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Russian woman finds love in Chinese border town

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The inspiring story of a Russian-Chinese couple shows that love can transcend all boundaries. They hope their son can grow up in an era of growing Sino-Russian friendship.
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Text Comments (382)
Ma. Cristina Yu (1 month ago)
I'm glad they accepted the girl
Paul Ng (2 months ago)
Chinese men are so pathetic who are nothing but losers with serious inferior complex. Chinese men have only one goal in life which is to blindly worship White women while discrimating against Chinese women and other women of colour. SAD!
Yangke Li (1 month ago)
lol says a guy who has a cantonese name
COco Yo yo (2 months ago)
yet over 40% of western born Asian women in marry to white men... then create Elliot Rodgers.
zhmz888 (3 months ago)
blessing them! more connection, more understanding...better future for euro-asia...
S S L (3 months ago)
Из России с любовью !!! 爱,就像音乐,没有边界。 如果内心的欲望强烈,它将在这个世界的任何地方找到它的正确位置。
DeeSNutts (3 months ago)
Amazing. I’d love to find a Russian lady.
Al Kou (4 months ago)
Nice story! Beautiful child!
Savina Huang (4 months ago)
Love transcends racism.
Aiden C (5 months ago)
The kid is so cute!
Jian-Wei Wu (5 months ago)
Is there a way to meet a Russian girl in China? Who can introduce a Russian girl to me?
Yujin Kim (3 months ago)
+adam west well, it is partially true for the US, where Asian man has to earn 250k annually more than white man to be equally considered. You think like any other stupid American who never traveled outside of the US, speaks no other language than English and thinks, that American racial bullshit works everywhere. However, in Russia women are way more responsive to the advances of Asian men, Because, mixed-race marriages with Asians were common even 500 years ago. Also, Asian men there marry Russian women more often than the other way around.
Yujin Kim (3 months ago)
+Jian-Wei Wu, do not listen to this butthurt racist. Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European women are open minded to date and marry Asian guy. Just, go to Russia and also learn Russian before that.
Jian-Wei Wu (4 months ago)
+Hyperborean Colonialism how about you introduce one to me? Maybe you can enjoy the transgender woman too, haha
Hyperborean Colonialism (4 months ago)
I'm going to be honest with you, it's simply not going to happen. However, I have a proposition for you. There is an alternative. I suggest that you start a relationship with a transgender Russian woman. There are some who had many surgeries and look very feminine. They will simply be a lot more open minded to being in a relationship with someone like you.
HansumRob100 (5 months ago)
His a big chinese guy..
Zaini Mohamad (5 months ago)
lets spread peace and love to all mankind
Azz Laird (6 months ago)
Why do they always make a big deal out of white women and Chinese men?
Poor Finian (6 months ago)
Given the proximity of these two huge, heavily populated countries, you'd think Russian/Chinese marriages would already be a common thing...
chopaface (4 months ago)
russia is not overpopulated... they have more land than people. but i think someone should start a chinese-russian dating service.. hahahahha
Hindu Nationalist (6 months ago)
Russian girls really love Chinese guy
Kanna Retguna (6 months ago)
that's why we japanese always seem russian as a enemy all the time because russian accept China.
COco Yo yo (24 days ago)
+Kanna Retguna and Tibet believe it's their own country... not India.
COco Yo yo (2 months ago)
+Kanna Retguna Japan can build gundams and more porn to beat them i guess.
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
go away
Kanna Retguna (4 months ago)
Chinese & Russian together same as a ugly shit, steal our island and never apologise, and Tibet is belong to India no matter you like or not.
Isprikitik burkabush (4 months ago)
Youre not japanese
Rudy Alfonsus (7 months ago)
i'm at the good side of youtube today
ben anderson (7 months ago)
Nelli Kim was A Russian gymnast and she preferred a Chinese man over a white man.
Savina Huang (4 months ago)
She chose love! Love wins!
Geoffrey Teng (7 months ago)
I have watched another clip about Mr Wang Hai and his wife Marina. Mr Wang is an extremely lucky man on earth. Marina is not only beautiful, she is also highly educated person, with a master degree graduated in Russia, and above all she is a very kind, understanding and family oriented person. When Marina talked to Andong in Russian and Chinese, Andong seems to understand more in Russian. This tell me that Marina has been closed to her son. Wang Hai is a good man, loves and respect his wife. He is working hard for the future of the family. I am touched to see this happy family. May God gives the couples and their child good blessing. From Australia with love.
