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Schoolboys wear skirts after shorts ban

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Boys at Gowerton Comprehensive School in Swansea resort to wearing skirts to school in order to deal with the heat following a ban on shorts. Mothers of the students at Gowerton Comprehensive School said the boys had not been allowed to wear gym shorts as an alternative and they were also not permitted to roll up their trousers to cool down. The boys defended their decision to wear skirts saying: "It's cooled us down quite alot, if we wore trousers in class it would affect us, getting sweaty and losing concentration because of the heat". One concerned parent said the heat even had health consequences on her son. "Stephen came home from school on Wednesday and he'd been complaining that it had been hot all day and as he was telling me about his day he passed out in the living room." Temperatures hit the high twenties in Wales last week as Britain continues to experience a heat wave which is expected to last into next month. Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/10179859/Swansea-schoolboys-keep-cool-in-skirts-after-shorts-ban.html Get the latest headlines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ Subscribe to The Telegraph http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=telegraphtv Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/telegraph.co.uk Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/telegraph Follow us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/102891355072777008500/ Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are websites of The Daily Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.
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Mary Lou (3 days ago)
I'm a girl, I hangout with boys who wear skirts. It's nice matching our skirts.
Brittany Runes (2 months ago)
And that’s why this school cannot ban shorts.
Top mysteries t (3 months ago)
Skirt is Gud for boys it very comfortable to him
Wasy Habib (3 months ago)
Y why would da school do this
animesaint :3 (6 months ago)
i think UK should make skirt a fashion for men and boys
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia (7 months ago)
Go guys
K&m Dj (7 months ago)
I used to wear a pencil skirt to school coz it was hot
Peachy Trash (7 months ago)
Why can’t they just not wear pants....
Sarah Reynolds (9 months ago)
clear discrimination by the school - problem is we have great (Labour) equality laws but the current government won't ensure they are enforced. They could wear a kilt though? Claim to be Scottish
DOM Morton (1 year ago)
viber aayyf (1 year ago)
ارسال فيديو طبيعى لسيقان التلميذات المتحررات يلتقط من تحت الملابس رجاءا
BaddaBigBoom (1 year ago)
This topic is a real moron magnet (reading the comments below).
SpookyRoseV (1 year ago)
Cue the media claiming this is the work of the "transgendered menace"
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
Apparently it's campaigning against not being able to wear shorts, instead of campaigning against not being able to wear skirts.
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
Men, and boys, have to fight for rights, liberation, gender equality, just like women did. And, the biggest obstacle to that will be ironically other men.
Gunshotcam CPS (1 year ago)
This is not funny
Spurs Gog (1 year ago)
lol fantastic!
2 much (1 year ago)
idk how to say it but it's so manly of them to do that
Ghetto nigga (1 year ago)
They do rock those skirts tbh
Blood for Mercy (1 year ago)
seilahqlq1 (2 years ago)
I loved the pleated skirt look on the boy. I think is a good idea for men to go back into skirt/dress clothing.
Lol Mis (2 years ago)
Eugene Grewing (2 years ago)
I see nothing wrong with this. But I'd stick to the knee length skirts. The short one looked weird.
PhenomenalMysticism (1 year ago)
I find it pitiful that many people are still hung up about men wearing skirts and dresses. If people are still hung up about a simple issue like this, it just indicates that human species is too stupid conquer problems that affect humanity in an extremely significant way. The boys in this video just wanted to wear garments that don't cover their legs and skirts/dresses are comfortable clothing options for anybody to receive ventilation in the nether regions. On a side note, courts also ban shorts because they believe shorts don't look professional. If I had to go to court and I wanted some ventilation in the nether regions, then I'm going to wear a dress to court and the court can't stop me because banning a man from wearing a dress in court is sexist discrimination.
SouthernIowaLady (2 years ago)
Neither discussing nor accepting this, is it possible the boy was dehydrated?
Zaytalks (2 years ago)
LMAOOOO GREAT JOB LADS I'm just laughing at the circumstances
Stuff1646 (2 years ago)
They should give them an option, and not force gender upon anyone. Give them the option and not push your gender onto others!
Stuff1646 (2 years ago)
oh here comes another keyboard warrior.
Eugene Grewing (2 years ago)
Clothing has nothing to do with gender.
Bhawna Kumar (2 years ago)
Wear kilts
Charles Jarman (2 years ago)
Funnily enough, the boys didn`t look out of place wearing skirts, a kilt is just the same but with a coiourfull pattern. Wearing clothing that suits the climate has nothing to do with gender,saudies men wear long dresses of sorts because that`s what their climate dictates. As long as the skirt worn does not give off sexual signals carry on wearing them guys, be cool.
