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Banana Plants From Seed - Veseys

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http://www.veseys.com See the great results you can achieve from growing Vesey's Banana plants from seed.Your FREE subscription to the Vesey's family of gardening catalogues https://www.veseys.com/ca/en/catalogue Chance to win a free greenhouse http://bit.ly/1a7TL1S Subscribe to Veseys channel here! http://bit.ly/Y8gyVS Like Veseys on Facebook http://fb.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/veseysseeds/ Follow Veseys on Instagram http://instagram.com/veseysseeds Please Like, Subscribe and Comment :) Happy Gardening!
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Text Comments (9)
GARDENING PLUS (1 year ago)
I have bought banana seeds from your company twice out of 20 seeds 1 come up and seeds are very light it seems like old and empty thanks but no thanks.
Raul Lopez (5 years ago)
what kind of plants are the ones covering the banana ?
Joseph-Marie Nicolas (5 years ago)
Do you mean that tree does not give same kind of banana fuit that we eat, but only the tree shape and leaves looks alike and it give other kind of fruits? [email protected]
Joseph-Marie Nicolas (5 years ago)
from where can I buy banana seeds? [email protected]
droidcrasher (5 years ago)
What do you get the seed FROM!??? And please don't tell me THE STORE! lol I mean what part of the fruit or tree!???
SuburbanNinja8000 (5 years ago)
Then I cut it down because of a deep free with I should of Dig it up and Shorted it with the Rest of my Palms.
SuburbanNinja8000 (5 years ago)
My musu Boojoo Banana was at leat 7 feet tall when it was last summer.
Gardening in Missouri (6 years ago)
will you have banana seeds in your catalogue?
edwardsaladhands (7 years ago)
hi im wondering what the sowing season is for musa acuminata i planted my seeds about 3 weeks ago in december now its january and they havnt germinated yet just wonderd if you could help.love and light namaste

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