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High School Girls Dressed Inappropriately

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Text Comments (3176)
Aubrey Harris (1 day ago)
Giant underwear that stretches over their shoulders! 😂
Big Rigx (6 days ago)
Sadness and food (9 days ago)
Glasses hats remember kids no self expression we must be dumbass 1950s house wife’s ha ha you want to be a non nurse teacher or secretary lol you can’t god why is society stuck in the 50s -_-
xxrosmayxx (9 days ago)
I have uniform ;^;
Stephanie Miller (14 days ago)
I cant even wear fake glasses to school SUCH BULLSHIT
Lilac Heart (22 days ago)
I go to GHS...
laila l (1 day ago)
my condolences
lovingolatunji (30 days ago)
Schmeep Cochran (1 month ago)
Cassidy Davis (1 month ago)
Because of my old middle school our whole county has to wear uniform. So because of this my whole 8th grade class made a joke saying a principal was scared of belly buttons.
Lilyana Martinez (1 month ago)
And plz come to mine
Sassy Potato (1 month ago)
Plz contact my school.
-_Kawaiimangle Tv_- (1 month ago)
Ew feminist
Blaise 2067 (1 month ago)
How to beat the finger tip rule by a grade school girl: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjFTA11mDyk&lc=z22iizl52uracl5eracdp433fo34npp3lovbqiqu445w03c010c.1537478585161445
Chris Castro (2 months ago)
I always stare at their legs!! Even as 29 year old😀
Sea Biscuit (2 months ago)
In Britain, the uniform was originally invented so that even the poor could afford it so they didn't have to try and buy nice clothes for school and they made it cheap. But now, the uniform costs more than a cheap pair of jeans and a t-shirt from Primark whereas now we have to have ties, blazers, cotton dress shirt (not polo shirt I mean) and skirts/trousers/pinafores( "dress" ) and leather shoes (can be vegan leather) and blazers can easily cost £60 and shoes cost a lot as well. The reason they enforce this now is not necessarily because of bullying but because they feel that kids think that when they look formal and well dressed that they mean business and grades are gonna magically rise if you tell someone their shoes are wrong. They did a few tests where they sent British kids to foreign European countries and brought Europeans over here and our kids were worse than the kids who wore their own clothes. I feel ashamed as a Brit :')
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
+It's Jowke also, there isn't really a poor standard over here tbh BC in the summer holidays just before September every shop does a massive back to school sale so the basics are easily affordable ( *cough* except uniform *cough cough* )
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
+It's Jowke over here everyone either has a normal backpack or some overpriced Ted baker or Gucci bag but there isn't a significant difference in money except for when they purposefully go against the uniform rules to brag about the money they spend e.g walking around all the time with a high brand coat(not allowed on inside the building), bag, makeup (minimal [but they never enforce it on a full face but minor amounts of eyeliner is somehow banned 🤔🤔🤔]), jewellery/earrings (not allowed) etc. And in ours you get five standard strikes so if you are caught with the incorrect uniform five times on separate occasions then you get a half hour detention and if you don't attend it, then it extends to an hour
It's Jowke (21 days ago)
You could tell the poor from their backpacks and school gear tho?
Lila Frascation (1 month ago)
Ex British colony’s as well
Sea Biscuit (1 month ago)
+Brad David smaller in what way? :)
Account not in Use (2 months ago)
I live in England ( because I’m British 😂) and we have to wear uniform but when we don’t we can’t wear crop tops /belly tops , and my fiends (btw we were 13)was told off for wearing a vest because she has ‘too much boob ‘ how perverted is that tho ??