Just do home school
Noel Loli (2 years ago)
i wanna come here
Roger Winn (2 years ago)
This story is humorously ridiculous. Those boys only want to make a fashion statement. It's not about trying to stay cool. Because where they live it doesn't even get hot. this is all about trying to get what you want, just because you want it and told that you can't. Nothing more. I grew up in Texas in the 70s and from kindergarten through 5th grade we had no air conditioning in our school at all. Only open windows to let in the dry Texas Heat. And the dress code there was that boys had to be in long pants with a belt on. Funny how we survived and managed okay in those days. Those kids in England have no idea what hot weather is. LOL
Ancho (2 years ago)
ikr i grew up in cali and it was hot af there and dry af there too. now i life in pennsylvania so i really dont have to worry about heat even though it does still get like 92 on average here
Zhang Harry (2 years ago)
Excellent idea!
94KX (2 years ago)
They have the Scottish to thank for this
brynnus (2 years ago)
"Temperatures hit the high twenties". is that a misprint? We get overnight lows of around 28 C. I live in the tropics, but high twenties during the day just doesn't sound very hot.
Ancho (2 years ago)
one day it was 30 degres celcius
Ancho (2 years ago)
ikr its not that hot
Buddy Paul Wolfie Shaw (2 years ago)
it is not what you wear but you need too wear what you need too for u not too hot or cold back when i was in school it was -24 out an one of the kids wear shorts too school
PodcastFTW (2 years ago)
Wtf I wear sweatpants everyday calm it down Europeans
Zena zema (3 years ago)
bolhassan shazwani (3 years ago)
I am looking at the cat 0:18...The cat look at them ...( what are they thinking they wearing???)
Unicorn Destiny (2 years ago)
Xavier Cavalier (3 years ago)
Takes balls for a normal boy to put on a skirt and go to school in it.... hell they didn't even lie and say its a kilt! They actually look just fine in skirts IMO.... still looks like a boy to me! I love how the mom is standing by her son even though he is doing something VERY strange (all with good intentions though).
BaddaBigBoom (1 year ago)
"Normal"? ..it would take balls for any boy to put on a skirt and go to school in it.
Xavier Cavalier (2 years ago)
+Steve W Yep. personally; I would not be comfortable with my son putting on a skirt, but It is a very bold way to send a message
Steve W (2 years ago)
At least school can't ban them from wearing skirt cause that would be discrimination. If women can wear trousers men can wear skirts right. school got themselves itself in a pickle. lol
Harry Dean (3 years ago)
Top Fucking Banter
fight me gook yecciiss (3 years ago)
Wow good luck with the Syrians
TheHomer1990 (3 years ago)
HAAAAAAA. I would take the piss and not wear anything underneath and sit there in class with me legs open on the desk, see how long the short ban lasted hahaha
kyle Ramos (3 years ago)
i can wear a skirt and i am sticking to that
JaD Doom (2 years ago)
kyle Ramos Cuz u r a girl
lesson to be learned (3 years ago)
This is why we have school shootings
Danielle Purslow (3 years ago)
Just let them wear shorts,but you look great in a skirt
Katia Lei (3 years ago)
Awesome. Totally awesome :D
Mysterious Squirrel (3 years ago)
That kid in the shorts his mum made him because he came home and fainted. What a sorry looking geek he is. How is he ever going to do a days work if he keeps passing out when he gets a bit warm? I bet the rest of the kids at his school ripped the piss out of him. And to think, his generation will be in charge one day.
Mysterious Squirrel (2 years ago)
+Dman82499 Yes of course. Don't you have some colouring in to do.
Dman82499 (2 years ago)
+Mysterious Squirrel my iq is probably higher than yours so your only insulting yourself.
Mysterious Squirrel (2 years ago)
+Dman82499 Rather a dumb human than a lobotomised chimp such as yourself. Idiot. 
Dman82499 (2 years ago)
+Mysterious Squirrel please do so you dumb human.
Mysterious Squirrel (2 years ago)
+Dman82499 You make me want to throw my hat across the room.
Xirus5 (3 years ago)
Such bullshit..Passing out from heat because of wearing pants...? in the UK..? its not a desert in south africa. What a bunch of crybaby's. The real world will punch these kids so hard in their face when mommy is no longer there for them.
Peanut_Brittle239 (3 years ago)
What in the actual literal fucking god damn crap did I just Fucking God damn watch...
