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Never Do These Things in Foreign Countries

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If you don’t want to be in one of those, or better yet featured on YouTube as “that crazy tourist,” fined or even arrested, pay attention to our list of do’s and don’ts accurate in different countries of the world. “So many countries, so many customs.” Any jet-setter will agree this good old proverb is true. In the age of globalization, going places has become an essential part of our life. We’re all well aware of the fact that while visiting a foreign country, we must obey certain local traditions and common rules. Failing to do so has given a rich ground for many jokes. TIMESTAMPS Russia 0:54 Chile 1:44 Singapore 2:18 India 3:05 Japan 3:29 Mexico 4:07 New Zealand 4:39 Norway 5:25 Turkey 5:49 United Kingdom 6:29 Ireland 7:03 Germany 7:35 Kenya 8:26 Malaysia 9:16 Korea 9:35 SUMMARY - If you want to surprise your Russian girlfriend or your business partner, never give an even number of flowers as a gift. Even numbers of flowers are for grieving and funerals. - Manners matter more to the people of Chile than to other South Americans. It is extremely important not to eat anything with your fingers. - Chewing gum, for example, is banned in Singapore, so you’d better leave it at home before getting on the plane. If you break the gum rule for the first time, you may be fined for up to a $1000. - When in India, you have to keep your private life to yourself and your emotions under control. No matter how much you want to show affection to your special someone, never kiss them in public. - Similar to India, public demonstration of affection is not acceptable in Japan. Remember, there is no hugging, or even worse, kissing, in public! - A good piece of advice will be to stay as thick skinned as possible since Mexicans love making jokes and never miss a chance to do so. Don’t take things too personally. - Remember the difference between “aussies” and “kiwis.” Never mix them up! In case you didn’t know: the “aussies” stand for Australians, and the “kiwis” – for New Zealanders. - When in Norway, don’t ask questions concerning church. This may be taken for disrespect. Many people here don’t attend church, and those who do will want to keep it to themselves. - An essential thing to remember before going to Turkey is not to give anyone the OK sign. It might seem like a sign of approval to you but is considered an obscene gesture for the Turks. - British people like their pudding fresh and their queues well-organized. Don’t jump the queue. Or expect to be judged by the locals. - Do not try to play it cool and sound like Irishmen. For Irish people there is no such a thing as Irish accent; they recognize and divide accents depending on the region of Ireland they come from. - Don’t stare at people. Germans might look very attractive but try to resist the temptation of staring at Fraus on the metro. Only poorly educated and crazy people do that here. - Don’t show disrespect for religion. No matter what their religion may be, Kenyans are very devout. - For Malaysians, this is “the home of the soul” and the most sacred part of the body. Keep yourself from running your fingers through people’s hair, especially babies. - If you want to have good manners in Korea, use two hands when handing over money. When you pay for things, pass on your cash or credit card with both hands. It’s a sign of respect. Do you know any other things that are prohibited in foreign countries? Share them in the comments below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (28 days ago)
Hey guys! Which of those countries would you like to visit? 🙂 Btw, these countries occupy a SUPER small area https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHaXOzVyHzI&
hera Taite (7 days ago)
Xxrosexoemxx (26 days ago)
sabaah jibril (1 month ago)
+Victor Macharia u r highly welcommed but all the things that the guy said about kenya is a lie
UNICORN Dab (1 month ago)
BRIGHT SIDE , I’d travel the whole world lol..😂😂😂
Izamaya Gauna (1 month ago)
Im all about Korea exept for the no god rule
marty faulhaber (10 hours ago)
in vietnam you need to hand something to someone with both hands, one hand is a sign of contempt.
Itz Jericho (23 hours ago)
I’m not a Brit, but a Canadian who’s lived here for a couple years. Literally no one cares about what kind of head wear the Queen is wearing. If you started a conversation with that, you’d be given a look like you’re “bloody bonkers!”
