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The Try Guys Imitate Each Other

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To celebrate 1 year of Try Guys videos, the guys make fun of each other… in front of a live audience. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo MUSIC Paper Doll Headache Black And White Slip The Skin Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo
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Text Comments (3863)
Charisse (1 day ago)
Eugene looks so much like jay Chou in the thumbnail
nadia marie (2 days ago)
this is my most favorite thing ever
HeshHasaPencil OwO (5 days ago)
One perfect word to describe Zach is ofc, adorable.
Catherine Meyer (6 days ago)
the lit up “KEITH” in the background
Amazing Supergirl (7 days ago)
I never thought about this stuff but they’re so spot on
Sugar Flawless (7 days ago)
This video should have an hour
melani anggraeni (8 days ago)
Gets me everytime! Can't stop laughing! You guys are damn funny love you guys!!
Before vid: they're going to do Eugene as touching his hair, drinking, and being perfect. They're going to do Ned talking about his wife. They're going to do Keith being really energetic. After vid: was i wrong😂
Stewie Griffin (15 days ago)
SO, is Zach still single? asking for a friend....
Lunatic Lunar Moon (17 days ago)
tbh zach won
The book Wyrm (19 days ago)
I love how Ned tried to hip bump Zach and poor Zach nearly fell
Megan O'Donnell (20 days ago)
Eugene is so unimpressed
Leroy RareBird (20 days ago)
this was one of the most hilarious ones I've seen from try guys so far) and also Eugene's outfit is fire!!!
Pringles N' Doritos (20 days ago)
Ned has a laugh that you don't know if he's sobbing or laughing 😂
Lia Jik (21 days ago)
The only thing Zach has won so far
WolfsRose97 (22 days ago)
So I was eating a jultort thingy with powdered sugar on top and as they got to the "instead he says.... Keeeeiiitthhhh" I BLEW IT ALL OVER MYSELF AND MY CHEM PAPERS. Do you have any idea how much it looks like I did about a kilo of coke on top of them????
Abigail Armah (24 days ago)
When they were doing Eugene the forgot alcohol
Sassy Pohtato (26 days ago)
Why is everyone dressed casually except Keith ?
Ajit Friedmann (27 days ago)
Kieth is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabella Bustamante (27 days ago)
Eugene’s impression of Keith was so spot on WOW
Hannah Jones (28 days ago)
Jayme Rosenberger (1 month ago)
Yay my KornDaddy won!!
Juju bee (1 month ago)
Emily R (1 month ago)
I wish this was longer
nerdy bird (1 month ago)
“he puts his hand on you…and THEN looks” yEs that is how you make someone’s heart flutter
Lena Marianna (1 month ago)
Ok did anyone else think Eugene really wasn’t funny today? Like idk usually he’s my favorite but I wasn’t feeling it
Loki te (1 month ago)
Zach Cornfield? 🌽🦗🌾🌾🍂
Hollister 365 (1 month ago)
You all look the same except Eugene
King Cams (1 month ago)
The try guys are gooooood at imitating Eugene. I love it! Wooooo
Meloncholy123 (1 month ago)
This, This is when I started shipping Zagene
She's Zyra (1 month ago)
At the back in the bar thing its has Keith name LOL
Danny. C (1 month ago)
I honestly think that Eugene was the best as impressions but oh well
Siesie Haycraft (1 month ago)
They should do one where they imitate the way that they think the other guys see them. Like imitate themselves but the way they think the other guys see them.
Irenn Pietersz (1 month ago)
Jorlyn Jorgenson (1 month ago)
I love Zach 😂😂
NaeNae #1 (1 month ago)
Eugene impersonating Zach was me talking to my buddy on the terry fox run( they were in Kindergarten )
Bethlehem (1 month ago)
No way Eugene sooo won when doing Zach.
Snow_Woman (1 month ago)
I love this but only because this seemed more like a half baked roast than anything else XD
zee rats (1 month ago)
Okay Zach forgot one thing about Eugene "he drink every time he shoots"
ChildishStalker (1 month ago)
Ned: ( *Alpha body slams into zach, sending him through time and space* )
Nerdy Theatre Girl (1 month ago)
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn (1 month ago)
The Eugene impressions just murdered me
Kayla Larskey (2 months ago)
What arts sch sounds like neeedddd
Max Leong (2 months ago)
none of these folks are in buzzfeed anymore DX
Mia Bee (2 months ago)
Did anyone else notice in the background there is a light up sign that spells Keith
Châu Lê (2 months ago)
Lol they dont really care it was a competition anw
Carla Vera Marie Guzman (2 months ago)
LoveMe,com (2 months ago)
This is a very funny and enjoyable episode from the Try Guys. They tried to imitate each other and looked so hilarious. Zach is good imitator especially when he tried copying Eugene. I find Zach really funny but still adorable.
