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Common Missteps Product Managers Make about Value and How to Avoid Them

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Why do 3 out of 4 new products fail? Well, a leading cause is related to value. This is a sobering statistic considering that companies invest billions bringing new innovations to market. Even more concerning is that the new product launch success rate hasn’t improved in the nearly 10 years since the data was first collected. Join Ed Arnold, VP of Product at LeveragePoint, as he shares practical insights about how product managers can avoid common traps when trying to put together a value strategy for their products. This is based on Ed’s experience working with hundreds of innovative B2B Enterprises to create effective Value Propositions for their new products, as well as his own experience as a product manager. Attendees of Common Missteps Product Managers Make will learn: - What is a value-based product strategy - Where product managers often go wrong on value - Which key value questions you need to answer about your product - Why a value-based approach improves success rates
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