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How To Choose Table Tennis Shoes

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Choosing the best table tennis shoes is very important in table tennis. There are many brands that you can choose: Adidas, Asics, Butterfly, Mizuno, Donic, Joola, Nike, etc. Many amateur players made an error when buying their first table tennis shoes. Today, I will show you 3 characteristics that a good table tennis shoe should have. This will help you buy your right shoes. Top 10 shoes: https://pingsunday.com/buy-good-cheap-table-tennis-shoes/ In general, you should not use runner shoes or tennis shoes in table tennis. ►FREE COACHING LESSONS ├ Visite my homepage └ http://pingsunday.com ►HELP ME ├ Translate video to your language (only 5 minutes) └ https://goo.gl/ZiN2Bu ►LOVE MY VIDEOS? ├ Offer me a coffee for my Sunday nights └ https://goo.gl/1W1uBV ►SUBSCRIBE ├ coach EmRatThich's YouTube Channel └ https://goo.gl/yNr3GD
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Text Comments (50)
Is it worth buying a good shoe? The answer is here: https://pingsunday.com/buy-good-cheap-table-tennis-shoes/
Thoeun Kong (2 months ago)
basically you just have to look for indoor court shoes: volleyball, badminton, etc.
What if I don't know german
Ayush Verma (2 months ago)
I use fila and adidas tennis shoes and they serve me good but should i not use them as they are tennis???
Gaming and tech (3 months ago)
Please make video on chop block
Muhammad Sohaib Imran (3 months ago)
I use squash shoes and the work fine for me
Georgina Sabin (7 months ago)
great advice as always thanks
JC fromMNL (5 months ago)
Bata rubber shoes 1970
Mukarram Muhammad Abdul (7 months ago)
Can we use futsal/ indoor football shoes???
Raef Kebbe (8 months ago)
Neden turkce videolar çekmiyorsun?
Raef Kebbe (6 months ago)
Fesih Ak instagramdan bazı fotoğrafları turkce yazmış diye gördüm ama bilgi için Sağol
Fesih Ak (6 months ago)
Raef Kebbe Adam Vietnam li adi emrah degil emratthich 😀
Umair Obaid (8 months ago)
Hi could you please leave a link or say where you can buy the holla vivid shoes pls thank you!!!
There are two models of Vivid. Read the review here: https://pingsunday.com/buy-good-cheap-table-tennis-shoes/ Or you can buy the shoe here: https://amzn.to/2H7gPEl
Geison Rocha (8 months ago)
I use indoor soccer shoes, it's almost the same for table tennis
James Heasley (8 months ago)
I would like information on where I could purchase the Asics Gel Hunter 3 in the United States, in the color "Poseidon/White and safety yellow. Size would be a US size 12. I have Asics running shoes and that's the size of wore for years, if there's any difference, please inform me, thank you so much
whatscreenname (9 months ago)
I have nothing but bad experience with Joola shoes.
codebreaker 001 (10 months ago)
Hello from Pakistan coach!
Suna Pana (10 months ago)
what is the name of the Dark Blue Asics shoe that was shown @ 8:00 the minute of this video?
legu333 (10 months ago)
im surprised u put timo boll into your video, i thought "european" players are really bad and only chinese are good...
legu333 (9 months ago)
watch the video then, he even explains how timo boll cant win because he cant hit with explosiveness and how important it is to have it. if u wanna be a blind sheep tho so be it.
Eiji Muroya (9 months ago)
legu333 the fact he said Western players don't hit with explosiveness does not necessarily mean western players are bad at TT. Hit without explosiveness is not equal to be bad at table tennis. I'm sorry but try again. Nobody can say western players are bad. Players like Timo Boll or Jan Ove Waldner, Samsonov and others are pain in the ass for chinese players and of course, they are European players. I'm sorry but try again. He never said western players are bad.
legu333 (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/9mkQY1JlvVU, he literally says: "Western players dont know how to hit with "explosiveness" quoted. There are many many other such comments in other videos too.
Eiji Muroya (9 months ago)
Watch his videos again. He never says something like Timo Boll is a bad player. He just says Chinese technique is usually superior.
legu333 (9 months ago)
Eiji Muroya he did tho lots of times
Ru eL (10 months ago)
Good to know from the Master himself! :) Highly appreciate your recommendation, really helps! Thank you :) !
tell the shop where good shoes for table tennis ??????
