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Drunk man driving

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some guy from croatia driving under the influence of alcohol :)
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belen gama (4 years ago)
Gabe-fartpoop peepants (4 years ago)
That guy deserves an award fuck yeah thats my hero
Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
Besides calling the cops, what should be the protocol for a driver that encounters another "drunk driver" on the road?
Kent (7 years ago)
lol like south park ''Dad, you cant drink when you drive'' ''I'm not drinking when i driving. I driving when i drinking!''
briankeys (7 years ago)
notice: broad daylight
Moshe Mosheon (8 years ago)
Sparky8834 (8 years ago)
dont drive drunk unless your good at it!!!! you would think that he would be since hes hammered in the afternoon
Vamp6661 (8 years ago)
LOL! wrong side of the road! lol
trucksoner (9 years ago)
people who drive drunk are selfish. there's no arguing against that
Antoinette Dave (9 years ago)
adytza4u (11 years ago)
Tin Jandrašek (11 years ago)
Kaos! Koi kralj! hahaha

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