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Funny commercial: man helps hot lady

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A woman is trying to open a beer, but she can't & her gardener is so friendly to help her...
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La La Loggins (9 years ago)
its nice to see some men aren't completely won over by a hot chick in a bikini. This ad suprised me:) good choice of music too.. "Im not your stepping stone.." lol
superfluous (9 years ago)
whats the name of the song?
lprocksyd (9 years ago)
chill its just an add it wouldnt have been funny if i didnt choose the beer
frank santana (9 years ago)
whats the name of the song??
Dékány Barnabás (9 years ago)
Paulo Bardes (10 years ago)
good choice
WanderLust (10 years ago)
hahaha lol
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
nah I was jking, no need for cursing.
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
How many times do I have to tell you people? NO, and I don't want to! (especially if this is what's going on in that movie.) Is "Pie" in the title a double meaning or something?
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
Oh, now I know. What a let down, I thought it'd be something cool...
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
fuck who....
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
I don't think I want to...
cameltoejoe69 (10 years ago)
Your kidding right?...Watch the movie "American Pie"
BlueAllegory (10 years ago)
what's a milf?
cameltoejoe69 (10 years ago)
So? who cares? nothing wrong with a MILF.
ChrisCJLChris (10 years ago)
TopSecretNissan (10 years ago)
ahahhaha!!! beer over girls!!
Jennifer Hunt (10 years ago)
MGD arnt Twist offs lol
Glamrockqueen (10 years ago)
The song used is by The Monkees, called Stepping Stone, also covered sometime in the 90s i think by Ant and Dec
hawtmomma1 (10 years ago)
oh jeez lol
Pvt. Wanker (10 years ago)
Steppin' Stone by The Monkees
Davidovar34 (11 years ago)
nice commercial :)
krullie255 (11 years ago)
Yes indeed, I wish I had such gardener... :-)

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