Master Kenshiro (7 months ago)
only Russian seem chinese as a good friend, what a shame
蔣柏成 (4 months ago)
Master Kenshiro but both us Chinese and Korean don’t like japan😁
rob kazinsky (7 months ago)
eastern european men and women are more attractive than american ones, that is for sure.
N P (7 months ago)
God bless
General Gut (7 months ago)
God Chinese men are so physically repulsive.
Huynh Anh (28 days ago)
fook off troll where’s yo face at u fat fook
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
Redneck jealoussss
Ki Fa (6 months ago)
Salty cracker
Mikkel Andersen (7 months ago)
It's their fuckin* business
Mark Shao (8 months ago)
I want to a Russian girl too.☺☺
Joseph Lee (8 months ago)
Beautiful couple and a gorgeous son. My parents had a very close Russian friend in Tianjin, China. He owned a large furniture business there. My parents referred him as "Dear old big brother," said he spoke mandarin fluently than most natives in Tianjin. It was dear old big brother advised my parents to leave China ASAP because he had seen the horror of communist firsthand in Russia under Stalin. Although I've never met him, for some reason, I carry my parents' fondness for the dear old brother wherever I am and I am in New York City.
Vishal Sancheti (8 months ago)
wow... why don't whites want to preserve their gene pool? They are billions of Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Middle Easterners. But only a fraction of whites left.... what a waste. I am Indian and I am making sure to never marry a white, Id rather be single for the rest of my life before that happens. I am hoping others will follow my example... a superb sacrifice if there was any.
XOXO BOFF (8 months ago)
And to me i seeking one women for wedding .i 27 years old single .normal.happy men
Chito Brito (3 months ago)
amazon warrior (9 months ago)
hi SAKIO, thanks for your wisdom in telling us the boy is half russian and half chinese, and me thinking he was an alien, with out people like you we would be lost in ignorance.oh and I wish this couple the best of life.
ck LIM (9 months ago)
Perfect metge of culture
I've seen A chinese man with a black woman And a Chinese man with White woman The world is changing were becoming more mixed race
Orkney Is (10 months ago)
What a cute family !
Elma Akuma (10 months ago)
that's why i cannot accept russian, because we look chinese as a enemy but only russian seem chinese like a good friend...
Vicmund Lim (5 months ago)
Japanese troll spotted btw hi
Ramiro Farias Moreira (10 months ago)
Happy family always ! Congratulations lovely people!
COco Yo yo (10 months ago)
I am only here for the racist comments... I am not disappointed.
Pauline Hunter (10 months ago)
good luck to you both xx
ThatDutchguy (10 months ago)
Hey, they love one another that's great, good luck to them👍.
Jermanos Petalos (10 months ago)
I’m sorry, the kids will be ugly mongoliod Khan lookalikes.
Savina Huang (4 months ago)
Stay in school, boy.
Vicmund Lim (5 months ago)
+Ксения Сидорова hey
ShAdOwMaN (11 months ago)
COco Yo yo (10 months ago)
Dude, i think you're in the wrong video.
ShAdOwMaN (11 months ago)
devi fortuna (11 months ago)
Paul Tremblay (11 months ago)
There are 3 women for one men in Russia, please share them with China. We need more women
dominic k (11 months ago)
Beautifull son and warm and happy family !
Sons of the Confederacy (11 months ago)
The Russian bitch herself looks part Oriental. In fact, Russians are quasi Mongoloids. Russians are NOT 100% European. Hence their lack of morals. Asiatic freaks (e.g. Chinese killing 70 million of their own, Japanese committing war crimes during WW2) are totally immoral and are devoid of humanity. Russians, having Asian genes, are cruel and tyrannical people. Blowing up MH17 in 2014, shooting down KAL007 in 1983 (and they shot at another KAL in 1978, I think, but didn't bring it down). Russians are fucking ugly inside and out.
Surajin europe (11 months ago)
Love n respect from Nepal.
Xavier Malcolm Menezes (11 months ago)
Good the family didn't serve him in steel plate the first time
TIMFO inc. (11 months ago)
An- Dong... Eye( an) or peace-cozy- comfort (an)... Dong( eastern- Copper metal/ purity) in Korean- Han - Chinese.