Talia al Ghul (1 day ago)
Norway and Germany fits my personality...oddly. lol
I am from Norway and it's totaly okay to ask about church, many people will be kind and answer all your questions nicely. Also many people are polite and says mr. and mrs. when they meet for the first time or herr and fru as we say in norwegian, but many people are friendly and let people call them by their first name but people like the parents of your girlfriend/boyfriend are normal to call mr. and mrs. So next tim research more before you talk trash and lies about our countryes.
i suck (1 day ago)
please don’t call Switzerland for sweden
Shimbi Srivastava (2 days ago)
You were wrong about I know it because I live in India
Shameer Bin Aamir (2 days ago)
In Pakistan, it is frowned upon to wear shorts (for girls) in public.
FurryFace (3 days ago)
i'm glad i don't have a Passport
Holly Clark (3 days ago)
In Slovakia, it is disrespectful to refer to someone whose name you know by pronouns (she, her, he, him). Always use their name, even if you repeat it in the sentence.
Rafael godínez (3 days ago)
Rafael godínez (3 days ago)
No kissing in USA
Deepti Sadiq (4 days ago)
The one in India is a lie
Soviet Russia (4 days ago)
Touching food with your left hand in India Middle east and some african countries is prohibited, that hand is used for cleaning after you go to the bathroom.
John Tristan Legaspi (5 days ago)
Try the Philippines country
Deidre Koehler (5 days ago)
In America, it isn’t a major insult to throw a shoe (as in some Middle Eastern Countries) at someone! Go for it! Lol You may want to throw your shoe at Trump but don’t, many Americans want to do it but it will land everyone in FEDERAL PRISON FOREVER! Laws are serious in America. Don’t try to go over to Mexico, you probably won’t get back! Especially if you are from the Middle East or any country where your are black or brown. If you come from a Country that is mostly African and black, if you are asked by a police officer to give or do ANYTHING, DONT TALK, JUST DO WHAT THE OFFICER SAYS AND PRAY HE HAS A BODY CAMERA A DASH CAMERA AND HE IS NOT WITH A PARTNER! ALSO PRAY YOUR IN A STATE LIKE CALIFORNIA, OREGON, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, DENVER, IDAHO, UTAH, N.DAKOTA, S. DAKOTA, WYOMING, there are probably a few more but those are the main ones for now. The one about Trump is a huge no, no and the one about the police is an absolute yes to follow and by law you can call 911 and tell them where you are and that a police car is trying to follow you but you want to find a public place to pull over and you are not going the speed limit and you are going to pull over at the next public place. Let them know you will be completely cooperative, this hopefully will save your life, no guarantees. If you were visiting Chicago or Baltimore, you would need to find aGQ magazine and dress like 1 dressed up suit and a few casual clothes and stay in the city proper.
JunRiz dupaya (7 days ago)
in arab country i my fingers are not enough to count... google it if u want to know... dont ask me coz im not from arab country😂😉
oscillating emf electric current through a small qi wireLess coil of wire, making an oscillating magnetic field that drives current through a Receiver Patch Module inside the phone, which is then used to charge the battery.
Faz Ffz (8 days ago)
Im from malaysia and i dont even know about touching people hair or head😂
Joyce Styles (8 days ago)
In Philippines it’s disrespectful to walk around someone else’s house with your shoes
Abraham Sabino (8 days ago)
Abraham was here
1:54 STABBED?!?!
Jumayna Tahsin Tanha (8 days ago)
India is not and forgein country!
Burak Cömert (8 days ago)
Turkey my land Where i am from
Karen Golar (8 days ago)
My country, Norway, the workers call my mother for her first name
Gryfindor girl (9 days ago)
in canada don't make jokes about eh or make Canadian stereotypes people get annoyed and tired of hearing this , look into the first nations culture and the history is full of exciting things !
Uppt Gaming (10 days ago)
For America: Never go somewhere without a gun Never speak in their accent ( it’s impossible) Never call them mongrels bc they’re a mix of stuff
Kea (10 days ago)
I'm from New Zealand and no one minds if you make jokes about the Queen, lord of rings or Ruby.
