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People Play Magic: The Gathering For The First Time

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Watch BuzzFeed employees learn how to play the fantasy trading card game Magic: The Gathering! Magic: The Gathering https://magic.wizards.com/en Enter the Battlefield - Life on the Magic The Gathering Pro Tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCm-rRUwNGk Amonkhet Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-hVm9_O6BI Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/18874 MUSIC All My Best_Full Mix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Licensed via Audio Network VIDEO Footage provided by VideoBlocks (http://vblocks.com/x/BuzzFeedYouTube) EXTERNAL CREDITS Zachary Foster + Gavin Verhey + Melissa DeTora
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Text Comments (1103)
Tris Plays (15 days ago)
Oh my god watching this as a magic player
Daniel Sanchez (29 days ago)
Lmao! "Buzzfeed people'
Austin woods (1 month ago)
Now throw them all into modern with no warning
S L A Y E R (25 days ago)
Just go Bogles
Chad Calvert (1 month ago)
Build a wall to keep out these soys
Nikola Vlah (1 month ago)
the crab empire (1 month ago)
i feel sorry for their wallets. can i get an f in the chat. rip
Comp Wiz2007 (1 month ago)
Couldn't find any less Faggoty guys for the video..???
Danny Cartagena (1 month ago)
Please do ones with Yu-Gi-Oh?!
The Piggy Review (2 months ago)
Gavin, melissa what ya doing dont acknowledge Buzzfeed they so toxic.
Alex Garcia (2 months ago)
Yugioh is better in my opinion
Alex Garcia (1 month ago)
Danny Cartagena yup
Danny Cartagena (1 month ago)
Jos (3 months ago)
buzzfeed can you guys make it even more anoying to watch? No you guys cant becouse youre already giving it your max!
Burn decks for the win.
Xbox In my life (3 months ago)
YU GI OOOOOHHHHH Edit:like if you have herd or played it
Wes' TECH (3 months ago)
I love "AlmondCat", and Hour Of Dev. The theme is so good, and I love the cards almost as much as the Dominaria set.
765tgbvc (3 months ago)
Always played mtg on computer at high levels, versus cpu or people by arena ... But never played in real life with paper cards. I feel so depressed and an incomplete man 😔
Shaq Attaq (3 months ago)
I’ve been playing magic now for over 10 years. Love this game and love to see others play as well 😊🤗
King opex (4 months ago)
Doors067 (4 months ago)
hey grandpa im watching a video about magic! "oh like houdini" no...magic the gathering "you mean the tallguy and the mute"? no they are trading cards... "oh your watching baseball cards!" no its fantasy!!! "your playing fantasy baseball? you shouldn't be gambling billy!" -grandpa marsh
Snckler Gaming (4 months ago)
Rip the no sleeves and 2019 anyone?
Pokesungod (4 months ago)
Zaroskie YT (4 months ago)
Do it with yu gi oh
lancerhammer (5 months ago)
A moment of silence for their wallets and purses.
princeofexcess (6 months ago)
MGT is great but this is clearly advertising. Nothing against it but it might not be fully honest.
BOG Ronzzo (6 months ago)
I just started playing. Can someone teach me how blocking works?
Thorin Peterson (6 months ago)
The skinny guy in the gray polo is painfully unfunny
Caseynerdbro (6 months ago)
EdgeRunner (6 months ago)
800 dislikes are from the yugioh community
Michael Hall (7 months ago)
I can't play with other people. Im forever alone.
JMH 105 (7 months ago)
Buzzfeed please... please don't touch my baby
Seccond Origin (8 months ago)
Robert is a lil cutie
Garrett (8 months ago)
They need to make a new card smell for the house and car.
sean lacey (9 months ago)
The unsleeved full art foil mountain killed me
Cermahoil (9 months ago)
my two favorite people from wizards of the coast!!
Kiarean (9 months ago)
And then you realize how rigged the game is thanks to Mythic Rarity and hidden rarities, and that some uncommons (like Fatal Push) can be more 'uncommon' than some rares. Then calculate in supply restrictions on the cards they know will be popular to artificially drive up demand, and I wouldn't touch the base game with a ten foot pole.
