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Hollywood Undead - Live Forever [Lyrics Video]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Live Forever Album : Day Of The Dead Label : Interscope Records Support the band by buying their music. You can buy it here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hollywood-undead/id285976572 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DannyTEU ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheExtremeUndead ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Why don't you subscribe my channel? It's only few seconds, but it means a lot. Click to subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/user/theextremeundead?sub_confirmation=1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way. It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (512)
420Ricardo69 69 (1 day ago)
This song is so different from the others, especially the instrumental but it's really catchy, I especially love Charlie's voice
Ariel Naylor (16 days ago)
When you make part of Danny's part your yearbook quote 😂
FlamoFox (23 days ago)
Yo I don't know why but this sounds like it could be an opening for an anime?? It low-key reminded me of Assassination Classrooms "Bye Bye yesterday" 👏
MetroVerse (1 month ago)
Whoa, a song Funny Man didn't ruin simply by being in it?!!
Stephan Bowen (1 month ago)
The first like 10 seconds sound like a beginning of a sonic level, lol
Jake Myers (1 month ago)
I love this song!!!
Da KashanafTT (2 months ago)
Powerful life song
Finneonfan555 (3 months ago)
I always felt like this song belonged in that part of Danganronpa 2 and 3 where you’re on the logic dive section.
Oh My Park ! (5 months ago)
Oh My Park ! (5 months ago)
Jam ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
Ace The Not So Great (5 months ago)
But I want to die
JumpierRegent 6 (9 months ago)
I love Danny
Dogma (9 months ago)
Everybody wants to live forever? Bullet.
An'Alien's God (7 months ago)
You should not read the lyrics as what the words say but what the meaning behind it is. Most hu lyrics are very profound
Ol-boi Chronic (9 months ago)
Hell fuck all these mumble rappers Hollywood undead the coldest
Becca Da Gr8 (9 months ago)
Always worrying about hell and heaven, where I'll go.. but i think now, It doesn't matter if I'm heaven or hell bound!
NCC13 (9 months ago)
This song reminds me of Thnks fr th Mmrs
Monika Kolasińska (11 months ago)
They are awsome. 😍
GrizzlyGamez YT (11 months ago)
Duece quit making accounts to dislike this dammit!
sickness_cuz_duhh - (1 year ago)
This is hands down my favorite song ever
dess lanos (1 year ago)
ew no why (1 year ago)
Zeymor (1 year ago)
69 dislikes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Donnil James Jr. (1 year ago)
69 dislikes...
brownboy 64 (1 year ago)
70 ppl died
C.C. Warriors (1 year ago)
Ok,.. who else hears the Mega Man 2 stage select theme in this...?
Michael Cruz (1 year ago)
one of my favorite songs
poison apple696 (1 year ago)
and I understand I can never get sick of Hollywood undead they are way to good I mean come on I don't care if its old and still coming out with new stuff doesn't mean I won't listen to the old stuff I think all there song are the best I will still love it
poison apple696 (1 year ago)
OK yes I'm a girl but I am pretty sure a girl can never sing like that because that was epic
Pugcaptain_ 183 (1 year ago)
i love this song
Custard Hatter (1 year ago)
For some reason the start of this sounds like an anime opening to me
Ghost Catrias (11 months ago)
same here
Lorelai_Undead (1 year ago)
Everyone who says that they changed this is what they said "we want our style to change we dont want the same thing over again" I will always love HU no matter what genre they do.
Matt (1 year ago)
I love 2:50
ToxicTheWolf (1 year ago)
i fucking love how they reference other songs
Maungthe Ha (1 year ago)
Why did deuce leave and this song is lit
Lily Ryan (1 year ago)
Deuce was problematic as hell and got kicked out. He apparently wrote music for himself under contract which had rules stating he couldn't (until the band released 5 albums or something like that ), he was a no-show at a tour because his friend Yuma (I think?) couldn't join them on the tour due to the band's beginning to lose money. He was also just a terrible person, in my opinion and many others'.
