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Are you too SEXY for Cairo? What to wear when in Cairo, Egypt

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Aleya has been living in Cairo for 5 years. And based on her observations, she will tell you what is good to wear and what not to wear. This is her opinion only and not the opinion of Egypt, Youtube, and anyone else! haha Please comment below. Thanks! www.cairobellydance.com
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ankra12 (2 days ago)
I found this sad. Nobody bothers you in my country. You can wear what you want. We dress according to weather and not a stupid religion. This is just body shaming women.
Marie James (23 days ago)
Female Oppression
Maric Dee (30 days ago)
This is a helpful I formation for the future ill visit Egypt
Your songs ❤ (1 month ago)
Such a shame that in 21st century you still have to do a video like this. Why don't some people just learn to control their sexual drives instead of asking others to wear more? I thought humans were not animals because humans use brains to think. The ancient goddesses of Egypt must be rolling in their graves to see Egypt becoming like this!
Dahlia Legacy (1 month ago)
Personally, I look at a woman's eyes first, then her boobs and after her butt. lol Also yeah, if you wore any of those before outfits in the US, I'd assume you weren't looking for a man. Works for me though. ^_^ I like women and you're cute. ^_^ I's not conservative. >.<
Musheera Bint Michael (2 months ago)
I plan on taking a trip to Egypt in the future and these videos are very helpful to educate me on the culture and the do’s and don’ts! Mucho Gracias!
1973 (2 months ago)
Very good video! Very useful
Catia Rafferty (3 months ago)
Do girls wear bikini in cairo. What do foreign girls wear in the swimming pool at the hotel?
Allegra Pena (3 months ago)
yes you can wear a bikini as long as its not a "local" hotel where lots of Egyptians go who aren't wealthy. Because they will all be covered. But other than that yes you can. Also, Its not as conservative as this anymore. YOu dont even need to cover your arms or ass and can wear tank tops. Still no shorts unless you are at a resort. And most ladies dont wear dresses unless long, but i have seen more and more women wear dresses at knee length. YOu can wear mini skirts to clubs and go out as well. :) its WAAAAAY more relaxed thank God. :)
Ashaba Creton (11 months ago)
Just 2 much....long dresses ok ...i love highheels ill coverup everything but not the shoes
Amanda (11 months ago)
if you go out in fifth settlement (the "rich people area") you can wear whatever you like, just no shorts and you‘ll be fine :)
Cosmic Cells (1 year ago)
I lived there for a year and confirm its 100% true
Daniela Bisenius (1 year ago)
You are phenomenal
I changed from dislike to superlike coz i like her sensitivity to the culture.
so many dislikes?
Clepsidra Sideral (1 year ago)
Very good and informative, thank you! Just one quick question: is it too fashionable for a woman to wear dark sunglasses? I'll be going to Egypt later this year and I wouldn't like to draw too much male attention. Thank you :)
Samsam Hassan (1 year ago)
Lady stop lying just because you had bad experience doesn't means eveyone should change thier dressing code. I used live in cairo n used to short shorts n everything n i never being in problem
max do (1 year ago)
that dress is very normal for a foreigner in Egypt and i think those advices are good if you are going to live in Egypt not visiting.
Holyfox (1 year ago)
Can’t middle-eastern men contain them self,if I wear a deep crotch. This makes me so 😡. There was a Egyptian lawyer on TV, who said: “It is a national duty to rape women in ripped jeans”. If only 10% of the men believe this, it’s bad. Anyway, I’ll respect it. But what about the Burkas I see here in Europe. They should respect my culture as I do it over there.
Holyfox (1 year ago)
Allegra Pena Thank you, for answering. No, I’m not really worried. I moved to Paris when I was 18 ys., alone. In the beginning, I’ve got harassed, at least in the arab quartiers. But over time my self esteem grew& men sense that. They are afraid of strong women. But what happened to Lara Logan/ CBS on Tahrir Place during the, riots shook me extremely. I wish I’ve never seen the surveillance camera footage of the incident.
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
lool no they can't contain themselves. loool Seriously though, they are full of hormones all the time! :) I do wear ripped jeans here and I even wear tank tops now. But I look Egyptian and I can be very intimidating. I no longer look like a foreigner (deer in headlights) So I don't get harassed so much. And you are allowed to wear whatever. Since you are foreign you get a free pass. But I still won't wear low cut tops, or shorts or short dresses or skirts. I wear jeans mostly, and tshirts. We have a new law that you can be jailed for harassment. Its still happens but in my opinion its much better now than it was in the past.
Pamela Hamdy (1 year ago)
Since 2 years I’m living in Cairo and I see many women with tight jeans, open arms and shoulder tops, even thin tops where the bra shines through. Guess it’s no problem here.
Malak Khaled (1 year ago)
Okay this is sorta of an exaggeration like just saying yeah you can’t wear anything but the first outfit was fine lmao you don’t need to change anything the second one was not so okay but but if the sleeve was longer it’ll be okay when you changed it holy crap you look like you’re going to the desert like just wear a t shirt chill . All these outfits are boring I’ve seen so many women that wear bomb ass tumblr/insta outfits and it’s okay you just shouldn’t show cleavage or butt and legs that’s it. Fourth outfit was literally just fine no guy would look at you or Harass u or anything. This is okay but it’s a bit over exaggerated
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
this is from 2014. It was waaaay more conservative then. Now I wear tank tops even. Its not an exact guide but it was the best way to stay harrassment free. Now we have laws about harrassment. I look Egyptian so its a bit different for me, but it was worse before. Thankfully it has changed alot and especially with uber also. :) (so thankful for Uber)
Mostafa Elish (1 year ago)
A lot of false info
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
Allegra Pena, please STOP with your bullshit!!!! I am Egyptian and I live in Cairo, first and for most, tourists can wear WHATEVER they want to wear. NO ONE and I mean no one can tell them what to wear and what not wear!!!