Flammiedrum (9 months ago)
Caligula Germanicus (9 months ago)
What a magically repulsive gathering of people
mason (9 months ago)
*When you think a card is really good but it really isn't*
Karim Jovian (9 months ago)
Noobs. The true opponent is the money you'll spend lol
Where’s the heart of the cards tho...
Mighty Wulfgar (10 months ago)
Mountain, Lotus, Channel, Fireball
Icanohzyl (10 months ago)
those assholes took the foil rares for sure
Mtg is great, buzzfeed is not
triplebackspace (10 months ago)
MTG the game where your wallet determines the winner.
Peter L (10 months ago)
Hipster gay nerds playing Magic The Gathering. It's like that lunch table back in high school, you know, the one where all the undesirables/beta males/genetic trash sit and play Magic cards?
Ben and Sam (10 months ago)
I think they should play with people who don’t speak English
Eddie Browne (10 months ago)
Misleading.. it says PLAY mtg.. not talk about and make jokes about the cards in MTG... tf man
o. k (11 months ago)
Never played MTG but looks fun much like Yu-gi-oh
idk ._. (7 months ago)
+Human Senpai lol
Human Senpai (7 months ago)
idk awa That was a quick reply XD
idk ._. (7 months ago)
+Human Senpai ok thanks.
Human Senpai (7 months ago)
idk awa I mean, both of them are strategy games, more complex than Pokémon. To start off, maybe try a bit of Yu-gi-oh. Once you get used to that kind of strategy, you can play Magic. Or, you could do Magic-the more complex one-or you could start off with Yugioh. I would suggest Magic, though. It’s actually really fun :)
idk ._. (7 months ago)
+Human Senpai which do you think is better mtg or yu-gi-oh? I'm think of playing one of these. Used to play Pokemon tcg online but it got boring and very competitive.
Breccan Graham (11 months ago)
You should have them play booster draft with the booster packs
Dillon Vaughan (11 months ago)
Godddd. I moved and now I have no one to play with. T_T
Juan Rivera (11 months ago)
Lame video
Elliott Readings (11 months ago)
This was cringe AF for me, at least the parts where they didn't use sleeves.
Martin Dorfling (11 months ago)
Teach your kids how to play magic and they will never have money for drugs.
nickoking (11 months ago)
Lesbians and soyboys as far as the eye can see
thenewgoddamngambit (11 months ago)
I probably have 20.000 cards, i have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this game for almost 20 years.
Kristian Kamph (11 months ago)
Man-cobra skipped leg-day
momonami5 (1 year ago)
People talking about how much the game cost to buy cards....Do you not realize that people pay $100 + up to $1000 for computer game skins and cards that can be erased at anytime with no trade in value? Magic is amazing I can actually sell my cards for good value, Ive playe dhearthstone for 3 + years and have spent well over $500+ dollars that I cannot get back or sell back to the company. Magic is a Lovely game and worth the investment. I just started playing bought several bundles and was excited to find some good cards. I sold them and built a standard deck by upgrading a challenger deck in which I have cards of good value that I can still sell to switch decks or invest more money. Amazing game. When I buy magic cards I am actually excited to open them and know that I can trade and sell things to get things that I need. I hearthstone if I get a crap legendary I have to disenchant for half value no refund of money and cannot craft another legendary. A guy straight up gave me $35 for lyra and I was able to go buy cards to build a deck. This does not happen in most games that you play these days offline or online( definitely not online)
Mackenzie Bearden (1 year ago)
Yes... Come drink the cool ade that is mtg
Haylex (1 year ago)
Pokemon is better if you're a cartoonish person
Dominic Proctor (1 year ago)
I was hoping I would see you guys actually play!
