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YSL Top Secrets Review ~ Anastasia Color Swatch

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YSL Top Secrets Review ~ Anastasia Eye Shadow Swatch Anastasia Palette D'Ombres YSL Top Secrets Primer
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Hazel c. (7 years ago)
you only need a pea size for the whole face. youre meant to put it on the back of your hand. and clean the brush once a week with whatever you'd clean your makeup brushes with :)
ho444444ney (8 years ago)
so what is the best pimer for you for now that control oil ...i have oily skin ...?
betty4gators (8 years ago)
you look extra great in this video - not sure if it is the primer or what. you always look great but you look effervescent in this video. thanks for another great review!
Jenny Miles (8 years ago)
@debbick1 Ok perfect, thanks for replying! :)
KaeJax (8 years ago)
Great review...I really don't like that type of packaging either.
Policosmetics82 (8 years ago)
You look beautiful! Great review!
donnashorts1 (8 years ago)
@debbick1 thanks deb, i really noticed the difference in the last few vids. the lighting is very professional looking.
Beecozz7 (8 years ago)
Your makeup looks beautiful, love the eyes! You make good quality videos! Thanks!
donnashorts1 (8 years ago)
the lighting and clarity on your skin looks great in this video. did you get a new camera deb?
GinaBinaWina (8 years ago)
As always an incredible review! oh that palette is pretty =cO
TheSublimeAgent (8 years ago)
@debbick1 Haha, you are so right...when in HD, I have to use 9 intense 100W light bulbs...and it could still benefit from a few more. Well, you have found the perfect formula. I was shocked when the videos started...not that it's not usually great!
Jenny Miles (8 years ago)
Could you do a tutorial on your eye makeup?:)
tstgirl (8 years ago)
Brush applicators are worse than foundations with no pumps. Why oh why do they bother with a brush applicator. There are so many products I'd like to try but don't because of the applicator or packaging. I just hate extra work. Sometimes I wish mu companies would watch these reviews before they make something.
TheSublimeAgent (8 years ago)
Wow, your camera quality/setup looks soooo good.
Marjorie P. (8 years ago)
your skin looks beautiful in this video!
napaluv (8 years ago)
Wow -- the colors look more pigmented than I would have guessed, which is a good thing! Your swatches are exactly what I needed to get this palette onto my Sephora shopping list. THANK YOU!!!

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