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Is This Female Pro Golfer's Outfit Too Sexy for the Green?

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Pro golfer Paige Spiranac is comfortable wearing super short skirts and skin tight tops, but a new dress code is calling her outfits too sexy. The Ladies Professional Golf Association considers her outfits too hot for the green. Plunging necklines, short skirts that may expose your "bottom area," and racerback tops without a collar are now considered inappropriate by the LPGA. Some are calling the new guidelines "slut-shaming," and Paige Spiranac is not happy about it either.
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johnny storm (2 days ago)
So just watched the video where sexist restaurants force women to wear skimpy clothes as opposed to male collegues now Golf gave women choices some choose skimpy attire but unlike their male counterparts so Lpga run by women chose it for them xant have it both ways men so also have to follow a dress code.
Ian Richter (3 days ago)
Sexism at it's best!
Alexander Heyne (22 days ago)
I'll allow it.
Ivan Hardon (1 month ago)
0:13 Look at her wiggle 👅👍🔥
Moto insane (1 month ago)
I would smash
Gask Iya (1 month ago)
I really don't understand why women in the west think that acting and dressing up like prostitutes is somehow empowering! No wonder people don't take female athlete's or females in general, seriously.....SMH
Cxleb (1 month ago)
Why is this news?
Axel Babel II (2 months ago)
her clothes were fine, its people who don't look good in those clothes that complains.
Phoebe Venn (2 months ago)
It’s golf for Pete’s sakes
Natalee Denlinger (2 months ago)
What the heck was she doing at 0:12
Mallory Butts (2 months ago)
Too sexy it's just trashy and ugly
Instead of sexy add an cold instead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sean (2 months ago)
What personality? The slutty kind ?
Tommy Smith (2 months ago)
Dude she want it
Lucy Nguyen (2 months ago)
I don't see a problem with that she can wear whatever she wants, its HER body
reece casciano (2 months ago)
0:52 Oh no it’s too much skin. Let her wear what she wants it’s her body
cassie wasyluk (2 months ago)
Model: *walks in* Me: oh, I’d wear that. Producer: *you can’t wear that.*
Silver (2 months ago)
It’s fine
obey3x (2 months ago)
Showing cleavage doesn’t show personality
ISABELLA LEE (2 months ago)
They aren’t even that skimpy
Sspolarcorn ss (2 months ago)
why do people care what they wear she probably just wants to be comfortabl and not sweat to death in the high temperatures, I mean really people what is this? school??
Vee ee (2 months ago)
It's time to do what we do to dogs that cannot control their hormones to men
Kait London (3 months ago)
So instead of being comfortable so y’all gonna have to sweat to death
Mythical beast (3 months ago)
“Is she too hot for the green?” No. SHES HOT. LIKE THE SUN.
Josie R (3 months ago)
Ok that has been a tennis/golf uniform for a long time
yo squid (3 months ago)
She is just a player of a sport I think she should be allowed to wear whatever she wants especially is it’s just that workout outfit
abderaman alzemouri (3 months ago)
that what we call it hot golf ! my dad always ask me why i would like to play golf
Briseida Santillan (3 months ago)
Women should be able to show their body and not be ashamed of it bc it is the way that we were made.
Kitty Cat (3 months ago)
I like golf now
Madd Mattie (3 months ago)
Is this something worth to post about.
Bob Lo (3 months ago)
Or we just let people wear what they want beep boop
Raymond Tampus (3 months ago)
I agree with the new dress code it is just tradition to look professional and neat. It has always been a rule for women in my country that the shirt cant be a tank top it’s either turtle neck or collar, i mean how hard is it to play in an collar anyways???
Sandeep Roy (3 months ago)
Always telling women what to wear, how to wear, wtf. Next is what wear headscarf!?
Zachary Richards (3 months ago)
No just to inappropriate
red kit (3 months ago)
she thicc
shy draws (3 months ago)
I like that outfit to me that's not a bad outfit!
Abby McQuiston (3 months ago)
THOT ALERT! Your golfing, not stripping😬
Brielleisdaqueen _ (3 months ago)
Well ballet you wear a leotard soooo and also with us we can wear as showy to ur skin if you want they rlly don’t care.
Jagraj Wasan (3 months ago)
Oh she's "showcasing her personalities" alright.
G Ruata (3 months ago)
a sport is a decipline... its not a fashion runway has some respect..
George Harrison (3 months ago)
But she is not good at golf, just trick shots, and her sexy outfits get her views not her golf
Supashya Roy Chowdhury (3 months ago)
Now golf is my fav sports.
Dana Michelle Burnett (4 months ago)
if this was a shirtless man they would be saying NOTHING. Its terrible​
Lissyy Bambury (4 months ago)
Omg this is stupid
Power In Knowledge (4 months ago)
I wasnt complaining about her outfit before
hecc gang (4 months ago)
probably trying to get them creds up
Glowing DJXL (4 months ago)
Is it too hot for the online community?!