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
WOMEN!! You’re absolutely WRONG I am Egyptian and I live in Cairo, you can wear: skinny jeans and heels. What are taking about...and the outfit you’re wearing is absolutely fine, you dont have to wear a bigger size nor a scarf on top of it.
Osman Farrag (1 year ago)
devon from the states tells better truth https://youtu.be/oC4dk6H-EW0
Osman Farrag (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/Y-uVmCFq7uM that video tells a better truth. just like i said u r from a local poor area so dont generalise your nonsense
Osman Farrag (1 year ago)
her words r right but only in so poor areas which she seems to be from. but simply u dont have to visit these areas instead of all these fake delusional restrictions she is giving.
Osman Farrag (1 year ago)
85 % of women wearing hair scarf?? weird i never noticed that, maybe because i have been here only for a short period of time, 37 years
Rosa Perea (1 year ago)
thank you Aleya!!!!!
Jackie Bao (1 year ago)
very informative! thank you! going there in two months
Rawan Mohammed (1 year ago)
What the heck I’m from Egypt and you can wear whatever you want to wear
leroy2362 (1 year ago)
what a gorgeous lady x
Aayusha Shah (1 year ago)
Hey, I'll be travelling to Egypt on 10 Sept for a week in a group tour. We're covering Aswan, Abu Simble, Nile Cruise, Kom Embo, Edfu, Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria. Please guide me on any dress codes or travel tips. We are not visiting any mosques.
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
hi Aayusha ., it has become much more relaxed now, you can even wear tank tops. I would stay away from shorts unless you are on the cruise. Always have a scarf in your bag, but as long as you are not wearing mini skirts or shorts you will be good.
Thanks. When I travel there. I will keep all this information it in mind. I'm from Los Angeles too. And for here what you are wearing is considered nothing sexy about it.
Sandra Carli (1 year ago)
I know some young Egyptians . I've never been to Egypt but they chatted with me and showed me pics of the places where they were working etc. (Hurghada for example). I still remember their reaction about tourists wearing bikinis. They felt so embarassed. Tourists on the beach were like aliens for them.
Lana Dutcher (1 year ago)
Very helpful thanks.
Paige Silva (1 year ago)
I know you made your travel videos quite awhile ago but I just stumbled upon them and I twanted to thank you, you did a great job explaining what is okay and not okay in your country, without judging or offending others ( except the rude, hypocritical man) me, as an American Christian woman , I am concerned about what forrign countries I can travel to , I would never think I could go to someone's land and disrespect them or thei laws of land, as I expect those that come to my country to respect the laws of our land, it's very simple.. There are places I wouldn't go for those reasons. Seems I'm all good to visit your amazing country , I dress very modest , I repect the personal space of others ( I don't hug all over other men lol ) were not all like that , but some women need to be told ! I am glad you mentioned the compliments , I'm so fascinated with other, countries, cultures & religions and I would of been complimenting people ! I tottally get the whole evil eye thing now, I didn't know they were taking about envy ( I'm obsessed with Turkish Dramas) Many people are jealous and especially. women will compliment you then turn around and say or think something rude/ cruel about others ( I never understood that why people are that way !) Or if your making good money, are blessed to vacation etc.. instead of just being happy for others blessings, they think they deserve what others have and start despising them, because of their evil greed & jealousy . Money , greed. jealousy is the root of all evil , My soul is not for sale at any price ! Anyhow sorry Ibabbled on !
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
hehe :) im glad it helped. There are many crazy comments, but that came from some backlash where someone posted my video in Egypt, and everyone thought i was criticizing. I had so many people ask what they should wear , I decided to make a video. But actually this is older now, its a lot less conservative, I even wear tank tops now. :) (thank God because its hot!! LOL) but still good to always keep a scarf on hand. Egypt is actually quite safe. Safer than many countries., But as always when you travel be aware., thats all.
Robert Baychev (1 year ago)
come on we all know for a Muslim country how to wear
noody Khalil (1 year ago)
I am Egyption and my friends and my family don't were bleak and we don't cover ther face my mum always wear heels and I wear what I want you are living in cheap places so you see that
noody Khalil (1 year ago)
Allegra Pena number one I am student so I don't work number tow you are talking about Masr el adema I am talking about Masr el geda number three wearing sun dress in street is for me little weird because I think the are made for beach
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
i dont live in a cheap place. I pay more in rent than you probably get in salary! and yes there are places you can wear heels, but in general you will not walk around in heels in khan khalili or places where tourists will go visit. It has become more relaxed but i still would not wear shorts or skirts to walk around Cairo as I would in America. Today i wore a sundress to go to the pool at Safir Hotel in Dokki and I felt like an alien and people were saying things on the street so please don't act like Im wrong for telling people to be more conservative. Its not America and no one should act like it is.
Jana Bakr (1 year ago)
look iam egyption and from cairo we are not like that at all u can dress like u want just simple rules 1.no shorts 2.no short skirts 3.dont show ur belly these rules are simple and we're in 2017 egypt became more free about clothes so plz check before u say anything
Pamela Hamdy (1 year ago)
I guess short skirts with thick non see through leggings would be fine.