Sea Biscuit (2 months ago)
A small minority of students or people may try and take advantage of the fact she was showing more skin like that and may have malicious intentions in mind which is one thing to be aware of in clothing choice Aka, I'm a modesty freak and I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me :')
Sea Biscuit (2 months ago)
Yeee fellow Brit
Michael_Liddle (2 months ago)
Atleast most American schools don't force you to wear awful uniforms.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
+Michael_Liddle that's the same in our school tbh. Like, oh no! Shins! How provocative and distracting xD
Michael_Liddle (20 days ago)
+Sea Biscuit what pissed me off though was the fact that girls could wear skirts in the summer but the boys weren't allowed to wear shorts, absolute POPPYCOCK.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
+Michael_Liddle damn.. I wear trousers tho so my socks don't matter xD
Michael_Liddle (20 days ago)
+Sea Biscuit we weren't even allowed bags that didn't have the school logo on and had to take our coats off before going through the gates, I once got sent home because my socks weren't black despite the fact it was 5th period.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
+Michael_Liddle yea ik what you mean. We have uniforms here and they wear coats, jewellery and makeup from high end brand and the lads tend to wear high brand coats and trainers. But here if your shoes aren't leather and fully black you get sent home also. I remember reading this story about a girl on primary school going to school in shoes that met the dress code but we're apparently too "trainer-like" and had to buy a new pair that was adequate, but since they were called "trainer-like" by staff, she presumed her daughter could wear them for PE lessons, but the girl was told that they weren't "proper trainers" so she couldn't wear them for that either 🙄😂
Kaylee Mikulec (2 months ago)
Actual under the cheer skirts is actuly bloomers not panties
Mischief (2 months ago)
I wish I could show this to my school
Marvin Cabarles (2 months ago)
Zapphire 101 (2 months ago)
Good one
LOVE.K.O (2 months ago)
ẇһѧṭ'ṡ ѧ Ԁяєṡṡ ċȏԀє? ṃʏ ṡċһȏȏʟ Ԁȏєṡṅ'ṭ ɢıṿє ѧ ғȗċҡ ѧṡ ʟȏṅɢ ѧṡ ʏȏȗ һѧṿє ѧċṭȗѧʟ ċʟȏṭһєṡ ȏṅ
Red Lemon (2 months ago)
My school has a strict dress code. Its annoying
jojo jo (1 month ago)
+Snowcrest you fly a jet for a living? And yet you can't spell? I smell bullshit...
Snowcrest (2 months ago)
Hey!...….I gotta where a uniform for my job flying a jet for a living. They pay me very well $$$$$! I don't argue. What can I say?...…..
Izabeth Silverio Diaz (2 months ago)
We are not robots we are not slaves we are banananation
Infinite Octopaw (2 months ago)
I’m lucky none of my school cared, hell, we’re even aloud to where hats. Another score for Canadian education.
AutumnRed675 (3 months ago)
My principal (male) walked up to my volleyball coach and told her she was dress coded and she needed to change bc she was setting a bad example for us girls. All she was wearing a muscle tee and it showed her sports bra.
R. E. Bruce Martin (3 months ago)
Having seen a collection of "dress code issues" it seems to me that all too often "absolute power corrupts absolutely". A teacher, Procncipal or school board official carresa a significant amount of authority, but if they can't rise above theor own egos, they shouldn't be in positions of authority, no matter their formal educational qualifications! BTW I am not a teenager, I am a 73 year old retored electronic technician that has been married for more than 30 years. Nonethless I can empathise with teens being beleagured by arbitrary prudery which does not appear to even be actual prudery. That said, I don't think a total removal of dress codes would be appropriate either. But turn the bossy approach to the matter into educative guidelines with explicit and forthright explanations as to what consequences might arise fron inappropriate dress and/or behaviour, and how that inappropriateness might make some misfortunate young person victim of opportunist "interpersonal sharks" with little matter if such should befall them at a particular place or event or leave them targets to harrassment, stalkers or abusive suitors (and that can also apply to guys bveing targeted by inappropriate "suitesses"). In a sense, unfortunately, the world has learned "enough to be dangerous"! IMHO this stands a good chance of the truly inappropriate being rejected by the social pressures of the same peer group once he real risks and facts are fairly known. There are those who will chosse to see me an my remarks as coming from one who has seen a lot if abuse, and perhaps ironically I would agree with that, as long as we all realize that few willcrre for humanity until they themselves have suffered at said hand. But who else would be willing to stand up for endong so much that never chould have been? At age 73, obviously I am not going to live forever. So what I have exorciced in the roughest way possible over most of a lifetime, from those who sought to withhold, I do not want that learning to die with me! To the generations to follow, you are the ones to now take the reins of power and all the attendant consequences, long after I am gone, hence my propensity to this kind of legacy. I have known what happens to the financial legacies of those who have left them, and the consequences are "less than pretty". so I am content to eventually die poor, yet with the more abstract richness or soul be it even akin to that of"The Impossible Dream", which IMHO is not so tryly impossible but that neither accrues to or belongs to any one individual or nation, but to all humanity. In me tercero lingua: ¡ Haber compasión es la hija de han sida sofrie ! On hearin this noone would need to understand one word of spaniato realize there's more than themere words! ... "To have compassion is the daughter of having suffered."
