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9 Sexy Things Guys Wear

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Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my WEIRD but SEXY list! Let me know if you related 😃 Last video: https://youtu.be/AzB2YpnJp-g A lot of you have messaged me and said that you wanted to help donate to keep my channel going 😭😭 YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE... MY HEART IS SO FULL. I didn't know how you would donate, but you guys suggested PayPal. If you would like to support my business, all funds donated from viewers go back into my videos. PayPal email: [email protected] You will also get a personal message of appreciation. (BUT AGAIN DO NOT FEEL OBLIGED, THIS IS JUST FOR THOSE THAT REALLY WANTED TO HELP) Elena Carroll, PO Box 980, Gisborne Mail Centre, 4040, Gisborne, New Zealand Wanna be friends: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClassicSplendor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/classicsplendour/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/classicsplendour/ Snapchat: Classicsplendor
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Text Comments (100)
Hugo Chothia (10 days ago)
“Bringing you guys a video of seesee things guys wear
F M (24 days ago)
not enough picture examples, too much talking!
0:28 I did not expect that Fuck that was funny 😂👌
Louis Black (1 month ago)
Hey you are beautiful
chidori raikiri (2 months ago)
U only want muscular guys
Jaffar Al kaabi (2 months ago)
She reminds me alot of Sssniperwolf
broadcast3ful (2 months ago)
It's always been weird after watching some women on youtube for couple of years or so, and seeing them be those cute smiley little girls and then the inevitable first real hearbreak/ getting fucked comes along and their character changes into a bit more edgy, pushy with well pronounced hand gestures and bitchy face expressions. "People change, okay" okay.
JE Terminal (2 months ago)
I actually like wearing my suits.
Danymite hazard (2 months ago)
Wow I loved your video!! Please make more based on the same topic
Aaron henders (2 months ago)
why does she look 40?
menameisjeff (2 months ago)
do u find huge chains and face tats attractive
Thatch The Bastard (3 months ago)
I wish your my older sister....😆
Kaylee Turner (3 months ago)
Hoodies on guys are so hot
J Music 30 (4 months ago)
I love your channel so much! Lol
ismail Parves (4 months ago)
You look sexy so join withme
EagleSushi (4 months ago)
What if you are a skinny guy and has no muscle at all? Lol.
Naomi Elizabeth de Wal (5 months ago)
I have a weird thing for large hands....no?....just me?....plus a ring is amazing. The power of the sleeve yes take me now. Flannels are amazing (I’ll be stealing it.) Is this just me or are guys who are shy I mean very shy are attractive.
Peter Paul (6 months ago)
Maybe it's just the guy in me but you always got to skip a minute ahead in her videos
Schwifty Me (6 months ago)
ha oh yeah (6 months ago)
do you still like skinny guys wearing tight shirt
I M Evil (6 months ago)
Where u from
Mason (6 months ago)
so far this video has described me being myself and going out of my way to be different. i do all of these things already lol thank u <3
Anis Caprnja (6 months ago)
in short.. guys with muscles and tight t-shirts 😂🤣😅
victor valdez (7 months ago)
She looks even hotter
Tech & Ukelele Guy (7 months ago)
On my way to the store...
SouthernSun41 (7 months ago)
Sounds like I might be attractive to you
Nicholas Paul (7 months ago)
I fuckin want you
Gaming with Nick (8 months ago)
Your so crazy, Elinor I Love you damn you're so cute
Hasan Khan (8 months ago)
Hasan Khan (8 months ago)
Wedding ring 😷.....aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hasan Khan (8 months ago)
Gavin Michael (8 months ago)
I’m gonna start wearing beanies 💙
Olivia Cole (8 months ago)
She’s so funny😂😂
Olivia Cole (8 months ago)
Your entire list is perfect :))
Maria AL (8 months ago)
I love her accent
Fizzles23 (8 months ago)
lol the thing about women that i find sexy is staring and smile at me. Turns me on!
Sleeping Panda (8 months ago)
Yeah, guys wearing ring are kinda hot!! #iagreewithyou #wearingringsarehot
David Bone (8 months ago)
Elena you are such a beauty. I would love to facetime with you some time.
Rizky Burnaby (9 months ago)
i had to admit you really look like nina dobrev "elena from tvd series" ...
Dances with Kitty Cats (9 months ago)
youre lookin good babydoll, i got my flannel on, my bandana, my hat with a propeller on top, yeah, you get the picture babydoll
Simon Chaisson (9 months ago)
I wonder if Rob Caggiano from Anthrax is her kind of man. El if you're reading this, I'm really curious what you think of Rob Caggiano.
Howard Lucas (9 months ago)
You are so beautiful!
Paul Velez (9 months ago)
I'd wear a mankini for Elena. Heehee!
Dakota Hughes (9 months ago)
One thing I should point out as a dude that watches your videos, the first I feel is kind of off putting. Im not a physically fit guy. And if I was to wear tighter clothing, it just wouldn't work. Everyone would ignore me. So how would that part work for some of us bigger guys?
ryan davisson (9 months ago)
you look cute elana in that top
Aaron .97 (9 months ago)
Love you ❤❤❤
Jesse Browning (9 months ago)
I love your quirky list! P.S. I can’t imagine you being forever alone! Your personality seems too fun, silly, and genuine!
