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Chief Cook : Life at Sea | Seaman Vlog

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Chief Cook : Life at Sea In this episode, we will get a glimpse of the life and story of the ship's cook. Chief MAKOi Seaman Vlog
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Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Hi guys! I know it's been a while since my last upload but as you know, we have no internet while at sea so I could only upload when our ship is in port. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!
Mike Georgius (26 days ago)
This cook is an awsome man.very intouch with himself and his job. Live as this man does and you will die at peace with the world as well as yourself. Awsome video. Thank you soooo much. Peace...
Neil Turner (29 days ago)
Keep the videos coming Chief Major great content
Audie Shyzar Ibanez (1 month ago)
Chief what drone are you using?.. thank you.. nice video sir..
Maui Cahutay (1 month ago)
Thank you for featuring one of the unsung heroes aboard the ship, sir!
Nice to watch this Cheif..so awesome..God bless po
Joseph Ross (1 hour ago)
Dude... you sound like Joe Pera...
MrRj600rr (20 hours ago)
Love your blog.
465maltbie (2 days ago)
That food made me hungry...thank you for sharing. Charles
wkruit1 (2 days ago)
Man, that food looks delicious! Arguably the most important person on board, the cook. He’s the guy that keeps the crew happy!
p4olom (3 days ago)
Great narration awesome videos
Ray Navarro (3 days ago)
Excellent video, very proud of my children's Seafaring heritage!
He seems like a real genuine person, full of integrity. We wish him well. When I was in the CG, the guys from the Philippines were split profession wise, about 40% electronics/electricians, about 60% subsistence specialists. When you went to a unit and met the Chief Petty Officer in charge of the galley and he was Philippino, you knew you were going to eat good food.
Brendanglo (3 days ago)
In Newfoundland Canada, it's common to call the cook; "Cook-y' (pronounced like cookie). We have plenty of names for different crew. The Captain could be called "Skipper", or "The old man". And its common to call the Chief engineer "Chief-y" pronounced like "Chiefee"! All very different.
joemc111 (3 days ago)
So if I am married can my wife ever come or maybe work the same ship?
Chief MAKOi (3 days ago)
Some companies allow that.
madfish211 (4 days ago)
Great videos😎😎😎
digamber negi (5 days ago)
Your voice is very good sir
Timothy Azbill (6 days ago)
Those donuts look great!
Mike Baxter (7 days ago)
It's a beautiful story!!!
Chief MAKOi (7 days ago)
Thanks Mike!
oldergeologist (8 days ago)
What an impressive man the cook is. Had to sacrifice home life for the benefit of his family. I am sure they appreciate it.
HaDaBoiZ (9 days ago)
This made inspiration to young peeps on striving for being a cook at sea. I hope i'll be out there at the sea after i got my training. Kudos to all seafarers!
Martin Siala (9 days ago)
Never ever piss off the cook! On land or sea
CJ Moore (9 days ago)
this was the only episode i ever watched, i subscribed straight away
Chief MAKOi (8 days ago)
Thanks CJ!
Alen Lekol (9 days ago)
For how many people does he cook ? And whats the sallary ? :P
Don Rahmer (9 days ago)
Chief, good video. Have a question, Is the menu cut down due to safety concerns during rough seas?
emptyangel (9 days ago)
I like how the name of the ship is Belgrano... careful you don't get sunk by British submarines.
bosz kiddo (10 days ago)
mayor yung chopping board na green color pang veg. yun wag mo gamitin sa cook food gamitin mo yung brown color na chopping board kc color coding na sa galley kung wla ka chopping board order ka need mo yang sa europe minsan ng tatanong mga authority payo ko lang yan safe trip always mga pogi :)
Michael Jordan (10 days ago)
Sarap pala ng pgkain sa barko
grabe grabe (11 days ago)
Thank you so much chief makoi for the knowledge about life at sea,hoping someday I can sail with you 😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Karl Balan (11 days ago)
Nigel Johnson (12 days ago)
Really nice people.
bullsnutsoz (12 days ago)
Best ships i sailed on had Filipino crews; all had plenty beautiful filo girlfreinds.I trusted all filipino men; they are tops1
MrFlashman10 (12 days ago)
Humility is a hard earned gift. Great Video.
AbL Zia (13 days ago)
good job sir chief makoi.i salute you for making this vid.this is my dream someday.that i can be in a ship and cook the crews in it.
noway josah (13 days ago)
Well that was interesting! Better than I thought it would be. Thanks.
Chief are you indonesian?
+Chief MAKOi cool
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
Ken Nolte (13 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the video with us. I've traveled by cargo ships on four separate voyages and have greatly enjoyed them each time. It is truly a pleasure to see your thoughts on life at sea. Thank you.
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
Thanks as well for watching.
kimon114 (13 days ago)
Man oh man ... have I ever heard tons of stories from my Dad, a Greek ocean going captain, on how important the cook is.....