MyMayra24 (1 year ago)
No, no No... in Egypt men are pigs! They stare at you like if a piece of meat...I'm not the only who experienced that (even though I use hijab)...I'm not saying all men are like that, but for the love of GOD don't stop your videos... Must better prevent than feel sorry later! Good Job!
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
Jana Bakr yes I agree it is different now. More open in 2017. But yes I still would not wear shorts or mini skirts in the street in the daytime but regular short sleeve tops with jeans is good and no need to wear scarves anymore to cover. I'm glad it has changed. It was a much needed change :)
karim hari (1 year ago)
Egypt men are sick mutherfuckers
Menna Sherif (1 year ago)
I am an egyptian girl and I can wear whatever I want according to the place I am going to. You can wear all the type of clothes you want in malls , resorts and closed areas but not in poor areas or in crowded local places. yes we sometimes get bothered with the type of clothes we should wear but not to that level and btw most of women and ladies wear heels and we wear all the types of makeup and the lipsticks are totally okay . this video really annoyed me although you look a nice person.
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
hi Menna, yes you are correct. It is according to the places you go to. I actually have found that the dressing has become less conservative in the last years, since Sisi became president. Also with the new laws regarding harassment its much better. I still would not advise people to wear shorts to khan khalili or the Pyramids., but yes you can wear short sleeve shirts and jeans and even colorful clothes now with less harassment. I would not wear heels for just walking around doing tourist things but for sure in the mall and restaurants and clubs you can.,
Oran Sherf (1 year ago)
q; are u on tour now in europ best
Jaie Adriaens (1 year ago)
great video as always and spot on, and ive been to cairo 5x and been with you 3x in cairo and you nailed it .
الجهل قوة (1 year ago)
Fuck the stupid defensive upper-middle class liberal elite cairenes who don't like it being pointed out that Egypt is a conservative country. I personally want it to be more liberal and women to wear whatever the hell they want, but I'm not going to be delusional and pretend that is already the case!
STAY_NCTZEN _ (1 year ago)
don't let the bad comments make you feel bad you do a good job :)
STAY_NCTZEN _ (1 year ago)
I could get used to living in Cairo :) I dress really casual I don't dress with tight clothes, wear heels or low cut chest shirts , guess I could move to Cairo!! ♡
FollowingMyPASSION (2 years ago)
so TRUE and I'm Egyptian !
Furzana Hussain (2 years ago)
I think this video is very over the top. Yes Cairo is more conservative than some other Arab countries I've been to but the egyptian girls were dressed in tight clothing of all sorts of colours and some with loud make up. The obvious such as cleavage, short tops and skirts should be avoided but this video is a bit too much.
mhamd asher (2 years ago)
what an apointless long video
humanity now (2 years ago)
are you egyptian? where r u from ? please
Hossam Hassan (2 years ago)
I am Egyptian and I would like to tell you ' She is right'. At some streets,it's better to wear like that. 😊
Gina Marie Philbrick (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this information! Gosh I thought what I was choosing to pack was conservative--NOT! OMG, I do not want to be harassed whatsoever! Thank you so much again <3 you have a beautiful smile by the way. much love from your home in Southern California!
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
Gina Marie Philbrick no that's ok now. This video is old. It has definitely changed. Bright colors are ok. ;) and Jeans and tshirts. No need for scarves anymore either. Unless you want ;)
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
Gina Marie Philbrick no that's ok now. This video is old. It has definitely changed. Bright colors are ok. ;) and Jeans and tshirts. No need for scarves anymore either. Unless you want ;)
Gina Marie Philbrick (2 years ago)
how about bright colors? should i still avoid those when Im out in Cairo or the tourist sites?
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
thank you @gina Marie Philbrick. Its actually a bit less conservative now. Still don't wear shorts skirts or shorts only in the hotel and pool and if you go to the diving destinations like sharm el sheik and hurghada. But you can wear just short sleeves and jeans now. Its gotten so much better in the last years. (or maybe i just look so Egyptian now they dont harass me anymore) haha anyways you are blond and beautiful and will stand out, but it doesn't matter. You will be ok and have fun too. ;)
E. Rebecca (2 years ago)
Hi Aleya, thank you for the helpful video. Do you have any suggestions for websites where we can find shirts like the one you're wearing at 6:45. It's hard to find conservative clothing where I live currently. Thanks!
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
hi Rebecca, I dont. But I buy shirts everywhere. Here in Cairo, you can buy from Carina. They might be online. i know there are also some Mormon websites that sell clothes like this. My friend buys online and bought some when she came to visit me in Cairo. Its actually less conservative now though. You can wear short sleeve and even tank tops, but i still wouldnt wear shorts and you can wear skirts to go out and even walk in the street :)
egypt (2 years ago)
I'm from Egypt, wear what you want .. this woman is bitch lies ... we have many cultures Muslims and Christians is friends ... this woman do that to damage our tourism .. fuck her
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
thank you for the pics!! yes its a great explanation. Its getting better though lately and you can wear just jeans and tshirt and clothes that arent so covered.