Meaghan Hope (2 months ago)
The Jewish Kitty won!
Brenda Hendrix (2 months ago)
Mysterious but neither respond profile lap unique undergo keep.
Toffee Badger (2 months ago)
Eugene just doubling over in laughter gets me every time
Devil Girl Plays (2 months ago)
And Eugene is drinking XD EUGENE CAN'T WAIT TO DRINK
Marnie C Evans (2 months ago)
Every video I know of that has Ned in it has a “ my wife”
blake moneé. (2 months ago)
yeah even i thought Zach won
ZillmoPig (3 months ago)
I can relate so much to the birds thing
nurainun märdhiyah (3 months ago)
K W (3 months ago)
It's interesting that three of the four Try Guys have "old" names: Keith, Eugene and Ned. Poor Zach ;)
Pan!c on (3 months ago)
zachs impression of ned was too good
Pan!c on (3 months ago)
zachs impression of ned was too good
Eve Smith (3 months ago)
Ummm where’s the entire show?? I don’t want just snipets I need the whole show
anime superpony (3 months ago)
Zach totally won
Siddharth Jain (3 months ago)
Why am I a mixture of all these guys
Ecka SmiLe (3 months ago)
Ok I need more of this hahahahaha
Priscila Hernandez (3 months ago)
I think Eugene did a better impresion
Level Up! Nintendo (3 months ago)
CyTlom Pli (3 months ago)
Omg i'm crying 😂😂😂😂 i love this 4 guys
Annabel Xx (3 months ago)
1:18 when Zack does his impression of Ned about the dumplings he sounds just him!!
Katie Foster (3 months ago)
Um.... I think Eugene needs an intervention
heylookaufo (3 months ago)
this is one of the few videos where eugene is not the best dressed
Alyssa Greaver (3 months ago)
Eugene: From Texas Keith (from Voltron): Has a Texan dad (and is probably from Texas) Eugene: Korean Keith (From Voltron): Korean Eugene: Super hot Keith (from Voltron): Super hot Eugene: Super Emo Keith (from Voltron): Super Emo Eugene: Hates love Keith (from Voltron): Hates love Eugene: Super gay (in a great way) Keith (from Voltron): Super gay (in a great way) If Voltron gets a live action movie, I'm not seeing it unless Eugene plays Keith.
tornado catherine (3 months ago)
I would’ve felt way too awkward to do this
Morgan Merry (3 months ago)
I like Jeff Goldbloom too
Erin Hildebrandt (3 months ago)
This video needed to be longer. It was so funny
I’m Dead (3 months ago)
The one thing that came to mind when I saw this video was ‘my wife’. I do love me some Ariel 😂❤️
Maddy !! (3 months ago)
Sreenyanika Das (3 months ago)
pause at 3.39. You are welcome.
Will Brenneman_44 (3 months ago)
Eugene has a bottle of wine
Alex is out (3 months ago)
So I was showing this video to my friend and she see's Keith's last name and just goes "Keith Hamburger?"
the best memes ever (3 months ago)
2:37 uh Zach ....CONNER MCGREGOR
the best memes ever (3 months ago)
Me looking at the intro And Eugenes drinking and neds talking about his wife xD
Emily Parker (3 months ago)
When Eugene didn’t win and someone else did....
Catherine Burow (3 months ago)
Was Eugene drunk for that? lol
Gemma (3 months ago)
Friend goals.
Soap Atiles (3 months ago)
i’m cryinsgsh
meriem (3 months ago)
zach's impression of eugene IM YELLING
Crystal kitty5 (3 months ago)
try guys more likes biguys
hot tea (3 months ago)
ashly and zach were married for a week tho
Jace Mcarthur (3 months ago)
Eugiene is the best
Cassandra H.S. (3 months ago)
Who thinks Mom In Progress should do a collab with Ned and Ariel?:3
Yasmin Caliskan (3 months ago)
11,050,000 viewer!
Proctor (3 months ago)
Every other comment: I dunno, Ned's wife, "my wife", Eugene. Me: EUGENE"S GODDAMN BOOTS!!!
Henry JW (3 months ago)
1:32 Adam from worth it
Abby Rose (3 months ago)
2:43 & 2:56 BEST MOMENTS 😂
Julia Behr (3 months ago)
Zach is such a cutie💗
Yes roast eugene
Moves for life 132 (4 months ago)
Is this a roast or imitation
Eloise Barjak (4 months ago)
I thought the title was “the try guys intimidate each other.”
Ava Bliss (4 months ago)

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