SSMART (11 months ago)
Where can I find a russian wife? I am so sad
TIMFO inc. (11 months ago)
Seeds business, Seeds make history. If they can not find good fields, learning , writing, creating ....doing for 👍.
No hatred, No Revenge, No negative comments..My aim is for a prosperous world.. where I can see childs smiling like moonlight.. Spreading love between INDIA & CHINA.. I am from *INDIA* and I love *CHINA*
Jason Smith (11 months ago)
Andong; nice name for a Chinese battleship.
Heineken FiftySeven (11 months ago)
The filthy whore brings shame to her family and nation! May they both be beaten to death by Russian skinheads!
taehee lee (11 months ago)
Me a hater??????on the contrary. ....I love Russian girls.i just don't get used with their culture thinking that I have to support their parents or grandparents whenever they are in "health and or financial difficulties". When comes show me the money, I ran.kk
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
This is a beginning of a full scale invasion. Infiltrate the enemy, marry the women and take over the country. No war needed..😄😄😄
Orion Lord (7 months ago)
That's what you indians doing to british womens.
swadgeneger khan (7 months ago)
Supreme Being you live in your imagination world full of shit.
dominic k (11 months ago)
Supreme Being,its the woman that came to China and married the Chinese man,you moron!
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, you are describing yourself. This is what british crooks did. However, Hitler did you crooks a favor by bombing you little country into smithereens and reduce you into a little weakling of today.
Amira Amira (11 months ago)
He said it "poor" so marry a wealthy/ish foreigner
3517 alt (11 months ago)
Chhines are dirty and poor and under dictatorship Country. Russian woman want marry to american than chinese
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
3517 alt There are many Russian women with European, British and Americans. What happened to Russian men? Did dick fall off?
a chinese (11 months ago)
It's great, there are more men in China and Russian women, it's not about politics, it's about human and family needs.
I love CHINA
chf gbp (11 months ago)
Many couples look alike. Even this mixed race couple. That s cute.
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onlythewise1 (11 months ago)
pretty white mix with ugly short Asian , end of white race
chf gbp (11 months ago)
onlythewise1 = yellow retard
taehee lee (11 months ago)
Russian girls.......they can even predict the guy gonna have money later.....kkkk
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
shame2beblack, you should behave yourself and become a good person. You should know blacks are at the bottom of society. I do have black friends and I hope you behave yourself. Don't be a racist black or else you should know where you will heading to. You know police have no mercy when dealing with blacks.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Shame2beblack, stay away from black...ah
sasuke ishikawa (11 months ago)
Russians will be ethnic minority.
Yeo Seng yow (11 months ago)
sky watcher (11 months ago)
Lovely, lovely couple..
anythingnew (9 months ago)
Putin looks like Zhang Liao
BlueRice (11 months ago)
im here trying to make a tree fall in love with me
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
BlueRice Just hug it, my friend. And leave it. If it comes to you, it is urs forever. If it doedn't, it was never urs...😍😍😍
Siosi Babi (11 months ago)
Im from india we need russian women to please come to india....
Chito Brito (3 months ago)
+Siosi Babi wtf haha
ben anderson (7 months ago)
sinno core (10 months ago)
Curry dirty smelling, we don't needed.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Siosi Babi, no. Some Indian girls I met look very beautiful.
dan020350 (11 months ago)
:) no need for paid letters
John Tran (11 months ago)
how come it never happen to me....i work hard have good heart...but never happen
COco Yo yo (2 months ago)
My wife is Russian, they won't hit on you... They are very in to gender roles. Men has to be men to them, they want men to be bold, they expect you to take care of them, pamper them, pay for first dates, step and make decisions. They hate nothing more than passive men who sit there waiting for hot women hit on them.
Pure Mrax (2 months ago)
+COco Yo yo In Russia, you don`t hit on woman, and woman hit on you.
COco Yo yo (10 months ago)
Cause you have to go hit on women... women don't come up to you...
John Tran (11 months ago)
lucky guy
J S. (11 months ago)
Beautiful Russian people.
tyjghjghhh (11 months ago)
i want to name my son, A-Bomb, in chinese. can someone write that in chinese for me.
Ricefor2 (10 months ago)
蛋蛋,lovely name lol
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Islam Ahmadzai is not Pakistan. He must be a jealous Indian crook.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Islam Ahmadzai, you are describing yourself, racist crook
李闖 (11 months ago)
tyjghjghhh 原子弹.But why?