الجهل قوة (1 year ago)
Allegra Pena Yeah there is *no* excuse for it. But there is an explanation. Egypt used to be quite a modern, liberal country (back in the 1950's or so). Much cleaner too. Women did not wear a headscarf and could be seen walking in short dresses and other similar styles. For your liberal Egyptian, especially the older ones who actually grew up in "the golden age" or towards the end of it, to be reminded of how Egypt has fallen angers them a lot. For reference, here are pictures in the past of my now (very religious) Egyptian family. All the women cover up. http://imgur.com/a/Re3ms 1. mom as a kid, grandparents holding my mom in Paris 2. great grandparents wedding (maternal grandmother's mother and father) 3. paternal grandparents at the beach 4. paternal grandparents' wedding 5. paternal grandparents and my dad and aunt at the beach 6. maternal grandparents
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
الجهل قوة lol thank yiu for pointing that out. I just don't the really get all the hateful comments and see no point in being so defensive. People are not being respectful at all.
الجهل قوة (1 year ago)
I agree with you Allegra, the other user is being a dumbfuck. Egyptians are so fucking defensive it's insane, and this is coming from an Egyptian.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
yes anyone can dress the way they want. I agree. You will not get arrested. But you know that men here can be very bothersome, especially to tourists. And if a girl comes wearing a low cut blouse, which is normal in western countries, or hot shorts and tank tops in Tahrir Square, do you think she will just be walking around all happy? She will be definitely out of place. Thats all I'm saying. What is the problem? Why is this an issue? I would not wear clothes like that in any Muslim majority country. It just makes sense. Its not brain surgery. Muslims are conservative. Just because you can wear what you want in New Cairo, or Tagamao or Zamalek, I wouldn't also do it going to Khan Khalili or the museum downtown or to the Pyramids. All of you Egyptians say "oh well she must be going to Low Class places" You know what? I don't consider any place low class. Because I think people are people period. Yes there are places with higher incomes, but I don't see class division. But all of you Egyptians do. I'm from America. People are all the same, and we respect everyone whether they are rich or not. So there are no "low class" places in my opinion. There are rich areas and areas where poor people live, but the majority don't live in "rich areas", and everyone needs to understand this. I dress completely different when I am in America, for comfort and because I don't want to bring alot of attention to myself, but I would never wear a tight summer dress here in Cairo, and I have never worn shorts in Cairo (in Ain Soukhna I have and Hurghada and other beach cities.) And I have no problems with anyone. YOu are the one that has problems. If I hated this country I would not be here. I don't HAVE to live here. I can live in America where I am from, so how can you say I have problems with people and I am racist? That doesn't make sense.
Sugar Peach (2 years ago)
It seems like all these comments of people saying this isn't true come from men. They can't relate to a woman's struggle. I've never been to Cairo, but your video is pretty consistent with everything else I've seen online about what foreign women should consider when visiting. But you went even more in depth and provide very useful details. I want to thank you so much for posting this video. I found it very helpful.
ドLucy (1 month ago)
+Sara Ahmed why?
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
That’s not true. I am an Egyptian women and I live in Cairo, and what is she saying is absolutely WRONG!
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
thank you @sugar peach . Im glad you find it helpful
sena sena (2 years ago)
stop talking ur corny about egypt plzzz
Bola Osama (2 years ago)
I want tell u some thing u are not sexy to Egyptian people :D and u didn`t visit every place here so u said this
Razan Barakat (2 years ago)
I think these outfit rules only apply to Egyptian women in Cairo. if you're foreign, you're fine. if you're foreign or Egyptian and close to the sea you're fine wearing whatever you like. but in your case you could be mistaken for an Egyptian cuz of the hair color and skin tone. I wear the hijab so I didnt realize this "street dress code" issue until when my cousin (no hijab) and I went to Egypt one summer and she was covering up like you did in the video!
olivetheabove (2 years ago)
You can dress however you want. My Egyptian female friends have no issue wearing whatever they want.
Sky Carter (2 years ago)
Thank Goddess I live in the USA. Too much rules and regulations! Wtf?
Abdelrheem Mohnna (2 years ago)
Exaggerating a little bit maybe?
LunaRoLexLer (2 years ago)
To be honest, people shouldnt tell us how to dress while being there. WE SHOULD TELL THEM TO STOP BEING PIGS!!
Your songs ❤ (1 month ago)
It is a muslim country doesn't mean it Should be. Egypt was closer to Heaven when the ancient gods were worshiped. Better worship no one than worship a bad one.
abdelrahman mohamed (1 year ago)
no you can see this https://youtu.be/bAr3JiZAHfU this an american girl alone in cairo she has plenty videos actually in most of them she had contact with men and even local men and no one ever annoyed her. generally speaking unless you walk in a dark tiny road at night (#no_one_do_this_anywhere_on_earth). personally i live near the pyramids seeing tourists is totally normal for us and they were what they want even dress that show stomach, or very short jeeps are perfectly fine and sometimes even local women wear them and no one give a shit simply 😀😀😀. i think unless you walk with bikini on street (which i guess might get the cops to arrest you as i don't think this is fine with the law) you are perfectly safe
max do (1 year ago)
we shouldnt tell you what to wear but you have to respect the place you are going to visit thats the first point second one as foreigner you can wear whatever you like cuz you are going to visit only not to live there
reem elkady (1 year ago)
LunaRoLexLer excuse me sorry if I am rude but I am from Egypt and I know everything about it YOU aren't living in Egypt how do you know if what you are seeing or saying is right? People in Egypt don't ever tell you what to say this woman is taking it tooo seriously you can wear what ever you are and put any make up you want what she was wearing is quite normal having long hair and thick make up are okay some people might get a little disturbed but won't say anything this woman is taking it too much the only thing that might bother is if you are wearing a shirt that shows tour belly or some of your private places don't belive every thing you see (We are not pigs)
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
@mohammed el gohary I dont have a sick mind. Yes it has changed in the last years since Sisi became president and now I do wear tank tops even in the street but 4 years ago it was not like this. I still would not wear shorts or short sundresses or skirts as I would wear in any other Western country unless Im in a beach city,or at my hotel but definitely not in the streets of Cairo. The video was made to let people know you are not traveling in a Western country or City, it is still conservative here and not like it was in the 50s and 60s.
