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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes review - Mi Men Sports Shoes 2, now in India for Rs. 2,499

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This is another review of smart shoes it's the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes review. This is a good quality shoe that comes with a tracking chip that you need to place inside. The Mi Men Sports Shoes 2 is now available in India for Rs. 2,499 here is the link http://bit.ly/ MiCrowdfunding Where to buy? You can buy this from GearBest website, make sure to select Priority line shipping option. Buy link - https://goo.gl/PFjQam Here is a coupon code for the shoe: Alibuymishoe With the coupon, its price will drop down to $49.99 also check Amazfit bip - https://youtu.be/Sbvdc9gmAYM Amazfit pace smartwatch - https://youtu.be/BHTbN9y0iyA Here is a Smart Shoes by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes with Amazfit Intelligent tracker n- it is not available in India as of now, but you can buy this from international stores, anywhere between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000. This Xiaomi Smart Shoes review will help you know more about this product. Xiaomi Mijia Smart shoes actually is a normal shoes that comes with an intelligent tracker that will keep track of the steps taken and via the Mi Fit app you can get more details regarding your physical activities. The quality of the shoes is great, comfortable to wear, attractive design, breathable and using the fishbone arch lock system that will fix your feet tightly and this design reduces the risk of sprain in movement. The outsole quality is also pretty good, tough, light weight and slip resistance. Remove the insole to reveal the tracking chip compartment, there is a rubber covering you can remove that before inserting the chip. Now both the left and right shoes come with the compartment. So you can attach the Amazfit smart shoe tracking chip in any of the shoes (left or right). Xiaomi Smart Shoes review with Amazfit Activity tracker Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes specifications Brand : Xiaomi Type : Smart Shoes For Activities : Walking, Jogging, Running Sole : Rubber material Features : Breathable, Sweat Absorbing and comes with smart chip, IP67 Waterproof Color Options : Blue, Black and Light Grey Smart Shoe Activity Tracker features : 6 axis sensor, CR2032 button cell powered, IP67 certified, 200KG max weight, also monitors rising rate Power Source : Button Cell CR2032 Xiaomi Smart Shoes performance Performance Install Mi Fit app on your smartphone and then go to devices to add the Xiaomi Smart Shoes. Better pair the Amazfit intelligent tracker before inserting into the smart shoes, as you need to vigorously shake the tracker to pair. Any firmware update will happen via the Mi Fit app. As long as you wear the shoes and walk the tracker inside will monitor the steps. This Amazfit smart tracker will only count for specific activities like walking, jogging and running. Xiaomi Smart Shoes quality If you are riding a bike or driving a car then the count will not be accurate / will not count when your legs are still. As far as accuracy is concerned, you will get far more accurate results with the smart shoes. Check the video review where I have shown the reading with Amazfit Pace smartwatch and with this Xiaomi Smart shoes. The button cell battery I guess will easily last for over 2 months, depending on your usage. I am using this Xiaomi Smart Shoes everyday for my daily morning walk, very comfortable, light weight and in case I forget to carry my smartwatch no issues, the shoes will track my activities. You do not need to carry your smartphone, next time you use the Mi Fit app the app will automatically connect with the smart shoes and sync the data. Verdict Though you can use a smartwatch to monitor your physical activities, you can also invest in a Smart shoes that will be even more accurate and can track other things that a smartwatch cannot, like the rising rate. You can also buy the Amazfit Smart Shoes tracker separately but makes sense to buy the Xiaomi Mijia Smart shoes that comes with the special compartment to house the tracker. Rating 4.9 out of 5 (c) 2018, www.gogi.in, rights reserved - Gogi Tech. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- BEST DEALS ============ Smart Lighting - Buy 1 get 1 GIFT free - https://goo.gl/ctLhbU Direct from Factory - 50% off - https://goo.gl/wkFTis Fitness / Health Fashion - up to 50% off - https://goo.gl/wxKLpz -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Gogi Tech (8 months ago)
Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers with Intelligent Chip Link : https://www.gearbest.com/athletic-shoes/pp_1081972.html?wid=1433363&lkid=14276479 price $38.68 (flash sale)
Mustak Alam (4 days ago)
Stu Maclavin (4 days ago)
Biswajit Golder (4 days ago)
. Good item
devba bagul (4 days ago)
Sumit Kumar (4 days ago)
,G f tonum
Never Give Up (2 hours ago)
bekar hai
RHC Chaudhari (2 hours ago)
अब भारत के लोग चीन के माल कु भी जल्द बहिस्कार करने बाले है इसलिए mi के भी किआ जाएगा किउकी एभी पूरी तरह माल भारत मे नही चीन से ही यहां भेजता है और लोगकु मूर्ख बनाता है अब रेडमी भी भारत मे नीचे गिरेगा किउकी भारत के लोग ठान लिए है चीन आतंग के साथ खड़ा है आजभी
Your voice is good
Akshay Sarode (1 day ago)
Best tracker pe video banavo plz
Hit Man (1 day ago)
why did u say- " now in India for Rs. 2,499"???
mohit baghel (1 day ago)
It is very helpful for girls who live far from house.
