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DREAMS | The Nepalese youth's own magazine in the UK :)

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DREAMS is a collective effort by young enthusiasts like you! We are a dynamic and ever-growing group of Nepalese youth living in the UK. What brings us together is a common passion to redefine the lives of Nepalese in the UK. We are all about progress, change and success. DREAMS is a magazine which will be an asset for all UK-resident Nepalese as we bring you the best of stories that you can connect to, get inspired from, and make every effort necessary to reach where you have always wanted to be! DREAMS will provide you with the best tools and methods for success. Are you ready for it? Grab the latest issue from your nearest news stand, the next big Nepalese event around, or even through web-subsription by signing up with us at http://www.mydreamsmag.com/. If you would like to know more, or become a part of it, pls email us at [email protected]
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