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Six Months At Sea In The Merchant Marine

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In this short documentary, I tried to answer some of the common questions that I usually get about shipping. The footage I took myself using fairly basic cameras that I could fit in my pocket while I was on the job as a deckhand. The story follows me on a six month journey around the world on a container ship which was on a run between New York and Singapore via the Suez Canal. This was my first time going to sea on a large ship so everything was relatively new to me, therefore please excuse the couple of shipping terms I misused (such as saying "license" when I should have said "credential"). I have been on many ships since and will continue to ship out for the foreseeable future. Thanks for watching. Film by Martin Machado - http://www.martinmachado.com -Special thanks to Jesse Chandler with Third Street Works, and Kai Hsing for their help All Rights Reserved 2012 - This video can not be duplicated or used in part in any form of media. Use of this video in a business or institution for training purposes is prohibited without written permission by Martin Machado.
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Text Comments (1957)
Rich 91 (1 day ago)
I hope u got atleast 300k a year
SEANJOHN 92663 (1 day ago)
You're a better man then I... couldn't do what you did hats off great vlog bro..
Quattro 4 (1 day ago)
I'm gonna be blunt here. How easy is it to get pussy at ports?
Pakol Barakoda (3 days ago)
Jesse Jimenez (3 days ago)
great story..gets the wanderlust going...I'm too old to start, but if I was young again, this would be a great thing to do.
John Leach (8 days ago)
Gee, Martin, what can I say? All the comments are positive, and for good reason. Well Done. BUT...you left out ping pong! This was our religion across the Pacific. Glad you didn't hit Alexandria 'cuz it stinks , the harbor is their sewage dump. My only bitch was with the Cap't.: he wouldn't let me turn off the stack lights so I could practice my celestial nav. (Blue Star line, British). Cheers, JL
Sharan Santhosh (8 days ago)
Tug boat experience is useful to join big Ship?
Michael Bandeko (8 days ago)
I went to sea the day after my 17th birthday. I am about to turn 62 and I am still at sea.
Richard Coggins (13 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful and informative story with all of us.
will hong (14 days ago)
Awesome video! I enjoyed it so much. Lately, I was complaining about my job all day as a seaman, but after watching your video, I decided to appreciate my job again. Thanks!
James Allender (14 days ago)
great work!
Readen Ter (15 days ago)
That was beautiful.
Carl Titmus (15 days ago)
Love this. A insight to a world that fascinates me.
Gary Lee (15 days ago)
great story telling, fantastic high quality video and beautiful artwork. well done!
Lukey is Fishing (15 days ago)
I’m a merchant marine on the Great Lakes. I love what I do out here it’s for sure a great experience. Have you ever sailed on the Great Lakes ?
j mc (15 days ago)
Fantastic art thank you for the documentary
Captain Kevin (16 days ago)
Outstanding video! Very informative. Twenty-two of the best minutes I have spent on YouTube. I have worked on small vessels for the last twelve years, doing hydrographic surveys and sediment sampling for dredge work. A majority of our work is performed in the waterways of New York, but have operated all across the US, including Puerto Rico. When we’re working in the ports I often look up at these monsters and catch myself dreaming of what that life would be like. Your video did a great job of giving me a glimpse into that life and has definitely piqued my interest. Thank you for your work!
Seth King (17 days ago)
love it
jacob schneble (17 days ago)
well done good sir
Bookwormbandit (18 days ago)
you travelled the world, went to practically every port...the least you can do (and bring some useful utility to this fine work) is rate the different port of call pussy...any insight between that korean and dubai stuff?
Clinton Hurst (18 days ago)
Did a West Pac 1980 USS Reasoner and a Med Cruise USS Barnstable County 1983 Been to a lot of those places! You brought back lots of memories and good times. Best regards!
erikmcnasty (18 days ago)
Wow that was awesome. I’m a truck driver from ca and life at see is a whole different world that I am glad I had glimpse into. Thanks
Mark Minikus (18 days ago)
thnx for sharing
Fx Bu2 (20 days ago)
I’m going in January on LNG Carrier as a engine cadet hope I have great time on the ship and learn some new things 💪🏼
Don Bailey (20 days ago)
What you get for democrats running anything , end of world war - 2 we were number one Merchant Fleet in the world when i was sailing the great lakes we were number 10 and falling. They take our ships over seas register them under a foreign flag pick up foreign crew but the ship is american owned
John m (14 days ago)
bitch democrats won ww2 FDR. SOCIAL SECURITY.. back then republicans were still about creating slavery for the rich though..
Don Bailey (20 days ago)
Sailed the great lakes on the ore boats , still feel like i missed something , i see the endless blue and i cant help it, in the navy was told old Russian saying, salt or fresh water shit still floats.
Mr. Slawomir L (20 days ago)
Great stuff. Well done! I spent 4 years in merchant marine in the times when container ships were just making their way into industry. The stay in the port would take up to 2 weeks for general cargo vessel. That was the best time of my life!
*SlickySlickDo * (21 days ago)
Who else would do this job but afraid of being killed by pirates?