L.A.O SPEEDWAGON (3 months ago)
OK first, the fact that you are kid is glaringly obvious! Are you familiar with the principal of context? Basically it means that you should be judged on the entirety of the situation. For example while is perfectly appropriate for a student to wear swimwear (spaghetti straps, tightly-blackies, et al.) at the swimming pool during PE. It is not appropriate for a student to wear swimwear (CF are mentioned) during an algebra class. (Also, it would not be acceptable contextually for a student to a prom dress at the swimming pool during PE). Lastly, the fact that you cannot grasp the difference in appropriateness between a topless mail and a topless female shows not only a complete lack of maturity, but also a complete lack of basic biological education!
Maya R (1 month ago)
That one emo Hobo (3 months ago)
L.A.O SPEEDWAGON I love how you say he needs an education, yet you can't spell male* right.
Vilyana Stoyanova (3 months ago)
In my collage girls can't wear short, ripped jeans, show shoulders or bra straps, show even a bit of belly oh and we can't wear leggings. Men can't wear short shorts just like the women or tank tops and no one is allowed to wear joggers......That's not the whole dress code this is really just the summer dress code
wtf is wrong with joggers??? they're so comfy
Neakoet Tan (3 months ago)
Principal:Oh hey josh *josh walks in wearing short shorts and a tank top* Josh:HEY PRINCIPAL Principal:Becky I’m going to need you to change your clothes Becky:but umm why? Principal:I CAN SEE YOUR SHOULDERS >:0
Marisa Grifo (3 months ago)
i got detention because I was showing my ankles...… whats the point?????
amber (3 months ago)
Marisa Grifo Wait are you serious? Your dress code is too strict
NightShade Fox (3 months ago)
Onision should open a school
Damaris Graziani (3 months ago)
Damaris Graziani (3 months ago)
fuck you
Damaris Graziani (3 months ago)
is that a fake mustash
It is kinda dumb that some high schools cant wear outfits like that
This dude is hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
blueeyedbutcher 555 (3 months ago)
... Sports uniforms are different because you're doing athletic activities...yes their a bit revealing which I don't exactly agree with either, but you're comparing sports time to classroom time...cheerleaders and swimmers have those outfits/swimsuits for a reason...there's all types of stretches and flips you have to do that require skirts and shorts.... just put some fucking clothes on during class time....teachers don't wanna see that shit....dress appropriately and don't embarrass yourself by looking like a whore. You're there to learn, stop being extra.
Sophia Broadhurst (4 months ago)
When I use to go to school I had to wear a uniform and skirts were completely band only trousers and once I got told to change them because they were too “tight” no hunny I just had thighs when my trousers had to be straight leg they literally expected me to wear curtains I swear. I had to wear black socks school shoes and a jumper with a blouse with there logo on it every day no matter how hot it got.
kylie smilie420 (4 months ago)
Sophia Broadhurst same here!! One I had had it, I wore shorts that my butt cheeks came out of and a crop top that says booty judge 😂😂😂 I got expelled
Amanda ebers (4 months ago)
OML this is like my school
Dee Cookie (4 months ago)
My life. Why do we do this.
Dee Cookie (4 months ago)
I can't.
Shyann Morrow (4 months ago)
it's spandex not panties
Georgi Holiday (4 months ago)
Hey cuntface, you can’t compare guys and girls being topless because girls have tits. Are you a fucking moron? I’m a calm guy but I want to punch you right in your stupid face
Tyler Hoseph (4 months ago)
you're dumb as FUCK
Manca Omersa (4 months ago)
Fat guys also have boobs and thay can show them... LMFAO
Blaise 2067 (4 months ago)
Yes, boys are allowed to go topless on the swim team. That enables them to swim faster. Forcing the girls to cover their breasts is sexist. That violates Title IX, which bans sexual discrimination in education. So the girl athletes should be allowed to be topless wherever the boy athletes are.
Maxine Beth (4 months ago)
How about you just shut the fulcrum up and think about something called equality. If boys can wear things showing their tummy than girls can too
Sheng-Huo Scrubs (4 months ago)
I'm literally scrolling through the comments and seeing all these people calling him a Pedophile. FYI, he's not the only Youtuber that makes these types of videos..
Cor (4 months ago)
At the start I thought that he was gonna start singing High school musical
The Fallen Angels (4 months ago)
All I can think when I get dress coded at school, " Is it 1962!?!?"
