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Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men 2019 ( Most Complimented )

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Please watch: "5 Amazing Long Lasting and Cheap Fragrances For Men " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhVLOUmNmYA --~-- here is my top 10 best perfume for men ...these are the most complimented fragrances in my collection so far...let me know what you think about this list. what would you pick as best perfumes for men
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Franch Manch (3 months ago)
Whats your opinion on JPG Le Male ? scent wise,performance and compliments?
Franch Manch (3 months ago)
@Mehdi Scent I heard they smell similar but amouage of a better quality. Will do thank you for the kind reply.
Mehdi Scent (3 months ago)
Franch Manch hey my friend... I think it watered down and not good as old days in term of performance...I like the way it smells... compliments below average... if you fan of that scent character and DNA I suggest you try Amouage’s reflection man
SICKKUNT (4 months ago)
Good list. Do you think ValentinoUI is better than Dior homme intense?
Mehdi Scent (4 months ago)
Sickkunt you gonna get solid 10-12 hours as well... but I love the way that VUI smells abit more .... sure I respect the creativity of Dior... if you have one you don’t need other...
SICKKUNT (4 months ago)
Mehdi Scent Thanks. And what about projection / performance ? Got solid 10h on DHI but didnt test VUI
Mehdi Scent (4 months ago)
Sickkunt HI my friend and thank you to stooping by... hmmm difficult question. Because Dior is beginner of this scent but right now by this current formulation winner is VUI (My humble opinion)
Brenda Slummer (4 months ago)
My #1 is definitely Layton...so many good reactions
Mehdi Scent (4 months ago)
That’s great juice...
Stydkies Pyskies (4 months ago)
Perfect, perfect, perfect! Mehdi, thank you for your video. This is what I want to see, this is what I want to know. I'm very proud of you. Prada l'Homme Intense is my favorite fragrance. I'm still looking for a favorite fragrance for spring and summer. I already have Versace Dylan Blue, Dior Sauvage EDT, Acqua Di Gio Absolu and Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme. What fragrance would you recommend me for this season? I need a good projection, longevity above average and compliments from women.
Mehdi Scent (4 months ago)
Stydkies Pyskies hey buddy welcome to channel... thank you so much for these great energy and support. Because I know you’re not in the niche side I can suggest some designers .... Mont Blanc legend spirit, Mont Blanc individuel, La Nuit de L’Homme ultime, Terre de Hermes Eau de Toilette, Bvlgari Aqva amara,Davidoff echo and absolutely and absolutely Dolce&Gabbana light blue intense is winner 🙌

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