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Rogue Bit walkthrough with explanations

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Rogue Bit is a puzzle game about hacking computer memory and machine code. https://store.steampowered.com/app/949790/Rogue_Bit/ Full walkthrough with explanations of the puzzles.
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brocksprogramming (9 days ago)
Best hacker game I've ever played. Better than The Matrix game and Uplink. Seems to have good replay value too.
Chris Rennie (1 month ago)
What a brilliant concept! I'm guessing you may have programmed Microchip PICs at some time? Bought the game and absolutely loving it! Subbed.
Chris Rennie (1 month ago)
@Milan Babuskov :-D You know what? This forms an excellent introduction to the sweet sweet alure of Assembler programming. I started with Basic and then went "backwards" to Assembler. Nice to get your hands dirty and avoid the vagaries of one persons take on how a compiler should do "stuff" Awesome job Sir. Salute! :-D
Milan Babuskov (1 month ago)
Thanks. I did some programming in assembly language for Motorola 68000 CPU back in Amiga 500 days. And the first program I made in C on PC was a hex editor. ;)
TheHolyFlesh (2 months ago)
Genius game!
brocksprogramming (2 months ago)
I really like your game Milan. Please make more games like this.
Crank Cuffin (2 months ago)
Nice, I can keep my money, thanks for this
Stander Sam (3 months ago)
Just bought it on switch, played for one hour and got to the calculator part (Accidentally started a new game and erased the save file) Can we have more than one safe file? 😂
Milan Babuskov (3 months ago)
@Stander Sam I will look into that as well. Thanks.
Stander Sam (3 months ago)
Bigosaur 👍 Another thing is that I find that the code only executes after the player’s movement Maybe make this clearer because I only discovered it myself Great game tho, this is essentially debugging Assembly made fun 😂
Bigosaur (3 months ago)
@Stander Sam In the meantime, if you happen to select "Start new game" option again by accident, just press the Home button on switch and then X to close the game. It will exit without saving, so it won't overwrite your save.
Stander Sam (3 months ago)
Bigosaur That would definitely help
Bigosaur (3 months ago)
We'll see what can be done about that in the next update. Maybe it would be enough just to have "overwrite" prompt if you select a new game.
SuperGheppio (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video, very well explained!
Kuro Yuki (9 months ago)
Thanks for the explanation, it's really clear and easy to understand.

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