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Drunk Driving Arrest of Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Lt. Brian Filipiak

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On November 13, 2016 Lt. Brian Filipiak of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office was arrested on suspicion of "super drunk" driving in northern Michigan’s Montmorency County. RELATED STORY: http://s.mlive.com/MAHqYvW Highlights: 00:15 Montmorency County Sheriff Deputy Zachery Morrison passed the pickup truck driven by Brian Filipiak, an off duty Lieutenant of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office and turns around in pursuit. 00:45 The pickup truck is seen swerving over the fog line, into the shoulder, then back left over the center line. 1:00 Filipiak pulls his truck to the side of the road as he passes a Michigan DNR officer who was also responding to the 9-1-1 calls for a reckless driver. 1:20 Deputy Morrison approaches the driver 1:27 BODYCAM FOOTAGE BEGINS - The assisting DNR officer can be seen on the other side of the truck. 2:54 Deputy Morrison returns to the truck to have Filipiak take a field sobriety test. 11:50 Deputy Morrison beings to physically remove Filipiak from the truck. 13:25 Deputy Morrison and the assisting DNR office attempt to pull Filipiak from the truck. 13:48 Deputy Morrison warns Filipiak he’ll be tasered if he does not exit the truck. 16:53 Filipiak is placed under arrest. 20:08 Filipiak states he wants a “Cop to a Cop” deal 21:17 Both officers struggle to get Filipiak in the back seat of the police cruiser.
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comedychannels (3 minutes ago)
comedychannels (21 minutes ago)
What a wonderful cop doing the arresting ! Amazing
Jarvis Cockup (1 hour ago)
If this had been a member of the public. The video would have been 20 minutes shorter.
Annabella Bells (1 hour ago)
Wow I'm a petite female and when I got pulled over and asked to step out to be arrested for a warrant I did and I was nice and did everything they asked. on my record it says I didn't resist arrest they document how the traffic stop goes. So just comply. It sucks but it's not the end of the world.
Steve Mazz (2 hours ago)
---"Filipiak has been employed with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office for 21 years. " ---"Brian Filipiak, 47, is still employed by the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office, but "he is no longer a lieutenant, holds no command responsibility, and is no longer a sworn law enforcement officer,"" ---"Filipiak was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.28 and 0.27 percent - more than three times the legal limit for driving" ---"Filipiak was placed on unpaid administrative leave during the internal investigation and is now employed on a conditional basis working in a support capacity at reduced compensation, according to the department." --- this is the disgusting part---"Filipiak is now being compensated at the level of a deputy....deputies were paid between $41,903.88 and $62,917.78" After all this still living off tax payers dollar.
Flapkatt (3 hours ago)
Super professional cops. Never a harsh word, never backed down. Very patient, and (even though the jerk didn't deserve it) kind and courteous. With +21 years in, this guy should just chuck in the paperwork, take his 20 and boogie. Only thing is, he'll probably do this again...and next time it could be you or I who would get in his way and pay the ultimate price. His pension should be dependent and conditional upon his going into treatment, loss of license and having an impairment detection device permanently affixed to his vehicle or any vehicle he may be driving. He won't learn the lesson till he kills someone. I don't want that someone to be me.
Matt Humphrey (3 hours ago)
Wait.. Just think about it buddy! Haha
Tambi Jo (3 hours ago)
I think He’s high on something + the alcohol!!!
C. Petey (4 hours ago)
Brian: -come ooon.. Cop - No ! Brian: yeees.. Cop - Brian! Stop it! Brian - no, YOu stoop! What a pain in the ass :))) acting like a goddamn kid.
james gilbert (4 hours ago)
Brian: " No stop." Officer: " Stop it." Brian: "No, you stop." LMAO
louis mays (4 hours ago)
Anyone can make the mistake of drunk driving, point of it is if he had of simply took the sobriety test and cooperated with the law they might not have arrested him. Or the judge might have cut him some slack for being a lt.