Pat McNamara (13 days ago)
Key to being a really good cook on the ship I found isn’t just cooking but creative bookwork
jabar malid (13 days ago)
The cook is Indonesian I am guessing, I miss these guys when they cook their food is normally veeery nice
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
M. Hafiz Ishak (13 days ago)
Just found your channel. Man, such quality videos you have, Chief! This was such an heartening episode, good food is indeed so important to keep you motivated so far from home. Chief Cook is no less important than the big shots onboard.
M. Hafiz Ishak (13 days ago)
Chief MAKOi you're welcome. Fair winds, Chief!
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
I just started watching your vedios...its more informative for normal peoples...also I have gained few knowledge about maritime life.. All the best chief.. Keep posting good vedios.. Take care
Trilobyte (14 days ago)
Didnt talk about the kick back that the ship gets from ordering supplies...
Trilobyte (14 days ago)
+Chief MAKOi depends on your company...I sell provisions in Port of Houston...the captain has to approve the final bill...because when you order meat/vegetables it by the pound..then the captain pays in cash for the provisions...
Chief MAKOi (14 days ago)
Most companies nowadays order supplies through the office. The captain doesn't handle negotiations or payments anymore.
manda ragat (15 days ago)
Being a chiefcook is a very hard responsibility inside the ship and plays an important role..this position requires hardwork,patience and many more,you must learn to cope with different attitude of the crew.As of now i am a messman and hoping that someday to become a better chiefcook by Gods Grace..thank you and Godbless chief makoi you really did great as always..thank you for featuring different position inside the ship with this we are able to gather ideas and knowledge..morw power sir!😊
Jesse H (15 days ago)
I bet I could still cook. My bacon wrapped stuffed pork loin is to die for. My bacon wrapped meatloaf stuffed as well. Otherwise. Sausage gravy with Bisquits 😂
Ryan Burdon (15 days ago)
Can take the pinoy out PH but cant take the PH out the Pinoy, nice lechon =)
Randy Eldridge (16 days ago)
Being a cook is not easy. I knew guys that were a baker on ship and another was a cook. Baker had to bake bread sweets cakes pies. Pizzas calzone
Chief MAKOi (15 days ago)
Vince Fajardo (16 days ago)
This is one of the best vlog :)
Chief MAKOi (15 days ago)
Thanks Vince!
Vince Fajardo (16 days ago)
Very inspiring stories sir
Ade Larsen (16 days ago)
In order, the 3 most important people on a ship : 1) The Steward 2) The Chief Engineer 3) The Captain
Willie Anastacio Jr. (2 days ago)
1. Captain 2. Chief Engineer 3. Ratings
shingnosis (3 days ago)
Depends on the captain but in general pointing the ship in the right direction is relatively easy, making her go there can however be quite hard. If you ask me the engineers are the unsung masters of the sea.
atsekoutsoube (3 days ago)
Certainly Not Dear Sir. Captain is above Chief Engineer 😊😊😊
Your Seat At The Table (17 days ago)
I can honestly say that I appreciate what you do and your videos (and others like yours) as it gives me a window into a life that I never lived and won't get too. Kudos, sir.
Mark Andrew Cook (17 days ago)
Hi Chief! Great vid. The food looks delicious!
Jonathan Wheat (17 days ago)
Very interesting! I could never do this. Although I am a food service manager, instructor, and professional cook, I get seasick at the drop of a hat. Like on the Staten Island Ferry.
Made Ari (17 days ago)
No, seafarer would remind me of Catan boardgame
rodolfo corpus (17 days ago)
nice one sir. the way you speak english is inspiring me to do the same.
Good report on the cooks of the ships👍
Cs Pruitt (18 days ago)
I just watched most of your videos. They are excellent! Your production quality is as good as I have seen as anywhere on YouTube!
Arthur Lee (18 days ago)
Thumbs up to your video! Though YouTube's captions are killing my brain cells.
Ardzz Estrada (19 days ago)
First time viewing your vlog sir. Nice content. God bless you always and more videos
LAFA LAFA (19 days ago)
Wow quality
Shawn Beckmann1 (19 days ago)
TY Very interesting.
binkymagnus (19 days ago)
wow he feeds you guys like kings! you’re super lucky to have him. he should write a cookbook!
Ernest DuhonIII (19 days ago)
Do you receive a pension or are you responsible for your own 401 k?
B D (19 days ago)
What’s the pay like?
cctn2012 (19 days ago)
Cool video thanks
mcpenguin62 (20 days ago)
Excellent Narration and very interesting video...thank you for sharing
lawrence mwai (20 days ago)
I like your videos
ajmal mohammed (20 days ago)
Respect.... God bless.... ♥️♥️
eaglen00b (21 days ago)
Much respect, Chief MAKOi. Very well shot series. I'm glad I checked out your channel when it appeared on my feed. Cheers from Clarksville, TN.