Are u Kittying me (10 days ago)
Hola soy de México I am and I act like one
Are u Kittying me (10 days ago)
Vivi Iastr (10 days ago)
I am Russian. Its so right about the flowers. America: even number:ok odd number: funeral Russia: even #: funeral odd #: ok
Pink Diamo Momio (10 days ago)
In Singapore gum isn’t banned, they just don’t sell it At least thats what i know..
Isobel Thomas (10 days ago)
I’m British and none of it was true I have random people in my house all the time no issue and a lot of brits don’t like the queen and will not enjoy talking about her so DO NOT take any advise from this video
abdi fitah (10 days ago)
sarah you are right
Tifa Yotefani (11 days ago)
Text mistake of part germany - Fraus instead of Frau Some area in video is wrong(catholic in even can use even number(2,4,6,8,10,12 and many even number)
Claire Lee (11 days ago)
My country is finally announced here Singapore! You saw the circle? It's the national stadium at 2:24
Srilakshmi Sanil (11 days ago)
Phyical contact won't put you in jail in India 😂 It's just that pda is not common
zenderstrike perez (11 days ago)
Hey bright side the ok sign is also bad for Brazilians because it represenys the world bolshit, so yeah its a bad for brazil😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Hukeli (11 days ago)
In finland you should not to berate salmiakki or sauna
chefiemax 005 (11 days ago)
im in singapore
litchi murphy (11 days ago)
I think 💭 you need to do more homework. Totally wrong information deliver about India
Lankfordmath (11 days ago)
In Arkansas, America, it’s a rule that you cannot pronounce Arkansas wrong. It’s not very enforced though. .....I hope.
Lankfordmath (11 days ago)
In New York in America you are not aloud to have ice cream...in your pocket...on a Sunday...thank goodness I don’t live in New York.
ALBANIA AL (11 days ago)
you proof that bro in map the earth is flat
Harjinder Brar (12 days ago)
I am from India here kiss is banned
devanshi kasabwala (12 days ago)
The india thing is wrong again, it’s just a taboo, it won’t get you in jail
Hamza Abubakar (12 days ago)
somaila dont have drugs and never call a women miss hubyair
Hamza Abubakar (12 days ago)
call her hubyair
Hamza Abubakar (12 days ago)
turkey it has a rule that you can only pay in dollars and there a stall that will give you nira turkish money and dollar or any money
in Philippines pointing is prohibited because your not showing respect
Hallow deman (12 days ago)
So I moved to Norway Miss hider what the answer to number 7 detoin my name Margret why we to call them by miss or mr
nici sparkel 13 (12 days ago)
So I'm a german is It wrong to stare at my crush
Raj Mehra (13 days ago)
In india seeing a death parson who you don't know is a good luck........ 😨❌ ☺✔
sam sam (13 days ago)
In Cambodia never touch older people's head that mean you disrespectful But older people can touch your head but if you sister is younger you touch her head
In South Korea when doing a handshake to new people...you HAVE to shake Hands with both hands and BOW, if not your considered poorly educated, rude, and rebel.
Bhupesh Saini (14 days ago)
Kissing a person in private will lead you to imprisonment is not at all true..... There are so many kissing scenes in the BOLLYWOOD movies and it is watched by everyone but this never led the actors to prison.....
Amr Kafi (14 days ago)
FYI People of Indonesia are Asian not Africans as it shows in your Video.