Joseph Alan (4 hours ago)
I hope this d bag was fired
louis mays (5 hours ago)
Wow this video made my day 2 cops I never met one arresting the other this video gonna make me $ millions
James Peck (5 hours ago)
This was pathetic....on both sides.
Mike McGomer (5 hours ago)
Imagine this mad describing how he's going to mess up your life for drunk driving....... Watch this cop https://youtu.be/FKGyoFvpve4
Michael Summers (5 hours ago)
He tried to bribe the arresting cop about 20 minutes into the video
The street pharmacist (6 hours ago)
Cops are so fucking crooked
Ehab Masaad (6 hours ago)
MORTIMER SCHNERD (6 hours ago)
Gee, I wonder how long I could have argued with the cop before I got shot!!!
BigORat (6 hours ago)
Who in their right mind would ever want to be a police officer?
Sage Oldmann (6 hours ago)
Anyone else would’ve been beaten tasered handcuffed and dragged into that truck and hauled off to jail.
tim (6 hours ago)
If that was a civilian person of ethnicity, they would have been shot in no time!
JordanisEthereal 3500 (7 hours ago)
This guy is pathetic lol. Just end it all
Quinnie Q (7 hours ago)
BRAVO FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!! The arresting officer was MORE THEN KIND Another cop who thinks he can do anything he wants!! Again good for the arresting officer He did his job regardless of who this man was
Tonya Stutz (7 hours ago)
This guy should be fired
D Stuart (7 hours ago)
My friend's beautiful college-aged son was killed by a drunk driver. Cops and teachers deserve so MUCH more money and support. People are assholes and cops have to deal with them--many are wonderful nice folks and their jobs are MASSIVELY stressful. Love you wonderful guys and gals who serve us. And I'm a hardcore liberal Democrat.
e b (7 hours ago)
omg i dont understand the cop wait so long to arrest this other cop who is drunk and who is resisting. anyone else it would have taken a minute. why not take a beer with him and drive your police car drunk while youre at it... both of those guys should lose their job.
LoveDoesConquerAll (7 hours ago)
Lmao he sounds like a child. "Brian, stop it." "No, YOU stop it."
bae313 (7 hours ago)
Be a man, you made your nest, lie in it.
LoveDoesConquerAll (7 hours ago)
They were way easy on Brian. Most other people would have been in that backseat in a few minutes. They were so nice to him.
Michael Mccollum (7 hours ago)
He still didn't do his job correctly because he asked him 15 times and nothing happened and anyone else would've been yanked out after the 1st time of asking. It's REDICULOUS
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
I wonder if he got his shit together...
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
Kudos to these officers for their patience 👏
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
mama 79 (7 hours ago)
"no no no"..."I'm not resisting"...um yes by definition you are doing exactly that!
Kathleen Lock (7 hours ago)
If he wasn't a cop, he'd have been kissing the pavement after the 3rd time he was asked to get out of the vehicle. That same drunk asshole, has probably tazed people for a lot less.
RotorMickey 365 (8 hours ago)
Come ooooon..... pig to pig. They all wallow in mud. Utter fucktards.
Martinus (8 hours ago)
The deputy NEVER would have let a civilian get away with HALF the SHIT that he let Sheriff Coaltrain here get away with! Dick Sucker!!
67iamsam (8 hours ago)
Your pathetic.
idek why (8 hours ago)
you know he's been stopped drunk driving in his own territory before. he can't believe these cops are actually making him get out
Nick Foles (8 hours ago)
I have no idea why I watched 24 minutes of Officer Zach and Brian literally repeating “step out of the car” “no just let me go!” “We’re past that point”. “Just let me sleep it off”. Lol. It’s a broken record.
Gary Sawyer (8 hours ago)
He did get to sleep it off,on a nice cool hard slab rack.
Gary Sawyer (8 hours ago)
Morrison was MORE THAN FAIR. Lt. was letting his alcohol run his mouth and becoming more resistive. I would have already TASED him.
