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adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Agravic Speed Trail Running Shoe

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Tim Smith (21 days ago)
Some people have complained that the insole is too thin/constricted, and that the shoe did not have enough cushion/protection for his feet. Would these be appropriate if hiking a few miles a day on loose rocks and such?
Backcountry Edge (20 days ago)
for light hiking a few miles a day, these would be perfect!
Usin Balls (2 months ago)
I noticed there is difference number on the shoe tongue. What is this numbering supposed to mean? Anyone know?
Backcountry Edge (2 months ago)
Usin Balls  We are fairly certain that the three digit number is the weight per shoe in grams. Let us know if you can confirm that the number means something else.
Usin Balls (2 months ago)
Backcountry Edge so adidas will come out with different weight for the model with number in tongue. I thought it's the shoe toe box size. Thanks
Backcountry Edge (2 months ago)
I believe that is the weight per shoe in grams.
Живой (6 months ago)
I have)
MR. B (8 months ago)
Out of stock
Backcountry Edge (8 months ago)
More on their way! Stay tuned!

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