BADD1ONE (4 months ago)
Dress code. Dress code. There's always been dress.codes on the course. This isn't basketball on a street corner. And watch her shake it. She's not fooling anybody. She's looking for that magazine cover, and endorsement for shaking that T&A.
rich lordbacon (4 months ago)
they should let them dress as sexy as they want,they would get way more viewers ;)
Nemesi (4 months ago)
0:12 lmao yeah sure... you're definitely doing that for the men
Caspur (4 months ago)
its hot outside
Tanner (4 months ago)
You don't need to look sexy playing or competing sports
Alex Bloomberg (4 months ago)
Maddenbeast7 (4 months ago)
0:10 she's holding her hip and shaking it she's trying to look good
summer fitzgerald (4 months ago)
Sexy is NOT bad its just what they wanna wear what makes them comfortable.
aesthetic bodø (4 months ago)
Why would people just want to show that much skin? Just cover up??
Rose Gomez (4 months ago)
She came to my school for a speech
Sew Loog (4 months ago)
You know what I think, I think they should just wear nothing :^)
Austin Barnett (4 months ago)
I used too watch LPGA 😒
KWAOGA Gregan (4 months ago)
Well that lady golfer can rock anything just looking at her
NeverWithoutNalani (4 months ago)
I can’t respect her no matter what she wears. Anyone who supports PETA has lost my respect
Phillip Carpenter (4 months ago)
She's a nasty skag.
Mike McKinley (4 months ago)
No such thing as too sexy for LPGA...
Sweet Victory (4 months ago)
No no she looks fine by my standards
Osbaldo Duran (4 months ago)
Sayan guria (4 months ago)
And I thought america is very modern and they have progressive thinking. Make america saudi again
Harley Kelevra (4 months ago)
I don't think it's asking too much to keep your ass IN your skirt.
Itzel Aguilar (4 months ago)
Queen Angelaxoxox (4 months ago)
Bruh if she was a skinny flat girl they wouldn’t even think about it 🙄
DrSourPurp (4 months ago)
Who is complaining about this, some obese woman?
FireStormBaller (4 months ago)
Not sexy enough.
Akbar Kasier (4 months ago)
Can you report on real stuff, instead of telling us you're all jealous or virgins.
James Juarez (4 months ago)
Really? This is a stupid story. Find something more interesting Inside Edition. Pathetic
pretty Pandora (4 months ago)
Let her wear whatever she wants is that so much to ask 😡
DerDoi_Angelina 25 (4 months ago)
Okay so what's the dress code for men?
rich lordbacon (4 months ago)
"Although virtually every golf association in the world allows players, male or female, to wear shorts during competition, the PGA Tour forbids the practice. ... Blue jeans, shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn
Mike Smith (4 months ago)
xyzHero (4 months ago)
As long as they can hit a hole in one IDGAFF.
Pix (4 months ago)
It wouldn’t be “to sexy” if you didn’t make it that way.
Bertholdt Hoover (4 months ago)
Nice boobs
Emily Jane (4 months ago)
I think that she should be able to wear whatever she wants
derf ferd (4 months ago)
I love masturbating to Paige those tight little skirts make me cum good
Maybe Me (4 months ago)
And I understand women should be able to wear what they want, but wearing things to show off to men is different.
Maybe Me (4 months ago)
I mean the skirt makes sense. I mean, if she bent over more, her entire butt would show.. But the top is different, I guess.
melia shea (4 months ago)
Im an adult virgin (4 months ago)
That’s what your supposed to do so our boobs aren’t everywhere lmao
PunchingMegaTree (4 months ago)
LMAO! "showcasing our personalities"
Camille Lewis (4 months ago)
lmao just more stupid rules that target girls... and for like no reason so...
matemahe (4 months ago)
Camille Lewis not for golf men have always looked pretty dress causal
Alton Doss (4 months ago)
Inside addition girl is hot
Daniel Alfred (4 months ago)
She just wanna show off her boobs cause she suck at golf!
Gemma V. (4 months ago)
Daniel Alfred unlike me?? If I play golf or any sport I'm not going to wear some knee length skirt. You wear lightweight and short clothing. I don't see the problem with any of her outfit, and neither should you so grow up
Daniel Alfred (4 months ago)
Gemma V. I don't play golf. If I do, I'll dress appropriately. Unlike you!
Gemma V. (4 months ago)
Daniel Alfred still better than you
OneChicago (4 months ago)
Who cares what she wears! Give it a rest, let her wear whatever she wants to wear.
Carl Keller (4 months ago)
Shorts skirts and cleavage = better LPGA ratings.
Cyber Pleb (4 months ago)
Meh, every place I've ever golfed at has a dress code. Until recently, many golf courses didn't let men wear shorts. What's wrong with a bit of class?
number1fansince (4 months ago)
3 seconds in the video...yes!!!
My new wife
memes just memes (4 months ago)
How bout "i wear wtf i want"
Peridot and Lapis (4 months ago)
Nothing looks wrong to me
MrJohndl (4 months ago)
Feminism ruins everything....again.
Ms. Israel (4 months ago)
Modesty is good in the Lords eyes.
Pifpaf Jojo (4 months ago)
Spira-dick is more wellknown for porngolf than LPGA ranking
GlitzyChip (4 months ago)
So shes good with balls eh?

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