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23rd Birthday | LifeOfJits

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Love Jits x. My Blog: www.Lifeofjits.blogspot.com Tumblr: www.lifeofjits.tumblr.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/LifeOfJits Instagram: http://instagram.com/jitsh91 *Don't forget to watch in HD **Products mentioned: Tea: http://www.hema.nl/winkel?fh_location=%2F%2Fnlhema%2Fnl_NL%2Fpnl_product_type%3E%7Bbooks%3Bshop%7D%2F%24s%3Dthee&fh_secondid=pnl_60940001 Rituals Tea Set: http://eu.rituals.com/nl-nl/15-tot-35-euro/tea-musthaves-teamusthaves.html#start=15 Green Smoothie Book: http://www.voedzaamensnel.nl/het-groene-smoothie-boek/ Rituals Shower Cream Scrub: http://eu.rituals.com/nl-nl/scrub/fortune-scrub-2505.html#start=7 Rituals Foaming Shower Gel: http://eu.rituals.com/nl-nl/doucheschuim/happy-buddha-6886.html#start=5 Lush Twilight: https://www.lush.nl/shop/product/product/path/143/id/1010/bad-twilight Lush Lord Of Misrule: https://www.lush.nl/shop/product/product/path/143/id/1865/bad-lord-of-misrule Lush Luxury Lush Pud: https://www.lush.nl/shop/product/product/path/143/id/1764/bad-luxury-lush-pud MAC Faux Lipstick: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/168/310/Products/Lips/Lipstick/Lipstick/index.tmpl?SKU_ID=SKU3042 MAC Plumful Lipstick: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/168/310/Products/Lips/Lipstick/Lipstick/index.tmpl?SKU_ID=SKU2763 Beautybox: http://www.beautybox.nl Greenland Body Butter Coconut: http://shop.greenlandbodycare.com/en/fruit-emotions-body-butter-coconut-tangerine-100.html Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery: http://www.dermalogica.com/dynamic-skin-recovery-spf50/60-01,default,pd.html Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo: http://www.redken.co.uk/products/at-home/haircare/color-extend-magnetics/shampoo Rituals Hand Lotion: http://eu.rituals.com/nl-nl/balsem/happy-hands-9102.html#start=3 Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick: http://www.beautybox.nl/p/201/golden_rose___velvet_matte_lipstick Sony DSC-QX10 Smart Lens-camera: http://www.sony.nl/electronics/cyber-shot-compacte-cameras/dsc-qx10#pdp_slideshow_default
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Text Comments (5)
Lucy Burns (4 years ago)
Great video mind checking out my channel 💘
LadyAsia (4 years ago)
omg I'm in love with the lens-camera! I need to add it to my christmas wishes list. Also the pies in the end looked so amazing, I'm just sitting here all hungry! x
LifeOfJits (4 years ago)
RIGHT?! I'm still so excited about the lens! It's so cool! hahaha. Haha the cheesecake failed a bit (yes it was supposed to be a cheesecake, raw vegan blueberry cheesecake, the taste was good though!) the apple pie was incredible and the other one I just bought in the store (A)
Tiny Bag Productions (4 years ago)
Do you need help with that booze? Let's DO THIS THING.
LifeOfJits (4 years ago)
YES! I reckon you are the right person for this. LET'S DO THIS.

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