Toby (1 year ago)
Danny explained my life with the chorus
Neon grump (1 year ago)
I love this song and Hollywood undead very much but Gotta admit It kinda sounds like an anime opening(the chorus mainly). Still a dope song tho
UND3D N1GHTMAR3 (1 year ago)
Neon grump don't fucking bring gay anime to Hollywood undead
LukeAK (1 year ago)
61 dislikes we like to keep a few faggs on deck incase we need them -CharlieScene but srlsy who dislikes hu songs fuck everyone who disliked this
Don't Cringe: FunnyMan The Curls Charlie Sheen Johnny Three Tears JDog Dany
Toby (1 year ago)
KaylieTheRaccoon Is not on fire You should've put Daniel instead of Danny
Ernesto Estrada (1 year ago)
I broke the reply button 😀😀
SaVaGe_GaMeR (1 year ago)
Ernesto Estrada Replay*
Musical Dumpster Fire (2 years ago)
this is so fucking catchy omg I love it
Donny Schultz (2 years ago)
When ever I listen to this it makes me want to play Forza Horizon 1 and 2 (still need to get #3). LOVE HU
Stefany Kulcheski (2 years ago)
Hey, can someone edit this song and cut out the first two times Charlie sings? Like, after J-Dog and J3T sings. Not that I don't like him, it's just that I think it would go better if it went straight to chorus. If someone agrees and feels like doing it, I'm all for it!
Mason (2 years ago)
Each HU member needs to write a song that's about their own life story, like deuce did with This Love This Hate!
Loco Jay 83 (10 months ago)
Toby (1 year ago)
St. Daniel well Danny just made a solo song called Ghost Beach
Toby (1 year ago)
St. Daniel I agree
Kimberly Smith (1 year ago)
St. Daniel hhhhjfjxfjdjdudufjdfjjduff
Krystal Ezell (2 years ago)
everyones concerned about deuce or Danny while I'm just concerned about hu giving up the masks as Charlie mentioned in an interview
Krystal Ezell (2 years ago)
White Haze-Official oh okay I was just confused XD
Xerxes (2 years ago)
They're not giving them up, just thought I'd let you know haha.
Dillan Connolly (2 years ago)
I prefer Danny over Deuce for Hollywood Undead
Bezekoth (2 years ago)
420th comment
PotatoQueen (2 years ago)
Deuce made 43 accounts to dislike this...
Dragon LD5435 (10 days ago)
everyone needs to shut the fuck up about this "war" betwean HU and duece
Fading Echo (10 days ago)
Now It’s 98
Ethan Collins (4 months ago)
92 now
Deni (7 months ago)
B. G. Vlog (7 months ago)
80 already :D
Kaisuro (2 years ago)
i always thought charlies part before the chorus was sang by funny man not charlie
Kaisuro (2 years ago)
i always thought charlies part before the chorus was sang by funny man not charlie
Kaisuro (2 years ago)
i always thought charlies part before the chorus was sang by funny man not charlie
zombie slayerr (2 years ago)
The first thing that you have to do.
the crazy 1 (2 years ago)
keep going bro
borfine - (2 years ago)
"were livin righ now" "so sing it owh louh" ARE YOU OKAY DYLAN?
Ace The Not So Great (6 months ago)
He probably smoked some weed before singing
Toby (1 year ago)
borfine - XD
borfine - (2 years ago)
+IWantToLoveAndSupportYou its true
xxxluigion (2 years ago)
everywhere I go I will always know that borfine will be in every hollywood undead comment section
borfine - (2 years ago)
+IWantToLoveAndSupportYou yeah I'm everywhere
TheOracle123 (2 years ago)
I hope their next album is a little bit more intense than this
Swagilicousdan (2 years ago)
This song sounds like an intro for an anime but LMAO I LOVE IT HU4L
Ace The Not So Great (5 months ago)
The Hollywood Undead anime Deuce is my favorite villain. Shady Jeff's and Da Kurlzz's death made me cry.
Tanya Eads (11 months ago)
Stefany Kulcheski lol
Stefany Kulcheski (2 years ago)
Sailor Moon
Lusty (2 years ago)
no don't
Joseph Burley (2 years ago)
live forever guys
JazzyWolf Silent Queen (2 years ago)
Charlie I LOVE U!!!!!!!💓💕💖
Lucy bell (2 years ago)
my paulpaw is passing away now he in his bes right now dieing and this is the son I listen to while hes passing...
Hen!! (2 years ago)
Hollywood Undead has 2 kinds of songs: Songs that are calm and laid back but emotional and out there, screaming, and perfect for fast paced video games
smaaiilee (1 month ago)
More like... "PARTY PARTY PARTY!" and "I'm so fucking depressed I wanna die, wait no, never mind, you die" :'D
Ace The Not So Great (5 months ago)
Don't forget the freaky songs
KevinPVP (2 years ago)
+Dracon Ahem war child (catchy as all fuck)
Hen!! (2 years ago)
Indeed so.
