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MTG Top 10: Artifact Creatures

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Text Comments (67)
The Ceij (1 day ago)
I play ornithopters with my ninjas. no artifact affinity involved.
Aaron Henderson (1 day ago)
If masticore has 26 pro tour top 8s and 19 gp top 8s wouldn't that be a score of 71 in your system? Not complaining, i'm a fan of these videos!
One Puff Man (2 days ago)
Can we talk about how awesome masticore looks?
Seph Imaru (3 days ago)
I'm surprised Bomat Courier and Smuggler's Copter didn't make it on the list.
Nizzahon Magic (2 days ago)
Copter not TECHNICALLY a creature. Also only has like 38 points because it got banned. Courier has 55, so its closs.
Dojah (3 days ago)
Love the vidz Do u have a top 10 flashback?
Nizzahon Magic (2 days ago)
Nope! Will probably do it next time we see it.
Donald Riley (3 days ago)
I have spellskite and blightsteel as my favorite 2. Especially cheating Blightsteel into play. I'm surprised he didn't make it.
Jeffrey Denenberg (3 days ago)
Top 10 double x spells
Goldscorpio7 (4 days ago)
Sorry blade splicer this list was just too Strong
Nick Larocco (4 days ago)
Kaladesh was a mistake.
Nizzahon Magic (4 days ago)
Every artifact-heavy set seems to be
TraucerDaUrbania (4 days ago)
No Bomat courier? Woulda thought it's standard play woulda pushed it through
Nizzahon Magic (4 days ago)
Its in the 50s, so its close.
BrotherAlpha (4 days ago)
Scrapheap Scrounger's entry made me think of a possible top ten. Top ten Standard Wonders. Look at the cards that have earned at least 10 points, but that have earned the highest percentage of that standard. (Or Block and Standard for those around back when Block championships were a thing.)
ShiivaWilding (4 days ago)
Verdurous Gearhulk is my go to artifact creature. 8/8 trample for 5 in mono green ramp has won me lots of games, especially if I get the combo of Bow of Nylea going with Roar of Challenge, wiping out my opponents board state in a single turn. For anyone wondering, my friend and I just built decks with whatever with no format in mind to see what we could come up with. We like absurd combos.
Krusell1994 (4 days ago)
I would really expect Steel Overseer to be pretty high on this list. Probably the fact that its only playable in artifact decks made it not appear on the list. Still an insanely strong card and very important for its archetype.
Nizzahon Magic (4 days ago)
It is at 60 points. It will unseat the Masticore in the very near future.
Levi Sanders (4 days ago)
Please do top 10 2-drop creatures
DieFrauAmHerd (4 days ago)
For April Fools pls do a top ten Hangarback Walker :D
Brian Walters (4 days ago)
I was so happy when Kaladesh rotated out of Standard. Way too OP.
The best Boi (4 days ago)
Shlomo Shekelberg (3 days ago)
The best Boi (4 days ago)
Alfahami Binmustafa (4 days ago)
RIOT (4 days ago)
Damn I love Spellskite
Valentino Reid (4 days ago)
A top 10 color list might be interesting (i.e. top ten black cards, green, etc.)
NotKevinLynch (4 days ago)
These always make my friday mornings better :)
David Collins (4 days ago)
Youcant Stopme! (4 days ago)
As busted as Phyrexian mana is the flavor can't be ignored. I hope they add that mana mechanic back!
Shlomo Shekelberg (3 days ago)
They could make it 3 or even 4 health instead
Exa roc (4 days ago)
ok this is pretty funny, yesterday i rewatched the top 10 vanilla creatures, and so i would guess that nr1 is this nr 1. edit: i was wrong haha. ive been thinking about top 10 lists again. so how about top 10 legacy cards? basically all the cards except those banned in legacy. you mentioned power 9 would rule the list in the top 10 all cards, and that would be boring, so why not legacy instead?
Austin Pennington (4 days ago)
*Before watching* it's probably just spellskite at number 1
SpySappingMyKeyboard (4 days ago)
Do top 10 cards I'm gonna bet island #1
wingofshu (4 days ago)
Still love my equip myr deck
Omer Frank (5 days ago)
No Lodestone Golem? Steel Overeer?
Omer Frank (4 days ago)
+Nizzahon Magic Have you considered doing top ten 3 Colored cards? Siege Rhino Broodmate Dragon and Leovold come to mind
Nizzahon Magic (4 days ago)
Nope, they both fall a little short.
RestoSexual (5 days ago)
This is the top 10 I’ve been waiting for!
joonas järnvall (5 days ago)
How far from list was inkmoth nexus?
Kevin Sub (3 days ago)
not an artifact creature.
Alessandro Boscaini (5 days ago)
Kudos for choosing the only right picture of ornithopter 👏🏻
CTB (5 days ago)
The hell is going on in that masticore art?
Victor Alam (5 days ago)
It's worth noting that Scrapheap was partially so good because it could crew heart of keran
Gangi Films (5 days ago)
vault skirge is great and ethersworn is my lockdown.
Victor Alam (5 days ago)
I like when you say how many cards are in the total pool, ie 700 artifact creatures
Justin Anderson (5 days ago)
Let me guess #1... Baleful strix
KabukiKid (5 days ago)
Great honorable mention.
Ian Ilgner (5 days ago)
surprised memnite didnt make it
Weaver Williamson (5 days ago)
I'm actually making a artifact deck right now and I'm super happy you made this lol
Beau Duncan (5 days ago)
Hey Nizzahon, would you consider adding an annotation that skips directly to the start of your lists?
Beau Duncan (10 hours ago)
+Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor hey man relax
Nizzahon Magic (4 days ago)
Annotations don't exist anymore -- I could add a time stamp, but my introductions aren't just the same thing every time, so I don't really want to do that. The part about the points IS the same every time, but it is also like 5 seconds long.
Annotations were removed dipshit.
Cracky Sr (5 days ago)
Beau Duncan it’s like a minute. Just sit through it
Super Fast Tortoise (5 days ago)
Oh- Do top ten non-green ramp spells
PTS Solairee (1 day ago)
+Super Fast Tortoise land tax
Super Fast Tortoise (2 days ago)
+Mastblood what I meant- bebacuse I would of said manarocks for that
Mastblood (4 days ago)
Super Fast Tortoise non green - non artifact that sounds better
Young Lad (5 days ago)
5th :D
Bradley Kirsch (5 days ago)
At this rate you may as well do top cards all times and just do all cards
Mattman324 (4 days ago)
Or Top In Any Given Format. Does Scrapheap’s 117 Standard points make it the most played card in Standard? Who knows? Might be neat to look though.
unknown Unknown (5 days ago)
My favorite artifact creature is Ramos dragon engine, he's super busted but lacks protection so he insta dies.
unknown Unknown (5 days ago)
Bro. Gimme top 10 vintage cards or Top 9 Power 9. Please. I asked nicely!
Ceul Gai (14 hours ago)
Apex 0 (1 day ago)
I wouldn't call saying gimme asking nicely

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