Pramit Hate (1 day ago)
Mi India is not selling Amazfit tracker inside the package. You get this on gearbest etc only but not on Mi India. So they are just shoes not smart shoes
Send me
anirudh sharma (2 days ago)
Subscribing because of your voice and way of speaking.
Anjana Rawat (2 days ago)
Mi waale kachra daal re india me Mat kharidna ise.
Anmol Saxena (2 days ago)
How is your aloo
Anmol Saxena (2 days ago)
Hi gobi
Arpita Shaparia (2 days ago)
Chip ki unboxing nai unwrapping
Om Gorakhia (3 days ago)
Kaisa bhi smart ho aakhir mai made in china hai
Raja Xenon (3 days ago)
You speak in Sharukh's style... 👍
Sooraj Pratap Singh (3 days ago)
6:09 Bahut Zor se hilaya hai😂😂😂😂😂
Sumit Chauhan (3 days ago)
You sound like love guru from radio city...
Satyam Jha (2 days ago)
Will not work on the roads of India
sabir malik (3 days ago)
Step program oppo phone me bhi he
Anupam Agarwal (3 days ago)
This is not the same model available for india, the launched version is without tracker and they are sneakers2.
Channel EVRThinng (3 days ago)
Ek shoe hota h shoes nhi
Mohish Khan (3 days ago)
Shivani Sharma (3 days ago)
Good one
Sunita Kumari (4 days ago)
Boycott Chinese brands
shripuja siddamsetty (4 days ago)
How to wash it then?
Jugal Kishor (4 days ago)
shoes Ke prige kya h
enjoy time (4 days ago)
Underwear kab aa Raha hai
Mustak Alam (4 days ago)
Mustak Alam (4 days ago)
little Krishna (4 days ago)
Bhai agar aapka left shoe kho jaye to 😀😀😀😀😀 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 1 Like
syed nadeem (4 days ago)
Deepak Chauhan (4 days ago)
This shoes is very Comfortable and very useful for kidnapping
Jul Fakar (4 days ago)
Bhaskar Nair (4 days ago)
Mohammad Alamin (4 days ago)
Bangladesh e koto porbe?
Abhishek Pathak (4 days ago)
Badhiya bataya guru
sangam technology777 (4 days ago)
Kalimaa Kalimaa (4 days ago)
poco f satta king 2 bazar
some time touch (4 days ago)
rehan Khan (4 days ago)
rehan khan
Bhikhabhailakha Vansh (4 days ago)
Mukesh Varma (4 days ago)
मुकेश वर्मा
Mukesh Varma (4 days ago)
Sagar Gaikwad (4 days ago)
I like kab aaney wala hey
Sandeep Toppo (4 days ago)
What price that shoe
YASH TREHAN 24/7 (4 days ago)
Mere paas teh shoe hai. Mujhe Amazfit tracker ko repair karana hai. Kya service centre mein Jane SE repair ho jayega?? Plz reply
Nice shoes
abhishek kumar (4 days ago)
Akash jyoti Deka (4 days ago)
Jiyada door bhageka to blust ho jayeaga.
Zala Aravind (4 days ago)
Gopal Kag (4 days ago)
Vishwanath Zaware (4 days ago)
बनानेवाला येडा
Jomar Marquez (4 days ago)
Nike has this tech for years now
habibulla mondal (4 days ago)
Peeyush Kumar (5 days ago)
This is not available in India
Hardy Abhishek (3 days ago)
Available in mi.com
Veeral Dewan (5 days ago)
Hey! So as per your review it is evident that there's a chip inside which tracks the activity data. I believed so as well and ordered the shoes. However, Xiaomi Home store in Connaught Place, New Delhi were adamant on the fact that these shoes have no tracking chip at all. Not one but all of the sales reps were mentioning the same. I am referring to the shoes currently available online via crowdfunding. Also, the colour that you are reviewing isn't available. Are we on the same page here ?
Caim Astraea (6 days ago)
what's the point ? the iphone has the same feature and i think most phones have it also.