Charles Mark (3 years ago)
Hahaha take that USA is better than uk fuck u uk
BradisHere (3 years ago)
Help me! I might b next
lane bellamy (3 years ago)
Wear kilts.
adrian n (3 years ago)
Ban shorts lol wtf. Would have to expel me. Unless its like below 30 or im out doing hard work that calls for pants, im not wearing them.
skirts365 (3 years ago)
People know as much about apparel as a bug in the grass. Can't anyone see what's going on here? Clothing styles are about differences of CLIMATE and ACTIVITY not about GENDER. Pants didn't become widespread on men anywhere until after the horse was tamed and a garment specific to riding was developed. Strips of fabric or leather were wound separately around each leg to insulate the skin from the coarse horse hair. Eventually these separate tubes were connected at the waist, which is why today after numberless generations, we still call the single garment a PAIR of pants. In AD 1431 Joan of Arc was burned alive by social conformists insisting on sex typing apparel, because she had worn pants (for RIDING). Which gender has external parts that can most benefit from the additional free space and breeze allowed by a skirt? In AD 393 Rome ejected men in pants as political subversives, because in AD 378 Rome was defeated at Adrianople by---trousered cavalrymen but it was the horses, not the pants, that won the day. Absent the World War 2 factory work in which at least 30 million women in various nations wore pants for the FIRST time, women in pants today would still be banned from churches, schools, restaurants etc because people can't tell activity differences from sex differences. On May 27, 1876, the New York Times, page 6, called for women in pants to be "treated" at "the best conducted hospitals for the insane." YES there are two genders but that does NOT militate they should wear radically different styles. Those differences were caused by social forces---not by different chromosomes! Don't mistake this as advocating bras for men, however. Anatomy alone determines sex difference in apparel---not widespread social habits! Stupid, historically illiterate "educators!"
Kenjo Monsale (3 years ago)
wtf its even hotter here in the philippines and we didnt even think of wearing skirts that is just so insane
Angeline Swift (1 year ago)
Kenjo Monsale It's because Filipinos are used to hot weather unlike Brits. Filipinos have like 40°c everyday while Brits have 19°c averagely. So it's pretty abnormal for them to have weather like that.
Joyce Ngiam (2 years ago)
Oh,l am from singapore and its also hot here ovoriously and we find it fine too
Delusional Fairy (3 years ago)
Alfonso Castro (3 years ago)
female priviledge
BlueRice (3 years ago)
im not a fan of nike but the only nike i own and like is the one 1:04 he have. thats 8 years ago
AkhmenHotep (3 years ago)
poor little boys, want me to get you a ice block and turn the aircon on as well? here in australia, nearing 27degrees, wearing a near full suit in the sun, thats the end of term 3, then we have to wear full pants still, shirt and tie, thats our regular uniform, in australia, 30degree plus days, how bloody hot does it get in the uk, probably not that hot in england where it looks like these boys are, grow a pair mate
AkhmenHotep (3 years ago)
+Angelina Sambuca yeah, thats about normal here, plus here in rockhampton it can get upwards of 40c or 104f+ I think while yes having an alternate uniform if you're going to a school that requires a certain uniform just man up and wear it
Laundry Sauce (3 years ago)
86 Fahrenheit is not that much, (also I wear pants in warm weather too) in Florida, it gets pretty hot up in the nineties
RankCanBleedToo (3 years ago)
Suffer in silence and Infantry the fuck up!
Peter B (3 years ago)
fatel702LVC (3 years ago)
Junkman2000 (3 years ago)
Frankly, I enjoy the gentle breeze that filters through my nuts when I'm wearing a kilt on a warm summer day.
Red Vynil (3 years ago)
+HAMISH HAGGIS You should carry them in a wheelbarrow, like Buster Gonads.
Junkman2000 (3 years ago)
+HAMISH HAGGIS You should seriously go get that looked at. :P
HAMISH HAGGIS (3 years ago)
+Junkman2000 I also enjoy the breeze, though my nuts tend to drag along the pavement as i walk.
Jellyblob (3 years ago)
What. The. Fuck.
Em Idc (3 years ago)
They look good in skirts tho
Derrick G (3 years ago)
Maybe they just wanna have quickies with girls in skirts easier when the teacher has his/her back turned for sometime writing on the board.. and if no panties, no underwear = even easier.
TheSolidheroes (3 years ago)
burn that school down please
Jazmine Jacobo (3 years ago)
they look so cute ;)
Pete Gallows (3 years ago)
"too hot" in Swansea, UK? yeah, right! ...Greetings from Australia.
gundam4509116 (3 years ago)
True Fact: Jesus christ, never wore pants!