Don Lavoie (9 hours ago)
Where's the punch in the face and the ass whoopin every single person would've gotten...this is bullshit!!!!hog tie the fat fucker!!!
danny barlow (9 hours ago)
LoL! Brian didn't want that damn Taser
Schnabel (10 hours ago)
He was hoping for leniency because he was a "fellow officer"
Tracy S (10 hours ago)
The only time I've ever seen someone drunker than that was when I passed out in a graveyard when I was in college.
Ronny Schlips (11 hours ago)
If it wasn't for the body cam, that drunk would've ended up killing someone innocent. 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Chris Smith (11 hours ago)
I bet you the fucker is still working as a deputy sheriff
jbfeelings (12 hours ago)
Chanyoung Park (12 hours ago)
just suppose a black man is sitting in driving seat and contesting the cop. the next thing you know, ,,, Bang Bang!!!
Ian MacLean (13 hours ago)
Oh, but if it was a road beer, or two, that'd be different? Right back up?
Brian Burk (13 hours ago)
What a punk
Jeffrey Morton (13 hours ago)
We can spend billions of taxpayer dollars on wars to make the rich richer, but we can't pass a law making breathalyzers mandatory for all vehicles...
Rob Heywood (13 hours ago)
They would never have been this tolerant of a non-cop.
Gary Stones (13 hours ago)
I would hope all cops do this, nobody is above the law. Big up to these two, but would they have given Mr average so much time.
josh wilson (14 hours ago)
If this guy got the cop good ol boy treatment
Andy McKinney (13 hours ago)
First and foremost for me as an individual, former Bass guitarist for a legendary Southern rock band, & as an alcoholic/addict in recovery... what I see and hear pertaining to this video is 100% proof, although in just one area of work, but proof that addiction does NOT discriminate!! And I have been witness to so many others from clergymen to Dr's, professors, teachers, and everything in between fall from Grace so to speak, become prey to the disease of addiction and yes, had the shoe been on the other foot, the person would've immediately and with force been dragged out of the vehicle, searched, handcuffed, and placed in the back of the patrol car with no air conditioning or heat weather pending in SOME cases, and with the window shut so the officers couldn't hear a peep or even want to and damn sure would never have had an opportunity to say the words "no" or "just listen" twice let alone the 100 times or more that this Lieutenant, mind you, was allowed to repeat from his mouth. I stand up for those who suffer from this disease because I've been in handcuffs on more than one occasion (strangely enough never from a D.U.I.) but been there and taken to the closest county sheriff's sub station or lockup and never again spoken to by the particular officer that arrested me, which brings me to my issue with this. There are so, so many men, women, & children that suffer from the disease and the number rises every second of every day with nothing else done but arrested again the next time. This saddens me as society has changed so much and political correctness, transgender restrooms, gay & lesbian marriage and so many "other" rights and assistance has become priority which, please don't misunderstand me, is all good and dandy as I'm happy for all of you who have stood up for your rights and way of life even if my fight is not the same as yours but rather, mine is about preservation of lives that cause more deaths per second each day around the world than murder does and that strikes me as quite odd that society basically places the addicts sick and suffering & that are lucky enough to survive this disease are put into the "swept under the rug" category. This troubles me and I'm beyond grateful that, just for today, I am clean another day. Once more as a glimpse in my background, I am on the verge of 50 yrs old, the son of a Sgt. in the K-9 unit of the Washington D.C. police Dept for a father and a stay at home mother...both of whom never drank, smoked (even cigarettes), and rarely even cussed, I was brought up with morals, values, respect, and most importantly love. However, and even considering all of this, and for reasons which are many that cause this, but I began drinking and drugging at age 12, and as earlier stated, now a couple months away from 50, former Bassist for a legendary band with whom I recorded 5 C.D.'s with, traveled a few occasions to over 45 countries, overdosed 3 different times in 3 different countries, and am now celebrating nearly 2 yrs in recovery meaning no mind altering substances have entered my body for those nearly 2 yrs, and just wanted to speak up as this video made me even more aware how my disease that I suffer from doesn't discriminate and I apologize for rambling on but I have only one more thing to add and that is to love each other and your particular higher power of choice with all your might and as every religion teaches in it's own way, "Do unto others, as you would have done unto you." The Golden Rule now something of the past it seems. Thank you if you have read this and if it pertains to you or someone you know, reach out, show them your love and support, try to understand that this is a non-discriminatory disease that can cause good people to do awful things and realize & put action to the words Love One Another, learn to forgive, and remember the key to recovery involves helping others, stepping out of self for a change, and give away what was once so freely given to you. ✌️🤟🤘
daniel cano (14 hours ago)
so hes been asked to be steped out of the car and he doesnt listen and his still alive.
