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Let's Play - Magic the Gathering

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We made it to 500k Subscribers on the Achievement Hunter channel! So it's time to bust out the cards and make some MAGIC! We have more goals to reach, but we need your help! Want to see Michael get tased? How about a 24 Hour Achievement Hunter live stream including DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? » Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2vv4OWI » Get your Let's Play merch: http://bit.ly/2vJi7yQ » Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1BuRgl1 About Let's Play: A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly. More from Let's Play: » Achievement Hunter: http://bit.ly/AHYTChannel Let's Play - Magic the Gathering https://www.youtube.com/user/letsplay
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Text Comments (5505)
Joe Joe (21 days ago)
1:09:49 why i love Lindsey
Ino at max ! (1 month ago)
Draw your last pathetic card!
Anarchon D (2 months ago)
And years later they STILL have not learned that research beforehand equals good gameplay.....
Derek Letteer (2 months ago)
cant wait for them to play commander
Nicholas Arrieta (3 months ago)
I hope they replay magic one day
TF Dmax (3 months ago)
So it's Gus vs Gus vs Gus vs Gus vs Ryan, who'll win Gus,Gus,Gus,Gus, or Ryan
Kelton Souza (3 months ago)
I love this they should do more card games
DCH Predicts (3 months ago)
3 years on this is still great
Omg this is so funny
Henry Sl (3 months ago)
When is there going to be a d&d vid
TF Dmax (3 months ago)
They have a whole series it's called heroes and halfwits
Alyssa McArdle (4 months ago)
I tried to watch this when it first came out but I didn't understand the game at all, I've come back now I play it on the regular and I'm am LIVING lmao
Entusiast (4 months ago)
what a merry bunch lol
Cassie Cobb (4 months ago)
This makes me want to go out and by a couple of deck starters just to play for fun without having to stress over my opponent having better cards just because they have more money and/or have been playing longer.
Jane Zetkin (4 months ago)
I feel like Ryan would play a mono blue mill if he had the choice. I could imagine him giggling as he countered shit.
Jeff Turner (4 months ago)
I still have my magic cards way way way back
Alexander Forbes (5 months ago)
Like herding cast, shit.
Erectoralporicy (5 months ago)
Of course Ryan has swamps.
Mark Mayonnaise (6 months ago)
59:35 lol
Dennis Brandon (6 months ago)
Gaaaah. Lyndsy drew back to 7 cards every turn and nobody ever called her on it.
pur3d3m0n67 (6 months ago)
have never seen this until now.....its geoff and gus vs jack and ryan LOL
Jeremiah Currie (6 months ago)
You know somethings wrong when you spend 1 hour and 20 minutes watching grown ass men play magic the gathering.
525Waterboy (6 months ago)
so it's at 3.8mil views, how many views for a part 2?
Deggradedrook (6 months ago)
anyone else notice that Michael actually did have one land on his first hand
ShadowKnightZero (7 months ago)
Ryan Draws First blood, The Mad King's Campaign Begins.
keefegirls22 (7 months ago)
1:09:57 the CUTEST THING EVER??
Todd banchefsky (8 months ago)
Hi Ryan
Boastful Gamer (9 months ago)
coming back to this video being a chap at magic and seeing origins and amazing people not knowing how to play
GBM Gaming (9 months ago)
Justin Muzyka (9 months ago)
Still waiting for the next one
ChiiRayne (10 months ago)
as someone who just started playing about 6 months ago, i quite enjoyed this! my boyfriend has been playing and collecting since alpha and he taught me everything i know! Without his pool of cards to pick from, i dont think i would have played otherwise. its very expensive and difficult to get into as a beginner. but once you have a group of friends who are patient and willing to teach, its fun! Sorta like DnD! Congrats, Ryan on winning!
cosmic spooky (10 months ago)
one word....slivers
Rasmus Frehr (11 months ago)
it's not let's play it's Gus plays
Lucas Ruault (11 months ago)
Gus used to be red-green.... so destructive rush? D: Idk what kind of cards were available then lol. That would be like.... dinos now?