It’s Just Emma (5 months ago)
My mom wanted me to do a sport and I already have some gymnastic know how so I was thinking about cheerleading but then I saw the outfits my school had for cheerleaders I was like nope (Oh and btw have you noticed that male cheerleaders have their body completely covered yet move yet fine. Some bring up that they put girls in those reviling outfits so they can move better but I have seen male cheerleaders do better high kicks then some of the girls. Umm sexist much????)
Jordyn Dougherty (5 months ago)
In the GHS one,ya my dad went there.if I am not an idiot(don’t answer)GHS means Grafton High School
Sophia Rafio (5 months ago)
“Was your teacher middle eastern” the juxtaposition between a video with the aim to shut down negative and frankly inappropriate comments combatted by that bigoted and type casting line is disgustingly hypocritical
Lucy The Great (23 days ago)
Are you teacher? Because you almost gave a boring whole lecture about a single joke this dude had given.
Sophia Rafio (4 months ago)
silkwine it’s called my opinion, snowflake
Sophia Rafio (4 months ago)
Constantin Kosta honey, I’m just wondering where the part that I give a single fuck is?
Sophia Rafio (4 months ago)
Chloe Wright likewise sweaty
Chloe Wright (4 months ago)
Hannah Chadwick (5 months ago)
At my school, we have school uniform. It’s a black blazer, white shirt and black knee length skirt or trousers. My friend got told off for wearing normal school trousers because apparently “trousers are not ladylike and all girls have to wear skirts.” It’s ridiculous
DEKIKK (5 months ago)
Greg, I'm unsubscribing to you, I'm so done with all the teenage girl video's. It's becoming so sad. We know you like barely legal girls by now. I'm done with all of your bullshit.
Vault Girl420 (5 months ago)
DEKIKK wait, what happened?
*DeAth Is NeAr* (5 months ago)
I honestly can't agree with this video. You were pointing out that if athletes can wear something then so should everyday students. But athletes have a reason to wear what they wear. You can't swim or cheer in long skirts or leggings. I don't think you and the students complaining understand that you can't swim or cheer or play any sport (minus football) in heavy clothing. It makes things incredibly difficult to play the sport. And anyway nobody is even allowed to wear their uniforms outside of their sport. Swimmers can't wear their bathing suits and cheerleaders can't wear the tiny skirts in school, only when playing the sport. While the way athlete's play depends on their uniform, covering up your stomach won't ruin your life. Dress codes aren't that big of a deal. If the school doesn't accept your clothing, then oh well. It's school not a fashion show. Just be lucky you don't have to wear a school uniform.
Rachel Queen (6 months ago)
In my school we can't wear leggings unless we have a shirt The covers are but in our front but I'm a girl and only people who are girls wear likings but there are guys in my school who wear leggings and don't have to follow that rule like I'm a girl so there's nothing there
Hedvig MacLord (6 months ago)
In Sweden, u can wear whatever you want. For real, WHATEVER you want.
Panala (20 days ago)
Hedvig MacLord in Norway too
random girl (5 months ago)
Hedvig MacLord In Finland too👍
Hedvig MacLord (5 months ago)
poptart factory Yeah, its pretty cool
poptart factory (5 months ago)
Hedvig MacLord _I wanna live in Sweden now._
Ava Riley (6 months ago)
this makes me want some highschool girl to run across the school's pool with her boobs bouncing around and wearing guy's swimtrunks. because lets be honest that would be fucking hilarious
Liz Mc (4 months ago)
That’d be me
poptart factory (5 months ago)
*DeAth Is NeAr* (5 months ago)
rae fuchs IKR 😂
Shakira Walker (6 months ago)
Um durh cause women have a thing called breast so they can't just go out with their breast bouncing around....then they definitely be seen as objects and that's what we are trying to get away from so....yeah
W.D Barial (4 months ago)
*Females and males have the exact same parts in their breasts, it's just that the females are a bit bigger in the chest department. You wouldn't censor someone's fat rolls, would you? Censoring females nipples and not males is like censoring someone's fat rolls and not censoring the skinny person in the same place that you censored the bigger person. You wouldn't do that, so why do the same thing but with breasts?
Kira The Dino (5 months ago)
Shakira Walker maybe you should learn how to keep it in your pants
SpeedPaint Gracie (6 months ago)
Ghs is my school...