Watch This. (14 hours ago)
Jesus Christ the lenience......
muldoon55 (14 hours ago)
The cop who made the stop sounds like a wimpy powerless pussy whipped father begging his child to obey him. Pitiful. Doubly pitiful that the Lt thinks he's above the law. Just taze  him ,hog tie him and drag him through the back seat!
Jonathan Barmby (14 hours ago)
Grown man crying like a little girl dont arrest me. Im a cop..ugh
Tbm,LLC (14 hours ago)
Is he a jail deputy or patrol,I couldn't understand when the cop asked.
Jonathan Barmby (15 hours ago)
The man doesnt deserve to be a cop let alone a lt.
Will Hacon (15 hours ago)
Please kindly gently !!! FFS had this fat pig been a black man he would have been shot and spattered all over the highway !!!
Lisa B (15 hours ago)
I would’ve tased that prick right in the face. The arresting officer has a lot more patience than I would’ve had.
Billie Lemere (15 hours ago)
My Only Disappointment is, "Any other person, would be tazed, and/or hog tied 10 minutes ago. HOWEVER! Being a 43 year Michigan Resident, in a small town... I Just Hope, the Court Followed through... would be Quite Interesting to know. THIS LIEUTENANT IS A DISGRACE AND WHY THE PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST/RESPECT OFFICERS TODAY...
James Schultz (15 hours ago)
I commend this deputy as he said it, "We are not above the law!!" He has a job to do and that is to take dangerous drunks off the road!! The Lieutenant should never had been drinking and driving. Plain and simple!!
c w (15 hours ago)
Just fess up dude
Electric Spyboy (15 hours ago)
snitch ass cop
John Rue (16 hours ago)
So much to say. What would he have said or done if while drunk driving killed someone? "Let me sleep it off, cop to cop"
Bodragon (15 hours ago)
Wow! That officer has the patience of Job. I'm sure it would be completely different if I were in the driving seat there. And I'm white. I imagine it could be much worse if I were black as well. I suppose it all depends on the arresting officers.
Bodragon (13 hours ago)
+Ian MacLean Darned tootin'
Ian MacLean (13 hours ago)
He'd be thrown around and charged with all sorts of shit.
Bodragon (16 hours ago)
As someone else has already pointed out, reading between the lines, if there had not been multiple 911 calls about this lieutenant's erratic driving, he might well have been let go. The arresting offer says, several times: "I would lose my career if I let you go", and then goes on to explain that there have already been numerous 911 calls made, and if anything else, [such as an accident, I guess], happened "down the road", after I let you go, then he would certainly be in Shit Creek without a paddle. Imagine if it had been a random stop with no prior 911 calls. They would'a' likely let him go. Then again, the arresting cop may be just saying that to be friendly and shift his responsibility to others in this situation so that he can say "look, this ain't personal..." I don't know...
2000jago (16 hours ago)
I was praying for the crackle of the tazer...
John Stover (16 hours ago)
If you say "side of the road" twelve more times, they'll let you go....
Billie Lemere (16 hours ago)
Good Deputy, Crooked Lieutenant, and, if my 3rd officer... Why Don't We Trust Cops? Not ENOUGH Deputies as the one who made the Initial Stop....