Jake Poundtown (11 months ago)
Why the FUCK is your land in front of your creatures?
fuuriouskazan (11 months ago)
what game mode variant are they playing
xxPYROxxJONESxx (1 year ago)
Let's Play Magic the gathering at 5 million subs?!?!?
JesusDidMolly (1 year ago)
Holy fuck how did I miss this??
Aiko Hoshi (1 year ago)
Damn it this makes me wish I had friends to play magic with...
Mikeal Neff (1 year ago)
Part 2?
Madgerns (1 year ago)
Achievement hunter is acting like one body. Think about it. Gus is the brain and the source of logic, and Michael, Lindsay, Geoff, Jack, and Ryan are all glands because they make the decisions of the game.
Nicholaus Bowie (1 year ago)
where do i order my gus
SnedorKeeb08 (1 year ago)
Even as a casual Magic player who hasn't played in a year or two, this was painful to watch... I felt bad for Gus having to explain every single thing, and frustrated by all the rules they forgot about as they were playing. lol Still entertaining though.
Myst yes (1 year ago)
I'm way behind on this comment, but I'd LOVE to see these people try to play Commander
Joseph Derryberry (1 year ago)
Geoff: *puts lands in front of creature cards* Me: *screaming*
FloppyHares (7 months ago)
Yeah, that's all kinds of stupid. Made me cringe as well.
skywar 789 (1 year ago)
Who else plays magic and has a planswalker and in pain right now
Sleepy Sketchbook (1 year ago)
A lot of these cards they're using I actually have but I rarely use them because of how instance specific they are. That hopeful Eidolon card Geoff had though I have that one in a life link deck, and also the one that makes it to where you can't attack, the one that Micheal had? Use to be in my black deck until I merged my black deck with a green deck. I like to go through all of my random cards and see if I can make decant decks out of them.
John Doe (1 year ago)
when is the next part coming out
Random Snippets (1 year ago)
Sick of paying high prices for expensive magic cards? Wanna try out new formats like commander/legacy/vintage/modern/cube without going broke? Email us at [email protected] for more information and a stock list! We also ship worldwide!
West (1 year ago)
I just wanna know where she got the rocket shirt.
Christopher Pritchett (1 year ago)
Lindsay is freaking hot. And she still is
Eldon Bushenlonga (1 year ago)
I doubt this will happen but let's play yugioh :p
Herra Pönttöharja (1 year ago)
when i heard that playing card suffle sound and i saw the cards were unsleeved i died...
Arson Bjork (1 year ago)
Drinking game: drink every time someone asks about or breaks a rule
Chloé Miller (1 year ago)
I love this game!!
Ashley NF (1 year ago)
I'm so fucking confused.
how was your life (1 year ago)
Seeing jeff without his mustache and beard is really fucking with my mind right now
you guys need to replay this game with your own created decks of cards
Tootz Fanooti (1 year ago)
I love it how they are using Yu-Gi-Oh quotes
Cody Cash (1 year ago)
Man, January of 2015 is when I got into MTG. If I was with them in July, I'd have kicked all of their asses lol
LadyCia (1 year ago)
Kay, I have no fucking clue what is going on here.
TheEpicGnome (1 year ago)
I played magic quite a lot back in the day, not professionally, but I enjoyed the game. There is a part of me that hates not having the ability to read the cards, and there is a small part of me that is angry at the noobish play. That latter part, however, is drowned out by a part of me that is fascinated by someone discovering how to play right in front of me. One thing in particular that warms my heart is how quickly they keyed in on the fact that life is just another resource to be spent, and that it is okay to take some damage to maintain board presence. It's something that a lot of new players get hung-up on.