Dracon (2 years ago)
Don't forget the Charlie Scene songs. Those deserve their own category.
Kim Marie (2 years ago)
lance golaszewski (2 years ago)
This is just my opinion but I kinda like their old music a little bit better than some of there new songs but this song isn't one I like less but some of their new songs just don't sound good to me rn but I'm pretty sure if I listen to them a little bit more I'll get used to them and like them but this is just my opinion
urin mis3at (2 years ago)
Minus the actually meaningful lyrics this reminds me of starbomb like
Alex G. (2 years ago)
You dare make me associate Starbomb, Game Grumps, And HU with Boku no Pico from your profile pic!
Chemical Spider (2 years ago)
42 people died
Snow Bandit (1 year ago)
69 now
Toby (1 year ago)
Chemical Spider and they didn't come back to life, because they're not undead like the people who liked
Alexis μ (1 year ago)
Chemical Spider *62 now :)
Trafalgar Law (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAH <3 Made my day!
-Vhs Aesthetic- (2 years ago)
+OverMetal yea agreed
Crowbar (2 years ago)
i need a cycled 10h version of first 26 seconds
Ryan Mayne (2 years ago)
anyone else think J3T or Charlie would've sounded better doing Funny Man's part in this?
The Crazy Templar (2 years ago)
This is so manny from ice age You pissed yet
The Crazy Templar (2 years ago)
Sure you aren't
Hakuna Matata (2 years ago)
The Crazy Templar (2 years ago)
u pissed yet
The Crazy Templar (2 years ago)
+Hakuna Matata Yep it is funny
Hakuna Matata (2 years ago)
+Kobie Crowe lmao
Dahlia Exurrana (2 years ago)
I don't think I'll ever get sick of Hollywood Undead. They say never to get a name tattooed on you, but representing HU will never be a mistake
Crimson Cuttlefish (7 days ago)
SO how're you feeling?
Undead Asylum (2 months ago)
Megan Borchart (7 months ago)
Dahlia Exurrana their new song “another level” is shit though XD But every other song of theirs is amazing !
Amber Mccloud (8 months ago)
I got 2 HU tats
Dive-ark231 11 (11 months ago)
LiliLuvs Lemons uhh correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t J3t say that?
Spirits Unkown (2 years ago)
This song helps me with my panic attacks I get when I think about death. (Atheist, so thinking of going to nothingness forever is a little scarier.)
Spirits Unkown (2 years ago)
+WorldPence Destiny and More! I feel ya
Hen!! (2 years ago)
Man, I have those same thoughts, wondering what the experience of death would be like. Would you be reborn, would it be just blackness? Hard to tell when it's never happened. I'm not emo I just wonder
Kaleb Bell (2 years ago)
this makes me hate those new jellyfish that never die
MissVRandom (2 years ago)
I don't why but this song somehow makes me think of one of those upbeat anime opening songs CX If Hollywood Undead was getting their own anime series, would anyone watch it?
420Ricardo69 69 (1 day ago)
If it's like Grand Blue, ye boi
Fuck yeah! I think it would be called like.... The Undead?
Ace The Not So Great (6 months ago)
My friend thought HU was an anime XD
gayboi 101 (1 year ago)
Yes omg
Khadija Mroom (2 years ago)
i thought i was the only one who noticed this lol....
Kevin Carter (3 years ago)
Fucking love this song
Aaron Bode (3 years ago)
Aaron Bode (3 years ago)
I don't know I felt the impulse to say that
Madalena Barata (3 years ago)
Oh, I am planning to live forever. So far so good... But I will either live forever or die trying!
Ben Harrison (1 year ago)
Madalena Barata (2 years ago)
+Zach Hunter I don't know if I did, brain is the one doing all the thinking
Zach Hunter (2 years ago)
Di...did you just quote Marx brothers Madalena Barata?
