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Mark Wilson Card Trick - Free Magic Lesson -- Fantastic Five

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http://www.markwilsonmagic.com Easy to Learn, Easy to Do A Powerful Trick Fully Explained by Mark Wilson!
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Text Comments (13)
UnidentifiedLifeform (9 years ago)
wow man you're amazing!!!!
UnidentifiedLifeform (9 years ago)
wow man you're amazing!!!!
Gonza GS (9 years ago)
Wow very nice trick and very easy also thanx
MCRoks (9 years ago)
neat trick and simple to learn thanks
Barry Trestain (10 years ago)
No problem, you can still show the faces and backs with a little thougt.
Crue Knight (10 years ago)
Wow. Awesome! I love magic tricks. They are simple but VERY impressive.
Matthew (10 years ago)
pushingdazy (10 years ago)
awesome teacher/magician your awesome *_*
panamajr7 (10 years ago)
that was sweet
Ben Chu (10 years ago)
thats from his book
cody bowling (11 years ago)
your good thx so much
Alonso Millisent (11 years ago)
that is soo good nice vid dude
Crimson250 (11 years ago)
nice, its really easy to do

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