Islam Ahmadzai (11 months ago)
tyjghjghhh ding or dong are the same names in chinese for bomb
tyjghjghhh (11 months ago)
their kid turned out cute too......... russian and chinese brains, and russia's resources, and chinese hard work ethics......... you can't really go wrong with these combos. but if you are a trailer trash ameriKKKan........ then inbreeding with your sister or cousin is your only option...... and you end up having another george bush.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, look at how lowly you are and same with your crook race. Is that all you know, prostitution and pedophile? What a shameful and lowly behavior? No wonder, you are so jealous with Asian men since you have no ethics and have no women around. What a loser! You should be ashamed of yourself for even mention these dirty behaviors.
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
tyjghjghhh Well, ur doing better, i see. You start using better english now. So ur doing good. You take ur meds, that's good. Most western people go to Asia for 8 year old prostitutes. I think that why you in such a hurry to go. Be careful, youngster. Alot of ugly sexual diseases. Even blue waffle. He He He!! 😄😄😄
tyjghjghhh (11 months ago)
hello triggered lil thing. i did my job triggering emotional snowflakes like you. im happy and your not. bye bye dumb dumb. ahahhahahaha. and btw, don't call me dog eating, i live in the west. i ain't chinese. dumb dumb. but one day, i will go to asia and eat dog and cat. just to see what it taste like. i'll let you know how your dog taste when i get back.
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
tyjghjghhh wow! I'm flattered you responded. I didn't mean to hurt ur feelings. You must be broken hearted. Usually when someone finds me arrogant and funny it means they are very confused and don't know how to act and they jist leave me alone. But you did not! I am touched. Are you going to be ok for the rest of the day? Should i call a doctor. You are very special kid...😆😆😆😆😆
tyjghjghhh (11 months ago)
STUPID-Being got triggered. i often try my best to trigger the dumbest people, for ALL to see and laugh. supreme being gives me a good laugh and smile.... thanks dumb dumb. any retard calling their name supreme, LOL ahahhahaha or God, or leader, or other fucktard names that they WISH they were in real life............ just trolls empty on the inside and wishing on the outside to be someone they are NOT. but spend all their time doing nothing, doing fuck all, except dream and dream some more.
lostinamerica (11 months ago)
Their are so many good men from the state's that can not get a passport because of the corrupt family Court's decision to impose redicoulous debts with interest for Life taking their driver's licenses and creating a serious homeless problem that is redicoulous. So many good men want to relocate to a country that they could legally immigrate to without a passport legally. The USA is corrupt.
Motorcyclist (11 months ago)
What's so special with this, just another mixed marriage.
bob See (10 months ago)
Motorcyclist zits about good human. Truely can love and live happily together regardless of wealth and skin color. You sound jealous or just an angry little man
dominic k (11 months ago)
Nobody said its special,its just in your mind,the title said Russian woman finds love in Chinese border town!
n L (11 months ago)
This is just a marriage between a Chinese man and a Russian woman that produced a beautiful son. IF China and Russia united to become a country... then its will instantly be a superpower , much powerful than America.
Sigerlion (1 month ago)
+Average Joe78 You are the ones paying them to make the junk for you LMAO dumbass.
Pure Mrax (2 months ago)
+Average Joe78 Name anything you wear which is not made in China.
Average Joe78 (5 months ago)
Russia is poor & chinese make junk so together you get poor junk lol yeah...real powerful
tyjghjghhh (11 months ago)
they are already a super power bro. they just don't act like one. if they both really want to, they can go into $ Trillions dollars debt, by making 10 carrier warships, and 50,000 jet fighters and missiles etc.. and then go attack small weak, helpless countries who can't defend themselves. a REAL and TRUE super power would NOT do that. kill millions of people, looking for fake wmds? kill millions people looking for fake chemicals? kill millions people looking for non existing terrorists who supposedly attacked their tall buildings? rofl... NO ONE believes this shit except the ameriKKKan people themselves, dumbest sheeps in world history. and yes, china/russia are united in fighting amerikkka. they just don't announce it, as it would make amerikkkan people shit their pants.
cktung100 (11 months ago)
Pure Mrax (2 months ago)
TIMFO inc. (11 months ago)
Beautiful child means good couple and happy and harmonious days ahead.