Lusty (2 years ago)
+UncountedDust nah sadly he'll never come back
GoldHeart186215 (2 years ago)
I don't really see the point for people getting mad over deuce not in Hollywood undead anymore if they wanted deuce he still be in Hollywood undead that's my opinion
Jayden Spease (3 years ago)
Fuck all you 32 deuce fans
Xylitus (3 years ago)
nothing wrong with a deuce fan. see HU had good songs with deuce, and deuce has a few ok songs of his own
Zivon Silivetelo (3 years ago)
The Tactical Hedgehog (3 years ago)
What's hu,s longest song
Quack Producktions (3 years ago)
How we roll, it's 2 seconds longer than outside so yeah 😊
Ranguyz (3 years ago)
Undead followed by Dead in ditches
Mathew Johnston (3 years ago)
+Evyn Pagel undead
Destinie Cascendra (3 years ago)
"everybody wants to live forever" i dont even want to live right now xD
Ace The Not So Great (6 months ago)
Same man, life sucks rn XD
DAVID HALL (3 years ago)
+DarkHunter I know that feeling. Last year, one of my really good friends had to move to Arizona because the neighbor's kids were just horrible to him and the parents would do nothing, so he moved away. :( It's one of the worst feelings in the world when a friend moves away...
Destinie Cascendra (3 years ago)
yeah it sucks 
Destinie Cascendra (3 years ago)
no one that i can just go over to their house and hang out 
Destinie Cascendra (3 years ago)
one person across the country 
Oisin Lynch (3 years ago)
Charlie sceene is so cool when he sings woah woah live right now
dontjudgeme (3 years ago)
I like Danny. I like Deuce as a singer. But, I dislike deuce as a person. comment if u agree or disagree. i really d not care witch one you choose
Psychosplit (1 month ago)
Hungry cat boi (1 year ago)
dontjudgeme i agree. But actually somehow there is noreason why i don’t like deuce as person. I don’t have expalining on it
Kara Faith (1 year ago)
dontjudgeme I agree, I hate Deuce's personality and how he acts but I like him as a singer but I like Danny more as a singer and as a person.
RandomUglyPerson (1 year ago)
What about Denny?
Lusty (2 years ago)
+ChristianIsHere he kind of did a lot of bad things to his fans and to the band and he was the one who treated wemon like complete trash sure the band still says bitches and shit but he took it to the whole new level
Billy Joel (3 years ago)
everyone be like "oh they changed their style" "oh bring duece back" listen to this, Sing, then Does Everybody Have to Die and keep telling me they really have a specific style. fuckin hell it changes with every song
Gumpy Little Geck (1 year ago)
Billy Joel Deuce had awesome songs but didn't sound that good Danny has awesome songs but not as good as deuce but Danny sounds better
ChineseWaterPenguin (1 year ago)
Hayden Humpherys danny sounds better but deuces songs were better
Hayden Humpherys (1 year ago)
Charlie Scene yes, but Danny sounds terrible in deuces songs also. and deuces songs were better
LukeAK (1 year ago)
Kapital Pixelated i agree deuce was ok and he sounds good in the old songs but imagining him singing this IT WOULD BE TERRIBLE
Jack Grossman (3 years ago)
I think this album or only one more after this will be the final one for J3T. You can hear all his smoking fucking up his voice
SgtFunBun (3 years ago)
Poppy Lilly (3 years ago)
+Jake Sketo I agree with you he's worked hard for this I'd be pretty mad if I had to give up what I worked for
Jakob Sketo (3 years ago)
+le KingQueenie it'll have to be pried out of his cold, undead hands
bgc (3 years ago)
He has a point but do you think that he will give up what he has been doing for almost 11 years that easily?
Poppy Lilly (3 years ago)
He doesn't sound any different to me but that's my thoughts
The Not Loved (3 years ago)
give thumbs up if j3t is your favorite
BubbaBrix (3 years ago)
2nd favorite HU song, following Save Me.
Bossatronio (2 years ago)
Top 3; 1.Sing, 2.Save Me, 3.Live Forever Like If You Agree
SgtFunBun (3 years ago)
my top 3 have to be SCAVA, Pour Me, and Young in no real order
Kronos Senpai (3 years ago)
I don't wanna live forever because you would watch all my loved ones die and you would never die so u wouldn't be heaven or hell bound. but if I did lif be forever I would play this song forever then
Xylitus (3 years ago)
+Dayten Hughes hehe, I over thought it
Kronos Senpai (3 years ago)
+Dayten Hughes maybe I did maybe I didn't
Dayten Hughes (3 years ago)
you over thought it
Dayten Hughes (3 years ago)
don't think about it to much
Joseph Anderson (3 years ago)
things I say How Oh Lust Love You Would Ooh Orangutan Dickbag Unity Never Death Eat At Dead
A Stupid Llama (3 years ago)
You see that blue bar under the number of views? If you look very closely, You can see a faint spec of red.
