only work with professor Xavier.
taothewanderer (3 months ago)
no thanks i dont want liver poisoning
SenoritaSevilla (3 months ago)
I wish Ify's mic was louder. The balance between him and Erika is off. I try and turn up the volume when Ify is taking and then it's way too loud when Erika talks.
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
You forgot the 1st step. 1. Purge any "wrong think" from your mind. Bow to the PC god, make an offering, and submit. MTG is dead. It will fade away along with every other thing the liberal PC zealots touch.
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
LOL. What is this, your 3rd pointless reply?.....already getting bored. Ill check back one more time to see if you can muster up a mature comment.
fieldy409 (3 months ago)
'reading comprehension' 'critical thinking' Self absorbed elitist who thinks he is smart detected.
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
no, I think its shit. Rey is a Mary Sue, the force is now Disney Magic that can do ANYTHING. Shit, Rey even said "I believe" when she was wanting to use the force. She might as well had a talking cricket or fairy on her shoulder. The plots are more of the same, and lack ANY originality. I could go on and on and on, all using valid criticisms. But then again, you dont really care. You have a characterization your mind of what I am. You could care less what I post. You basically are carrying on a conversation with a figment of your imagination. But hey, keep going. I will respond until I get bored. Its not as if I expect anything mature from you. Just like the last guy, you'll run and hide eventually.
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
wow. I am as likely to go see the next one as you are likely to develop the reading comprehension and critical thinking skills required to read my response which makes it clear I am not going. oh, my bad. Let me make it simple. I am not going.
fieldy409 (3 months ago)
And you might still go when the next big one comes out.
Chubby Monkey (3 months ago)
GalacticBlader (2 months ago)
Sellinga coerwa (3 months ago)
Evey Hyuu (3 months ago)
Well, technicly, Erika did the same mistake twice, and i don't blame her cause it's the most common mistake i've seen in magic, she didn't reveal the card when searching her top 5 cards. The most important thing people should remember in Magic is to read every words in the description as they are all important.
Robert Walker (2 months ago)
Not only didn’t she reveal the card she drew, the card also specified she could choose a “Red” card from among them, yet she chose a “Mountain,” which is not a red card. Land cards have no color. Mountains are colorless cards that generate “Red” mana, so the land card itself has no color.
HighLanderPony (3 months ago)
Evey Hyuu rtfc
ImperfectTitan (3 months ago)
As someone who is only just beginning witn magic (only played 4 games!), and wants to build their own (first) deck, is there a colour you guys would recommend to go with?
dubyadubyadubyadot (3 months ago)
as for color, I'd say it really doesn't matter but feel free to disagree; as I said, I'm an amateur. My first deck was black and it's been my main color since.
dubyadubyadubyadot (3 months ago)
I wouldn't call myself new to mtg but I would call myself an amateur and as such I'd recommend buying two bundles at a Target store and price matched with Amazon as you could build a couple different decks that way and experiment with all colors and different color combinations. From personal experience this is the best way to get more involved with mtg and building decks.
jamespooh2 (3 months ago)
I would call red and green easier to start out with but I encourage you to try all the colors and color mixes you can and find your style. Good luck and enjoy yourself
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
Biankah if you like it go for it. No colour is terrible to start out with.
Fredrik Dunge (3 months ago)
Green is very nice to start of with. My first deck was a blue green fliers deck. Loved those gaea's skyfolk.
Boogeypop80 (3 months ago)
Ify seems high. At least way more subdued than I've ever seen.
Shany Topper (3 months ago)
Is it me, or does Becca looks exactly like Becky Lynch?
Christopher Cabral (3 months ago)
I respect his evasive jab tactic.
Chance Stetson (3 months ago)
How to play mtg: you don't. In recent year wizards of the coast has been neglecting card quality and printing cards that bend on their own in optimal conditions in a few hours. They allow active sexual predators and pedopiles into their judge program. They allow and promote favoritism in their major tournaments and allow their "Pros" to cheat actively without bans or loss of "pro" status. They banned a store from being able to host any kind of tournements or sell products over a meme. They even recently actively tried to ban me from playing for asking about card quality. As someone who has played the game for 10 plus years i am disappointed at wizards for allowing all of this to happen and actively promoting this (all the while employees are actively hating the community on Twitter and reddit and other social media outlets)
DekuLord (2 months ago)
Leuthaneous Buying used doesn't help, it was still opened by someone and and contributes to demand. Maybe if you mean strictly older cards you'd have a point, but buying anything relevant even in singles still supports Wizards.
fieldy409 (3 months ago)
Oh look somebody who listens to MTGHeadquarters propaganda.
Leodous Kyron (3 months ago)
Honestly that had nothing to do with this video but hey you have a beef. I get it but I doubt anyone in WotC will read about it here. I hope that you talk to them directly and get a fair resolution though
Leodous Kyron (3 months ago)
imkluu that sounded like the distribution center. Fact is when you buy card for retail they are less expensive so the retail store can make a profit. Most distributors know that and are the ones that usually try to prevent that because they don’t want to get in trouble with all the publishers they work with.
M Hantsbarger (3 months ago)
Ify and Erika were great players! A lot of fun stories and enthusiasm!
Matthew Wells (3 months ago)
She forgot to play a land on turn 2. Only the sickest of peeps roll on the edge like that.
Shawn Spidle (3 months ago)
Matthew Wells I was yelling at my phone play that fucking land & when she played sharkan she could have -3 him & I think it would have killed his creature
Paul M (3 months ago)
Think it was turn 3 but yeah.
Christopher Cabral (3 months ago)
No fire goblins?
Christopher Cabral (3 months ago)
*sighs* lol *brushes goblin away*
Jason Van Horn (3 months ago)
NonAtheistAtheist (3 months ago)
First like cause I wasn't the first view

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