Heineken FiftySeven (9 months ago)
Actually I do have Russian blood running through my veins that's why I'm glad the coal burning whore in this particular video is old and ugly.. It's not a big loss for my people..
dominic k (9 months ago)
Heineken,keep on dreaming,you know what the Russians did with your Aryan woman after they bombed the hell out of Berlin so it wouldn,t supprised me if you have some Russian blood runnign trough your vains hahahha
dominic k (9 months ago)
Heineken,one day your blonde daughter will go for a black and she will tell her mother about it,so you will loose your daughter and your wife hahahahaha
dominic k (9 months ago)
Aahh Heineken is a little bit jealous,don,t be so hard on yourself boy,one day you will also get a woman that will love you and it doesn,t matter that you are angry,i understand your feelings!
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Hey Honky Hitler, you are so stupid slop as Hitler himself and that's why you have no friends around. Racists are pure scums and living in constant fear. This is why you crooks don't even dare to use your real name for fearing others will burst your identity. How miserable! You are living in constant fear and darkness. Stupid honk, listen carefully to what I about to say here. Don't be a racist crook. You are already a loser but this is just the beginning. Your next step will be either ending up in jail or being shot by police. You should know how your idol Hitler ended his life. You should know yourself very well why you have no wife. Btw, you are from the South right? Do you know how the South ended after the Civil War? Do you still want me to teach you further?
Justin BiEber (11 months ago)
Wow Humanity, love, peace. May God blessed these on every corner of the world.
shhshsb sijsns (11 months ago)
if you are beautiful , and need a China man ,add QQ: 1575710921
shhshsb sijsns (11 months ago)
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Nij Jin (11 months ago)
Nobody use QQ these days, better add your wechat.
Aydemir Duman (11 months ago)
Andong, what a great name. We need peace all around the world. Love n respect to you
michaeldeng1981 (11 months ago)
Good match. on the other hand, many Chinese men in countryside are struggling to find partners.
Wei Qin Peng (11 months ago)
Donald John Trump (11 months ago)
White boys got cocked by this chinaman. Hahahahahahahahaha
Eric Lai (28 days ago)
+Edward Huynh yeah and western white man loves Asian yellow skin girl
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, an ugly and yellow teeth brit.
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
J W He a slanted eye ChinaTranny...
Donald John Trump (11 months ago)
Victor Ye thanks
Victor Ye (11 months ago)
Udayan Mitra (11 months ago)
Cringe. Beautiful Russian genes will get contaminated
Isprikitik burkabush (4 months ago)
Its ok Russia is the most conservative white people on the planet. they would not risk to endanger thier ethnicity unlike the western european cucks
Charles Hoang (6 months ago)
Russian women will marry any men for money because they are money pythons !
SkyEnd Dragon (7 months ago)
Udayan, then show us how you look like and we will determine whether or not to contaminate your female family.
Happy VLOG (8 months ago)
Hyperborean Colonialism Asia is huge so there are many diversity in Asia
Happy VLOG (8 months ago)
Hyperborean Colonialism live with your white races ugly fat ass fuck. If you give me free I’m not going to fuck them because smell stinky.then Russian take over Europe lol that’s you want Central Asia power
Sakio™ BEATZ (11 months ago)
The beautiful child is half russian half chinese <3
lan dz (25 days ago)
he looks siberian to me
Didi Prangsak (2 months ago)
so much jealous people😭😅
Charles Hoang (6 months ago)
Half duck half chicken
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, you are describing yourself very well. A half dog half donkey white crook. A fucking jackal brit.
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
Sakio™ BEATZ It look like a fucking jackal. Half yellow dog, half Slavic donkey...😆😆😆
efoo333 (11 months ago)
I am touched by their loving care for the family.
Kiamzai (11 months ago)
Andong 好可爱啊 !
James bless (11 months ago)
Heineken FiftySeven (10 months ago)
LOL you are a looser because you hate your own race and want to mix! Your own people hate you! They want to stay yellow and not mix themselves into brown trash, Hence that is all you are to your own people trash! Lol respect other peoples decision to destroy my race if I love it? HAHAHA! listen to yourself you stupid idiot! Then you go on projecting again, Making you look more like an idiot! Race mixers are the vilest most disgusting thing on the planet! Your own people hate you! Hell You don't even have a people! You're just mixed shit!