King Of The Fallen (2 years ago)
That's just Duece hatin
Autumn Sky (3 years ago)
tbh ever since danny showed up they're more pop and im not too happy bout it. i miss deuce....
Kronos Senpai (3 years ago)
me to
Shade Mikiyaru (3 years ago)
I would for music but not to watch as my friends and family die in front of me while I just sit there regretting any bit of living forever bottom line is immortality is a living hell
Coolfl4r3 (3 years ago)
Deuce Made 22 Accounts to dislike This ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Caleb Nelson (1 year ago)
+Coolfl4r3 you still did the lenny wrong. the eye's are to the right not left
Grin Grenadier (1 year ago)
anyone triggered yet?
Grin Grenadier (1 year ago)
Slim Panda kill yourself feggot
Grin Grenadier (1 year ago)
Woo, fucking kill yourself already you dont like deuce so youre obviously not undead material
Grin Grenadier (1 year ago)
Vendetta kys
lil Shawtyy (3 years ago)
everybody wants to live forever
I don't
OliverErKuk (2 years ago)
+Baby G! If life had no end, then i would find it hard to find any motivation in it.  Everything should have a end, so there actually is something to enjoy.   to see a good side there has to be a bad.
lil Shawtyy (2 years ago)
+HTFsplendid I just want a life that I could remember
lil Shawtyy (2 years ago)
+OliverErKuk why not
HTFsplendid (2 years ago)
+Baby G! but who am i to say?
Tevan Riley (3 years ago)
This song is so awesome. I love the pop/punk style of it.
bgc (2 years ago)
+QuackProductions loooooooool
Quack Producktions (3 years ago)
+le KingQueenie Hahahaha that comment though
bgc (3 years ago)
That's kind of the entire image of Day of the Dead album is just pop/punk genre and I think that their next album will be the same way because they've learned from their mistakes with Deuce with some songs, -cough-bitches-cough- but now that they have Danny they have been more successful and more innovative
Matthew Wearing (3 years ago)
This could so be used as a Graduation Song!! :P
Da Man (3 years ago)
I like charlies deep voice
Mathieu Boisclair (3 years ago)
This song sounds so familiar! I swear i heard this chorus somewhere els...
Slains-_-Soul (3 years ago)
I wish we could live forever so i can keep listening to your awesome music ! HU4L
Ali (11 months ago)
Lil’ Scarecrow What about death you would deal with?
dess lanos (1 year ago)
lol nem hittem volna h találok magyart itt #HU4L
Toby (1 year ago)
Ticci Toby hello friend ^^
Toby (1 year ago)
Power Vacuum you can, because you're undead ;)
ryan_coplin 1 (1 year ago)
hell yeah hu is ansome
Kispápi (3 years ago)
─────────────────────────────── ──────────▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄────────── ─────▄▄▀▀▀▀──────────▀▀▄▄────── ───▄▀───────────────────▀▀▄──── ──█────────────────────────█─── ─█─────────────────────▄▀▀▀▀▀█▄ Hi Guys :3
oof doof (3 years ago)
+Kispápi Oh, why hello there.... I didn't quite see you
Natsu Dragneel (3 years ago)
+Kispápi sup
Edgar Coapman (3 years ago)
Good evening Satan.
Oğuz Öztürk (3 years ago)
my favorite HU song
grose zero (3 years ago)
Hey it's about style.I like all HU songs expect the Emo ones from Swan Songs.
Gage Bradley (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA everyone's entitled to opinions but I can agree with you these definitely were not the best especially with the clothing in the music videos and in the album doesn't do justice to the album at all
Oğuz Öztürk (3 years ago)
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
+Oğuz Öztürk Both this and Gravity are pretty bad :/
Oğuz Öztürk (3 years ago)
+Oğuz Öztürk wait a minute you are me!!
jozef womersley (3 years ago)
Hollywood undead. By far the best music for mma. Gets you pumped to fuck😁
Doorframe Lizard (3 years ago)
This song sounds like something straight out from a 3D sonic game, pretty good song though.
AFN7 (3 years ago)
IMO, Funny Man's verse is the best part. He should sing more.
Loco Jay 83 (9 months ago)
Sharp Shooter (1 year ago)
CallMeKye (3 years ago)
The Not Loved (3 years ago)
+Icebomb5 he's my favorite part to
Rizz CS (3 years ago)
+Tomas Cesna Happy new year brother

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