Gaurav Karwal (6 days ago)
Who is come after shoes launch 😁😁
lucky jo (6 days ago)
Abe dhakkan logo ye shoes mere jese smart logo ke liye he....tum log bas hawai chappal pehno😁😁😁😁😁
lucky jo (6 days ago)
Bhai koi udne waale shoes he kya ...?? Vo kya he saala visa banwane mein badi dikkat jaati he ...aur train buses mein bohot pollution he..
rashish pal (6 days ago)
Nice shoes
Riyaz Shekh Shekh (6 days ago)
Are Bhai kapde ki jali se pasine ki aasani or dhool mitti ki paresani don't use it
Keshob Das (7 days ago)
Mohd Arif (7 days ago)
sir ye mera 6386759571 whatsapp number he aor shoes mujhe order karna he kaise kare mujhe batayen please
manju bharadwaj (8 days ago)
Nice shoe
ain't my name (8 days ago)
Dusra link dena i want to buy
Arshid (8 days ago)
@8:12 jab tak apke pair chalenge tab tak basanti bhi chalegi😂😂😂😂
Dheeraj Singh (8 days ago)
I like your accent of speaking.
Uday Saini (8 days ago)
Sir, These are not available in INDIA ! the ones coming to india are the 2nd version of Mijia Sneakers.
Tushar Pant (8 days ago)
Airport mein koi dikkat toh nhi hai iske Saath?
Green Phantom (9 days ago)
Hot garbage 🗑.. Just wear a Apple Watch or a Fitbit, anything but those Kmart specials.
Abdurrahman Shaikh (9 days ago)
Sports ke liye comfortable hai kya sir
himanshu tiwari (9 days ago)
CLASH ANKUSH (9 days ago)
the pedometer is not given
Ravi nag (9 days ago)
I think gogi bro this is not the same shoe that is launched in India. Since there is no description if that shoes come with the tracker. Please check it and change the description
Apporve Tyagi (9 days ago)
How is the data accuracy?
jai Rajput (4 days ago)
Apporve Tyagi
Suvesh Kumar (9 days ago)
mi india wala smart shoe hai ya nhi? plz reply
therealvinceoffer (10 days ago)
cool shoes i might get the— DEAR LORD THAT PRICE!
Technical Dunya (10 days ago)
Sir q thaka rahy ho. ye option to smart mobile me b hy. mery Lg v20 me Lg Health k nam sy. or wo calorie b batata hy or ye b batata k ap unchae me kitna safr kia or slide me kitna. mean horizontal b guess karta...
Umang (10 days ago)
Kar di na title change bina soche samjhe. India Wala normal shoes hai, smart shoes nahi.
vijay kumar (10 days ago)
Sir it can pair more than one device at a time??
kunal Rathi (10 days ago)
Who is here in 2019
Saddam Hussain (10 days ago)
Aapne kis company ke mobile se shoes ko connect kiya h
Sahil Sonwani (10 days ago)
Agle bar mi smart condom
Rahul Gamer (2 days ago)
Jamal Khan (10 days ago)
Kuty ka bacha vedio lambi kar raha hay . time waister
sandeep singh (10 days ago)
Samsung health also working fine app . I Count thousand step .. and same data output by Samsung health ..
sandeep singh (10 days ago)
In shoes ko mandir ke bahar mat utarna 😁
sandeep singh (10 days ago)
Kya ye office khud lejaygi aur kitne km/hr ke speed se chalegi ..ya apna per hi hilana padega Jane ke liye 😜
Psycho Jazz (10 days ago)
photo english mai 🤣
Leishangthem Joysana (10 days ago)
Sir.. thanks you so much for. Give me information... But sir.. how I'll know where I will get this shoes in india
arman khan (10 days ago)
Bad shoes
Lucky Rajbhar (11 days ago)
AB IS HERE (11 days ago)
Useless, waste of money
Leishangthem Joysana (11 days ago)
sir... i want buy this shoes for my father . according to your instruction i try to buy web link which you have given below. sir.. but there is no option to buy.. sir guide me.. to buy regarding about this shoes.. seen my father birthday came soon
ezhil e (11 days ago)
If you are from india, mi india is launching this shoe in india on 6th feb 2019.
Piyush Anand (11 days ago)
Mi के website पे भी मिल सकता है।
Sanjeev Magroriya (11 days ago)
Mujhe aapki aabaj bahut pasand h
Sunny Saroj (11 days ago)
Isme camera sim kaha hee😂🤣💪
ranjeet singh (12 days ago)
Bhosdeke pura vedio dekhe fayada ,accha 18 sec baad band tera vedio ,gandu ha tu
Arjun Royce (12 days ago)
Nice shoes
Logical Shubham (12 days ago)
Most soothing voice on YouTube

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