Trang Tran (1 year ago)
MTG is the best
Ya Boi Guzma (1 year ago)
"untap, attack, we know all the languo" 😂
TheKeegster1234 (1 year ago)
this video made me so happy
ceetee2001 (1 year ago)
Nice. Have them play a good game now. Netrunner! :)
Flint978 (1 year ago)
I'm A magic pro and whaching this hurt me seeing how bad there deck are in the the clips! Someone played ancient crab in there deck. BTW for MTG players ancient crab is a 1/5 for 1 generic 2 blue mana It's Bad!!!
Dat Boi (1 year ago)
Is it too late to get into MTG? I never played but I always loved the art on the cards
Robert Moore (1 year ago)
Have them try x wing not as popular but more recognizable
Muzicjuncy85 (1 year ago)
Who is that bear and why have we not seen more of him? Also, he plays magic <3
PShane Tju (1 year ago)
Have them play VG
Swagilicious (1 year ago)
mtg is cool but they kinda making fun of mtg
Rebecca Lovecraft (1 year ago)
Do legend of the five rings!
TheApacheGunship (1 year ago)
As a Magic player...this was quite possibly the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen...and no, I don’t mean the people here not being good at the game was cringy. No, I didn’t mind that. I mean the comparisons and jokes. Cringy. 10,000%.
Adam 86 (1 year ago)
Buzzfeed sucks.
Spahgeet (1 year ago)
And then someone plays Emrakul and game is over
succthatburns (8 months ago)
thespians stage becomes a copy of dark depths
Dirty Dan (1 year ago)
Mark rose water should have showed them how to play
It’s me Picklz (1 year ago)
I just wanted to point out some thing YU-GI-OH is a little bitt better
Rin Tv (1 year ago)
I quite like magic but I prefer yu gi oh
Mattdew (1 year ago)
ooh that's a nice full art foil mounta-- OH JESUS CHRIST THAT HURTS OH GOD THAT'S PAINFUL
Andrew Liu (1 year ago)
Yugioh is so much easier and better
Joseph Ricker (1 year ago)
@3:40 A new control player is born.
Haidyn W (1 year ago)
I kept topdecking gas while he only had a boardstate of bears, but they kept getting burned. So they tilted.
zim2988 (1 year ago)
Leave it to buzz feed to ruin Magic the Gathering
1337 B066L3 (1 year ago)
Yes this is the best TCG
1337 B066L3 (1 year ago)
By the way my deck is Fire and Nature
Maximilian_Blaubär (1 year ago)
Two companies I love get together... this is so awesome <3
SteveVerstaka (1 year ago)
So Buzzfeed will play in a Vintage tournament next right? ;)
Keegan Holtsclaw (1 year ago)
Lol id love to see them play with my friends we've been playing so long we understand Banding lol and most of us are certified judges so always fun to see new players
Erick Sandoval (1 year ago)
i hate buzzfeed but love magic
eli c (1 year ago)
I thought this was going to be a cringefest, I was wrong.
SpiderMonkey72 (1 year ago)
Yet thousands upon thousands of young players get picked on and bullied every day for being a “nerd” and playing this game. Don’t knock it till you try it people.
Cardboardbocs (1 year ago)
If you guys are looking for fun ways to waste a ton of money, I would also suggest heroine as it is less addictive and cheaper.
Sir Thumple (1 year ago)
FakedPvp (1 year ago)
Love to see there faces when they 335 dmg coming at there face g/w
Unforgiven11 (1 year ago)
How does any self respecting 20 something year old not know what MAGIC IS? I knew what this was 20 years ago!
Oliver Lake (1 year ago)
who recognised Gavin and Melissa from the command zone?
Michael Howard (1 year ago)
my favorite thing plus my least favorite thing, why?
Big Chief (1 year ago)
As a modern fan, this is hard to watch
hydrodead (1 year ago)
Let them play commander
GaidenDS10 (1 year ago)
I only came here to how the Buzzfeed crew react on themselves here haha..but yeah MTG is cool.
Waffles For Days (1 year ago)
You have never really played Magic before you have killed someone with the Hexmage+Dark Depths or Thespians Stage+Dark Depths combo and using a Marit Lage token for the win
Casey Potthoff (1 year ago)
Atticus Conwell (1 day ago)
Wut 🤨

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