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
You are describing yourself very well as a scumbag. You are a loser because you cannot compete with anyone. You love to abuse other people including those from your own race. You force your sick opinion onto others with the fake excuse of keeping your racist scums alive. You slander and harass women and call them whores because you are jealous for having no woman around you. You love noone but yourself only. A selfish guy like yourself is trying to come up with fake excuses in order to look a little better. If you truly love your race, respect other people's decision. Everyone has his/her own freedom. Did you do that? No, you did not. Instead, you slander any white that don't agree with your sick opinion. Look at yourself carefully, man. You are an alcoholic and a divorcee. Do you know why woman left you? Because of your bad characters. You are lonely and have no friends and you don't even dare to reveal your identity for fearing people will burst you. It is noone but you are your own race hater. If you want to remain the way you are, keep that for yourself. Don't force your sick opinion onto others. Let me tell you, man. Even your past wife and daughters will not agree with you. This was the very reasons that your wife left you.
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
Hey Heineken FiftySeven, this method should apply to racist scum like yourself. Don't forget, you are lowering your race's image for depicting your race as racist and immoral. Furthermore, you are forcing your racist attitude toward other whites. You violate other people's freedom. Therefore, you are lowering yourself and your race further. You should learn to become a good person, I tell you. You will have more things to gain. Don't be a racist. Racists are losers. You already know this yourself very well. Reform yourself and become a good person.
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
COco Yoyo, right on Bro!!!
KermitNinja9er (11 months ago)
Never again let the capitalist-ziofascist-imperialist US regime aka the Jewnited Snakes of America put a wedge between Russia and China, like they managed to do with the USSR and the PRC during the Cold War.
N P (7 months ago)
lostinamerica you never had US passport because assholes are not allowed into US
General Gut (7 months ago)
Russians do not like Chinese. They find them to be greedy, duplicitous, dishonest and physically repulsive - like all of us Europeans do.
Supreme Being (11 months ago)
Pilot Lock Actually, I'm flattered that you responded to me all this time. I must be of some importance to you. Maybe you are trying to pass something along to the world. A piece of propaganda? Don't waste ur time, Ivan. You subhuman barbaric monkeys have been on the downside since after WW2. No sense in trying to cover it up. You can paint a turd, but it is still a turd. 😂😂😂
Pilot Lock (11 months ago)
Supreme Being I got it ! I am talking to pennyless white trash dumbo hete! Why so angry? You stink of desperation and hopelessness! Let me guess , you live in a shithole trailer house with your supper jumbo mommy, can't effort your own place, sinking in debts and no bimbo by your side , cause you have no money and teeth! You live in the " best" country but you have nothing in your pockets now not ever. You are so jealous you are about to deliver a twins! Well , I am done here! I am doing very good , super good , not sorry that you have such pathetic and hateful life ! You can dribble your wishful shite about Russia as much as it pleases you, it is not like you have anything exciting to do! Yhe, Russia is going down , Our Bear Mr Putin has -10% disapproving rate, sanctions are killing our flourishing manufacturing and agricultural industries , Schmerica tells us what to do and we listen ! Whatever makes your simple brain happy, dumbo! I am doing very good, love is in the air , life is great , no feelings of hate or anger !!! Have to go now, no more talking to you, please don't cry , life is too sweet to waste it on comforting a sour white trash looser! Ta ta !
Pilot Lock (11 months ago)
Supreme Being As I said before , dumbo! You are parroting your media , silly bird! Have you been to Russia?! I bet you furthest your even went is MacCies! With my average office job I own my home, my summer house , my car . I have no debt just like the rest of ruskies. My mom an emergency operation recently and stayed in hospital for 12 days , payed $150 for the pleasure. You, dumbo, would pay at least $40K for the same operation even if you have an insurance. I have travelled the world, travelled through Merika. We were told a lot of lies about communism, but everything we were told about capitalistic America turned out to be true. Your golden days are over, you have no middle class , just rich and the slaves , besides your jumbo TV set you can't effort anything. You live in a fabricated la la land! You, dumbo, have no money , no guts to travel the world. Even if you rob a bank and travel , my advice , don't tell that you are SchMerican and curb your accent, people don't Schmericans much to say the least !
NaCOrVa (11 months ago)
Russian Women n Chinese Men Share Mutual Understanding more than Other Mixed Ethnic groups in Common.
Russian KGB spy (10 months ago)
Don’t understand why would she marry a foreigner? There is a lot of Russian men.