Sivamadhavi Yoganand (14 days ago)
I am an Indian too. I have the right to hug and kiss anybody....but be sure not to kiss or hug anyone u don't know in India especially boys don't do that....u might end up in jail. Just shake ur hand
Hyo Jeong (14 days ago)
Dont right red in korea
f. k. (14 days ago)
When you finding time travel michine please come to 21 centre because of what you saying we reading 19 to 20 centuries antiques books! 😎😱
I live in uk
young boss (15 days ago)
happy new year
Charliezard Gaming (15 days ago)
the chile one is FAKE
Youssef Hany (16 days ago)
In emirates you cant drop any garbage on the ground and if you will they will force you to pay 2000 derhams. Btw derhams are there dollars comparing to. Americans
dreamy dreams (16 days ago)
Yay u.s.a is safe
dreamy dreams (16 days ago)
I go to cherch but i dont go to that stat ok
izl azucena (16 days ago)
I live in SG but i can spit ye LOL
marina furlong (17 days ago)
what about lanzorate
Gabriela Saulite (18 days ago)
In norway you don’t talk high on trains and bus
Aei yo Hi (19 days ago)
Just for correction, I’m a singaporean, selling chewing gum is illegal but if you chew it it is not illegal!
jandm barry (20 days ago)
In Thailand you are not allowed to show your bere feet . And in China do not show your pinky
StarGirl_YT (20 days ago)
hey what about the philippines??
calum hall (20 days ago)
I'm half Irish and its hilarious seeing people attempting an 'Irish' accent
Loud Girl For Life (20 days ago)
Yeh...Don't skip the queue, or us Britains will judge ya! I'm kidding I wouldn't...
peace and love (20 days ago)
When visiting any country: Be polite, respectfull, be quiet but nice, observe locals customs, be on time, plan ahead, weare clean close, a clean hair cut, clean shave, clean teeth, were a clean t shirt, clean shoes and socks, learn a few words to always say hi, please, thank you in the locals language. Do your research before your trip on where to go. Take a dictionary.
Jacob Hodge (21 days ago)
In Korea it's not just money. If you're handing someone anything you want to use two hands. If the object is too small for two hands, just support your arm with the other hand.
Shreyas Sankar (21 days ago)
I am an indian and in India, if you are in jail, and if you give money, than the police will free the guy who is in prison.
Dini SCH.OUTEN (22 days ago)
Michelle Walker (23 days ago)
Now I am English and we don't not talk about money
Vigna Suresh (23 days ago)
I don't like nright side
wave gacha (23 days ago)
The "Singapore" part is real there is a "FINE"
ed antonio (23 days ago)
Norway this goes to you . Matthew 10:33 .
Ras Tafari (24 days ago)
Indians spit too much ..they can't go to Singapore a
Thecatlord (24 days ago)
The thing to not wish someone a happy birthday in Germany is such a lie me and my friends do it all the time
Faith Villanueva (24 days ago)
I thinks ours is a free country????? Its just i cant think of what should we not do in the Philippines 😂 LOL
made up video? yes
Moon Fox133 (24 days ago)
In Mexico never say you’re bored in front of your mom
Heidi Traas (24 days ago)
Hi there I am from New Zealand and most of us do wear shoes and it is not a cultural thing not to wear shoes
Cynthiastic Wamyn (24 days ago)
Kenyan and proud of it! What he says baut us is true...
Paco Music (25 days ago)
Tha voice is kinda soundin' a lil like Trump... -KEEP-THA-HUSTLE-
UK: Avoid Earnings, The royal family and politics in general. Cricket and the weather aren't isn't that popular either. Uk is very had as in different regions will react differently to those from aboard
Rick devinkeator (25 days ago)
Callie Weed Farmer (25 days ago)
in Kenya learn the the language and you will have many friends mostly the greetings and never use Nairobi steets at night plz
Jeff Stewart (26 days ago)
what do they call their teachers in norway?
Leonaski Once (27 days ago)
here at Philippines we use opo and po to show respect to the person who we're talking to or to people who are older than you.
Esmeralda Baltazar (27 days ago)
White people cant dance #Mexicanforlife
ALL FAKE!!!!!!!!
Rudyard Binalay (28 days ago)
One more thing you cannot do in Singapore is you cannot Go down to the tracks in that an IT because that is going to be a $500 fine and also is a crime
Gacha lunar Studios (28 days ago)
Do more Korean things plz
Miss Hard Stan (29 days ago)
If I'm in Chile, what the heck do I do when I'm eating chips...? Just curious lol

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