SpeedPaint Gracie (6 months ago)
Niharika Mohapatra Galax High School
Niharika Mohapatra (6 months ago)
What is its full form?
tobi rae (6 months ago)
so if you’re a dan and phil fan you probably know about the gray sweater with the hair design on it that they have on their merch site so i bought it and wore it to school one day my teacher talked to me and said it was inappropriate because “it looked like i had hairy boobs” which is totally an opinion that THE TEACHER HAD i had some friends that also watch dan and phil and they were very confused when i walked back into class with a different shirt on then the one i was originally wearing to school when i told them the were just as angry as i was so yeah fuck you sms
Mystic (5 months ago)
tobiraee lol ur teacher needs glasses
Ironmantwd 4580 (6 months ago)
Is this onision?
Ironmantwd 4580 (6 months ago)
Fiore Östberg uhhh I better leave then
William Östberg (6 months ago)
Ironmantwd4580 yes
Samantha B (6 months ago)
Depresso Espresso (6 months ago)
And wenises.
Little Angel (6 months ago)
So, this stupid school that I go to thought it was fucking okay to let my friend, Alexandra, who is a 12 year old girl with no hips, butt, boobs, no shape whatsoever, wear spaghetti straps, and short shorts. However, I am a 12 year old girl with large breasts and a very curvy, and muscular, and just you know, a fit body, and I am proud of my body, so I decided to wear the same thing she did, and I got dress coded. When I asked why, my principal said that I was, "a distraction to the 7th, and 8th grade boys", and I tried to protest, and I said, "I am in 6th grade, and I hardly see the 7th or 8th graders on school grounds", but then she replied, "It is the rules, I'm sorry, but I can't let you wear that." So then, I took in a deep breath, of frustration, slowly exhaled, and said, "My friend, Alexandra got to wear almost the same thing, and she wasn't dress coded? How is that fair?", and then she said, "Well, you should know. You're more developed than her physically, so you will be deemed as a distraction." I didn't argue more, but I was SO insulted by that.
Cynthia ۵ (3 months ago)
legit one girl was wearing a crop top and low rised jeans and she was in the front of the room. she had the smallest of her skin in the back showing and the teacher told her to change because it was distracting, literally nothing was showing, she got dresscoded for no reason, and even if her ass was out, she probably would've gotten suspended-
Cole (5 months ago)
Daisy The Kittypet mUsCuLaR
L2N5 Park (6 months ago)
At my school when the girls are playing basket ball and volleyball the can wear booty shorts and crop tops but at theatre we can’t wear leggings or crop tips
Lps Cute one (7 months ago)
Today I got dress coded for wearing black yoga pants with ripped jean shorts over them the woman said my clothes were "never to be seen again under the circumstances of this school"
killjoy who draws (7 months ago)
3:16 dude in the back lookin like black parade era ray toro
killjoy who draws (7 months ago)
"If the world tells you to lengthen your shorts, you must shorten them." -Gerard Way
Evil Bastard (7 months ago)
This dude is a pedo for real.
Daisy Williams (4 months ago)
The exact point I've been making this whole argument
Chloe Wright (4 months ago)
Oh he’s pedo for talking about how stupid school dress codes are?
Daisy Williams (5 months ago)
Ik this was like 2 months ago but dude everybody does stuff, how would that help prove your point? I can see why your called Evil Bastard. Get burnt.
Subwayanime5 Wynne (6 months ago)
Daisy Williams (6 months ago)
Dude theres a warning at the beginning of every video he does don't watch if you get offended this is all for comedy
Teenage_heartbreak_queen (7 months ago)
I kinda want to get all the girls in my school to show up in underwear and rant “these are our bodies, we do what we want with them! We shall not be oppressed because the male teachers can’t control themselves, it’s not our problem!”