McKendry2 (1 year ago)
I love that these guys gave the game a really awful try xD but did Gus seriously forget the basic steps of the game? Untap, Draw, Main, Combat, Main CMON MAN
Batman3041's fun (1 year ago)
james hooks (1 year ago)
Play Pokemon not this dumb game
Rael Peterson (1 year ago)
Guys you have to tap the monster after you block with it
Sharkface USA (1 year ago)
watching them play in the beginning made me cringe
Druidball (1 year ago)
That moment when you have Genesis Hydra as part of your deck with 25 mana to
Hannah Garcia (1 year ago)
This is such a mess and I love it
Phoenyx Diaz (1 year ago)
I long for a lets play yugioh
Megamon (1 year ago)
learnt magic in 5 minutes i am 12
anxez (1 year ago)
All these spoilers in the comments. Come on guys. I didn't want to know that Gus wins the moment I scrolled down.
Xavier Smith (1 year ago)
anxez gd damn it dude
xXNoFateXx (1 year ago)
must ... put cards.... in sleeves...........
Divindragon415 (1 year ago)
I have played Magic the Gathering for over 20 years, I have seen this video 3 times, and it is still funny as hell
Adam Page (1 year ago)
>Geoff putting his lands in front of his creatures REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ShadowLegends (1 year ago)
I dont play MTG that much but this kinda hurts,
ShadowKnight (1 year ago)
seeing this is kind of funny since after a year i bet this would go down the same way today.
Justin Springer (1 year ago)
So.... painful.... want.... to defeat.... them..... all.
Joe Joe (1 year ago)
34:50 favorite Micheal/Lindsay moment
Joe Joe (1 year ago)
nevermind xD 1:09:55
Emiliano Ramos Jr. (1 year ago)
I want to see ah play pokemon tcg and yugioh tcg
ShadowLegends (1 year ago)
Emiliano Ramos Jr. oh god lol
Ken Tadeo (1 year ago)
What did they do with the cards afterward? I would do anything to have all those decks!
King North (1 year ago)
where is my yugioh video???
you should try to play more magic the gathering with decks that you build on your own
Cakeless Yoshi (1 year ago)
as someone who plays casually, if they had Gavin they could of played three headed giant or king vs king (it's where only the 4 people on the ends can attack and the middle person can attack after a teammate dies and a team wins when they kill the opponent's king). the amount of questions would skyrocket.
THAvidinc. (1 year ago)
Magic the Gathering, episode 2: Vintage Tournament
Palantir (1 year ago)
This was fun to watch.....I love magic 8>)
Shawn Davis (1 year ago)
This is strange though because i thought they would all hate magic especially Michael and knowing all their personalities i really thought they'd hate it well damn i owe someone 5$ for losing a bet now damn it.
Shawn Davis (1 year ago)
So bad
Cellar Door (1 year ago)
I play this but the next time I play with friends I'm totally gonna put the lands on top just to piss them off.
Nibba Hours (1 year ago)
dont ask why but i searched for "magic the gathering assholes" and this video came out XD
ThatThottyChalk 2 (1 year ago)
I play hearthstone, magic, yugioh, Pokémon, Card Wars XD, card wars (the app), card wars kingdoms (app with a different way to play the game) oh, and I watch anime and I read comics. I shall take the nerd top spot
Crash Adams (1 year ago)
You guys should play Chepnu: The bluffing game, you guys would have alot of fun
DR BJ (1 year ago)
this is too funny im the best my school so i laugh
Stordson (1 year ago)
My brother is obsessed with this card game
facade (ichisen1) (1 year ago)
people should have gotten rid of the blue control on the field first. the blue mixed deck was your biggest problem and if he would have been taken out first allot of the plays would have gone differently.
facade (ichisen1) (1 year ago)
i run mistcutter hydra in my pure green deck.
facade (ichisen1) (1 year ago)
so much cringe as someone who playes.
Matt Miklus (1 year ago)
I could easily beat them with a commander deck
CJ Horsman (1 year ago)
"You're lucky because she's gonna fuck me over. I can't trust her at all. You should see this woman play Mario Party" Idk why but I died when I heard that lmfao.
Samuel Franco (1 year ago)
Although they played it all wrong it's awesome

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