Farinoosh Za (2 years ago)
Thanks dear Aleya that was so helpful for me!!!
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
youre welcome Farinoosh
Kemara Robinson (2 years ago)
i think (correct me if im wrong) the point is that while its not ILLEGAL to wear clothes that show off ur body, u will be a lot more comfortable and fit in better and be respected more by everybody, instead of being stared at by thirsty men. unless being stared at by thirsty men is ur thing ...in which case go for it. If/when i get to travel to egypt, i hope to avoid being stared at by thirsty men, and/or glared at by the real OG'S: older respectable women
Yahia Salah (2 years ago)
Nothing illegal wear as you want no one will judge you specially if you are a tourist and don't care about traditions and customs that is right or wrong because you come here to enjoy your time not to get worried about rules and all people here understand that but if you ask about traditions and customs here will tell you that Muslims and Christians women here wear clothes covering all their bodies and not detailed their bodies in addition to Muslims wear Hijab and believe me people here will care to see your smile and you are happy and what your Impressions before caring you wear East Clothes or not :D :D I hope I could help you
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
yes you are so right Amanda. ;) thank you
lupe avalos (2 years ago)
girl i love you video. but really people it no matter what you wear in egypt if you visiting egypt like myself you can wear whatever you want I gone there and wore short dress really yes people stared but i no care its whatever personally wear what the fuck I want I no care i LOVE you video girl Fuck all bitches who talk shit
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
hehe thanks Lupe. Yes I never understood why all the hate comments just trying to tell people to be more respectful in Egypt as this is not like Western countries. If you wear a short dress in the street you might be chased or followed for your beautiful legs lol !
Michaela Whibley (2 years ago)
I loved the video, very funny, and I think that here in Mexico I can wear whatever I want and everyone have to respect me because is common that the girls wear sexy clothes but when i go to cairo I'll definitely cover all my body
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
Heo Ashrafenko I dare you to take one picture on the street in the daytime of a girl showing her belly! I have never seen that ever! I have lived here 8 years
Heo Ashrafenko (2 years ago)
u can care whatever you want please dont say that. We have 20 million christians here also we are secular. Everyday i see leggings, half cut shirts showin bellys. it is completely normal
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
thanks Micaela ;)
Lina Moreno (2 years ago)
You're a hit! Thanks for sharing this valuable info with us! :D
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
youre welcome ;)
MayorOfMoetown (2 years ago)
My Egyptian boyfriend says I can wear the things you said were NOT ok to wear, as long as im with him when I go out. What do you think?
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
yes thats the best way. :)
MayorOfMoetown (2 years ago)
He says its ok...but i still want to me respectful to people there.  Ill just be reasonable with my dress.  thanks :)
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+MayorOfMoetown yes you can. If you are in a Car, going from place to place, its fine, you can wear whatever you want. Even short dresses and heels and lots of make up . ;) Its not illegal to wear less clothes, its just if you will be comfortable or not. I wear low cut tops with clevage in the States but i would never wear that here, unless you want someone to stare at your chest while they are talking to you heheh
Penny Jonezy (2 years ago)
I would think that if you are in a country that is that high in percentage of Muslims, that you would try your best to be respectful anyway. It is not wrong to be respectful of those that cover because they respect themselves and others as well as the men.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
yes i think so too Penny :) thanks
Azalea Briee Aiee 68 (3 years ago)
What about?.. Blond hair? Should I cover my Hair? 😊 Thankyou 😀
you don't have to.... many people would want to take a photo with you then... but that's more of a compliment and just enjoy it.
Yahia Salah (2 years ago)
Egypt contains many nationalities From Italians , Greeks , Turkish , Armenians , French , British and others and they Mixed with society and this was the Idea that make people come here and you will see all kinds of people If you are a blond hair that makes people know you are a tourist and happy to you are here not because you are a blond hair and by the way there are Egyptians brown and little blond hair here too :D
Azalea Briee Aiee 68 (2 years ago)
+no no oh, ok
m8 (2 years ago)
no its fine
seldonlives19 (3 years ago)
this is complicated...
mostafa sami (3 years ago)
as im Egyptian i wanna tell you its not happen accept from some girls need this (bitch girls) but generally its not
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
Back from Cairo. I loved it when I was there, but I dressed a lot more conservative when I was not in the tourist areas. Not that I dressed bad at all when I was there, but in this pic at the pyramids I wore my watch out for bikers shirt, but I didn't wear shirts with sayings when I was out of the tourist areas, and that was my choice. Even though a woman is allowed to wear what she wants there, I wanted to be respectful being in someone else country.
Mojosfire (2 years ago)
Yes, haha! :D
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
haha you drank the Nile water. Thats what they say. Many of us feel like that :) Thats why we are here. It feels like "home" like you finally came home. Its normal.
