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Explaining The Konfusing Kardashian Dating History

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The complicated web that is the Kardashian-Jenner dating world. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With so many ladies in the Kardashian family and the men rotating in and out of their lives, it isn’t always easy keeping up with the Kardashians, especially their loves lives. In this video, we are breaking down all the rumors and gossip linked to our favorite Hollywood sisters: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. We will show you which popular singer has been linked to three of the ladies, cough cough, Justin Bieber. We will also show you which sister has a love for NBA players; we’re looking at you Khloe. And stay tuned because you won't want to miss which sister might have been spicing things up with her big sister’s ex, Scott Disick. Once you are finished watching our video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko on YouTube! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (754)
Emma Carmel (10 months ago)
*i really needed this*
Studio Encyclopedia (19 days ago)
Emma Carmel iii
It’s Maheira (1 month ago)
I think we all did
Alexa Morales (1 month ago)
so sweet of you
Kush Hunter (3 months ago)
Whore family
UniversalMSP1234 MSP (6 months ago)
Shadow Ofdarkness (2 days ago)
Damn Justin dated like 3 of the sisters
Karen De Silvia (2 days ago)
You wrote konfusing
Olivia Case (5 days ago)
My life has been based on a lie: I always thought that Kim was the oldest 😂
Zulema Palacios (7 days ago)
“Konfusing” lol
LUL (7 days ago)
Camila Kieffer (8 days ago)
He just changed the pic of Kylie at the beginning lol. only her 🤣
medichristian uno (9 days ago)
Adi Secară (9 days ago)
my mind just melted.
itangelina Nguyen (9 days ago)
For some reason I don't think Kourtney Kardashian is really good mom
Dalton Skinner (10 days ago)
carol machado (13 days ago)
Fica mais confuso quando você não sabe inglês kkkkkk
Juliet Plays Roblox (14 days ago)
One fact is: The things The talko Etc... Are in love with the Kardashians
Monkey The Lit (14 days ago)
I really needed this thank you
SILLY SALLY (15 days ago)
You are right it's konfusing
Pia Pia (15 days ago)
Monika Literature (15 days ago)
3:31 who this nibba
Lauren Perdulla (15 days ago)
oml kendall..
Edward Brown (15 days ago)
What about Rob all of them
Ricky Xoxo (17 days ago)
kourtney kardasim was a badass
0 0 (18 days ago)
Omg how is it that kourtney gets so mad at Scott (who truly loves her, idc fight me we all know how much Scott loves kourtney) for his behavior and she literally met him through freaking joe Francis for God’s sake??? I mean what do you expect, SERIOUSLY? Kourtney really has a type and apparently it’s NASTY 🤢 lol (I’m not talking about taryll because idk anything about him.)
ROBLOX Ebony (19 days ago)
Fact the Jackson are singer and kardashians are models
ItsTimeForSome Tae (19 days ago)
They left out Rob 💀
May Blossom (23 days ago)
I see the Kardashians share their boyfriends among each other. SHARING IS GOOD
May Blossom (23 days ago)
Christiano Ronaldo? SERIOUSLY?
Marvelly 07 (23 days ago)
In the future... “No, dear, ‘C’ does not exist, only ‘K’”
Oyin Oludimu (24 days ago)
What about Rob??????
Zab Zober (26 days ago)
I got lost 2 minutes in
The Next Jenner-ation hehe.
Lily The Horse Rider (27 days ago)
They *NEED* to do this with the kids
Jazmin Barajas (28 days ago)
I am confused
Jazmin Barajas (28 days ago)
I thought I would understand this family but I did not so confusing
Midnight Gaming (1 month ago)
Welp I luv Chloe She Luvs NBA players (:
M O O D (1 month ago)
Thank You.
Morgan Michelle (1 month ago)
I kracked up so hard through the whole klip ‘kause the kardashians were konfusing and kringey af
Jack Wrobel (1 month ago)
Konfusing is definitely written with a k Just joking it’s confusing
Dana Salonga (1 month ago)
Does any one notice they spelled conclusion with a k
hErRo sHiShTeR (1 month ago)
Next Do the Konfusing kardashian plastic surgery history 😂😂😂
Just Ana (1 month ago)
Why does he have to say baby daddy
Taylah Ward (1 month ago)
gacha michael (1 month ago)
michael jackson nephew it is a BIG DAEL ok
Chloe Shin (1 month ago)
3:33 PAUSE! Guy in the background.
yupitsjay y (1 month ago)
What about rob??
