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Here are some best friends you need in your life! Would your bff do these things for you?? Comment below your best friends name and send them this vid to show them you love them!! xo -Alisha Marie Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbby11 Instagram: @Alisha Twitter: @AlishaMarie Snapchat: LidaLu11 **IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "BFF" Business: [email protected] Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Best Friends You Need!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!
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Text Comments (50395)
Freyja Sjofn (1 hour ago)
My best friend name is Nanna and hedda
Anna Shevtsova (5 hours ago)
3:58 she comes in from the wall not the door
Anna Shevtsova (5 hours ago)
8 m views girls slaaaaaay 😍🥰😍❤️
Jayden Morash (8 hours ago)
I have multiple best friends
nadia i nikola (9 hours ago)
my best friend is Tia
Alexandra Ausman (9 hours ago)
My MOM loves your Channel!
Olivia and Neveah (11 hours ago)
Olivia Jean Springman
Annie Wang (14 hours ago)
My friends name is Me Myself I
Erinsimone DanxeChannel (14 hours ago)
Zebby Hangero (15 hours ago)
Jennifer Quinde (17 hours ago)
Best friend name: Shirley S Best friend i could ever have ❤️🥰
x Little cuties life x (18 hours ago)
Lily 💗
DonutBunnyHop (19 hours ago)
Everyone hates Jessica...
Happin Andrew (20 hours ago)
Whumie and julia
Anna the youtuber (22 hours ago)
Jeanie Dwivedi (23 hours ago)
pallavi sangwan
Kiara Clark (23 hours ago)
My friend is Madison/Maddie/Madds.
Aoibhinn Kavanagh (23 hours ago)
Mckenna Page (23 hours ago)
Jaiden Goodman (1 day ago)
Camillegerber4 (1 day ago)
My best friends name is Reese She is so amazing, she always has my back I am at her house right now. We were outside for about an hour in the dark just lay I in the snow and watch the stars!
liza gene ledama (1 day ago)
Stephanie, brigtte, juliah
cryssy ??? (1 day ago)
Love you
Ghian Diaz (1 day ago)
Clowe was so cute
Jason lilly (1 day ago)
My friends name is Cara
Cheska Flores (1 day ago)
Jamila Ramirez♡
Danielle Lee (1 day ago)
My Bffs Name Is Emma/Cami
Lily Cigan (1 day ago)
Ben coadee tiana maydin
Jasmine Lawson (1 day ago)
I have no friends all of them talk about me so came you be my friend
My best friend name is Kimberly
Ashlyn Rushing (1 day ago)
Audrey, Hannah
Elena Bugarin (1 day ago)
Crazy Cow! (1 day ago)
BFF (I read the description)
Gabby Braner (1 day ago)
I have no friends!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣
Kristen Hunter (1 day ago)
my best friends name is Taryn
Tammy Moore (1 day ago)
and kylee hollis
Tammy Moore (1 day ago)
skyler ward
lyssie Robinson (1 day ago)
I don't need a man. All I need I chocolate
Tamara Bolcs (1 day ago)
In bloopers 5:34 She said 5but wanted to say 6while showing 7on her fingers. This girl is justtttttt amaaazong😂😂😂
Crazy Person (1 day ago)
Katie PlaysRoblox (1 day ago)
4:04 okay just saying I'm eating those exact cookies that the girl who crying is
Millie Long (2 days ago)
My bffs are lucy novia Sofia Beth Laura and Adam were werdos
Danya's Life (2 days ago)
My best friend's name is Haleema and maria
Jada and ashley (2 days ago)
monasaini saini (2 days ago)
I have besties Nyawech Tasha Lil :D they are awesome I love them
Emma M (2 days ago)
Rilee Stinnett (2 days ago)
I'm def the one of blind date and the chew the ex out lol
Rylee McElmoyl (2 days ago)
Nancy Jo Stevens (2 days ago)
abbey fowler
Robert Tighe (2 days ago)
You look weird Change your picture now
Cora Edwards (2 days ago)
Kourtney is my bff for life
Carys Mohr (2 days ago)
OMG I LIVE FOR YOUR MAKEUP!!!!! Dang Alisha Dang
Maurissa The Pegusus (2 days ago)
Rihanna and Janaye
14samanthak (2 days ago)
b-o-y BOY!!!!!
Angelina Dolinska (2 days ago)
That’s Liv (2 days ago)
Love you lilly ❤️
Lol Fitboy (2 days ago)
Sama Nada (2 days ago)
I don't have friends
2019? I can't really say my bffs name but I really miss her she went to Africa and she's coming back in June so I'm really sad she was the best
My best friends are Wema Bianca Keli Jadida Aaryan Caleb Enaam Seher Farrah Thenji Samson Nathan Alisha Anjelica Joy Alyana
Hibiscu Sek (2 days ago)
Summer And Abi
Klara Dobrotic (3 days ago)
Marta Majhen
Emjaay .S.F (3 days ago)
I have one friend with ALL OF THESE!!! Her name is Jayde
Katie Scholes (3 days ago)
My BFF is Safina but I call her final and if you love your BFF like this comment and if you don't like this comment you hate that person
Samantha Davidson (3 days ago)
My pet didn’t die I didn’t break my leg So can I have a like cause I didn’t lie
Sarah Conatser (3 days ago)
Limelight Seavey Dogs (3 days ago)
Angelica is my BFF!!!😘😘🤪❤️ Haha 😂 love you Angel 😇!
Bailee Barnes (3 days ago)
Sarcastic Affs (3 days ago)
Lybah Bhatti (3 days ago)
My best friend is Evie ilysm
Gabriela Vlogs 2 (3 days ago)
*My BFF is Alyssa*
Sage Mcintyre (4 days ago)
Well this is a tough one I don't have any friends
Breann J (4 days ago)
My bff's are Sofia , Milina , Delilah we have benn friends for 5yrs now we are so close and then dara and arianna we have been friends for 3yrs we a practically sisters
jackie lopez (4 days ago)
Breann J (4 days ago)
Anyone else binging her videos thinking that Alisha is really pretty.......eating oreos at 12:55pm........Just me...........ok
Kristin Yvette Agan (4 days ago)
Brissa Villalobos (4 days ago)
Jessica Warrington (4 days ago)
Crystal Gioioso (4 days ago)
M_DIY (4 days ago)
Martial Movement (4 days ago)
Phebe, Brooke, and Sophie
Sabrina Cummings (4 days ago)
Jocelyn and forgot how to spell the name aniee
Tracy groff (4 days ago)
Antonia I feel so bad if I was a person like that I would be ur freind I’m legit crying 😭
Tracy groff (4 days ago)
seaci (4 days ago)
Emma and Fishy (Emma and I call her Fishy but her real name is Allison
Samantha (4 days ago)
Marie-Alice Couret (4 days ago)
Hayden and Denver
Sophia Rainbow world (4 days ago)
My best friends name is ameli a and Ellie
Komal Thaper (4 days ago)
My bestie name is laiba and of course lida and ash
Alikah Boyes (4 days ago)
Lybos Sivak (4 days ago)
My best friend is Eli
Kirti Tandon (4 days ago)
Brianna Garrick (4 days ago)
My BFF name is gabby
Iiris Paussoi (5 days ago)
My best friend is Janika ❤
Randomthingz (5 days ago)
My best friends name is Ava and she is the best......
My best friend name is Teresa and also I love your puppy 🐶
Aleena Orozco (5 days ago)
Douachong She is literally so hilarious and just stands out to me
Josefina Cruz (5 days ago)

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