Mojosfire (2 years ago)
+Aleya Cairo Bellydance I pray so. Really have missed it so bad to the point of deep sadness. Not just because of my fiance, and his family there. I don't understand why I felt like this. Usually when I am away from where I live I get homesick, but when I was there I didn't want to leave. First time I experienced that kind of feeling. :)
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
hehe good luck! :) Inshallah you will be back soon
Mojosfire (2 years ago)
+Aleya Cairo Bellydance Thank you, well I will be having to go back later on, as we started the marriage process, but I have to get my divorce papers translated into Arabic, and sent to the Egyptian embassy in Washington. I will take those back with me, when I head back to Cairo, and then we have to get the medical  test done, then the ceremony. We finished all the other parts we had to do between the US embassy there, and then the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and most of what we needed for the Ministry of Justice, so I laugh and say we are half way married. :D Looking forward to going back there one day, God willing.
XCocoaCutieX (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this video! I've been trying to decide what to wear for Egypt next month and thank goodness I found your video, now I know what to wear while I'm there. I definitely don't want any unwanted attention
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+XCocoaCutieX you're welcome ;)
S Ahmed (3 years ago)
Have fun in Egypt I go almost every year to family because I'm half Egyptian It's really fun there especially when the sun is going down
The Pharaoh (3 years ago)
From an Egyptian;D all the shit u said in this video and the other one only happens in the poor parts of Egypt which the only reason I would ever go to is to score some weed if I can't manage to get some in a nice area at that time and I would NEVER take any girl I know to these places Egyptian or not./ obv. You Are belly dancer working in a shitty place,and by the way it's the low cheap slutty belly dancers like you that give bellydancers a bad reputation and ruine it for all the others,ps I ve been to a lot of nightclubs and kabarehat the shady,cheap and the middle/highclass,clean ones so I m 100% sure that you are a shitty bellydancer and your not even good looking to be hired in a decent place anyway/People just watch any of these channels ->Cairo girl or Rosalia cataldi and you ll see what s true. And if anyone is coming to Egypt contact me and I would be more than happy to tell you where are the places to go and where no to (In Cairo,Alexandria,Sharm el sheik or hurghada because these are the cities that i ve been to :D)
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
And furthermore most people are not wealthy in cairo. Most are from lower classes so what is the problem to tell people to dress conservative? I didn't say don't come. I said be mindful of how you dress.
Allegra Pena (1 year ago)
The Pharaoh ok so you just proved my point. Unless she is with a tour guide by your own words she won't be safe at the pyramids. That's all you need to say. I'm completely right. And by the way no one comes to cairo to go hang out at city stars. Who wants to go to an overpriced mall while on vacation. ?!!!!'
The Pharaoh (2 years ago)
she shouldnt be walking around there without a tour guide or an egyptian even if she was covering all her body (what she and you said about how she would get harrased even if she wore like you said is proving that i am right) she should be in a car in those areas untill she reaches the place and in khan el khalili go by car and over there a basic t-shirt and jeans will do the trick , why walk around the ghetto with discusting people and buildings anyways just go by car , and feloukas are on the nile in zamalek so its a good neibourhood. , dokki which you are supposedly staying in isnt a high class area it has mainly middle class neibourhoods and the rest in it is a shit hole
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+Saif Shukry i dont usually reply to mean rude comments., but for your information, the pyramids arent in a high class area, nor is the Egyptian museum or khan khalili, and many of the other Egyptian attractions. I live in Dokki in a high class area, but nobody who will travel here is going to go hang out at the night clubs on the blue nile boat, or in Zamalek and just stay there. duh!!! And they definitely will not go to 6th of october or Festival city or any of the high class outlying areas. They will be in the city, taking feluccas and walking around. Now tell me, should a western girl wear booty shorts and short dresses as they do in their country to walk around? Also, many people come here and stay on Haram street where all the hotels are. That area is so local i dont even like to go there. I will but Im certainly not going to wear a low cut top. So please for the love of God please dont act like i am an idiot. Im not an idiot. I have been living here a long time I know how to dress and like @kim surn said, didnt matter what she wore she got harrassed, but can you imagine if she was wearing mini skirts or shorts and tank tops to go to pyramids or Egyptian museum. or khan khalili!!! ugh !! please dont insult me or my intelligence. This is a Muslim country and Muslim are conservative, FYI .
The Pharaoh (2 years ago)
Uhhh look you clearly didnt understand what i wrote so i will clarify in egypt there is a huge cultural difference between poor and middle/ high classes and a small (or slight) difference between middle and high classes the pople who might harass women are poor this is why poor neibourhoods should be completely avoided while in middle class neibourhoods there will still be poor people but they are restricted by the norms of it and the people in it but still in those neibourhoods unfortunately women shouldnt walk ( driving is safe ofc ) after 12 at night without a man this applies to alex and cairo not sharm and hurghada you can do whatever ypu want there aslong as you are in a decent compound or neibourhood (or resort ofc ) .and you should avoid buses and public transportation instead use a taxi or uber if you dont rent a car if you dont believe me go to a decent mall in cairo e.g city stars,cairo festival city,downtown mall...etc and see how people from different classes wear and for hurghada theres a place called el gouna go there you ll find people wearing as you would in a western country that s because all the people who live there are from middle and high classes and by way i am an agnostic so i dont have any intention of defending islam,its the truth egypt and lebanon are the most liberal countries in all the arab countries (and maybe muslim countries after turkey)which are two of many countried that were plagued by the arab cluture from the gulf countries "the real arabs" after the islamic invasion by a while
Matthew Massoud Elhami (3 years ago)
Thanks very much for your advice. I ful;y understand your suggestions, and what you say is pure reality. Regards
خوخة ٠ (3 years ago)
you are right .
