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Hardly Working: Pee on Your Butt (All-Nighter 2012)

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Text Comments (1964)
Forrest Patterson (7 days ago)
Its bane
AkooDaKillertoy TV (7 days ago)
I want that mask, where can I find it?
Team NataSean (24 days ago)
He has to not pee on him
14physician (28 days ago)
Pulp fiction in a nutshell.
just pee sitting down man
Lorenzo Jefferson (1 month ago)
At least Dan wasn’t tortured for nothing
Milk Man (1 month ago)
I only just realized He could fix this by just sitting to pee.
Spencer Wilkie (2 months ago)
Dan came up with this while being tortured
chickabuu1 (2 months ago)
This joke was ahead of its time
androy96 (3 months ago)
Honestly remember laughing so hard at this a long time ago... now I'm like wtfff is this
Bitchtheman (4 months ago)
Yo yeah
Bitchtheman (4 months ago)
College humor got lame when they moved to cali.
Kris 111 (4 months ago)
Thought the drawing board didn’t work
betofelix15 (4 months ago)
Who else just watched the drawing board?
derpylothian78 (4 months ago)
Ima pee in ur ass nibber.
Robert Kreiling (5 months ago)
2:49 Tom Cruise impersonation!
GuppiAttack (5 months ago)
I feel like it's Josh in the suit bc of how his mouth moves haha
Noah Crane (6 months ago)
Actually quite creepy
tiki drink (8 months ago)
OG American horror story
Logan Florsheim (9 months ago)
This was the idea dan had on the drawing board
William Mead (9 months ago)
I had thay happen to me but the dude was just blind
William Mead (8 months ago)
charlie campbell (9 months ago)
Darth Vader, bane and voldimort all pissed in a pot and this the pee gimp was born
Phox _ (9 months ago)
The drawing board would not approve
EpicDoggiez (10 months ago)
So is the guy who is peeing real, or not. Cause if it’s not, how is there real pee. And if it is, why don’t you just call the police?
Cheyenne castillo (10 months ago)
I just realized brian sounds like the male decoy on to catch a predator
Jackson Stein (10 months ago)
Pee sitting down.
akulahirpada1993 (11 months ago)
I just love how childishly absurd this is.
G G (10 months ago)
wow I love American Horror Story’s new season
Rick (11 months ago)
That is a great buffalo bill impression.
Derek Alexander (11 months ago)
That made me wet
random otaku (1 year ago)
If thats what happens when he pees, then what happens when he poops?...
ioana ilea (1 year ago)
ok, this is stupid and you should be embarrased ya'll agreed to actually act it out and put it online.
Bungle Snurch (1 year ago)
They got plenty of cash out of it so looks like they did fine
dave s. (1 year ago)
Slick nick didnt wash his hands!!
Front Wheel Flying (1 year ago)
Danstarr13 (1 year ago)
what am i watching XD
JJ Peel (1 year ago)
This sketch makes me so uncomfortable
H. G. (1 year ago)
and urethra
Josef Stalin (1 year ago)
God thats sexy.....................
Nicholette (1 year ago)
I hate all those actors, I’m glad they’re gone
Brayan Pena (1 year ago)
starzandearth (1 year ago)
I'm too ashamed to like this video but imma keep watching this
Skylar J (1 year ago)
What is this? Why was it made? Why do I love this so much? Why do I want to reference this every time I enter the bathroom? Why am I okay with this?
Congress Votes (1 year ago)
-.- why 🧐🧐🧐🤨🤬
Zach Simmons (1 year ago)
Is it just me, or does this guy look like Chris Evans from the side?
Mark Sorial (1 year ago)
i got hard from this
Duncan Girard (1 year ago)
thats fucked up
knights crusade (1 year ago)
im going to pee on your butt
Ralix Tanner (1 year ago)
what ever happened to the old cast?
Cosmonauta (1 year ago)
The butt pisser sounds a little like Philip Seymour Hoffman
VAPOR (1 year ago)
How hard is it to use a fucking stall
Just sit down
Thooomas' pigeons (1 year ago)
I neaded to piss right now
Outlaw7263 (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ you fucking pansy, just elbow him and stomp him in the nuts.
Jegbmf (1 year ago)
Ok I actually what to know the identity and motives of pee man
Caleb Trast (1 year ago)
2018 and an adam and eve ad came on before this
Jo 変態 - senpai (1 year ago)
I wouldnt tell anyone if that happened to me.
Sam Lewis (1 year ago)
Aaron Grant (1 year ago)
_why is this so hot_
N0where (1 year ago)
They actually made it!
Dornstein (1 year ago)
He could have sat on a toilet
Trover19 (1 year ago)
Just fucking sit on a toilet and piss
SolemnWitch (1 year ago)
i am beyond confused and extremely shook
Rain Of Amity (1 year ago)
Omg😂😂😂I love this so much
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
“ poopoos” that is all
Christian Bekele (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Nick and Brian should've been in more videos?
Small Cheese (1 year ago)
Tudor P (1 year ago)
did someone jerk off to this?
Karl Marx (1 year ago)
Yeah this guy was on how I met your mother
Isaac Castillo (1 year ago)
What happened to Jenny?
Raven Hopkins (1 year ago)
I miss this level of goofy ass CH humor
Klaus Heissler (1 year ago)
Lmao, weird yet funny video XD
Matt White (1 year ago)
I am going to pee on your butt
Strangerpanic21 (1 year ago)
Beware the bathroom gimp
PAWS C (1 year ago)
darius reedo (1 year ago)
I want someone to pee in my ass
Karl Marx (1 year ago)
Wasn’t Nick on how I met your mother?
this is hot
Adal Fyre (1 year ago)
Who's the hot red head
Alastair Cunnison (1 year ago)
Yahaziel Hughes (1 year ago)
The best one
jeff boon (1 year ago)
Jenny's way of saying yeah yo it smells like pee
SalvadorDali22 (1 year ago)
Whoever wrote this did not have a good childhood.
Joan Adegbiji (1 year ago)
the people working at college humor have some weird fetishes
Row Blanka (1 year ago)
maybe just punch his face in?
Denise Craig (1 year ago)
Ok I can get a ride from town this morning to see what they say and do the needful at your
Kevin Arnold (1 year ago)
Isnt this Brittanick?
WormsWeGot (1 year ago)
What makes me laugh with this sketch.. Is simply imagining the nostrils on that S&M mask are the eyes..
Devin Neill (1 year ago)
The bad guys voice is so annoying!
shen703 (1 year ago)
The nose holes makes a little face with his mouth XD
Alif Abziz (1 year ago)
whats wrong with the dislike? this one is gold
Is that grant
tookmankkl (1 year ago)
Pee in the stall.
Why do you guys have a naughty mask?
Maurice Kontorowitz (2 years ago)
what did i just watch?!
This happened to me
Bored Adventures (2 years ago)
At least I know now what to do if someone pees on my butt in a gimp suit
ANA (2 years ago)
Josh Ruben behind the mask
AJ Estur (2 years ago)
So many cast members I don't recognize. Didn't watch much CH before and now all these people are no new to me.
Gustav Ravn Jacobsen (2 years ago)
oh okay

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