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Ukraine Women Flood Recent Kharkov International Dating Event

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Millions of beautiful, single women call Ukraine home. Focused in Kharkov, recent international dating events attracted 300+ Ukraine women, hoping to meet their lasting love. Developed over decades, international dating events, often referred to as romance tours, have provided Ukraine women with an opportunity to meet foreign men, also interested in finding their better half. Countless love stories find their first chapter behind the doors of international dating socials, where there are typically 8 women for every 1 man in attendance as a standard ratio.
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frfrpr (3 months ago)
The guys these girls are looking for don't go to Ukraine. Or even outside of the State's to date.
Loveme.com (3 months ago)
Interestingly enough, many of the couples who've utilized our services to meet are celebrating decades of marriage and happiness. But, many outside observers will always suggest otherwise for reasons unknown to us. Thanks for the comment, FRPR - have a great day.
Jerry V (4 months ago)
It's staged ,...girls have free food,drink ,and they having fun.Americans....hahaha
Loveme.com (4 months ago)
We respect the fact that everyone has a right to an opinion. In our experience, we pre-qualify women who exhibit the traits of a marriage minded woman. Men travel from around the world to attend our social events, not just from America. It's unfortunate that folks unfamiliar with our events propagate negative stereotypes about Ukrainian women, but those who have found love this way definitely speak volumes to the success.
Jerry V (4 months ago)
Yeah ,..it's laughing behind your old belly ,..if not sugardaddy ,not worthy.They a lots of decent Kharkov girls,but not these on meetings.Im Czech ,speaking russian,coming to Kharkov ,and I can tell all Americans ,don't waste the money ,...flight ticket round trip from NYC is only 1000 dollars...
Loveme.com (4 months ago)
Jerry, Nothing brings more joy to us than the amazing opportunities we help to create for men and women searching for love. These amenities provide a relaxed, fun environment for socializing, which has led to the creation of countless couples over the years. Our own CEO John Adams started his nearly 20 years of marriage by pouring a glass of champagne for his wife Tanya, on the house. We love helping men have similar experiences when they attend our singles events. Have a great weekend, Jerry - thanks for watching!
AD Europaberg (7 months ago)
my last girl friend was ukrainian
impero1936 (8 months ago)
Only young man ;) funny
Adam Parkar (11 months ago)
would like to marry all beautiful woman over there same time.....all are tall but i am just 5 feet 6 inch ....hmmmm???
Tadeusz Majdzinski (6 months ago)
Adam Parkar K
Charles Horlacher (1 year ago)
I'm so ready to visit Ukraine. April can not come fast enough.
Ciuma Padurii (1 year ago)
I see ONLY 69 er prostate medicated vegetables... paid to appear near young women.They received money to be there and just because an old fart has a dollar in the pocket does not mean can buy these beautiful and great quality women.Keep dreaming 😅Guess what pappy...you will die very soon and she will keep your life saves. In reality foreigners get trapped by these clips and they all end up lonely, bankrupt and crying their miserable faith...yelling out they been scammed .Is what they deserve for being such " nice gentlemen".You cannot fake death with money so better find a woman your age, ne a better more serious man and live happy instead of being a filthy snake and trying to trick smarter divas.They got exactely the treatment for your wallet ass, do not worry sugar daddy.
Loveme.com (1 year ago)
Ciuma, Possibly you've commented in error, neglecting the fact that we hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau ( https://www.bbb.org/phoenix/business-reviews/online-dating-services/a-foreign-affair-in-phoenix-az-21005804 ) and may have meant to comment this on a different video about Ukrainian women, though we hope the bigoted statements you made about these women were not meant seriously.
abukid (1 year ago)
Hello there. What is the name of the JAZZ artist or the album playing in the background?
Bomex Pitfighter (1 year ago)
Line them up against the wall and let me pick them.
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
everyone ages lol jajajaja I can't wait to go someday it will be a dream come true
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
I will look like a god if I go there compared to this other guys lol they look like they came out of coffins lol but no hate everyone needs love .
Thierry company (15 days ago)
no in Ukraine many nice guys and women love very sexy men
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
looks awesome
Chris White (1 year ago)
"I Love Ukrainian Women..!!"
Thierry company (6 days ago)
+Kingsley Perera ??
Kingsley Perera (6 months ago)
Chris White

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