Jerri Skiles (3 years ago)
I like your video, and I like all you have said. I do not feel you have said anything wrong, and I think you were only giving respect to those around you. I care very much for advice you give. As a foreigner, and a person who wants to visit Egypt very soon I think these are great tips. I am not quite sure how you saying dress modestly, is seen as something wrong, nor do I see it as a big deal. I am sorry that in previous comments you were being attacked. You deserve respect no matter what. When you are in an environment that is not your own, you do want to know how to dress, in order to blend in. Not only this, you want to show respect for the place you are visiting, and the people around you.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+Jerri Skiles heres the vid!! haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWcR70FuNf4
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
haha i do have a video on crossing the street. I' m glad you enjoyed the video and found it useful. And Im glad you enjoyed Cairo. ;) Being on my page and listening to all these people comment can almost make you not want to come. haha But their stupidity thank God is a minority and mostly everyone is warm and loving and love to have you come to their country and even show you around. :)
Jerri Skiles (2 years ago)
+Aleya Cairo Bellydance I returned from Cairo in March, I loved it! I don't care what anyone says, your tips were great! This is the thing, as a foreigner, you will stand out anyhow, just because you are different. Following these tips, gives you freedom, because you blend in. I was  every where from Talaat Harb, where I stayed, to Giza. I am actually going back in August for a 6 month stay. Now, if you could give tips on crossing the street, that would be REALLY great! haha
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+Jerri Skiles thank you Jerri. You are right, its just respect, but people take whatever they want and make it like you are evil. Its crazy loool
aniez anita sari (3 years ago)
thank you so much for teach more. this experience for me to life in cairo next year. couse i want to married with cairo man from shobra muhamed abdellah. so this video very important for me. couse iam from indonesia. don't know about the egypt traditional.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+aniez anita sari youre welcome. And Shobra is more local, so you would want to be conservative there. ;)
avid reader (3 years ago)
Fantastic advice. I've been to Cairo and totally agree. I'm not sure why others are opposed to your advice but if you wish to do more than stay at a beach resort this advice is good. A long light cardigan works really well too.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
thanks :)
he wang (3 years ago)
I like the way u wear scarf, and your scarf r beautiful
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+he wang thanks
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
Hello, I have a new question for you. I have t shirts with like a skull on them like Harley Davidson style, is it okay to where t shirts with such pictures like this on them?
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+no no thank you for answering. I sometimes dont check ;)
m8 (2 years ago)
that is okay you can wear it
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
+Mojosfire I mean for women, would wearing like skull shirts Harley Davidson type, or rock t shirts be bad?
Deboramajama (3 years ago)
This is true. The same is true of Morocco.  After two weeks in there, I saw one woman in a short skirt and I thought, "What a slut!"  LOL, but then I remembered that that's just how Westerners dress.
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+Deboramajama hahahahaha! i know its funny how your perception changes. Ive been here 7 years and yeah when i see someone with clothes i dont deem modest im like ???? haha
Bagabones Felis (3 years ago)
Bagabones Felis (2 years ago)
+Jerri Skiles you got lucky, women get raped there all the time by Muslim men, in fact, during the demonstrations they tore the clothes off a reporter and RAPED, beat, ripped parts of her hair and scalp off, pinched, tore her skin, pulled her arms and legs so hard they damaged her muscles and joints, she barely made it out alive and they did this openly, in front of others just because she was an American woman, and the ironic part , this journalism was pro Egyptian and trying to tell their side of the story. so I'm glad you got lucky, but there are hundreds of sanctioned rapes, beatings and honor killings, not to mention the genital mutilations!
Jerri Skiles (2 years ago)
+Bagabones Felis No they don't! Have you been to Egypt to even know?! I am a single woman, from America, and traveled to Cairo alone. I never had one problem. I was treated with the upmost respect!
Bagabones Felis (3 years ago)
This is B.S. no person, no country and for sure no stupid oppressive religious nuts have the right to tell anyone what to wear or when to wear it, clothes say NOTHING about who you are as a person!!! That is pure shit! All that you are saying is just giving filthy egyptian men excuses to rape!!! You are part of the problem!
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
yeah well try to go to Saudi Arabia and see what happens. :) Actually Bagabones seriously, its not ILLEGAL to wear anything. You will not be arrested. You CAN wear anything you want. BUT>>>>> if i am wearing a tank top and a mini skirt and sandals as i would in Los Angeles, I would NOT be comfortable because NO ONE in Cairo wears that stuff. The Very high class will wear it in high class restaurants and clubs, but nowhere in the street will you ever see anyone wearing a mini . At least I dont and I live here for a long time
Emy Salem (3 years ago)
And anyways there are harassment in UsA though Check this http://youtu.be/mgw6y3cH7tA
Emy Salem (3 years ago)
Or maybe choose a clean place to go and u will never feel that ppl are attracted to you just walking around
Emy Salem (3 years ago)
And why the hell would you go to Cairo if you will keep covering yourself and look like shit
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
Emy Salem your comment proves my point( she is just saying none sense). You can wear whatever you want.