Nova SuperNova (21 days ago)
Great video. Very relaxing. And your voice is very soothing. Perhaps you can have a career in voice overs. Morgan Freeman, look out!
Adam Bechtol (22 days ago)
Well that was just , I dunno the word really, charming. Soulful. It was well made, put together, shot and narrated and such. Thanks for sharing your story for us to experience
Richard M Reis (22 days ago)
great paintings!!
Darryl Bob (24 days ago)
Hi from singapore
Yiow Ru Vern (25 days ago)
Hello Martin, This is just so nice. I served on board oil tankers for 10 years. It's been 6 years since I last left sea. Your video makes me want to go back
Jim Erik Tapel (26 days ago)
How do i apply to be a merchant marine? I live in cali.
windyboy78 (27 days ago)
Great video mate!
ethan rad (27 days ago)
This is so inspiring, loved very minute of it. Hope your journey is going well and you are enjoying every second of life!
Aeerox (27 days ago)
This is a movie, wow. Very well made
Alexander Hicks (28 days ago)
how much did you make if you dont mind me asking? awesome vid!
John Galt (28 days ago)
Your art is great!!
timetowaste (28 days ago)
Great stuff, the documentary I didn't know I needed. Fair winds
hialpha (29 days ago)
Martin, thanks for the vlog. I have read the Dana narrative, seems not many people have read it these days. This brought back fond memories of my time looking out with the sea rolling by, in the Navy.
papabeanguy (29 days ago)
This was such an interesting story.
Alex Smith (29 days ago)
thanks for your doc as I always wondered what a merchant marine did. I knew a little bit about it as a kid but really didn't know much . I live close to the marine academy in vallejo so this was really interesting to me!
JHG (29 days ago)
enjoyed your video..thanks for sharing
runway heading (1 month ago)
So sad that Men in your crew were so lost and Worldly. Spending their pay on the lusts of the flesh. They received the extremely short lasting contentment that those lusts provide. They are in turn throwing away eternal contentment, joy, peace, love and life! Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Almighty God and Salvation! He is the ONLY way to true peace and contentment. He IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. This World and all of it’s lusts are temporary.
runway heading (1 month ago)
Probably a great way to save money?
Johan S. (1 month ago)
intresting, but for one who sailed arround talking about the globe while u are surrounded bye flatness all the way.... cant trully believe u havent considered we dont live on a globa at all... because i and meany others do. safe yourneys.
Hulado (1 month ago)
i liked your film and i also liked your painting. ive spent some time at sea in my days and liked most of them very much. i was an engine room guy and we call the propeller a screw. you might want to investigate sailing the ore boats on the great lakes. the union is siu. up there they call themselves sailors. its a big small world. thanks again.
Ivan Tealer (1 month ago)
Great video, I really enjoyed listening to your story. It brought back memories of my time flying on cargo planes in the air force traveling around the world. I've seen many of the places you described in this amazing video...
Sam Hill (1 month ago)
So how much did you clear in pay for the 6 months work?
Acc Whatever (1 month ago)
very interesting. thanks for sharing
jhon greibel (1 month ago)
met a few @ the #1 Piano Bar, Naples Italy. seemed a bit better than US Navy but the SanDiego ported every couple weeks for fresh foods. did 3 /6 monthers
David Wright (1 month ago)
that's great for about six months..then, you wanna get a real life...
rvnmedic1968 (1 month ago)
My Dad had 20 years in the USN, then a couple of years on Esso Tankers, then USN MSC, then had to retire from that due to high blood pressure. His final days at "sea" was on the Staten Island Ferry in the engine room. Thanks Martin, for a poetic insight into the merchant marine.
ShutingFromTheSky (1 month ago)
6 months at see...fat paycheck...buy bitcoin
Lucas Smith (1 month ago)
Very well done. I have always wanted to join the Merchant Marines. No matter what you do now from here on out, you will always be at sea. A long time from now, when you Havnt left shore for 10 or 20 years, you will still dream of being out there.
MayhemRv (1 month ago)
Great video. 👍
Happy Highway (1 month ago)
#1,828 What are you doing now? I sailed the great lakes or the sweet water seas, back in the 1960's and 1970's, and I can relate to your adventurer. These memories are precious and they are yours. I hope you quit smoking. Too many sailors pick up bad habits. Anchors Away!
Darren Halford (1 month ago)
Wish you'd included more of your shipmates.
Jered P (1 month ago)
I want a job.
Mervyn Partin (1 month ago)
That was a very good production, with good content and well narrated. I was lucky in visiting many countries and getting reasonable shore time. I notice that you had a plant growing in the window of your cabin. I had a few plants, including a melon plant grown from a seed, but they were all wiped out overnight by Ammonia during gas-freeing operations on the LPG carrier at the time! Such was the sea-going life.
prontopac (1 month ago)
I got to sail in 1969 as an engine apprentice going to West Africa, the west coast of South America, all over the U.S. and Hawaii. A lot of what you described ran true, except for one minor exception. There were good days when difficult jobs were completed and hard labor was rewarded with a job well done. On those days after the sweat and toil of working on a moving vessel, the hours would pass and it was time to call it a day. On those days when I left the hold with a sense of relief, accomplishment, and pride and a smile on my face I felt bad that there was nowhere we could go to celebrate, swap stories and make fun of one another. My ships were my home and sometimes my cell.