Suzanne Roggenkamp (9 months ago)
Rings do just look amazing and hands can be so attractive. You aren’t weird, I’m EXACTLY the same way!
Righteous1 (9 months ago)
Your makeup and hairstyle is sexy today
Robert Gilmour (9 months ago)
Looking hot! 👌😎
BennyPlayz (9 months ago)
Anyone else know that she's a amazing and everyone loves her? <3
sleman shamry (9 months ago)
honey , You don't know how much you are beautiful
Aquila Nakhid (9 months ago)
Girl you are so much fun just love your videos 😂😂😂😚😚😚
Aquila Nakhid (9 months ago)
Yup I saw what you mean that t.shirt 😍😍😍 . Love you so much girl you're to sweet 😘
Maria Phillipps (9 months ago)
Oml aviator glasses yesss
Dale Clary (9 months ago)
Well i used to pull my sleves up because it was more comfertable but now my arms are to big hard to find shirts with large sleves i have to wear a 3xl for my shoulders and arms at work they just call me big guy ox or viking its weird how people judge you on size and fear you tell they know you
Preston Applegate (9 months ago)
Aye looking gorgeous you look like you are growing 🍒
New Damage (9 months ago)
Elena you have really got a Selena Gomez thing going on but we all know you are prettier.
Viktor Fidanoski (9 months ago)
Viktor Fidanoski (9 months ago)
Please make a song lyric pranks
Wren Ellory Faye (9 months ago)
Your so cute Elena!
Hila Cherpakov (9 months ago)
sooo accurate
Lucifer Sam (9 months ago)
Elena I agree in everything that you mentioned. My girl really digs those clothes. She even wears my flannel shirts, but I can't stand the beanies, or the hoodies. Is kind of ghetto. My opinion.
Ains-lee Firmstone (9 months ago)
You are so so soooooooooo pretty i wish i was you This video is so cool
Noni Copeland (9 months ago)
ChristophVon Bagel (9 months ago)
Damn I need to step up my game ... hehe
Alfred Valrie (9 months ago)
Baby Drake (6 months ago)
Alfred Valrie Quagmire
Michael Gunther (9 months ago)
Up at 5am damm commitment
Mathias M. (9 months ago)
This is my favorite hairstyle by far
A.S.K (9 months ago)
love watching you're video's 😊💗
Dances with Kitty Cats (9 months ago)
a beanie? Do you mean one of those jewish hats?
JEFF JUST JIZZLED (22 days ago)
+Golden Plays 😂I was bout to comment the same thing
Reverse TDM (3 months ago)
+Golden Plays ikr
Golden Plays (7 months ago)
TigerShark lmao I saw like 4 of your comments In a row, we get it you want to be funny
Sam Mitchell (9 months ago)
Your soo sexy.😘
Dances with Kitty Cats (9 months ago)
do you find overalls and a straw hat a turn on
New Damage (9 months ago)
Dances with Kitty Cats (9 months ago)
do you like a nice tight T shirt that really shows off a guys beer belly?
rebecca sara coffey (9 months ago)
i agree with your list elena
Sebastian B (9 months ago)
ey. there still is some hope for me! now I just have to casually run into this girl, who lives in another country, god damn it.
hrishikesh future boy (9 months ago)
Reply and make my day :)
Jessica Pollard (9 months ago)
Omg the flannel got me and so did the rings on hands and the beanie because those are all so 🔥!!!😍😍
mdredheadguy1979 (9 months ago)
Jessica Pollard hmmm, I didn't know that. Now that I do... 😈
Kevin winters (9 months ago)
Your hot as hell
Catty (9 months ago)
I love rings on guys as well :D your not alone
Hard Stuck Silver (27 days ago)
Hold my beer *buys infinity gauntlet on ebay*
Catty (9 months ago)
English is not my first language.
Ani Zhamutashvili (9 months ago)
Damn yes rings and bracelets and if guy has long fingers😍hands play a huge damn role in attraction
John Reynolds (9 months ago)
This was fun and I enjoyed seeing you so happy. I like Q&A videos.
Mr1stcat (9 months ago)
lookin great cutie pie 😘💖💖😍
Mr1stcat (9 months ago)
Technological (9 months ago)
She is hilarious lol I love her!!
Cartooon THAT (9 months ago)
you look amazing today. what do you call that dress? looks really good on you. that would be one of the sexy things girls wear ;)
Youyou Lilou123 (9 months ago)
I love you so much sweetie 💝💝
Young Star (9 months ago)
Mum, I need new clothes!... :D
Lacey And Georgia (9 months ago)
Hey your so pretty
Ashish Joseph (9 months ago)
Hello from India Love your videos!
#Handre react# (9 months ago)
Hey 💙
Reał xyungkîd (9 months ago)
Wifey asf

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