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There still may be a few that have not been found. I will add them when/if they are discovered! Hope you enjoy! :D Pass codes: Lenny Robotop Blockbite Spooky Neverending Mule Ahead Gandalfpotter Sparky "Your Username" 8-16-30-32-46-84 I did not find these all on my own, credit goes to SuperPizzaLuigi.
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Text Comments (926)
Ziv (16 days ago)
i know but it wont work
Vegtio Z gamer (27 days ago)
What about the players name, mule, or 8 16 30 32 46 84? That's not all the codes...
Celestra Oceans (2 months ago)
He's Keep Doing Rob top It's Robotop
vaya desbloquee mas de lo k pensé
olly santos (2 months ago)
lenny robotop blockbite spooky sparky neverending mule ahead gandalfpotter
Katie㷏 (2 months ago)
robotop giv you a robot
Spicy Mountain Dew (3 months ago)
I found one. Darkness
If you want the Challenge Song then search: Random Song 06 by RobTop. Thank me later :)
Irmina Kurnia (3 months ago)
Its not robtop its robotop
Minecraft User Usera (3 months ago)
The Flux Champion (3 months ago)
Toaster Playz (3 months ago)
lol found a new code its player
EDSBeGaming (3 months ago)
Oml I guessed never ending I just put a space in between smh
Brenda EspinoA (4 months ago)
it is supossed to be robotop not robtop
Matis tv (4 months ago)
So how to get that tax collector?
Grayont (4 months ago)
You get that achievement from getting a certain amount of coins and the coin I stole from the vault happened to unlock it for me. Hope this helps! :)
Im Sad (4 months ago)
what did he clicked?
Jasmin Camarillo (4 months ago)
Lenny lol
Harrison Solie (4 months ago)
Who found this dude by themselves
Zachary Rapoport (5 months ago)
How did he get tax collector, I did what he did and I didn’t get it
Grayont (5 months ago)
Tax collector is an achievement for getting a certain amount of coins, so the coin I took from the vault just happened to unlock it for me. :)
ツShadow (5 months ago)
I love you
Aleksa Stojanovic (5 months ago)
where can i put this codes?
RoyalBT1 (5 months ago)
Thank You! :)
Piotrek i Wojtek (5 months ago)
the final code is robotop
Joseph Ross (5 months ago)
Can you give. Me. Some ship and icons. And ufo
Roman TV (5 months ago)
Дурак там Rodotop
Marcela Voigt-Jackman (5 months ago)
Keelan Jones (6 months ago)
Its robotop
Michał Górski (6 months ago)
Sparky 1:00 Secert Achievement
Ahmad Aryo (6 months ago)
thx for all code 👍👍👍👌👌👌
suarlembit 10776 (6 months ago)
Ulsacmnborpwpgifokgoejghmho sugiarto ruasorot
Dude why didn't you tell them at the end put your username in the vault if you jave an account? Mayne you just forgot.
Wild Adventures (6 months ago)
This Helpful.
THE GAMIN SAIYAN KAI (6 months ago)
U also have to put in ur user
Araceli Reyes (7 months ago)
Your so good
WWE/F1 Videos (8 months ago)
It's robotop no robtop
They dont work for me
Maria Diaz (8 months ago)
And he forgot to do spooky
Simon Lovino (8 months ago)
I unlocked new icon
Simon Lovino (8 months ago)
I type RubRub It worked =)
Matthew Rowell (8 months ago)
I entered all the passwords but there are still more to be entered. Why's this?
ntomatas gamer gr (8 months ago)
Thx a lot
It a Bully (8 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh no... *Unlocked new icon!*
A Flying Boi (8 months ago)
0:33 Look Closely At The Mask...
Tyler Bell: The Third. (8 months ago)
I got Lenny
I did them all
XAZVN (9 months ago)
thx 4 the codes man!!!
Renato Sanches (9 months ago)
Robotop jegue
It a Bully (9 months ago)
Lenny = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
HDSlayer [GD] (9 months ago)
0:28 it’s Robotop
toxic friend (9 months ago)
lts robotop
Pyro Dot (9 months ago)
boku (9 months ago)
The Wiener Dog Army (9 months ago)
Theoryoben 97 (10 months ago)
Piotrek Lach (10 months ago)
Rukyraid (6 months ago)
Maybe You Are Fool?
Christina Zografaki (10 months ago)
Christina Zografaki (10 months ago)
ArcherKing (10 months ago)
*Tries Robtop... *Tries Robtop again... *Again *... *Tries Robotop and it works :|
z ʝσɳყɓøყ (10 months ago)
I cant Go but i have 10 coins
NightFang YT (10 months ago)
B (10 months ago)
GachaBronyGD (11 months ago)
MAECHE冷やす (11 months ago)
idk why the Robtop doesnt work :I
Craig Lewandowski (11 months ago)
guys another code is robotop
Andrew Pardee (11 months ago)
It’s robotop
Andrew Pardee (11 months ago)
It’s robotoo
Wilson Thamadeus (11 months ago)
Hey guys I got the trail but when I was using it no trail appeared
daniel stefan (1 year ago)
The Coolman (1 year ago)
thanks for the free codes!
The ROBTOP code is actually Roptop
Zeke (1 year ago)
How do you get tax collecter?
Roberto Chiriac (1 year ago)
Its robotop no robtop
Lenny clicknooooooo
Danger Zone (1 year ago)
So funny
Luis Rosales (1 year ago)
Thank You So Much!
Hirppu uppriH (1 year ago)
I didnt watch the whole video abd i went ti gd and i wrote robotop with a joke and it actually worked
Ziddan Gaming (1 year ago)
It's not robtop it's robotop
Deisi Cano (1 year ago)
me gusto tu video
sherifeid1973 (1 year ago)
Its ropotop
Peter Lucas Games (1 year ago)
The Almighty Loaf (1 year ago)
It’s robotop
DestroyerOfDragons 27 (1 year ago)
It's robotop
Hola ke hace :v (1 year ago)
say RobTop
GD xelA ツ (1 year ago)
VAYPERNIKpro pro (1 year ago)
No name ты лишь копировать видео лецплейщиков лишь и можешь
oguzhan balcı (1 year ago)
367339 its bloodlust song id
The last one doesn't work for me pls help
Roses are red Violets are blue You missed a code That begins with a number And another one That uses your name
Lurdes Navarro (1 year ago)
Like this robotop
Emerald (1 year ago)
In the 2.11 update I think with the vault of secrets, when spooky (the vault) brings up the conversation about the gate keeper and says his name, you go onto the vault of secrets (not the vault) and you type in the name that it says I hope someone can describe it better I did not do a good job
Che Santiago (1 year ago)
It's robotop not robtop
You don't have to have an account 8) 1. Go to edit avatar 2. Change the name. 3. ...
iLikeTurtlez747 (1 year ago)
It was robotop not robtop
DaniTheBoi SooS (1 year ago)
0:40 ddlc reference
DaniTheBoi SooS (1 year ago)
that "neverending" achievement is a doki doki literature club reference
belzajeldagames CZ (1 year ago)
thx very nice
Reval Anims (1 year ago)
Oh no..
SH1 R0 (1 year ago)

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