Christian Aringay (21 days ago)
Its chef sir 🤘
Mike Johnson (21 days ago)
This is a good man. Truly a good man.
edan marquez (21 days ago)
proud to be ofw keep up sir mabuhay ka
Mysterious Man (21 days ago)
Vinsmoke Sanji
Daryl Daniels (21 days ago)
This guy has such a cool radio or TV presenter voice. In another world you could probably make a great career as a TV presenter.
ERIK BLACKMORE (21 days ago)
Where is my Chicken Adobo ....?
Cat Hernandez (22 days ago)
Such dedication and a very commendable man. You all are very blessed to have such wonderful men as Chief Cook and messman. I am enjoying your videos and am hitting the subscribe button now. 🕊️🕊️🕊️
Gordon Burns (22 days ago)
And what about a pension to take care of your retirement?
Ajisen Ramen (22 days ago)
Thanks for this fascinating look into your life at sea. Safe travels.
Mazhar uddin (22 days ago)
HI sir Iam graduate which course is suitable for me can plz guide me in Engine or Deck cadet
Good2BGood (22 days ago)
I salute all the cruwe members on ships
Nicholas Davies (23 days ago)
The food looks delicious , that Chief Cook has talent and that's a job that you get very little time off ! Probably one of the most important crew members on board. Dedication with sacrifices !
Pot Dragon (23 days ago)
Much respect; he earns it daily.👏
Jason Hutchins (24 days ago)
Great video, subscribing!
proudtobe pinoy (25 days ago)
Kelan tapos nang contract mo chief?
Probal Kumar Sanyal (25 days ago)
That's the sadest part
Probal Kumar Sanyal (25 days ago)
The fact is no one cares, it's a thankless job. No one cares, what u cook. What u do no body cares
Probal Kumar Sanyal (25 days ago)
Most depressing part is, no appreciation
Dmytro Zakrochimsky (25 days ago)
great movie
Brandon Edwards (25 days ago)
Love it man, what a lovely fellow!
daniel valle (27 days ago)
nice vlog chief! next vlog naman po yung captain nyo, aantay kami 😍
I wish someday to work in Ship..
Don Carbon (28 days ago)
that broccoli was rotten
eaglen00b (21 days ago)
Well, if you're on a floating tin can in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles away from any land, you can't exactly hop in the car and drive down to the store to pick up some fresh veg.
Bam Cee (29 days ago)
Good day. Ask ko lang po kung anong requirement para maging cook sa barko. Ok lng po ba if tesda graduate (cookery nc2) lang?
Neil Turner (29 days ago)
Great Video the good old Chief Cook (Mayor) that’s me been going to sea for 41 years Chief Cook since ‘96 love my job and the Merchant Navy 👍👍👍
Neil Turner (25 days ago)
OG get back in yer Doo kit
Neil Turner (25 days ago)
All Chief cooks are grafters and they hold the ship together. Mind you I’ve sailed with a few when I was younger that liked a few 🍻🍻🍻🍻🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃
O G (27 days ago)
+Neil Turner no need to be rude Neilly
Neil Turner (27 days ago)
O G do 1 pal 👎👎👎
O G (27 days ago)
nobody gives a shit pal
Rnel Clmnt (30 days ago)
Nice video chief! Aspiring mayor here! 😊
Bran Cherry (1 month ago)
old dude is a BEAST😁
Argo (1 month ago)
another real life vlog to follow. thanks Sir!
Jay Arr Resico (1 month ago)
Godbless sir and to all the seafarers.
Mr. O'Blivian (1 month ago)
Ser Chef CJ (1 month ago)
inspiring chief cook to be in here..thanks for the kind input sir..more power..
Dusts Dusts (1 month ago)
Mahirap maging cook sa cruise ship. Mas ok sa cargo tanker ships. Hirap ng nasa dagat sobra liungjot. Malaki sacrifice ng seafarers hays. Bayani sila ng bansa natin. Sir saludo ako sa iyo i have a high respect for seafarers.
Nemuel Ombasa (1 month ago)
Hi mr chief ,my name is nemuelombasa from Kenya,am a cook,I will like to join u working in the ship ,how can get that job.
dav snow (1 month ago)
Every country has official Ambassadors and Trade Representatives tucked away in their Embassies around the world. But the seafarers you feature (like Chief Cook and others) are also great ambassadors, who can speak of real life, negotiating with different personalities and working under challenging conditions. Its inspirational for young people.
Carey Sharp (1 month ago)
It ain't working if you love what you're doing. 😎
Mashaallah i love pork
Eman Allera (1 month ago)
walang magaling na mayur sa reklamador na marino..😂😂😂
Mashaallah i love pork 😍😍😍😍😍
Rock Roll (1 month ago)
I hope he is paid well.
Mashaalllah i love pork 😍😍😍😍

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