Teenage_heartbreak_queen (7 months ago)
It happens in the uk too. I had detention because my top button was undone and my male p.e teacher yelled at me for showing off too much breast, like wtf give me a break. The a week or so later I see a boy with his buttons undone down to about level to his nipples and the p.e teacher was sat on his table, looked at him then just didn’t do anything. Also I’m 13 so don’t have that much boob to be showing off anyways lol
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
I mean, of you've used the shirt for a while, sometimes the fabric/cotton stretches and the button slips out without you realising, so that's not your fault in that instance, and when you buy the clip on ties (that we have because we can't be trusted not to strangle each other) sometimes there's a curve that digs into your neck or collarbone and it hurts like hell sometimes so you have to undo the button
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
Girls in my year wear a full face of makeup. Primer, concealer, foundation (that is 20 shades darker than or should be), fake tan, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter and contour stuff, blush, eyebrows that are five inches thick (and are black or really dark brown when you're a ginger or a blonde) and the rest, and this is the majority of girls in my year group. And yet when my friend wore a bit of black eyeliner, they got dress coded even though the rest of the uniform was fine when the cake face kids have Gucci coats and stuff on in lesson (not allowed) and nobody bats a damn eyelid :')
jas fay (7 months ago)
Northern downpour is triggering /XAbsolutely_AbiX/ u should so report the teacher, I'm not even joking, just reading about your story is pissing me off
CountryBeautiful (7 months ago)
Yeah dress codes can be really stupid sometimes because when I was your age I went to this school where your sleeves had to be 2 inches long and if you wanted to wear a skirt or shorts then it had to be down to the knees. Also the incident where your male gym teacher got on you about your top button being undone is stupid because I'd understand it if you were showing cleavage but in this case it doesn't sound like you were and he also should have gotten after the boy who had his buttons undone because that wouldn't have been allowed at my school at all reguardless of gender.
Gill Kid (7 months ago)
Bruh how old are you, 13 y/o can get over this crap
Kittycat Nono (7 months ago)
Trey Gill why should we get over sexism? Is that what ur implying? Just asking cos I don't understand what u mean
Gill Kid (7 months ago)
I was just making sure you could hear it, you millennials have trouble with stuff like that
Kittycat Nono (7 months ago)
Trey Gill its not the fact we need to get over it, its that it's sexist, and unfair to both genders, If a guy could wear shorts, why can't a girl, which is what he's saying x
Gill Kid (7 months ago)
Who told you you had an opinion dude
Gill Kid (4 months ago)
Chloe Wright he doesn’t have an opinion, or things would change
Chloe Wright (4 months ago)
Gill Kid maybe the things that are called rights? Idk just a thought🤷🏼‍♀️
ThatVanGirl (7 months ago)
On the last week of school everyone in my town basically ignores the dress code and the teachers can't do anything about it. They gave detention to a couple of kids for what, the first week of the following school year. They'd normally shove us into our P.E clothes but we take those home by that time.
Mumei :x (7 months ago)
I mean, I'm in England so I have a uniform. There's still rules though. They're not as extreme and slightly less sexist...However, there's something else that I don't like.Female's uniforms are different to men's. Specifically the shirts. They're, legitimately, seethrough. Plus, England rains a lot......not a good combination.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
Very true, I tend to wear cardigans to cover up and I wear trousers due to the copious amounts of wind and cold weather we have xD
Fahad ArRasheed (7 months ago)
why would he cares ? isnt he a homo ?
Teenage_heartbreak_queen (7 months ago)
Fahad ArRasheed the fuck is wrong with you
Celine Is me (7 months ago)
Fahad ArRasheed He's not
Craig Oie-Lugo (7 months ago)
At 1:57, that dude is part of a professional swimming team at The Long Center which is a recreational center in Clearwater, FL. That is not a High School pool.
fuck ass (7 months ago)
I've been dress coded three times for wearing eyeliner.
nightynight. (7 months ago)
in my school girls get handed a huge book that says: no shoulders, ankles, knees, collarbones, elbows etc. we have to have bangs higher then our eyebrows. no earrings other then two ‘normal’ ones. no sneakers no open toe. no rings or necklaces or bracelets. no makeup AT ALL (they literally take a wipe and wipe each girls face to see if we have makeup on). let me remind you that i go to a co-ed school.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
We're not even allowed to wear earrings full stop whether it's a fresh piercing or not :/
poptart factory (5 months ago)
Mystic _I have sensitive skin so I'd like break out in a rash and sue them lmao._
Mystic (5 months ago)
Wipe each girls face ??? What if a girl has a skin condition or is allergic to the wipes
Hannah H (7 months ago)
What school?!
Kaitlynn • (7 months ago)
sophia this comment disgusts me- I can’t believe Americans are still this sexist. I am so sorry
Blaise 2067 (8 months ago)
There's an interesting hypocrisy in schools dressing girls in skimpy clothes for athletics, where they perform in full view of the public on campus, yet those same outfits are considered inappropriate for school.