Big Hoggin (16 hours ago)
Unfortunately a black eye for police. These guys do exist out there. I do tend to agree that if it was anyone else who wasn't confirmed as Law Enforcement would have been handled much quicker, however there are plenty of videos of police giving "Normal People" ample opportunity to comply. Each situation is unique out there and I think giving too much leniency because the guy is a cop makes the situation even more dangerous. You just don't know what people will do when lit. Hats off to the officers dealing with this dingbat. Alcohol can certainly bring out the worst in some folks. Sad.
Anita Mitchell (16 hours ago)
This is what entitlement looks like.
OBIZZIL (17 hours ago)
Glad to see that there are still officers who do their job and hold other officers to the same standard.but if it was joe blow and resisted as bad as he did they would have already shot his ass.kinda makes you wonder how many cops let each other go.
Ian MacLean (13 hours ago)
All day everyday. It's an armed "brotherhood" but allegedly not a gang.
Ryan Long (17 hours ago)
It's just a misdemeanor man try being charged with a felony while your actually innocent. Get over it. My friends a cop with 3 dui's
Roseville Engineer (17 hours ago)
Must be nice. This would have been a 4 minute video with an average person. We'd already be at the station, or the hospital.
Joe Citizen (17 hours ago)
Cops should not arrest one another. It is wrong. That police Lt. probably worked hard to get that rank in his department. This was NOT his fault. He should have been given a break. He has probably been divorced or experienced other similar personal issues that cause him to drink excessively. A police job is probably very stressful in a way that ordinary citizens cannot imagine. Being a gun toting drunken idiot that has to constantly cover up for bad 👮 cop incidents must be so tough to live with, that only Alcohol can make him happy.
Jeff Ludlam (17 hours ago)
And this guy was clearly a threat to everyone on that road.
Jeff Ludlam (17 hours ago)
These videos gotta make you wonder how often these guys get away with this shit. 🤔
trubador25 (17 hours ago)
Talk about egg on your face. Welcome to other side brother. Enjoy the system you've embodied and made a career out of. And yeah, props to the other cops.
Jeff Ludlam (17 hours ago)
Respect to the arresting officer for doing his job. He was more then nice. Brian should have been ripped out like anyone else would have been.
Jimmy Clery (18 hours ago)
James Greenier (21 hours ago)
Gotta be one tough ass job.
SOYLENT GREENISH (21 hours ago)
Let. Likes the pink, even on his shoes.
Naits Nesnahoj (23 hours ago)
C'mon, give him a slip, let him sleep on the side of the road. Don't be douchebags, he just had a couple of beers. Why don't you honor the 'cop to cop' plea? What ever happened to the good ol' days when cops used to look out for eachother?
Jhonni (1 day ago)
Update The drunk cop in the video did the right thing and refused a sobriety test on the side of the road and was able to wing it there for 25 minutes and on the way back to the station he was able to sleep it off and sobered up when he got to the police station and got off free
D Budai (1 day ago)
Plenty of "orange man bad" comments to. Baaahahahahaha.
D Budai (1 day ago)
Had to check the comments to see how many "if he was black he would have been..... blah blah blah" were on here. Lol. Hats off to this officer! This is how every officer should be when his brother break the law. Thank you sir!
D Budai (1 day ago)
Hahaha. I knew it! I didn't even look before I posted my original comment. Only check after posting to confirm. Lol. Called it. Plenty of "if he was black" comments. Baaahahahahaha
Spookay T'is Me (1 day ago)
Lol... "Let me just pull off" ... Does that mean the same thing in America as it does in Australia?
Spookay T'is Me (1 day ago)
He got way too much leniency... If this were not a cop he'd have been tasered way sooner
Dagger Deep (1 day ago)
Blue Isis running rampant.
csabo1725 (1 day ago)
The more time ticks by the lower his BAC goes. He will no doubt refuse blood which requires a court order to take then. More time. Stop jerking off. You have probable cause. Make the arrest. Go get that blood asap.
ideamachineim (1 day ago)
I hope the poor bastard is getting help. May God help him.

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