Sofia DeMeo (1 month ago)
This was so helpful so I can finally get it all roght
danielle jenkins (1 month ago)
Tf is Rob at
When you don’t like nor follow the Kardashians but you are able to identify each of them in the thumbnail...oh lawd
I'm a big boy (1 month ago)
Konfusing because of Kardashian _oh_
Avery Anthony (1 month ago)
It’s Confusing not Konfusing
Hannah Zhang (1 month ago)
I got a ad about KKWK before this 😂
Void Voices (1 month ago)
Dang they all have like 16 boyfriends and I can't even get 1
Chloe Skyler’s (1 month ago)
Kendall was also rumored to be dating louis Hamilton
liddy boo (1 month ago)
3:33 the guy is killing me😁😁😂😂 LOLOL
Deextrann !!! (1 month ago)
Look at the comment count
Ella Wadliegh (1 month ago)
To the saints regie bush
MauraMars (1 month ago)
3:33 that guy in the back tho
Charlie Ann Ouellet (1 month ago)
3:33. The face of the dude in the back🤣
Emma Grey (1 month ago)
Jøcelyn (1 month ago)
You know whats disgusting, kendell was with justin...And kim was with justin...That's literally disgusting, kylie did too..
RosieRocket 567 (1 month ago)
3:32 lol at the guy in the background 😂😂
Assia Ghrieb (1 month ago)
Kylie has Kendall’s sloppy seconds, wow didn’t see that coming
S U N F L O W E R x (1 month ago)
5:02 who is the girl next to Kendall ??
elena monteagudo (1 month ago)
Those Kardashian have very bad taste for men....
were the slimers (1 month ago)
Wait................. Where's Rob? 😕
Lola Smith (1 month ago)
Kimie Man (2 months ago)
IDK why,Kylie looks so beautiful before she do the lips (surgery??)
Iman Aslam (2 months ago)
Sundus Ismail (2 months ago)
They got the word wrong and it’s spelt confusing ok
Shabeena Hussain (2 months ago)
That disrespect to kylie at 0:25 does no one realise the fact that as you grow you change, she is being compared to when she was 13 - smh
O block Gang (2 months ago)
Ronaldo isn’t stupid he left her
Purple Ocean (2 months ago)
3:32 look at the guy to the bottom left 😂😂😂
Meg Donnelly Fans (2 months ago)
Fun fact: the guy named jinsu that kendall dated also dated the girl from Justin Bieber’s baby video. the girls name is jasmine v and jasmine claimed that jinsu was abusive towards her and that why she left him. and jasmine also wrote the song ‘didn’t mean it’ about jinsu.’ I know because I’ve been a fan of jasmine v since 2011.
Amy Gradinariu (2 months ago)
Boo is now bae
SuperMariotheShow (2 months ago)
Ben Simmons and Kendall
Makaela Mahoney (2 months ago)
No shade but unlike Kourtney & Scott, Nick Cannon is not just Mariah's baby daddy... He is her ex-husband and they worked very very hard to have those children together. Mariah and Nick are not like Scott and Kourtney or Cardi B and that one migo. Keep facts.
#STAY DIERTY (2 months ago)
The Kardashians are slowly becoming a colony
Lighty B (2 months ago)
What am I doing here since it’s 2 am and tomorrow is school 😐
BTS B. T. S (2 months ago)
LB DJ (2 months ago)
Because again keep it in the family right ?
valrenth (2 months ago)
Kexplaining Khe Konfusing Kardashian Kating Kistory
Sanesha Misquita (2 months ago)
After looking at Kim's and Kendall's ex's i am thinking how come only Taylor Swift gets all the hate for dating people??
Lara Lou22 (2 months ago)
You forgot rob
Chloe Dunahoe (2 months ago)
What about rob
Bret Lee gaming and more (2 months ago)
you forgot Kendall with Ben simmins
MALTESE ASMR (2 months ago)
Ronaldo and Kim would be a good match
Rosa Garcia (3 months ago)
I was good
Sophia Jayme (3 months ago)
Why are the kardashians so konfusing Pun intended
Jeon Jung (3 months ago)
Is see what u did there *Konfusing* with a *k*
Martha tinse (3 months ago)
This was posted right before they found out Tristan cheated on Khloe
Juliana Noelle Jones (3 months ago)
Kendall was fucking more than Kim 🤔 and who tf sleeps with their sisters sloppy seconds what kind of fuckery is this?
Shay-Rose Donovan (3 months ago)
What about Rob?
Tara Mc Loughlin (3 months ago)
aaliyah ogzy (3 months ago)
😅😅😅😅😅😅3:32 man in the background got me laughing😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
GoOnS! Yas (3 months ago)
They can’t make a square or a triangle they created a new shape dang there is nothing the Kardashian’s can’t do
GoOnS! Yas (3 months ago)
I need to keep up
Haya Hosny (3 months ago)
Is rob not part of the family now *beef*
Kennedi Morgan (4 months ago)
Micheal Jackson scares me
Aysha Rahman (4 months ago)
0:24 THE SHADEEEE💀💀💀💀💀
NATTY (4 months ago)
It's disgusting how much people this family has dated
Farah Karaki (4 months ago)
How about you shut up and stop saying baby daddy?!
Maria Cruz (4 months ago)
Confuseing is spelled c not k

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