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Meredith Campbell (6 months ago)
Just asked Stephen A Smith at the rockets game why he didn’t put Joshua on blast for not wanting to fight wilder.. his response was wilder wants too much money for the two fight deal.. when I reiterated that wilder and Haymon offered Joshua $50million guaranteed, more than any heavy weight in history his response was Joshua is the more popular fighter.. I told him not in the US! And this dude would not admit the truth. He actually believes Joshua is the more popular fighter in the US... smh!!!!
Ti Digernaro (6 months ago)
Just part of the machine getting behind who they want to push! Good comment
Meredith Campbell (6 months ago)
Uh... I gave the facts in the comment section... those facts can’t be disputed..plz read
Meredith Campbell (6 months ago)
Uh... I gave the facts in the comment section... those facts can’t be disputed..plz read
Keith (3 months ago)
Why all this continuous negativity? Jealousy?
LMPC2012 (6 months ago)
this must be wear all the jam boys come to wank eachother off when you hate a white bloke smashing you to bits in business. fucking melts..
adetula olalusi (6 months ago)
u talk shit
Jake Wallwork (6 months ago)
I don’t know how you can expect people to take your views seriously when you clearly have an agenda “black fight fan”
Ti Digernaro (6 months ago)
I think that was a good deal for AB considering the fact that he hasn't won a big fight sense moving to 140,and 147 ! He's one loss from his stock going down, he should've taken the guaranteed money.
Ti Digernaro (6 months ago)
Black Fight Fan TV that draw really saved his ass and bought him some time " questionable at that, he's a headliner in the sense of having a named opponent " high reward low risk, so they'll take the AB fight other than that he can only headline on a bum card..... love your point of views, good shit!
Black Fight Fan TV (6 months ago)
Ti Digernaro People have been saying that for years now.
armedforcessportstv (6 months ago)
Shout out to the ldbc for keepin it a 1,000,000%
robert blake (6 months ago)
yeah, 100% xenophobic
Champlife Boxing (6 months ago)
Meredith Campbell (6 months ago)
Sorry about the extra comments... my phone was tripping
Ti Digernaro (6 months ago)
Meredith Campbell first time I ever saw that, thought it was a group text. .... Lol
WS Boxing (6 months ago)
No Respect Eddie Hearns, does not have the best interest in equality for boxers under match box promotions due to race . Jacobs,Miller , be aware of Hearns movement , manipulation,all hand shake’s don’t come with good intentions !!
Keith (4 months ago)
Ignorant fool.
WS Boxing (6 months ago)
oOI- GILESY -IOo , I am far from being a racist, but let’s be realistic about Eddie Hearns he has been exposed. Most UK, fans, promoter, have sensitive needs trying to protect AJ. In due time Wilder is going to beat AJ home if the fight is made and takes place in U.S.A. or UK .
oOI- GILESY -IOo (6 months ago)
WS Boxing your just another one of those racist fools that lucks at Eddie as a white man only that’s why you don’t like him if he was black he would be putting in work doing what’s best for his client who wants the fight in the uk yes he said he’d take 50 million but he never said he’d fight in America
WS Boxing (6 months ago)
oOI- GILESY -IOo ,Time for checkmate all you UK promoter , fans ,and boxers with all of your sensitive needs and protection !!
WS Boxing (6 months ago)
oOI- GILESY -IOo , I realize Eddie Hearns has been holding up the negotiations for the Wilder fight. Lets back track Eddie Hearns , trying to lowball Wilder offering 12 million for AJ fight than came Wilder with counter offer for 50 million up front what AJ requested to take fight.Eddie Hearns delaying fight his portion of profit would decrease if AJ excepted offer .Eddie Hearns is AJ promoter under matchbox promotions AJ is sign to Eddie Hearns so all contracts for AJ have to be authorize by Eddie Hearns . Eddie Hearns track record has shown not giving boxers a fair shake in business !!
John Hollis (6 months ago)
Salute to you and your channel homie you doing great work North Dallas in the building. #thatrighthand
Black Fight Fan TV (6 months ago)
John Hollis AW-READY FAMILY!!!
Life is golden (6 months ago)
Bro bro. Much respect! We ain't rocken with Eddie like that 😂
Owesome Music (6 months ago)
The way you broke Eddie down point by point damn. Some of the points I didn't even think about beforehand bruh you went dectative Colombo on this really insightful point of view. There are corporate buildings full of Eddie Hearns all over America all about money.
Jr the superdog (6 months ago)
Aj going to the duck pond
Clifton Bronson (6 months ago)
Great synopsis of the the Zone deal. Man I would love to see or hear you and 74 collaborate on a panel fam.
Meredith Campbell (6 months ago)
Doom.. Joshua vs Parker viewership was 480,000 on showtime, then another replay of 400,000 +... Wilder/ Ortiz did 1.2 million on showtime... Joshua’s own words were”gimme 50 mill up front and I’ll sign the fight 2morrow “ well it’s been a month!!! I believe the brothas of the Ldbc are correct saying Joshua is acting like a paper champion...And I’m being very respectful with my choice of words!
Killa Kam (1 month ago)
+Keith and new Zealand, Australia and Samoa where Parker has a lot of fans
Keith (4 months ago)
Don't forget the millions of PPV buys on British Sky TV, oh and the 90,000 that watched it live!
Leandra Davis (6 months ago)
Fast Eddie Flat Fee Hearn
LuckyBoy (6 months ago)
AJ didn't need 'urban' support. He was a product of the 2012 London Olympics that made him a household name before he turned pro. He already appealed to boxing and casual sports fans. It's the casual sports fans you need to sell out 90K stadiums.. If AJ only appealed to 'urban' black fans, he'd be like Wilder - unknown to the masses. You don't need 'urban' fighters to make big events in UK.. We're a small nation and not divided like US. In sports we support them regardless.. The biggest stars over the last years: AJ, Carl Froch, Amir Khan, Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe, Lennox Lewis, Naseem Hamed, Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno, Barry McGuigan - all different colours, backgrounds, religions.
ROBERT ROLAND (6 months ago)
Big Baby Miller, credit to him, wasn’t falling for the bullcorn either.
DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR (6 months ago)
What's up homie!
ROBERT ROLAND (6 months ago)
Good Stuff, BFFTV!
sid uk (6 months ago)
there's a lot more to this I think, if dezon really wanted to take success in the USA market they should've gone to Al Haymon. Now if Eddie wants to salvage the deal he has to throw mega bucks down and get a marquee name which I doubt or go to Al Haymon and beg forgiveness. Personally deszone might just be using this company as a tax write off, they are backed by a Russian billionaire and Eddie might be left in the lurch
Jabs Are Stiff (6 months ago)
K. You start smiling. I start laughing. I already know you got on your mind.

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