Sea Biscuit (20 days ago)
Yea we used to wear a polo shirt and shorts in our school with knee high socks and trainers but that recently got changed to a skort (skirt with shorts under due to there being two kinds) and the sizes are disgusting. I don't wanna play benchball or netball against someone who has their butt hanging out the back. I refuse to wear them tho and I wear leggings instead xD
Mark Frost (7 months ago)
Karoline Kahny (8 months ago)
My school has a strict dress code but I don't have to follow it because of my anger issues and my friendship with my old principal
Dusk (8 months ago)
My school doesn’t have a dress code sooo
PrinceOJr (7 months ago)
Dusk So naaaaakkkeeeedd!!! Weeeeeeeee!
Tbellplays :D (8 months ago)
I hate to break it to you but every cheer skirt has built in spandex shorts underneath so that you don’t show your panties when you do jumps flips or any stunts. I would know, I’m a cheerleader.
thomascrying (4 months ago)
Chloe Wright oh yeah, that sucks, dress code is dumb. but at university we don’t have dress code anyway but we can lose our spot on the team if we’re wearing our uniform incorrectly which nobody does anyway
Chloe Wright (4 months ago)
Doesn’t mean that girls wear them right. More then half of my schools cheer team rolls up the waist of their skirts to show of their ass checks and it’s ok Bc they are cheerleaders. But Bc I have long legs I can almost never wear shorts with out getting dress coded.
thomascrying (5 months ago)
this is what i was going to say!!
Tbellplays :D (8 months ago)
Also can people please stop making fun of cheerleaders we’re not all bad. I promise!!!
Silver Fox (8 months ago)
I’ve gotten dress coded for wearing leggings and a long hoodie but our cheerleaders can wear next to nothing?
MaskedGirlinBlack (8 months ago)
My old school didn’t allow T-shirt’s. That’s literally all I have. I was in detention for a week and a half for a day of wearing a T-shirt. I did not get my work for that week and a half so my B went down to a D. I was not able to pass.
Funnilogically __4915 (2 months ago)
MaskedGirlinBlack that’s fucked up
Leslie The Cereal Killer (8 months ago)
the girls on the ghs uniforms got to my school
Xayide Xayide (8 months ago)
Inapronision Yes i made up that pun myself xd
"God forbid she show her *kneeginas* " I'm DONE LMAO!!
Inkboyinkling K (8 months ago)
Well the dress code is fair
Inkboyinkling K (7 months ago)
Slytherin Nam want to know the reason for that
Slytherin Nam (7 months ago)
Inkboyinkling K it’s called sarcasm. My school has a dress code but they barely reinforce it and when they do the guys never get dress coded.
Viviana Martinez (8 months ago)
Inkboyinkling K It was sarcasm
A Gamer For Money (8 months ago)
Cheerleaders a dressed as human trophies for the football team
Shae Weaver (8 months ago)
when i was in 5th grade me and my then best friend decided to wear matching tank tops to school, for whatever reason it might've been. i got half way through the door when the Principle stopped me because i was "too exposed". NOTHING was said to my friend. i bet you all can guess why i was the one to get in trouble... "EQUALITY"
Shae Weaver (8 months ago)
That and her chest her chest was smaller than mine, and her daddy happened to be the Dean. So there was no way of getting out of that situation without some form of punishment.
MaskedGirlinBlack (8 months ago)
Same thing happened here. She was the popular chick that didn’t get in trouble, I was the loser wearing the same top that did get in trouble.
Shae Weaver (8 months ago)
close enough!
Trinivid (8 months ago)
Shae Weaver Zara's ur best friend a boy
Jayden™️ (8 months ago)
I'm currently in high school, we can't show our shoulders, if you have shorts/skirt that is passed your finger tips. they selectively dress code girls with shorts for gym or crop tops, teachers target the more thicker/larger girls (I'm one of them) and it's unfair. then at my middle school they targeted the white kids only. if we went swimming (like for a reward) we couldn't wear bikinis at all, we had to cover that up. Also no shoulders, we had to cover up our knees, at my grade nine grad last year, this girl was wearing a really nice dress (it was like a light beige, had a bit of sparkle, silky, it was really pretty) but uh oh! shoulders, so the teacher gave her their jean jacket for the whole thing, everyone was pissed about it. I had to cover my shoulders with my hair, it was dumb.