Tevin Tech (10 months ago)
Too bad Timo's coaching costs money.... i cri ery tiem.
superwai16 (10 months ago)
Hello Emrat Thich, thank you for sharing the information. Your content helps me to elevate my game a lot. After watching your footwork video, I start to train with ladder drill. After few weeks, my game is already different. I now found that having good footwork is very important. It helps me to stay balance even in quick changes in direction and allow me to position much faster to strike the ball with more power and speed. This shoe video I'm sure I can benefit from it after adjusting some details that no one talked about. Thank you!
thank you. yes you are right. footwork is the key to increase the quality of your shots
viren kundnani (10 months ago)
Thank you soooo much!! Just when i was thinking of which shoe to buy you came to the rescue! Thank you Ert!! Love your videos:)
CAPITANCARAJOTE (10 months ago)
Hi . congratulations again for your video I would like to share my little experience about it. Regardless of how the foot supports, there is also the question of its shape. In my case my foot is very wide and high on the bridge. I have found that all brands of table tennis shoes make very flat shoes with little height on the bridge, so for a person like me there are no, as far as I know, models that fit my foot. If I want specific table tennis, I have to buy one number more, so I have a shoe left over, and I do not have my foot sufficiently attached despite tightening the laces a lot. And if I buy my number, I had problems for lack of width, especially in the toes. My solution was to buy some Asics squash shoes, for only 30 euros! The sole and protections are similar to those of table tennis, I solved a big problem that I had with my feet. In fact, in my region of north Spain, many people uses the same because a big and woll known international store have them in the shop. Interestingly, in the squash section, all shoes are of high bridge, and in table tennis section, have low bridge. I think that the manufacturers of sports shoes still have much to advance functionally, despite what they say, aesthetics still conditions them excessively in their manufacture. I hope you have explained me well Thanks a lot for your excellent work¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
CAPITANCARAJOTE (10 months ago)
Keith heintzleman thank you for the imformation. I will try to test them. Thanks!!!!
Keith heintzleman (10 months ago)
I Googled "wide toe box" table tennis shoes, and came up with Mizuno Wave Medal, via Alex Table Tennis site. Expensive, but works for my wide toe area.
Daniel Fisher (10 months ago)
He's Back! (Can you do a video on the Katana Style Grip, It's a new Forehand Dominant grip. Could you do an analysis on the video and tell us the ups and downs of the grip?)
Shahrul Haidi (10 months ago)
Mizuno, Asics, Adidas, puma
Dawid Garboliński (10 months ago)
hm.... all table tennis brands butterfly, mizuno, joola, tibhar, donic has soft outer sole. They have a lot of grip and sole is soft. It mean outer sole wipes out. My sole in those shoes from tt brands lasts max 3 months. That's why i need to use hard rubber on outer sole. With harder rubber on outer sole problem is solved. But now... inner sole lasts 6-9 months. It wipes out inside of shoe. My shoes never lasts longer that 10 months. Now i'm using Joma (it's indoor football shoes) cause of it's harder rubber on outer sole and price. It's twice cheaper than shoes from all TT brands.
Julio Aguilar (2 months ago)
Link to the indoor football shoes?
Keith heintzleman (10 months ago)
All shoes, including table tennis shoes, need a day to dry. You shouldn't wear shoes two days in a row if you want inside of shoe to last, particularly if you perspire a lot.
Agus Budi Wijaya (10 months ago)
How about badminton shoes? I think it quite same.
SkyreeXScalabar (2 months ago)
tennis shoes?
yes! you can play with badminton shoes.
MinPlex (10 months ago)
Harimoto often does a forehand topspin/shot against topspin could you do a video about this.
MinPlex (10 months ago)
EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach Thanks a lot <3
yes! I will do the video about this!
Nur Misuari Kipli (10 months ago)
Hello from Malaysia coach emratthich. had been follow your channel since last year. Very useful information especially on Chinese National Team 👍🏻
Thank you! I will try to give more information about Chinese Team. To improve we need to learn from the best.
Xx_DYNAMIC_ xX (10 months ago)
Hello again emratthich
hello :)

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