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
Hey, Heineken FiftySeven, you are the traitor to your own race for making your race look racist and low. You make everybody sick. The method that you said should be applied to racist scums like yourself.
Heineken FiftySeven (10 months ago)
They are both traitors to their Nation and People! They should both be shot in the back of the head and disposed of! They make me sick!
NaCOrVa yes
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, you are describing yourself. You have no women around and this is why you are desperated and tried to spread venoms around against Asian Male White Female couples.
Heather Larson (11 months ago)
Russian girl = beautiful, feminine. Chinese man = hardworking, responsible, family-oriented. Can't be better!
Henny Nk (11 days ago)
Edward Huynh she is telling the truth
Henny Nk (11 days ago)
Elena Gelmez I wish you can find a good looking nice and responsible asian man
Henny Nk (11 days ago)
Elena Gelmez I don’t like black men who are irresponsible . Asian men are the best , very hard working nice and gentle
Huynh Anh (28 days ago)
Azz Laird fucken troll u are a weasel go fuck yo self u ugly retarded white pigeon 💩
Huynh Anh (28 days ago)
Jermanos Petalos atlest they not a retarded white pigeon 💩
I too love chinese..QQ 776285957
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Holion 7296, of course you will be banned giving your racist crook personality. You will be banned anywhere in the world.
Holion 7296 (11 months ago)
LINES TELECOM CORDED TELEPHONES careful CCP might ban your qq account, some idiot was pming me anti CCP garbage one night, guy says he wanted to chat but kept on copy and pasting walls of text I got annoyed and told him to fuck off, I blocked and reported him and logged off, the night afterward I loved on my PC and attempted to login to my account the qq software said my account never existed
6packter (11 months ago)
i love Russia and Russian culture
Chee Hong Thong (11 months ago)
Chito Brito (3 months ago)
you are right!
burn kee (11 months ago)
anythingnew (9 months ago)
Heineken, if you are superior, why dont you procreate eith white women en masse then? Go help out your people. You are attacking good, innocent, lonely people when your problem isn't even fixed yet.
Loki Te (10 months ago)
Heineken FiftySeven you r more fucking disgusting
Edward Huynh (10 months ago)
LOL, hey Hitler Heineken..you are describing yourself as retarded...haha..It is you who have no woman around at all. This is why you are so jealous of women and call them with degrading name. You show how much hatres you have for these women. Hey crook, you are the betrayer and anti-white, not them. You want to enslave and oppress white women and men that don't follow your jealousy and racist attitude. You hate your own race so much and this is why you keep slandering them. No wonder, you have no woman nor man around you. Hey crook! Rest assure, I support women and the weak since young so I am always surrounded with women and friends from different races. Even now, white girls request me to escort them to their cars when they are afraid of darkness outside. Listen carefully, crook! Fuck you and at the same time, I pity you since you have NO people that like you.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Heineken FiftySeven, you are describing yourself, racist crook!
Heineken FiftySeven (11 months ago)
Jeffrey Ko (11 months ago)
Manmohan Singh Dhanjal (11 months ago)
jeffrey ko 这里用"一对",一对夫妻。
nitz vision (11 months ago)
Very rare ..
Eric Lai (28 days ago)
+김우성 No we are hard work not like you dumass Korean Nationalism even claimed Confucius is your people
Alex Tan (1 month ago)
@Hyperborean Colonialism......Your name speaks a lot about your character, colonialism. You either had been brain-washed by Western medias or living in a well for the past 20 years or so. There is nothing rare about an Asian man & white woman marriage. You need to travel more and see the world. Lot's of white women are married to Asian men, and no, these white women are not desperate. They just prefer different culture.
Hyperborean Colonialism (3 months ago)
Extremely rare. The only way a white woman can ever take a chinese seriously if she's extremely desperate and has no other options (like in this video).
General Gut (7 months ago)
Why are you so obsessed with Russian women dude? You know you would be singing a different song if this video were about Russian man with Chinese woman. You East Asians are very duplicitous and hypocritical like this.
Edward Huynh (11 months ago)
Lowly Being, british have viagra dependent dicks. Russians have vodka. You decide...
BluesCreation09 (11 months ago)
Better move to Heilongjian
Vicmund Lim (5 months ago)
+ComeOn Ya do korean girls marry chinese man
BluesCreation09 (10 months ago)
ComeOn Ya - Thank you. Looks like there are many Russians or Russians married to Chinese as well. Interesting place.

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