Astri the Octopus (8 months ago)
I once wore really short shorts and never got in trouble.. I put heart leggings under it and got dress code as soon as I walked in. Dress code is BS.
Rosalina Sanchez (8 months ago)
In my high school our cheerleaders can wear their uniforms (which have really short skirts) but we cant wear short shorts. Its not like we wear ones that ride up our ass crack (some do) but no shit we want them to be at our thighs and maybe a little higher. Idk its bs
Rosalina Sanchez I thank the lord that my school has basically just chucked all dress codes out. We can basically wear anything as long as our undergarments aren’t showing. Like we can see most of their bra or underwear would need to change or cover it up. But we can wear most anything to school.
Serenity Drawings! (8 months ago)
I got dress coded for wearing a sweater, that the sleeves went past the palm of my hand, and ripped jeans. Even though the most popular girls in the grade wore cropped hoodies and short shorts and never got dress coded once.
Anna Schuch (8 months ago)
So I’m a high school cheerleader, and we got fucking dress coded for the SCHOOL ISSUED UNIFORMS
Chloe Wright (4 months ago)
That’s kinda funny af
Slytherin Nam (7 months ago)
LunaNightshade *argument
LunaNightshade (8 months ago)
FarisTheKuepow I'm not having an agrugement, with somebody, about the educational system, who doesn't know how to use \(0.0)/ "articles".
Faris Zulkifli (8 months ago)
LunaNightshade what you mean?
LunaNightshade (8 months ago)
FarisTheKuepow What language are you using?
Angel (9 months ago)
Lmao I’m 12 and kids in my grade wear crop tops to school (the teachers don’t care)
Chlo Chlo (9 months ago)
At least they don’t have to wear uniforms🙄
Liv B (9 months ago)
Something i really hate at my school, is that girls have a uniform that has a skirt, and our fat principle stands outside her office to check the length and tell us if it's too short. (My principle is a girl btw) and she dresscodes only girls with skirts that are supposedly "too short" if they dont play sports or do something that benefits the school. That's how it was at my elementary school too. If your family paid extra money to the school, or you we're some big time cheerleader or sports star, your skirt could be 2 inches below your butt. But someone like me who plays almost no sports, And my family can't afford putting extra money into the school, uh oh, "young lady your skirt can only be 2 inches above your knee!" And there are girls at my high school who do competitive cheer that are alowed to literally drees like a hooker at school and that's fine because you keep bringing back those wins and money. But if my shorts, on a day that the temperature outside is 90°, are more that an inch above my knee, suddenly i need to go home and find appropriate clothes. The principle also doesn't dresscode you if you are attractive or popular.
Traxxattaxx (8 months ago)
Livia Barnett Yeah I go to an all boys private school, and we wear uniforms and are enforced about it daily.
Ariana Gutierrez (9 months ago)
wow I went to that school in tooele and i understand that girl at tooele her name is ema , they tried dress coding me for wearing a sweater cardigan over a tank top meanwhile kids were ditching school as they dress coded me
Karoline Kahny (9 months ago)
I’m not even allowed to wear a bikini in my own house in the summer without getting called a pervert by my family that I did not invite over
My school said you can't show shoulders and collarbones because 1) it's distracting and 2) it's disResPeCtful. Apparently it shows that we have no self respect. I was once caught wearing a t-shirt that's sleeve rolled up when I rose my hand. Got screamed at in class, and had to run to my locker and put on my coat to cover myself up. While at my locker, the teacher patrolling the halls gave me detention for being out of class. Now, mind you, it was winter, and this happened first period. So I had to wear a huge bulky jacket in class. Then I got in trouble because my jacket made too much noise when I moved 🤷‍♀️ I CANT WIN!!!!!!
Heilon Iris (9 months ago)
At least y'all don't need to wear uniforms
Ellx Bellx (9 months ago)
I don't understand what is the problem, we ALL know that girls have beasts. Why do we get dressed coded for spaghetti straps and also, seeing bra straps. liek , bih what? I also can't wear any shorts! my school makes you put your arms down to your legs, and that's how long your pants have to be (no less than that). I have hella long arms, so I can't wear shorts at all!
Cynthia ۵ (3 months ago)
same actually!! bootyshorts aren't allowed because they literally look underneath and see how much of your crack is showing! It's so dumb
poptart factory (5 months ago)
Ellx Bellx breasts* But agreed. Like oh no, who knew I, a teen girl, wears a bra? Somebody call Victoria because her secret is out!

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