The Gaming Channel (3 years ago)
very Scottish
bettyboop65340 (3 years ago)
men wore skirts long before pants came about, so whats the big deal
John Conner (3 years ago)
Tom Viljoen (3 years ago)
lol, for them 30 degrees celsius is hot haha, try living in straya in summer
turttle123451 (3 years ago)
I never wear shorts always pants
Closet Hetero (3 years ago)
Stupid British schools.
Cliftonite 187 (3 years ago)
You can't ware a black kilt?...retards
E T. (3 years ago)
😂will I hell wear a skirt
QuranCuresDepression (3 years ago)
Gabriel Rd (3 years ago)
A man walks down the street in a schoolgirl skirt you know he aint afraid of nuthin'
Darin- USMC B- 85-93 (1 year ago)
Gabriel Rd Yeah a real tough guy... Not.
B R (3 years ago)
Good on you boys. Just because you're in a skirt it doesn't make you any less amazing.
Chris Mcquade (3 years ago)
Zulhairi Amdan (3 years ago)
Sharkonabicycle (3 years ago)
Oh, and the chick in the pink shirt has got some major bongos. Wowz0rz. 
Rockcity Trans (3 years ago)
Boo hoo. They cant be that hot I wear long pants all the time and im from caribbean and live in atlanta where is 90+ in the summer. Wheres the fathers they put woman in the forefront to womanize boys nowadays.
AussieAnnihilation (3 years ago)
these fuckers are in scotland? Their summer is like my winter, i wear long jeans and long shirts all year round working labour and doing welding in basically a giant un-insulated shed all day. Not distracting in the slightest.
Chris Stewart (3 years ago)
What a load of cods wallup! These kids are sooks. And their parents ain't much better either
TheTck90 (3 years ago)
If my school was like that, I would show up one day without pants. 
Steven Russell (3 years ago)
1:00 "what the fuck are you talkin aboot mum?"
skirts365 (3 years ago)
It's always the same situation.  People can't stand others being different.  It's not enough for them to control what they wear, they have to interfere with choices OTHERS make.  Men, did you understand that?  The conformist feels he owns your body and therefore he may dictate to you what you are allowed to wear---that is his decision, not yours.
Sam Sabastian (3 years ago)
High 20's and that's considered HOT.   Laughable.   When it gets over 40 degrees, it's hot.
Josh Bailey (3 years ago)
If I were these kids parents I would sue the damn school. Thanks feminism you've fucked the world yet again.
Em Idc (3 years ago)
So much wrong with this comment I don't know where to start
dawnofworld (3 years ago)
I'd would go naked if I was allowed too.
D X (3 years ago)
In 130°+ heat; I wore a undershirt, on top of that a long sleeve shirt, on top of that a bullet proof vest, inside of that heavy ceramic plates.  On my head I wore a helmet made of kevlar, wore boots and wool socks.  I carried over 100 lbs of gear and weapons... and did it with my pants on.
D X (3 years ago)
+skirts365 tldr
skirts365 (3 years ago)
+mstrfool Sure, and apparently The Telegraph deleted my post.
D X (3 years ago)
+drugsmoker101 i went several months without one while there before i found a spicket.  my clothes had so much salt in from the sweat they were hard like cardboard
Freedom 'n' Survival (3 years ago)
+D X well you couldn't have all that and no pants could you !
Silkfox (3 years ago)
+D X wearing all that actually is better for you then not wearing it.
Kaitlynjaffe (4 years ago)
What The fuck what is wrong with that shitty school there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts
KIRSTY SANDERSON (4 years ago)
Lamma 123 (4 years ago)
Pore you your mum or dad should complain to the police 😢😢😢
glenwoofit (4 years ago)
Good on them, It takes guts to stand up for your beliefs. If the Scots can do it why not the rest of the country, in a little black number!
Jay West (3 years ago)
+randomness galore LOL, good catch.
Void Narrations (3 years ago)
He never said they WERE Scottish he said that if the Scottish can wear skirts (kilts) so can everyone else
Mujibur Rahman (4 years ago)
What a bunch of woosies.... we wore trousers in school in Bangladesh in 40 degrees heat. Just man up.
BaddaBigBoom (1 year ago)
Yes ..man up and hold hands like they do in Bangladesh ;-)
jd60s (4 years ago)
All you cunts out there calling these young men gay, fags or what ever. It takes a lot more balls for a guy to wear a shirt then wear a 3 piece suit. Even if they were gay, which I'm sure they are not, they are more man then you could ever be. So, suck on that you bitches, cunts and vaginas!!!
Jake (4 years ago)

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