Emy Salem (3 years ago)
Wtf is this shit !!!! I am from Cairo and we dress up however we want and whatever color and open shirts and lipsticks all colors and however sexy we want I don't know where did you go but it seems like you spent your time with the lowest level of people and lowest areas and sick minded .. Cairo is a modern city and you can google the cairo lifestyle you will see the girls wearing the sexiest clothes and living it up to the max So stop this fucking sick videos
omar abdu (1 year ago)
يا فرحة امك بيكي يامنة
reda.ahmed Ahmed (1 year ago)
Emy Salem بتفضحينا قدام الأجانب يابنت اللذين😣😂😂
karim hari (1 year ago)
Egypt men are sick mutherfuckers !!! Hahaha
karim hari (1 year ago)
The truth hurts hahaha greetings from Morocco
m8 (2 years ago)
why are you lying dude I live in cairo and I cant wear anything I want I always have to wear pants and a shirt I cant even wear sleeveless shirts or shorts or a dress it sucks
Diana Chelsea (3 years ago)
all kind toooo sexy , lol
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
Thank you for this video, it's very informative. My fiance lives in Cairo, and I'm going there in a few months. I don't mind covering up when I dress, but I really don't want my hair covered, as I can't handle anything around my head. I'm a bit claustrophobic that way. I will not be walking the streets alone, I will be with my fiance. A friend of mine told me, I need to cover my hair, even more so because I'm western woman, and some  don't like westerners too much. I really don't want to have to do that if possible. My fiance and I will be taking taxis together, but not sure if we will be walking together anywhere.
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
 You seem to be so jealous of Egyptian men, hmmm.... why is that, perhaps feeling threatened by the lack of man that your are?? My fiance is gorgeous, with a loving caring heart, not a cold racist redneck one like yours.You are a troll on here looking for trouble is all you are. First off, I will not be going anywhere alone as I wouldn't in any country or city. I will be with my man, and if any man tried to mess with me, my fiance would kick his ass! Also it's about common sense, and knowing your environment, as with any place in the world. Being that my fiance has lived there all his life, I'm sure he knows his own city backwards and forwards, and would not put me in harms way. I hope one day maybe your mind will expand, and you will learn hatred gets you nowhere in life, only more violence and problems,.as people like you are what's wrong with this world! +Skyrim
Mojosfire (3 years ago)
+arabiaبنت عربيه exactly :)
the women dont need to cover    egypt regim is different than saudi regime 
isee lara logan  but not in  toursim places  they allow women to wear bikini  and no can be  near them 
GreenButterfly (3 years ago)
Love your Video is there a web-site I can find the long wraps like the one you had on in the end of the Video,I'm a Muslim I live in the west so I don't cover here.But I have been looking for the long wraps,Thank You! and Love your Style!
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
+stacy Abrams those are just big scarves you can put a belt on with or fold them in 1/2 and sew the sides and leave the neck open . You can buy lots of beautiful scarves here .
srsek (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for the video, again, very helpfull! I don't understand all the hate comments.. i'm going to visit cairo also and i've been told the same thing from egyptians. Cover up unless youre going straight to a restaurant with the car, in that case it doesnt matter :) thank you, you are wonderfull
Allegra Pena (2 years ago)
thank you Srsek :)
marimba2008 (4 years ago)
Girl thanksss so much for making this video! Im from California too! Soooo helpful!!!!!!! :)
Goushtinkla Van Goh (4 years ago)
She has a very beautiful face. BTW I lived in Maadi for 6 years and I would see Egyptian as well as ex-pat women wearing tight jeans all the time. I miss Egypt.
kjijije7 (4 years ago)
I appreciate your video, Aleya. You are quite right - Egypt is a conservative country, and you are doing a good job advising women how to dress. It's not about what you "are allowed to wear", it's about what you would feel comfortable wearing, bearing in mind what dress means in the minds of the locals. And yes, we care about fitting in with locals, and we care about visiting places frequented by locals - not just a tourist bus from the 5 star hotel to the pyramids and back in time for a dip in the pool! What a boring life some people must have!
Allegra Pena (4 years ago)
thanks +kjijije7  glad you enjoyed it and you are correct about "what you would feel comfortable wearing"  Its just to be respectful.  As a matter of fact, recently when I was in the airport in Indonesia, even though its also ok and not illegal to wear tank tops EVERYONE was covered! and I mean literally ALL women. So I put my sweater back on even though I was HOT! loool just dont want people to look at me and say "wow she has no sense, why is she dressed like that? " although Im clearly foreign. Its about respect, that's all.  
Sylvia Valentine (4 years ago)
Great video.. <3 Thanks, Aleya :) 
Allegra Pena (4 years ago)
thank you Sylvia glad you enjoyed ;) 
Moe Mazher (4 years ago)
My thingy just inverted.
Elizabeth Perez (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this video. It was entertaining, yet informative! I might be living and teaching in Cairo, so this will come in handy!
Allegra Pena (3 years ago)
+Aleya Cairo Bellydance +Stacy Abrams the long wraps come from a store called Carina in Cairo :) look them up online
Allegra Pena (4 years ago)
Your welcome +Elizabeth Perez  ;) It is helpful to know what to wear. Although there are no LAWS governing what you should wear but Cairo is a conservative city and anyone that should come here should know that.  You can take any of the advice and tailor it to yourself when you come. :) It is a lovely place and you will love it. 
.SeekTruth. (4 years ago)
so many rude comments! great info God bless<3 
Dina Marei (4 years ago)
For the god's sake..  in which district are you living in cairo?? in which district does people think, wear and act that way?? DON'T WEAR BRIGHT COLOURS COZ IT ATTRACT BEES AND EVERYTHING ????? this is bullshit.. tourists in sharm hurghada and even cairo wear what they wear in their countries they don't change their outfits and they're fine
Sayed (4 years ago)
هي بتتكلم على القاهرة وكلامها بنسبة 95% صح ... لو في سائحة راحت المتحف أو الهرم ومش في جروب ومش معاها مرشد سياحي ولابسه ملابس "أوروبية" هايتم التحرش بيها وكلنا عارفين كده ... بلاش نضحك على نفسنا.

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