Roy Richards (1 month ago)
That brought back a lot of memories but after 26 years and not seeing my family grow up I came ashore I'm now 73 but still think of the good and some bad times
Meme Wizard (1 month ago)
My grandpa has told me stories of him and his shipmates hooking up arch welders to their workshop/machineroom doors to keep away the workers while sailing along the horn of Africa, then watching as they try and open the doors (too steal shit), and get electrocuted.
Carr Rexx (1 month ago)
What a wonderful journey. Beautifully dangerous. Thanks for sharung.
ERD Epoch (1 month ago)
Let me get this straight this guy works from 8pm through to 4pm everyday? 4 hours of sleep a day?
Daniel Kennedy (1 month ago)
Very cool!!! brilliant! thank you!
victor van dyke (1 month ago)
Very well made, loved living the experience with you without having to do a thing! Keep it up, look forward to your next video.
Bill H (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your adventure with everyone.
TheParadisecove (1 month ago)
Watch this beautiful poetic adventure, and then read the " Glass Menagerie", a short play by Tennessee Williams...it'll get to you....
Evan Parker (1 month ago)
excellent photography in some of these
Roberto Jimenez (1 month ago)
I have a quick question. Does the Dubai port have regulations on bunker fuel use when you are docking or approaching the port?
jpc123ful (1 month ago)
What a great adventure for a young man. Good documentary..Thanks man.
vern wallen (1 month ago)
Merchant Mariners are basically"truck drivers on the ocean".
Michael (1 month ago)
Sounds pretty awesome to me, great video.
Daniel Watts (1 month ago)
You make me want to sail again. Great video.
Cringemaster64 (1 month ago)
How many months are you at sea per year? I want to do this and also live in Montana.
billysurge (1 month ago)
Really enjoyed this. Thank you for posting.
Axel McCoy (1 month ago)
Excellent short documentary. Was a merchant seaman myself and brought back good memories.
balham456 (1 month ago)
Really enjoyed that. I recommend ‘Supership’ by Noel Mostert, a journo who spent time on an oil tanker.
Luke's variety channel (1 month ago)
Does being in the Navy count for anything when it comes to getting a job
john mac (1 month ago)
Bill Brown (1 month ago)
I spent 6 months aboard the U.S.S. NOBLE as a MARINE during the CUBAN CRISIS IN 63'. One stop in KINGSTON, JAMAICA and one in VIEQUES, P.R. I sailed aboard EIGHT different NAVY SHIPS, same one going to and from OKINAWA. Spent a year on OKINAWA. Good job on the video MM.
Darryl Knight (1 month ago)
I was at sea for 25 years in the Australian Merchant Navy, which is now virtually no more. All Flag of Convenience ships now registered in Monrovia, Panama etc with cheap Filipino and Burmese crews.
Justin Dillard (1 month ago)
Great video. I loved that you had your artwork at the end.
Mo Dub (1 month ago)
Nice slice of life. Loved it.
BariumCobaltNitrog3n (1 month ago)
This was fun to watch, but if you landed in Jack London Square, your boat is about 20 feet long. Haha. I liked the pacing and sense of monotony that you instilled in this. Even with that in mind, I think you might have made it seem more exciting than it was. I see ships come into the bay every day...it takes HOURS. Nothing suddenly appears on the horizon.
Sugarsail1 (1 month ago)
The US fleet has dwindled because of the Jones Act...repeal the Jones Act and US shipping fleet can grow again.
Great Basin Benz (1 month ago)
How often was it your turn in the barrel?
Thank You
Mark (1 month ago)
Outstanding story. Thank you. My dad was in the Merchant Marines during WW2 and told me of stories that in some ways mirror yours. He used to tell me stories of sailing to Ulithi to carry cargo and arms to US forces fighting in the Pacific. Thanks for your beautiful story.
drupp68 (1 month ago)
Gosh I miss the Navy!
Mike l (1 month ago)
I sailed throughout the mid 1990s.  Glad to see it hasn't changed much.   It did look like some of the foreign ports had upped their safety practices and PPE.
Thomas Michael (1 month ago)
Great video. Informative, and nicely narrated. What brand and model cameras did you use?
Scott Hammond (1 month ago)
Nicely done and very interesting. I would love to get out of Chicago for six months and do something like that.
Donnie Porter (1 month ago)
What a story thank you for sharing your journey
David Spurlock (1 month ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing....
Julien Ledrilleur (1 month ago)
So, How much they paid you for that contract ?
jesse merrill (1 month ago)
I miss the sea sometimes, sometimes...⚙️⚓️🌀
Martha Vaughan (1 month ago)
I sailed for 25 years with murderers, child molesters, rapists,and some of lifes worst. But because I submitted a phony prescription, my chief engineering license was revoked, never to be overturned. It wasn't even technically a drug charge but you can't fight city hall. it was a good living while it lasted.

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